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Smart Gammified Customer Feedback Surveys and Analytics


Wyzerr builds artificial intelligence software for data collection and analytics that look and feel like games. The basis of Wyzerr’s platform is making it as fun, fast, and easy as possible for consumers to provide actionable feedback data, and business stakeholders to understand and use that data to make decisions in real-time. Wyzerr’s ‘Smartforms’ can capture 25 questions in under 60 seconds. Our secret sauce is the machine learning algorithms infused within the platform. Wyzerr smartforms processes feedback in real-time like a human being would, rapidly digesting the information and asking new questions as a human would in a real dialogue. It allows brands to truly understand who their customers really are. What they like, don’t like, what makes them sad, mad, and happy…all in real-time. This machine learning capability makes it possible for every customer to receive a unique feedback questionnaire. There’s no such thing as one-survey-fits-all at Wyzerr.  The data is analyzed in real-time to produce actionable insight around the clock. Instead of complex graphs and pie charts, our insight-based dashboard outputs data on a GPA scale, assigning grades (A, B, C, D, and F) for different key performance indicators. Similar to how progress reports in school advise students on what they should do to improve their grades, Wyzerr's AI component advises business stakeholders what they can do to improve their customer experience. Overtime, and with more feedback data, Wyzerr can also recommend new products and services to be developed, suggest improvements to existing products, identify new trends and upsell opportunities, and advise on the types of market messages to run. It’s essentially a technology to use customers’ feedback to support operational decisions. We offer data science in a box. +MORE


Darius™ for Retail

Darius Technologies

Darius for Retail is a fully integrated, cloud based shopper engagement platform. Darius delivers proven and measurable return on investment, by allowing retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything and making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. Darius allows retailers to design, manage, develop and, measure interactions with their customers throughout the entire shopper journey.  The ‘tech’ bit: Darius™ is a modular ‘ecosystem’ retail technology platform that is designed to integrate and allow interaction with any existing retail systems and solutions such as Beacons, WiFi, dynamic shelf illumination, or e-coupons, and so on, to make continuous engagement with shoppers possible, wherever they are on the path to purchase. The customer experience bit: Darius™ allows retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything by making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. The business bit: Darius™ delivers proven and measurable return on investment. That means more shoppers in-store, more often. It means attracting new and hard to engage shopper types. And it means bigger baskets and the increased spends that comes with that. It makes marketing budgets and, where they may already exist, retail tech investments work so much harder. +MORE


LISNR Smart Tones


LISNR Smart Tones inaudibly transmit data from any speaker to any microphone using a secure data-over-audio communication protocol.  Leveraging the speaker system you already have installed, LISNR Smart Tones can deliver content, information, and incentives to your shopper based on their current location and previous activity in your store.  With over 80% of shoppers using their smartphone to assist them during their in-store experience, LISNR Smart Tones provide a seamless and efficient connection between the physical and digital environment. +MORE


Swift Access

Swift IQ

Swift Access helps to unify data sources and make them accessible on-demand. Process millions of records in milliseconds to facilitate real-time decisioning and individualized marketing to take your customer experience to the next level. Big Data Storage: Harness big data and make any dataset accessible in milliseconds on-demand, even for hundreds of millions of records. We ensure high availability regardless of data size, concurrent users and demand velocity. Data Import: Upload and sync data efficiently from one or many sources via CSV, XML or our REST API. Omni-Channel: Deliver content anywhere with consistency from a single backend. Security: Data is encrypted and stored in highly secure data centers. Developer Tools: Start building apps in minutes with an interactive developer portal, sandbox, sample code in many languages and starter applications. Analytics: We store and index your usage data so you can understand how data is consumed across any channel, user, or device. On-Demand Access: Access data on-demand from any digital device via hypermedia REST APIs capable of transmitting JSON, XML, HTML [and more]. Auto Scaling: We auto allocate and optimize servers and scaling so you can focus entirely on building user experiences. Pay for usage, not peak capacity. User Management: Add any number of user internal or external users or developer using secure OAuth2.0 authentication. Global Reach: Benefit from high-speed data delivery across a high replication global content delivery network with a dedicated cache. +MORE


Personalized Shopper Engagement Suite

Birdzi Inc.


