Automation and Personalization of the Retail Store

Instapio Inc.

Instapio allows chain retailers to gain control of their business and automate customer experience standards. By using Instapio, retailers create seamless and intuitive locations that are responsive to the presence and habits of their customers.  The solution will operate as a decision making engine for each store and across the chain to measure millions of data points in real time, make decisions based on business priorities and optimize operations. Imagine a super store manager that oversees the everyday operations of all stores. +MORE


Darius™ for Retail

Darius Technologies

Darius for Retail is a fully integrated, cloud based shopper engagement platform. Darius delivers proven and measurable return on investment, by allowing retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything and making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. Darius allows retailers to design, manage, develop and, measure interactions with their customers throughout the entire shopper journey.  The ‘tech’ bit: Darius™ is a modular ‘ecosystem’ retail technology platform that is designed to integrate and allow interaction with any existing retail systems and solutions such as Beacons, WiFi, dynamic shelf illumination, or e-coupons, and so on, to make continuous engagement with shoppers possible, wherever they are on the path to purchase. The customer experience bit: Darius™ allows retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything by making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. The business bit: Darius™ delivers proven and measurable return on investment. That means more shoppers in-store, more often. It means attracting new and hard to engage shopper types. And it means bigger baskets and the increased spends that comes with that. It makes marketing budgets and, where they may already exist, retail tech investments work so much harder. +MORE


LISNR Smart Tones


LISNR Smart Tones inaudibly transmit data from any speaker to any microphone using a secure data-over-audio communication protocol.  Leveraging the speaker system you already have installed, LISNR Smart Tones can deliver content, information, and incentives to your shopper based on their current location and previous activity in your store.  With over 80% of shoppers using their smartphone to assist them during their in-store experience, LISNR Smart Tones provide a seamless and efficient connection between the physical and digital environment. +MORE


Personalized Shopper Engagement Suite

Birdzi Inc.


Birdzi’s Personalized Shopper Engagement Suite is made up of the following components: Personalization Engine - Proprietary algorithms track individual shopper profiles & behavior and score offers & content for each shopper based on objectives Digital Touchpoints - Connect with your shoppers through your own branded mobile app, web and email In-store Engagement - Empower your shoppers to search and locate items in-store and receive relevant offers in the aisle through beacons Offer Management and Analytics - Build and manage offers and track performance in real-time To find out more click here. +MORE


Mobile Checkout

FutureProof Retail

The Mobile Checkout retail platform digitizes brick and mortar stores, bringing the convenience and personalization of eCommerce to physical retailers and their customers. Mobile Checkout Eliminates the Lines Mobile Checkout is a brandable iOS and Android app, a better system than self-checkout for the complete shopping experience from scan to payment. Private White-label Retailers deepen the customer relationship and own the install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps. Scan Products Customers scan and bag while shopping. Mobile Payment Pay securely with credit card or mobile wallet directly through the app. Skip the Line Customers never wait in line to check out. Customize to your needs Expand the system with functionality like loyalty programs or counter service mobile ordering.     +MORE


Retail Content Management System

Notify Nearby Inc.

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising on social media, purchasing ad space, and narrowing in on a specific customer who will shop at your brand. All these efforts are to target and deliver content to shoppers who are interested in your product.  Our mobile app is a shopper’s only stop to see content that retailers post. They have opted into receiving that information and only see it when they are interested.  Shoppers highly value what their favorite brands offer. But, they only want to see and receive that information when it is relevant and valuable to them. Notify Nearby segments users by brand relevance, time of delivery, and the location where messages are delivered.  +MORE




Pirc is reinventing one of the most important, if not the most important, pre-shop experiences for consumers of household/grocery goods – the weekly sales circular ($15B spend, 290B prints/yr). With 95% of all US commerce transactions occurring in-store, and the weekly circular driving a core % of those transactions, the circular has unbelievably received little to no real innovation – until now. While digital circulars are not new, Pirc is uniquely positioned to personalize and aggregate multi-store circulars and coupons, and ultimately create a Big Data brand engagement and promotion platform that scales. Today, Pirc delivers to consumers a weekly “Pircular”, or personalized circular, full of all the in-store weekly sales and coupons they actually want. At scale, we will have a database of consumers and their favorite brands which will give us a platform on which to build a more efficient, innovative marketing channel; also helping to displace the 70% of total marketing budget retailers spend on circulars today. We plan to monetize this service at scale primarily via an AdWords-type model, starting with native ad placements by brands and retailers. +MORE


iOS & Android app development

Appus Studio

Design and development of mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPod & iPad) and Android platforms. Distribution to App Store and Google Play is free of charge service. +MORE




