Digital signage

Automation and Personalization of the Retail Store

Instapio Inc.

Instapio allows chain retailers to gain control of their business and automate customer experience standards. By using Instapio, retailers create seamless and intuitive locations that are responsive to the presence and habits of their customers.  The solution will operate as a decision making engine for each store and across the chain to measure millions of data points in real time, make decisions based on business priorities and optimize operations. Imagine a super store manager that oversees the everyday operations of all stores. +MORE


Smart Gammified Customer Feedback Surveys and Analytics


Wyzerr builds artificial intelligence software for data collection and analytics that look and feel like games. The basis of Wyzerr’s platform is making it as fun, fast, and easy as possible for consumers to provide actionable feedback data, and business stakeholders to understand and use that data to make decisions in real-time. Wyzerr’s ‘Smartforms’ can capture 25 questions in under 60 seconds. Our secret sauce is the machine learning algorithms infused within the platform. Wyzerr smartforms processes feedback in real-time like a human being would, rapidly digesting the information and asking new questions as a human would in a real dialogue. It allows brands to truly understand who their customers really are. What they like, don’t like, what makes them sad, mad, and happy…all in real-time. This machine learning capability makes it possible for every customer to receive a unique feedback questionnaire. There’s no such thing as one-survey-fits-all at Wyzerr.  The data is analyzed in real-time to produce actionable insight around the clock. Instead of complex graphs and pie charts, our insight-based dashboard outputs data on a GPA scale, assigning grades (A, B, C, D, and F) for different key performance indicators. Similar to how progress reports in school advise students on what they should do to improve their grades, Wyzerr's AI component advises business stakeholders what they can do to improve their customer experience. Overtime, and with more feedback data, Wyzerr can also recommend new products and services to be developed, suggest improvements to existing products, identify new trends and upsell opportunities, and advise on the types of market messages to run. It’s essentially a technology to use customers’ feedback to support operational decisions. We offer data science in a box. +MORE


Crowdsourced Picking&Delivery for eCommerce


Crowdsourced Picking&Delivery Technology for retailer's eCommerce solution - laser focused around maximizing customer satisfaction and retailer profitability. ReadyCart Crowdsourced Picking&Delivery Technology Crowdsourced network build and eCommerce integration Retailer specific training collaboration and creation Network onboarding and ecosystem to handle training, scheduling, payment etc. Crowdsourced Picking&Delivery Technology  Picking&Delivery App Delivery Analytics Portal +MORE


Darius™ for Retail

Darius Technologies

Darius for Retail is a fully integrated, cloud based shopper engagement platform. Darius delivers proven and measurable return on investment, by allowing retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything and making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. Darius allows retailers to design, manage, develop and, measure interactions with their customers throughout the entire shopper journey.  The ‘tech’ bit: Darius™ is a modular ‘ecosystem’ retail technology platform that is designed to integrate and allow interaction with any existing retail systems and solutions such as Beacons, WiFi, dynamic shelf illumination, or e-coupons, and so on, to make continuous engagement with shoppers possible, wherever they are on the path to purchase. The customer experience bit: Darius™ allows retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything by making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. The business bit: Darius™ delivers proven and measurable return on investment. That means more shoppers in-store, more often. It means attracting new and hard to engage shopper types. And it means bigger baskets and the increased spends that comes with that. It makes marketing budgets and, where they may already exist, retail tech investments work so much harder. +MORE


SKIN semantic wall


Imagine you walk by a wall and the wall starts to react on you, presenting you information based on your interests and allowing you, as individual or group, to communicate easily. The information contextually evolves based on your interest and interaction. The umaSKIN platform provides customers with a unique experience. The innovative approach of SKIN® is the combination of interactive and social media and multitouch installations into one highly adaptive and intelligent wall. The social web has shifted power to your customers, allowing them to express resonance. Retail: We want to help you to leverage this shift and use it actively to your advantage. Service, recommend, communicate Automatic mashup product database and social media   Personalize with RFID, NFC, Barcode   Leverage multi channel strategy   Sell ad space and content channels   Connect to loyalty and rewards systems   +MORE