Birdzi’s Personalized Shopper Engagement Suite is made up of the following components: Personalization Engine - Proprietary algorithms track individual shopper profiles & behavior and score offers & content for each shopper based on objectives Digital Touchpoints - Connect with your shoppers through your own branded mobile app, web and email In-store Engagement - Empower your shoppers to search and locate items in-store and receive relevant offers in the aisle through beacons Offer Management and Analytics - Build and manage offers and track performance in real-time To find out more click here. +MORE


Shopper Media Network

PlaceWise Media


With the rapid rise of digital and mobile technologies, the shift of power to consumers has forever changed how advertisers, retailers and brands get their messages across. Bringing them all together through its proprietary digital platform is the charge of PlaceWise Media, one of the largest shopper media networks in the U.S. PlaceWise’s shopper media network includes more than 1,400 grocery retailers and nearly 700 shopping and lifestyle centers, with more than 10 million total monthly visitors. Through its unique, first-party data, PlaceWise can extend beyond its network in real time to reach millions of other relevant shoppers. The company also provides digital marketing services to hundreds of malls and lifestyle centers across North America.  Shopper access; shopper insight; real time. PlaceWise Media’s network allows brands to offer shoppers engaging content and special offers along the path to purchase, delivering on its promise to them to reach “Just who you want. Right when they are ready®”. +MORE




GoSpotCheck has created a simple, uniform way to collect, structure, and share retail intelligence. Through our mobile app, teams can streamline field data collection and make better decisions. GoSpotCheck's web and mobile apps automate the structuring and reporting of field data, enabling companies to make better decisions faster. Say goodbye to inconsistent spreadsheets, emails, and documents from your field team and say hello to unified reporting. Customize a mission through GoSpotCheck's web app and release it to your field team. Team members collect information via the GoSpotCheck mobile app and report it back in real time. +MORE


Category Assessment


Our capabilities include: - Category optimization (planogram, visibility, product innovation) - Lost shopper analysis - Category performance monitoring - Contextual shopper engagement at the shelf (in-store advertising) - In-store shopper traffic analysis Key benefits to the retailer: - Test and optimize changes in a small set of stores before full-chain rollouts - Protect category performance - Increase basket size - Optimize investments in shopper activation and increasing conversions +MORE


MV Retail


Our solution is optimized for the retail industry and is used by many retailers, manufacturers, and third party laborers for their reset, retail, install, and sales teams. They use this field execution and management solution for sending tasks, tracking mileage, certifying best practice execution, automating the payroll process and much more. +MORE



Beekeeper Ltd.

Beekeeper is the cross-device communication tool for teams. Easily reach everyone in your company. Measure the impact of your communication, understand your employees with our smart analytics and take the right actions. Improve performance by increasing the engagement of your teams. Automated communication flows help you to simplify and speed up your internal communication. +MORE


BEFORE! Predictive Analytics

ACT Operations Research

1) Predict demand down to store and SKU level 2) Predict promotional campaign affect in the store, transportation and warehouse operations 3) Buy optimal quantities 4) Manage the risk associated with stock outs vs promotional campaigns and waste 5) considers assortment constraints and category efficiency 6) simulate store queuing for capacity analysis purposes and cost reduction purposes. +MORE


Tegla Tracker

Tegla Retail

The Tegla Tracker software leverages Augmented Reality to map brick-and-mortar retail environments and precisely track the position of shoppers. To track shoppers, we either harness shoppers or shopping carts with AR enabled phones. With limited invasiveness, automated data collection, and zero infrastructure overhead brands and retailers can gather powerful analytics with speed and precision. Leveraging the insights driven by the Tegla Tracker, clients have found opportunities to increase target shopper traffic in key areas of the store by 3X and increasing dwell time by 2X. +MORE


IBM Watson


Welcome to the era of cognitive business From Watson apps to full-scale solutions, IBM's cognitive technologies understand, reason and learn. Watson products and APIs can understand all forms of data to reveal business-critical insights, and bring the power of cognitive computing to your organization.  Watson APIs  Use Watson language, conversation, speech, vision and data insight APIs to add cognitive functionality to your application or service.  Watson Discovery Rapidly build a cognitive search and content analytics engine. Watson Discovery helps developers quickly ingest data to find hidden patterns and answers, enabling better decisions across teams.  Watson Conversation Quickly build, test and deploy bots or virtual agents across mobile devices, messaging platforms, or even on a physical robot to create natural conversations between your apps and users.  Watson Virtual Agent Quickly configure virtual agents with company information, using pre-built content and engage customers in a conversational, personalized manner, on any channel.  Watson Knowledge Studio Teach Watson to discover meaningful insights in unstructured text without writing any code. +MORE