GoGrab is an innovative shopping platform that connects local retailers, independent sellers, drivers, and shoppers. With GoGrab, anyone can easily create an on-demand or subscription based online store in minutes. GoGrab is becoming a preferred one-stop marketplace for users looking to shop everything online from a single place while also becoming an ideal solution for anyone looking to build a successful online business in minutes. GoGrab offers the most flexible pricing in the market. Our end to end platform for independent sellers and retailers offers features like POS integration (products and prices in real time), real-time excel inventory integration, loyalty programs, fulfillment backend apps, customer analytics, real-time order and driver tracker, promotions and much more.  Our goal is to simplify, innovate and disrupt the local shopping behavior of retailers, independent sellers, and shoppers. +MORE




Kitchology is the first company to create an integrated social cooking platform for the 160 million people dealing with special diets and the suppliers who sell to them $500B in groceries every year. It is available on the web and as free app. Consumer find a recipe of interest? Using machine learning, we substitute ingredients creating a set of better new recipes taking predicted pantry stockings into account. A recipe can be modified typically  to up 15,000 variations to accommodate diets. Consumers plan to shop? We prepopulate shopping lists, suggest additional ingredients to buy, and make product recommendations. We stay with the cook during the cooking process and use a social graph to connect them with others. Suppliers use Kitchology for access to unique analytics used for marketing and product design. They also publish content and present offers on the platform while the consumer is doing meal planning and shopping. Kitchology is big data for special diets.  +MORE



Ibotta, Inc.

Ibotta is a technology company that builds tools to empower consumers and simplify their daily lives. Instead of taking the same, tired old coupon format and just transitioning it onto a mobile device, Ibotta completely reimagined the way that consumers learn about and interact with their favorite brands. The result is a mobile experience that replaces couponing with a fun series of game-like interactions that give consumers what they actually want: personalized offers that can be redeemed in all the major retailers, and real cash rewards instead of credits or points. +MORE


Website design, Digital Signage, Custom store apps

Media Solutions Corporation

Feature rich websites for grocers include mobile site, templates and customized.  We provide custom design, hosting and maintenance for grocer websites.  REACH Digital Signage Solutions provides subscription based access to over 450 licensed animations for unlimited in-store play on flat screens.  SOCIAL OCTANE provides a subscription based content posting service for grocers  FaceBook sites as well as licensed photos for banner pages.  TEXT DEALS provides retailers with text message promotional programs.  MSC also provides retailers with store customized apps for iOS and Android and include features like iBeacon alerts. +MORE




The Accelitec WalletBuilder provides a comprehensive customer relationship platform with all the components and functions that a retailer needs today and into the future. +MORE


Omni-channel E-Commerce Platform


VIC's E-Commerce and Shopping Trip Planning platform brings everything together under one integrated web site so you can offer your shoppers real time access to shop your stores, manage loyalty accounts, clip digital coupons, view circulars and create shopping lists. It creates a shopping destination that is tailored to your brand, your systems and partners so you can differentiate. You can upsell, cross-sell and personalize your website with intelligent targeting and content. Your employees can fulfill online orders with live in-store fulfillment tailored to their jobs. The platform extends to stores with seamlessly integrated kiosks and digital signage for true omni-channel capabilities to drive in-store purchasing decisions. Additionally with email, text, voice and location based technologies, it delivers marketing tools to reach shoppers or let shoppers reach you no matter where they are. You can drive your own digital strategy no matter what the current and future competition is, with complete enterprise customization around your market, strengths, and marketing message. +MORE



The TONE Knows, Inc. ("TONE")

TONE, in it’s most simple form, is “audio-beacon” technology. An instantaneous direct-to-device marketing & analytics technology platform, TONE uses imperceptible, embedded audio “tones” to deliver contextual content directly to mobile devices WITHOUT THE EXPENSIVE HARDWARE. We integrate the customer’s entire brand journey. +MORE