Digital Signage Solution

Intel Corporation

Big retailers are achieving the kind of engagement that shoppers crave by putting the right screens in the right places, and showing the right messages. Today digital signs are used to showcase hot new inventory, promote closeouts, measure message effectiveness, and so much more. +MORE


Store Management Suite

LOC Software

Store Management Suite (SMS) is a complete set of applications, supporting single to multi-store chain environments. SMS is a client-based retail solution providing a seamless, integrated software suite that manages point of sale, back office, corporate office, warehouse and all aspects within the retail enterprise. The suite contains modules that are typically outsourced, including bank integration, customer loyalty, labor management, mobility, pay-at-the-pump, digital signage, and more. +MORE


Digital Signage Solutions

Tebo Store Fixtures

Tebo Store Fixtures, after years of listening to America’s Independent Grocer, have developed a Digital Menu Board System designed to drive sales at a very affordable price. Once installed, your marketing team can control screens in single and multiple stores from a central point, and store personnel can make on the fly changes from any web enabled device. The complete system includes one commercial grade LG screen (49", 55" or 65"), PingHD signage player, 3 year warranty, two 1 hour training classes, and 24/7 technical support.  +MORE


Intelligent Retail and Transactional Point-of-Sale (POS) Technology


Enabling a new world of shopping experiences, the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family enhances intelligent retail through improved media and graphics, enhanced security and manageability, and breakthrough performance to transform retail: ranging from point-of-sale (POS) devices, interactive kiosks, and intelligent vending to digital signage and automated teller machines (ATMs). Key features include: Media and graphics: Deliver compelling visual experiences with video playback enhancements and 2-D and 3-D graphics. Security: Provide faster data encryption for securing transaction and personal data. Manageability: Enhance the features of unattended retail device deployments with embedded host-based configuration. Power efficiency: Design retail devices with thinner, lighter, and sleeker form factors. Performance: Deliver faster analytics and decisions for targeted promotions, while also offering a smooth, responsive interactive experience. +MORE


Omni-channel E-Commerce Platform


VIC's E-Commerce and Shopping Trip Planning platform brings everything together under one integrated web site so you can offer your shoppers real time access to shop your stores, manage loyalty accounts, clip digital coupons, view circulars and create shopping lists. It creates a shopping destination that is tailored to your brand, your systems and partners so you can differentiate. You can upsell, cross-sell and personalize your website with intelligent targeting and content. Your employees can fulfill online orders with live in-store fulfillment tailored to their jobs. The platform extends to stores with seamlessly integrated kiosks and digital signage for true omni-channel capabilities to drive in-store purchasing decisions. Additionally with email, text, voice and location based technologies, it delivers marketing tools to reach shoppers or let shoppers reach you no matter where they are. You can drive your own digital strategy no matter what the current and future competition is, with complete enterprise customization around your market, strengths, and marketing message. +MORE



BRdata Software Solutions

BRdata Store is a powerful and flexible, full-function in-store retail solution.  Retailers can track sales movement while controlling price and cost information from one central database.  BRdata store is a multi-user,graphical application.  Databases can be stored or accessed locally in the store or remotely via a thin-client connection to a BRdata Host system in a chain environment. +MORE



Rosie Applications


Rosie is the industry leading platform for online shopping and digital consumer engagement. Designed specifically for independent grocers, Rosie provides all of the tools necessary to succeed in E-Commerce and create a distinct competitive advantage. Each customer enjoys a personalized shopping experience online via iOS and Android mobile apps, leading to increased loyalty and larger purchases compared to in-store. For retailers, Rosie maximizes the ROI of your online shopping program. Touch screen tablets and scan guns optimize order fulfillment, reducing labor expenses. Rosie's data analytics tools are deeply integrated, enabling easy access to customer demographics, high/low turn items, items most frequently out of stock, and more. Rosie's platform is optimized to position house-made, locally sourced, and other designated items to appear more prominently to customers at the retailer's discretion, creating more effective sales programs and increasing customer satisfaction.   +MORE