SYNQY Brand Engagement Platform

SYNQY Corporation

SYNQY uses cloud-based technology to transform manufacturers’ brand experiences across their reseller networks. We combine a network of intelligent touch points called SYNQYs (pronounced sync-ee) with a SaaS Brand Engagement Platform that makes it easy to create and manage these SYNQYs. SYNQY’s patent-pending matchmaking technology dynamically associates high impact, manufacturer-provided content with their corresponding products – without the need for custom coding by the retailer. With a single line of code inserted through a retailer's tag management platform, SYNQY solutions automatically identifies which products get rich-media, persuasive content and adds that content next to the correct product at the point of sale. As a result, retailers can roll out the solution in minutes and shoppers will have access to the information they are seeking to make better product purchase decisions. We have proven evidence this works in both low-involvement purchases such as grocery and high involvement products such as generators, stereo equipment and even semiconductors.  SYNQY can be used on dynamically-driven ecommerce retail sites. It can also be used across dealer networks, blogger sites, factory-direct retail sites and public relations.  The SYNQY Brand Engagement Platform is the underlying technology that allows SYNQY to run many retailer/application-specific offerings.  SYNQY has launched SYNQY | PROMOTE, which is an application that delivers rich media promotional content onto loyalty/coupon pages, product listings, product detail pages and independent dealer networks.  SYNQY recently launched SYNQY | SMARTLABEL retailer solution that automatically identifies which products have associated SmartLabel content and adds that content next to the correct product at the point of sale. As a result, retailers can roll out the solution in minutes and shoppers will have access to 350 product attributes, including GMO information and allergens on thousands of products. +MORE


Retail Strategy Experts U. S. & Canada

Better Sales & Brand Management Group

PLANNING Planning for a market in the U.S. or Canada—regional or national—requires a methodical approach. Multiple elements come into play, from product to packaging, pricing and promotion. The right partners are crucial and a roll-out plan that is fiscally responsible is essential STRATEGY The key to success is a sound go-to-market strategy. We work with you to define your goals, priorities and expectations. We then recommend the best course of action based on resources and opportunities. All retail placements are backed with consumer marketing strategies to deliver sales results. BRAND MANAGEMENT Understanding the distribution and retail landscape while implementing proven brand management techniques only comes with years of hands-on experience and the right partners. We eliminate the learning curve and costly mistakes by providing a comprehensive service. Positioning – brand strategy and pricing Analysis – to decide on best distribution model Territory Management – Regional / National US and Canada Distribution Channels – set up and manage Broker Networks – set up and manage Corporate Accounts – set up and manage Sales Support – set up and manage sales teams/demos Reporting – setting goals and monthly reporting PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Brand Concepts  We Help brands clarify & Define: A unique brand vision Positioning in the current marketplace Key Messages through ingredient stories Demographic of target audiences Formulation Development Custom formulations are developed specifically to fit the brands marketing concepts and target the desired demographic. We always keep a critical eye on budgeting and timelines throughout the process, providing frequent tracking reports of the project for your review. Specialized Formulation Development Services Include: Natural & Organic Formulations  Sophisticated, efficacious, and original formulas for the personal care industry Full Stability and compatibility testing services Wide range of ingredient claim information USDA Organic and Eco-cert Certified Cosmetic Ingredients Proprietary natural fragrances for unique, custom formulations Internationally compliant formulations Packaging Development We bring innovation and experience to cosmetic product packaging and design, key components  to the success of your brand. Our knowledgeable, experienced professional team can assist in coordinating all aspects of the development and sourcing process, creating a seamless collaboration between packaging design, formulation and functionality.  We have a strong global network of packaging suppliers, which enables us to help brands source the packaging of their choice. If we are unable to find the exact packaging to meet the needs of the brand, we develop customized packaging solutions. Strategic Planning for Timelines and Product Launches When taking the brand/product rom development to market, we develop a strategic plan, budget and timeline to achieve your goal launch date.   REGULATORY SERVICES Whether you are looking for assistance in becoming compliant in the United States and or Canada, Better Sales & Brand Managment Group can help. United States OTC Regulatory Compliance FDA Compliance Ingredient List Quantitative qualitative Prop 65 compliance Claims Review Dossiers Cosmetic Product Safety Assessments (EC) 1223/2009 Annex I, Part A and Part B EU Regulatory Compliance 1223/2009 EU Regulation Packaging Labeling: Claims & Compliance - Domestic & International INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients) Ingredient Labeling Claims Substantiation - Review packaging verbiage for compliance Canada Cosmetic Registration Natural Health Product  Drug Identification Number LOGISTICS We are specialists in logistics, calculating every detail to provide customized service to our clients with a reliable consistent relationship. Skilled in U.S. and Canadian Order Fulfillment Services, working with our partners servicing all classes of trade we are able to deliver seamless operational expertise. Fulfillment Pick and Pack Light Assembly Mailing services Cross Docking Same Day Shipping Inventory Management  Web tracking EDI set up and Management Order Processing Accounts Receivable/Payable Returned goods processing    Warehousing  We can organize central warehousing, establishing a base of business in the US and or Canada and provide state of the art facilities for all of our clients warehousing needs  +MORE