Rosie Applications


Rosie is the industry leading platform for online shopping and digital consumer engagement. Designed specifically for independent grocers, Rosie provides all of the tools necessary to succeed in E-Commerce and create a distinct competitive advantage. Each customer enjoys a personalized shopping experience online via iOS and Android mobile apps, leading to increased loyalty and larger purchases compared to in-store. For retailers, Rosie maximizes the ROI of your online shopping program. Touch screen tablets and scan guns optimize order fulfillment, reducing labor expenses. Rosie's data analytics tools are deeply integrated, enabling easy access to customer demographics, high/low turn items, items most frequently out of stock, and more. Rosie's platform is optimized to position house-made, locally sourced, and other designated items to appear more prominently to customers at the retailer's discretion, creating more effective sales programs and increasing customer satisfaction.   +MORE



Cognitec Systems GmbH

FaceVACS-VideoScan FaceVACS-VideoScan detects and identifies persons of interest in real time while computing demographic and behavioral data, supporting security staff, marketing departments and operations management in one application. The application detects people’s faces in live video streams or video footage and stores video sequences of cropped faces (face streams) for each appearance in front of a camera. Anonymous analysis of all face streams over time allows the software to compute people count, demographical information, people movement in time and space, and to detect frequent visitors and crowds. FaceVACS-VideoScan also performs real-time identity checks against image databases to find known persons and alert appropriate staff.  FaceVACS-VideoScan Enterprise Solution FaceVACS-VideoScan Enterprise Solution provides a subscription-based, managed system, installed and administered by Cognitec or a Cognitec partner at the customer’s premises. Cognitec has selected optimal computing and camera equipment to guarantee specific performance criteria. FaceVACS-DBScan FaceVACS-DBScan instantly compares facial images from various sources to large image databases, supporting the biometric identification, comparison, and verification of persons. Law enforcement professionals can identify individuals in crime scene photos, videos stills and sketches by matching facial images against the agency's mugshot repository. ID issuance agencies can compare ID portraits to large image databases to prevent ID fraud or detect clerical errors. The Examiner toolset can enhance images for better comparison to the gallery. For example, image processing filters can improve the quality of images retrieved from low quality video footage. The pose correction filter uses 3D modeling technology to generate frontal views of faces taken under lateral angles. Examiner also provides a set of inspection tools that help identify the person by comparing images side by side or by measuring facial features. Operators can develop watch lists of potential matches while recording a full audit trail for each step in the process. Finding a suspect in a timely manner allows investigators to act upon the search results in the critical time period after a crime has been committed.  FaceVACS-Entry FaceVACS-Entry combines smart hardware for image acquisition with market-leading software for verification processes, and is ready for integration into electronic gates (eGates) at border control checkpoints. The technology allows travelers to complete self-service border control procedures in less than 15 seconds. The system detects the person’s face, adjusts the position of the cameras according to the person’s height and then captures best-quality images that guarantee high verification accuracy. The software instantly verifies the live images against biometric photos stored in passports, other ID documents and/or facial image databases. A proprietary sensor, able to distinguish between human faces and artifacts like printed images and masks, detects presentation attacks. FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition streamlines the production of high-quality photos for ID documents that are suitable for face recognition. The product features a graphical user interface to visually manage and operate the acquisition process and assess key technical characteristics such as frontal pose, uniform lighting, glasses and open eyes. The software is able to check all mandatory requirements and best practice recommendations of ISO 19794-5 standard full frontal image type, and other international standards. The application supports web services (SOAP) for easy integration into existing document issuing processes and applications.  FACEVACS TECHNOLOGY Leading the industry Cognitec's products incorporate state-of-the-art technologies relevant to working with facial images, in particular image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition technologies. Algorithmic optimization since 1995 has resulted in superior independence from facial variances such as pose, mimic, age variance, different hair styles, glasses or temporary lighting changes. The latest version of our FaceVACS Technology, released November 2015, features the superior matching algorithms A16 and B10. The much smaller memory footprint of the A16 algorithm enables the development of face recognition applications for mobile devices. The release also incorporates an upgraded algorithm for age estimation and gender detection. Technology licensing Cognitec’s FaceVACS Technology enables clients worldwide to develop new face recognition applications. It provides a clear and logical API for easy integration in other software programs. Cognitec provides the FaceVACS Technology through customized software development kits, with a set of functions and modules specific to each use case and computing platform, and based on tailored software licensing agreements. Such specific use cases include: image quality check, verification for document issuance, and verification for access control.  +MORE