Think & Go

Ingenico Group

A NEW & EFFICIENT WAY TO ENGAGE CLIENTS ON THEIR CUSTOMER JOURNEY ! Think&Go Connected Screens can be used for any application where you want people to take away information from digital signage: Drive-to-Store: shoppers pick up coupons from the screen using their contactless card or phone and redeem them in the physical store. M-commerce: Great for having your outlet open 24/24 7/7, the Connected Screen acts as advertising and an M-Commerce portal at the same time. Travel: Especially for airports, travelers can pick up information on their flights, indicate their presence to the airline and pick up a coupon for some last minutes purchases, all with one simple gesture. Gaming: Personalized gaming experience on a public screen. Tourism: Information, promotions, and more Ticketing: .. and many more.  The Connected Screen is so revolutionary that in general people don’t completely understand until they see it in action. You will find videos showing the Connected Screen used with cards, phones andwatches. You can watch more on our Video Channel ! There are many videos to choose from so take you time and look around.  The rise of Screen Commerce Think&Go and Ingenico partnered to build the world first Multi-Payment Connected Screen. - It means a breakthrough technology and next generation of screens.  What happens? Pictures become active as multiple contactless points of Sales. It uses Payment Cards or Phones - including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, triggering Impulse Buying in the Street, in Malls, Shop Windows, Stores ... What for? This new technology opens a new Sales and Distribution Channel, pushing stores and e-commerce into the street, in Train Stations, Airports ... Multi-Payment Connected Screens will trigger Impulse Buying and Impulse Marketing in crowded locations, introducing Street E-Commerce. Today BNP PARIBAS in Paris, a leading French bank, is first to implement. They have now a Donation Screen, where we just need to tap a payment card on screen to donate 5€ for an association. There is also an other Donation Screen at Gare Saint Lazare - Paris, focused on fight against cancer. Have a look on this video, HERE.   +MORE



Exipple Studio S. L

Redefining Human Interaction Through Intelligent Vision - Gestoos™ is an AI platform for cameras and sensors enabling them to see and understand real-time human movement and behavior in any environment or context. GESTOOS REVOLUTIONIZES THE WAY HUMANS ENGAGE WITH TECHNOLOGY - Gestoos is the missing link between technology and people GESTOOS FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE AND RETAIL - Gestoos Z offers turnkey installation and set-up. Our design templates and a content management system make it extra easy to upload, manage and update your assets. No development required! Create immersive and engaging customer experiences for retail and public spaces.  Product Gestoos Z Turn your screens into immersive playgrounds. Think big or small. We can do both. Our Gestoos Z technology can support any screen set up that suits your needs. Contact us directly to talk about your project or check out our product brochures below.  +MORE


Swivel® Smart Digital Signage

FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc.

Designed to capture shopper attention and keep it, our displays transmit dynamic content in an interactive format that extends engagement time through virtual Try-On, touch, mobile compatibility and more, automatically applying featured products in real time to anyone who walks within camera view.  Immersive visual elements elevate the Try-On experience by complementing featured products and integrated social shopping features allow users to share the fun with family and friends.  The rich portfolio of options such as live side-by-side compare view, a customizable data structure and build-in purchase features make Swivel® Smart Digital Signage a powerful marketing and sales tool. +MORE


DART Displays

DART Displays

DART Displays offers a way to transform the in-store shopping experience to one that is digital and dynamic, with reporting and analytics that lead to big insights about what moves your shopper to purchase.     By leveraging DART Displays structures (both permanent and flexible) you can and will create a best in class approach for enhancing the brand experience in-store.  +MORE


Digital Signage Software

ScreenScape Networks

Why ScreenScape? It’s an effective digital signage system that tames new technologies so you can use them daily to optimize every customer visit. Say no to complex equipment and costly IT projects. Keep the focus on your customer. Choose a solution that just works. +MORE