BRdata Collect

BRdata Software Solutions

Easy, affordable, online shopping powered by YOU! BRdata Collect empowers you, the retailer, to promote YOUR brand through YOUR website and consumer app.  Click and Collect to identify and reward your top customers, with a complete cloud based solution.  Leverage our expertise in pricing, inventory, product location, or categorization, by using your existing database to drive sales, profits, and brand loyalty in the world of online shopping. +MORE


Social and Mobile Referrals Platform


Each of your customers have 100+ friends. Do you want them to be your customers as well? See how our social and mobile referrals platform can work for your business! +MORE


Real-Time Temperature Monitoring


The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) is increasing the focus on operations and quality control for every U.S. food processing plant, distribution company, and supplier. Food-borne illnesses have been attracting increasing media attention. Maintaining your products at a correct temperature is a critical control point at every stage of the food cold chain. TeleSenseTM real-time monitoring solutions can help your company with third party temperature verification, FSMA compliance, and quality assurance so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your products are safe. +MORE


SKIN semantic wall


Imagine you walk by a wall and the wall starts to react on you, presenting you information based on your interests and allowing you, as individual or group, to communicate easily. The information contextually evolves based on your interest and interaction. The umaSKIN platform provides customers with a unique experience. The innovative approach of SKIN® is the combination of interactive and social media and multitouch installations into one highly adaptive and intelligent wall. The social web has shifted power to your customers, allowing them to express resonance. Retail: We want to help you to leverage this shift and use it actively to your advantage. Service, recommend, communicate Automatic mashup product database and social media   Personalize with RFID, NFC, Barcode   Leverage multi channel strategy   Sell ad space and content channels   Connect to loyalty and rewards systems   +MORE


Online Invoicing


Sending invoices has never been easier. We make it simple to send professional, customized invoices. Get paid fast via PayPal, credit and debit cards, or PayPal Credit, and manage everything in one place. Invoice fast. Get paid faster. PayPal makes it easy to send professional, personalized invoices to your customers. In one click customers can securely pay you via credit card, PayPal, and even apply for credit to be used instantly. They don’t need a PayPal account to pay you. Whichever method they choose, you receive your money usually in just minutes. Free to send invoices: With PayPal it’s free to send an invoice. You only pay a small fee when you receive an online payment. Track your payments: Whether you’re paid online or by check, you can track and manage everything in our invoice management center. Customized templates: Use your own logo, and customize the fields of your invoice to make it fit your business. Attach files: Keep all your paperwork in one place by attaching PDF documents and images to your invoice. +MORE


Web Payments


PayPal Express Checkout - Add PayPal to your existing web checkout - Sell to customers who are more likely to pay with PayPal - Access to new customers who prefer PayPal PayPal Payments Standard - Accept credit cards and PayPal on your website - No set-up or termination fees - Easy to get started PayPal Payments Pro - Accept credit cards, PayPal Credit, and PayPal - Fully customizable with easy cart integration and APIs - Phone-based credit card payments and online invoicing +MORE