Exipple Studio S. L

Redefining Human Interaction Through Intelligent Vision - Gestoos™ is an AI platform for cameras and sensors enabling them to see and understand real-time human movement and behavior in any environment or context. GESTOOS REVOLUTIONIZES THE WAY HUMANS ENGAGE WITH TECHNOLOGY - Gestoos is the missing link between technology and people GESTOOS FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE AND RETAIL - Gestoos Z offers turnkey installation and set-up. Our design templates and a content management system make it extra easy to upload, manage and update your assets. No development required! Create immersive and engaging customer experiences for retail and public spaces.  Product Gestoos Z Turn your screens into immersive playgrounds. Think big or small. We can do both. Our Gestoos Z technology can support any screen set up that suits your needs. Contact us directly to talk about your project or check out our product brochures below.  +MORE


In-Aisle Mobile Marketing Platform


The AisleFire in-store mobile marketing platform is tailored for mass retailers – grocery, drug and mass merchants – and their brand partners, enabling them to communicate directly with shoppers at the precise point when 80% of purchase decisions are made – in-aisle where products of interest are within arms’ reach. +MORE


Setstory: Foot-Traffic API

Setmusic LLC

Retailers use beacons to converge existing foot-traffic. Setmusic uses beacons to drive entirely new foot-traffic. By making exclusive music or free bitcoin unlock-able at retail locations, Setmusic creates an enjoyable "ad" experience for app users while delivering foot-traffic to retailers at a predetermined price. +MORE


Marketing Platform for Offline Businesses


Drive your  walk‐through rate™ with Zenreach. Customers who sign on to Zenreach WiFi visit 65% more often than customers who don't. +MORE


Proximity Marketing is a complete end-to-end Physical Web platform. It handles security, fleet management, deployment support, content management, metrics, API control, and context management. With, you have the greatest possible control over the content people see when they browse the Physical Web. When we first heard of the Physical Web, we thought it would be so much better to remotely control some basic administrative functions. Since then, our goal has been to enable the management of all beacon functionality and services from the cloud. Even with all of the tools listed here, we’re just getting started. Check back often to see more powerful and ground-breaking functionality we have coming in the pipeline. +MORE


Real-World Insights for Physical Spaces


We bring buildings online. With a simple network of sensors and cloud-based analytics, Beco plugs into your mobile application to connect physical actions to digital outcomes. locate resources: real-time search for people and status of places. measure activity: uncover insights about interactions in physical space. engage people: digitally engage users based on their hyper-location data. Unlocking value in physical spaces. Beco cloud-services are constantly aggregating, cleaning and processing location data, to generate valuable and actionable insights. This data can reveal the dynamics of human behavior and interactions in physical space, enabling workforce management, location-based customer engagement or real-time building optimization. +MORE


Fully Portable, Pre-Fabricated Retail Environments


The store of the future is now. WithMe stores are the first fully portable, pre-fabricated retail environments that blend the best of online and offline shopping to create a truly personalized experience you can't find anywhere else. 100% PORTABLE: Each store is prefabricated in our facilities in Las Vegas, NV then shipped to your desired location in just a few short weeks. BRAND FRIENDLY: The entire store “interface” has been designed with brands in mind. Each smart fixture can be customized with a number of assets for an immersive brand feel. PLUG ‘N’ PLAY: Store environments are set up by changing files, not fixtures. This allows brands to quickly integrate into stores using existing digital assets. Meet your new personal shopper: At WithMe™ powered stores, your app becomes an essential tool for exploring the future of retail. While shopping at the store, you can scan items to discover a full catalog of options, request items to try on, quickly build your cart, and check out without waiting in line. A first of its kind: The Reactable™ fixture is a beautiful 55” translucent table top display that brings product to life with motion, rich content, suggested pairings and personalization. Smart tables & tags let merchandisers engage with customers in ways they’ve never been able to before. Personalized suggestions can be made from the table and across other fixtures in the store. Pixel Wall: The pixel wall is a floor-to-ceiling immersive smart display and fixture in one. 900 individual screens can move independently from each other or group together to form shelves and hanging racks. The wall can also respond to shoppers using the WithMe Store mobile app to suggest products or display rich content from the brand. Smart Fitting Room: Using the WithMe Store mobile app, shoppers can fill their dressing room by scanning items in the store. Selections are delivered once they arrive in their room. Shoppers can then interact with the smart mirror to request different colors and sizes or try on other items personally suggested to them, without ever needing to leave the room. Express Checkout: Customers that have added a payment method to their WithMe Store mobile app can pay by simply tapping their phone as they walk out of the store. It’s grab & go! Big Dipper: The Big Dipper creates an entirely new experience for consumers, enabling shoppers to touch physical goods in-store while browsing and ordering related or out-of-stock products that get shipped to them. VR Dome: The virtual reality (VR) dome is a 360 degree immersive in-store theatre experience where shoppers get to experience unique brand entertainment without strapping on a pair of goggles. Come visit a store near you to see WithMe’s first feature animated short film entitled "The Brain". In stores now.     +MORE