Digital Signage SaaS


MEDIA: Manage your media with ease. Upload your images and video, add web and intranet pages, include RSS feeds and IPTV streams; all tagged with metadata and ready for scheduling and publishing to your digital signage displays. LAYOUT: Divide your screen to display multiple content zones. Create a landscape or portrait layout with multiple zones, add your own background image or choose from the library. Include clock and weather widgets, a zone to display live TV and add a ticker to show the latest news or your own messages. SCHEDULE: Drag and drop your media into a playlist. Drag, drop and reorder your media to create a playlist ready for publishing to your displays. Start simple with a default playlist of media or add intelligence by setting playback based on dates, times, recurrence and tags to ensure media plays where and when you require. PUBLISH: Decide where and when your media will play. Select a playlist or layout, choose the players and displays you want to update, and publish for immediate playback or at a future date and time. REPORT: Display and download reports on all aspects of your media, devices and users. All aspects of your Signagelive network are recorded, from user audits to media playback and can be reported on and downloaded as CSV files for further analysis in third party software and tools. MANAGE: Setup and control your users, exactly as you require. Manage unlimited users with varying levels of access, from updating one or more templates to scheduling content groups or managing your entire network. Add and renew your Signagelive licences with ease. MONITOR: A single dashboard to provide you peace of mind. Our intelligent device management dashboard provides you with a real-time view of the status of every device connected to your Signagelive network, e.g.: Are the screens ON? Are they playing content? Has the latest content been pushed to the screens? What are the conditions of the screens (temperature, memory, etc.). WIDGETS: Add dynamic weather and clock widgets to your digital signage layouts and playlists. Our library of 20 clocks and location aware weather widgets allows for easy customisation of your displays, regardless of what media player technology your choose. INTERACT: Add touch, sensors and mobile interaction to your digital signage displays. Make your digital signage displays respond to local interaction. Switch from scheduled media to on-demand experiences using touchscreens, motion and light sensors, NFC/Beacon mobile interaction and many more. ANALYTICS: Analyse your data to unlock actionable statistics. Our optional Proof of Play platform collects data from every device connected to your Signagelive network. Every time a piece of content is played it is date and time stamped and recorded along with any associated metadata and player data. DEVELOP: Build, deliver and manage your own applications. Extend the capabilities of Signagelive using Webhooks and APIs. Build and publish custom applications and dynamic media using our enhanced widget support. +MORE


Full Body Skeletal Tracking and Face Analytics for Mobile, VR, Android, Chrome


NUITRACK middleware is the world's first 3D skeletal tracking, face and gesture recognition middleware for Android. VicoVR Sensor is a game changing Bluetooth accessory that brings wireless full body and positional tracking capability to Mobile VR headsets (Android and iOS). Seemetrix is audience analytics service for digital signage and retail that allows you to identify person's age, gender and average attention time. 3DiVi Face SDK Solution for real-time face detection, tracking and comparison in a video stream. +MORE


Interactive Fitting Rooms

Oak Labs

Starting with the OAK Mirror, we’re enabling our retail partners to create magical and meaningful customer experiences, while capturing previously unattainable shopper insights. +MORE


In-Store Tablet System


Aila helps retailers create exceptional shopping experiences by developing sophisticated tablet technologies that bring your customers closer than ever before to your brand. +MORE


Advanced AI to Power Conversational Interfaces


A Great Conversational Interface Requires an Advanced Conversational AI Platform. MindMeld Cloud: A production-ready cloud platform for hosting your language understanding services. Deploy your conversational services quickly and scale effortlessly to meet user demand. MindMeld Enterprise: The complete MindMeld platform deployed within your own network. Optimize performance and secure your data by deploying MindMeld on premise. +MORE


Zoom! Online Shopping for Grocers

Media Solutions Corporation

ZOOM! Online Shopping is a store-branded online shopping program that makes it easy for grocers to get up to speed with eCommerce, a must-have in the grocery industry today. Consumers view online grocery shopping as a welcome convenience that makes the grocery shopping experience more efficient. We can help you create a dynamic shopping experience that offers the best of both worlds with our online and offline services. Your store items, your prices, your fees for services Easy-to-manage store control panel Items from store’s scan files to be included on the online website You control the delivery days and times for your store Substitution capabilities for consumers for any out-of-stock items In-store or credit card payment options Options for curbside pickup at store, home delivery, or both Marketing tools to maximize online store sales Online store operations guide No contract agreement Lowest upfront fees Lowest ongoing fees +MORE