Market Research


Bringing new ideas to market ahead of the competition takes a team of dedicated practitioners and a customized approach that’s built around your thorniest issues. It also takes research tools and analytical rigor that can hone in on insights in days – instead of weeks. It also means vetting those insights with consumers, by creating brand ideas, expressions, and experiences that speak your customers’ language. Leveraging tools that provide validation and volumetrics. And creating action plans that give you direct line-of-sight to revenue and profit impacts. Let us help you unearth powerful insights and inspire big ideas that can improve brand value and drive profitable business growth. +MORE


Cross-Platform Measurement

Rentrak Corporation

As more channels, devices and platforms appear, the way consumers watch TV has evolved. Advertising success no longer depends on wide audience exposure, but instead hinges on understanding consumers and effectively communicating with them using precise targeting and measurement. Rentrak knows that not all viewers are alike. Just because two viewers may fit the same demographic mold doesn’t necessarily mean they share the same interests, like the same products or enjoy the same movie and TV programming. Rentrak accounts for this increasingly complex marketplace with its unique ability to combine massive amounts of movie and TV measurement information with information about the products viewers buy, the cars they drive and the lifestyles they lead. TV Essentials: Providing television measurement from more than 37 million screens and approximately 17 million households across the country, Rentrak is the trusted source for networks, agencies and advertisers, delivering the most precise and reliable TV ratings all day, every day across the largest media landscape. StationView Essentials: Don't stop at sweeps. Rentrak is the industry's massive and passive currency providing TV measurement from tens of millions of screens across every local market all day, every day — giving stations the most reliable and precise information about the products viewers buy and the television content they watch. Custom Reports: Standard solutions don’t always meet complex needs. Rentrak’s services address a wide array of industry concerns, but what about questions that go beyond our Essentials suite of products? Rentrak’s Analytical Solutions team can provide customized answers that offer deep insights into a variety of client verticals. +MORE




You want to see a complete picture of marketing effectiveness – online, offline, long-term, short-term – everything. You want to easily plan your approach, optimize budgets and test scenarios. You also want cross-channel attribution, predictive insight and scale – with fast course corrections and decision support. And the measurement insights you gain must help improve ROI and show marketing’s revenue contribution. MarketShare DecisionCloud has five applications for advanced marketing decision analytics: Strategy: Our Strategy application, for large companies, can optimize your marketing mix and dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness. This advanced analytics technology reveals what truly drives demand for your products and services – whether it’s your marketing, what competitors are doing, or the weather. And it lets you run different scenarios to answer the “what if?” questions that are critical to effective planning and budgeting. Action: Our Action application delivers cross-channel attribution “in the cloud” and at scale so you can see the real value of each interaction or “touch point” with customers during their purchase journey. Our technology delivers a complete, holistic view that includes digital (online), offline and other factors that influence purchase decisions. It allows you to optimize, course correct and integrate with your ad tech ecosystem. Price: Our Price application is sophisticated cloud-based software for dynamic (real time) pricing. It’s perfect for industries such as entertainment, travel, hospitality and others. Our patented technology devours mounds of complex data, at scale, to reveal what’s driving demand and the optimal price to charge for maximum profit. Price delivers instant and ongoing recommendations on how you can adjust prices and boost revenue. Benchmark: Benchmark is an easy-to-use, self-serve application that helps agencies and others evaluate media channel effectiveness. It leverages proprietary, industry-specific intelligence we’ve developed over many years of experience. These insights show how different media impact sales, and how you can optimize media plans based on target goals. You can tap Benchmark’s powerful recommendations via your browser or through an API. TV: MarketShare TV™ provides early insights into how different networks, campaigns and creatives are performing on a daily basis through measuring the impact of TV impressions on website visits. +MORE


EnterWorks Enable

EnterWorks Acquisition, Inc.

Drive sales and margin growth with compelling, differentiated experiences through a single view of content with suppliers, partners, customers, and marketplaces. Product Information Management (PIM): Our product information management (PIM) employs a dynamic, flexible data modeling architecture Master Data Management (MDM): The MDM acts as the single source of the truth for data and content for supply and demand chains. Dynamic Data Modeling: Enable MDM manages data as XML entities to provide the full benefits of open, standards-based attribute management. The solution can model Workflow & Collaboration: Deploy a robust set of workflow management tools to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data and content integration and flow across multiple sources, applications and enterprises Syndication & Publishing: Simultaneously and continually distribute and update enriched product information to multiple sales channels, systems and external partners Digital Asset Management: Easily store, categorize and manage unstructured and external content Globalization: Support multi-lingual, multi-country and multi-cultural content and automatically generate localized output files and publications Portals: Offer interactive, custom-branded Marketing, Sales, Dealer and Vendor Portals to for shared content development of syndication within and across enterprises Digital Channel Accelerators: Drive enterprise sales and branding throughout digital channels. Auditing & Reporting: Proactively manage content with product level audit trails and graphical reports. +MORE


Real-Time Shopper Marketing Platform


Retailers:  Get Paid to Merchandise Better: Make money by allowing targeted, rich-media merchandising product experiences onto your online product pages. You will sell more products, create a better experience AND get paid for it. The more products you allow to merchandise better with SYNQY, the more money you will make. There is no fee for you, and no selling on your part. It’s just a cash machine that increases your sell through and also pays you below-the-line margin dollars. Enhance Customer Experience and Build Store Advocacy: Create advocates by helping customers through their shopping journey. Use interactive, persuasive content from vendors to improve the overall experience and engage customers in new and powerful ways. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates: Cut your cart abandonment rates by as much as half by becoming the central source of product information for customers. Leverage your vendor’s compelling content to keep shoppers on your site instead of sending them away to get the answers they crave. Win the Show-Rooming War: Win all of the in-store mobile browsing that isn’t specifically about price comparisons by giving the shopper all the information they need to be comfortable buying the product in front of them – at the most critical moment in time. Increase Average Cart or Basket Size Through Cross-Merchandising: Improve the up-selling and cross-selling by allowing vendor-driven comparison content and other guided product recommendation technologies into the experience. Brands: Greater Brand Presence: Create a bigger and better brand experience within your retailers’ online stores.  Set your brand apart in a way that supports the shopper’s path to purchase and builds brand equity at the place it matters most. Directly at the point of sale.   Improved New Product Trial: Bundle shopper solutions and easily cross promote new products along with existing SKUs.  SYNQY makes it simple to dynamically prompt new product trial by serving up products in context. Helping shoppers to see what they need to create the confidence for purchase.   Achieves End-to-End Brand Consistency: Never lose control of your content and experience once it goes.  SYNQY makes brand managers happy while building trust and confidence with shoppers.  Keep everyone on-message – all the time. +MORE




Pirc is reinventing one of the most important, if not the most important, pre-shop experiences for consumers of household/grocery goods – the weekly sales circular ($15B spend, 290B prints/yr). With 95% of all US commerce transactions occurring in-store, and the weekly circular driving a core % of those transactions, the circular has unbelievably received little to no real innovation – until now. While digital circulars are not new, Pirc is uniquely positioned to personalize and aggregate multi-store circulars and coupons, and ultimately create a Big Data brand engagement and promotion platform that scales. Today, Pirc delivers to consumers a weekly “Pircular”, or personalized circular, full of all the in-store weekly sales and coupons they actually want. At scale, we will have a database of consumers and their favorite brands which will give us a platform on which to build a more efficient, innovative marketing channel; also helping to displace the 70% of total marketing budget retailers spend on circulars today. We plan to monetize this service at scale primarily via an AdWords-type model, starting with native ad placements by brands and retailers. +MORE


iOS & Android app development

Appus Studio

Design and development of mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPod & iPad) and Android platforms. Distribution to App Store and Google Play is free of charge service. +MORE


In-Store Shopping Cart Abandonment Analytics


StyleWhere software analyzes merchandise conversion. We identify hidden gems and bad fits, and provide a 10% increase in sales from responsive, real-time merchandising. +MORE


Social Marketing Management

Unified Grocers

Social Marketing Management  Like it or not, we are living a world that depends of the internet. Currently, 3 Billion people on earth have access to the internet and 2.1 Billion people are active on social media networks. With 78% of the US adult population on, at least, 1 social media platform, it is safe to say that social media is an excellent way to reach consumers. The fascinating thing about social media marketing is that retailers are no longer the sole creator of content for their stores; user reviews, photos and comments have become more important to other consumers. Customers are deeply influenced by what other people write online about their shopping experiences.  Eighty-­five percent of shoppers say that they read online reviews for local businesses. Whether on a large review site, a social media platform or a niche site, people are talking about your store. It’s vital that your business listens in on this conversation so you can respond appropriately, when necessary. Unified Grocers wants to help you take full control of your social media presence, in order to reap the most benefits. +MORE