Fashion Windows & Displays




Easy Projection Mapping Software

Tabula Natural Interfaces

Augment your Space, with video mapping. FaçadeSignage is the easiest projection mapping and media server software on the market. Use a PC and one (or more) projectors to “dress” any physical object or architectural structure with digital media. Create your first mapping in 5 minutes: FaçadeSignage lets you create projection mappings and installations in a matter of minutes. Draw surfaces in realtime on the projected area, assign media files, and go. Your show, party, building projection, is just some click away. Project on any shape with unlimited layers: Map anything, from simple flat surfaces to complex, curved or irregular shapes. There is no limit on the number of surfaces and layers you can create. Crop and mask in realtime: Combine warping with alpha masks to adapt to any shape, use any image editing application and apply in realtime. Create multiple cropping regions for any media. +MORE


Premium Content Creation


Visual Content That Works. We create engaging, beautiful content that helps you stand out. It's fast, simple, and affordable. OUR PRODUCTS VIDEOS INFOGRAPHICS EBOOKS REPORTS & PRESENTATIONS SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTIVE MICROSITES +MORE


Human Engagement Platform (HEP)


EngageClick’s unique, adaptive advertising personalization platform uses machine learning and cognitive science to continually learn and improve ad engagement by fine-tuning personalization for each consumer over time. Gathering information about consumers and grouping them into sellable segments has become big business. Targeting these sellable segments in real time, in a cost effective manner, through relevant advertising appropriate for the device, geography, time of day, etc. has not been possible until now. This is EngageClick’s unique proprietary value proposition. EngageClick’s powerful machine learning system combines software for retargeting (determining what people wanted in the past) and predictive targeting (forecasting what they’re likely to want in the future) to predict the desired outcomes for each consumer. This adaptive system then selects the best digital ad delivery channel to present a customized offer in the optimal format for each individual shopper. +MORE


Meural Connected Canvas

Meural Inc.

The Meural digital canvas brings beauty and discovery into your home. For the first time, you can instantly frame and control the art and photography on your wall. +MORE


Impax Entertainment Gate Security System

Impax Media

The Impax Entertainment Gate security system is an advertising network targeting captive retail shoppers at checkout (aka the Point Of Wait). Our patented design features 1080p digital screens mounted to retractable, lockable lane gates to secure closed checkout lanes. The highly visible screens enable you to deliver branded content and rich-media messaging at all times. Impax is a 100% turnkey solution, including installation and maintenance. Every screen is equipped with built-in sensors that collect data and analyze traffic, providing retailers and advertisers with post-campaign analytics and shopper profiles. WHY RETAILERS LOVE IMPAX: With our network of HD monitors mounted to retractable lane gates, Impax will help you engage customers, boost sales & loyalty, and reduce shrinkage. No training, no installation, no maintenance, and no capital investment required. +MORE


Retail Point Of Sale Systems and Software

North Country Business Products

North Country Business Products prides itself in being a 'total POS software & system solution provider' for the grocery, drug and convenience retail store industries. NCBP offers innovative and automated high quality Retail point of sale (POS) software system scanning solutions by partnering with industry leaders to sell, install and service superior products. For over 60 years, our Company has been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in Retail point of sale software industry. This commitment has allowed us to support a diversified customer base; from a one terminal stand alone register, to networking a fully integrated Grocery POS system for hundreds of retail stores in multiple states. GROCERY POS SYSTEM AND SOLUTIONS  LOC Store Management Suite: LOC Software delivers solutions designed to fully integrate retail operations. LOC Store Management Suite (SMS) is designed to satisfy all of a retailer's needs, including powerful merchandising and inventory controls, fully integrated loyalty programs, multi-store management, and much more. LaneHawk by Datalogic: LaneHawk BOB by Datalogic is a loss prevention solution that turns bottom-of-basket (BOB) losses into profits in real time. Store Electronic Systems (SES): SES Electronic Shelf Edge Solutions (SES) are designed for the grocery POS system retail environment, enabling dynamic price and product information at the shelf edge and overcoming retailer challenges including price compliance, automatic price changes, the elimination of paper labels & associated costs, resource and much more. Loyalty Lane: Loyalty Lane is a rewards program that integrates directly into your Grocery POS system, designed to increase your profits and improve your margin. POS Hardware Solutions: We have partnered with the industry's leading providers to deliver the best possible hardware solutions to meet your business needs. At North Country Business Products, our consultative approach helps our team to understand your needs, goals and budget which allows us to help you select the best comprehensive solution, including a cutting-edge hardware platform. +MORE