iBeacon Solutions


Beacon Solutions – Enhance your mobile marketing strategy. Footmarks SmartConnect™ beacon platform is an end-to-end proximity solution enabling contextual awareness and new customer Insight Profiles as a service. Add real-time mobile targeting and value creation to your existing mobile app using ibeacon technology. +MORE


Proximity Engagement Solutions

Blue Sense Networks

WORLD'S LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF CUSTOM IBEACON HARDWARE: Our BlueBar beacons are best in class iBeacon certified beacons, that are also available in volume and can be rebranded to match your company identity Compatible with all Bluetooth Smart Ready enabled smartphones Battery and USB options available Fully configurable over-the-air Secure firmware to ensure tamper-free operation and denial of service protection Multiple certifications (CE, FCC, IC etc.) Long range models available with 200m+ of range Free White labeling service In stock and Shipping Worldwide IBEACON MANAGEMENT AND ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM.: ProximitySense – our cloud platform for iBeacon management and engagement is also the best tool to get your apps enabled with proximity and micro-location technology Enterprise level engagement platform for everyone Built by developers for developers Remote Monitoring and Management of beacon installations Proximity Campaign designer Realtime Analytics Connect social graph and gain unprecedented insight into your users’ behaviour RESTful API Tailored enterprise solutions available DEVELOPMENT TOOLS AND SDKS.: We are constantly working on a growing number of tools to help developers build iBeacon micro-location enabled apps. Our mission is to build a strong developer community to lower the bar for iBeacon and micro-location technology adoption. Mobile SDKs for beacon configuration and access to ProximitySense RESTful API Samples for iBeacon apps for both iOS and Android Open source on GitHub Configuration app source code is available to help integration into existing products Budding mobile app developer community +MORE


Enterprise Mobile Proximity Platform


Sixgill can help your business embrace mobility and gain control of your evolving connected and mobile world. Your workforce and critical assets are in motion more than ever before, creating opportunities and challenges throughout your business. The ability to track, determine, and act in this mobile world is becoming a critical enterprise need. Sixgill automates the proximity data services necessary to support the complete spectrum of problem-solving packaged and custom mobility applications proliferating across the enterprise. +MORE


Proximity Insight - Dynamic Clienteling

Proximity Insight

Dynamic Clienteling is a relationship-based selling tool that delivers real-time customer data to store associates where it matters—on the shop floor. Using an iPad, store associates gain actionable insights into customers' buying habits and shopping preferences, creating a stronger selling relationship than ever before. Actionable insights drive revenue and performance. And when combined with iBeacon location-based technology and a consumer app, we unlock a new level of customer service and analytics. +MORE


Beacon Solutions

Proximity Innovations Ltd.

Engage your customers like never before! What if you could engage with your direct target audience, in a relevant place, while you actually have their attention? How much more ROI would you see on your advertising dollars? Proximity Innovations provides beacon solutions that allow you to do exactly that: push relevant content to exactly who you want, exactly where you want, and exactly when you want. Provide relevant content while you actually have their attention. Simply put, beacons are small devices that can communicate with smart phones based on their proximity. This means that you can broadcast relevant messages or content to your customers when they are in a certain area or in front of a specific product, when they are most engaged. Monitor stats & trends to help make smart business decisions. How many people look at your print ads, watch your television commercials or listen to your radio spots? For most people, the answer is "I have no idea...". The best part about our solution is that not only are you reaching your customers at a more relevant time, you can finally track exactly who clicks on what, what they look at, for how long and even where they go from there, allowing you to finally make smart marketing decisions based on actual data! +MORE


The Shopping Mall Reviver


As a shopping mall manager you now face the most challenging environment that has been experienced by retail in decades. The battle for customers attention is intense and new online ventures threaten current business scenarios. It is now more important than ever to: concentrate effort on visitors satisfaction and convenience, blur the lines between on and offline shopping, gather and analyze quality visitor data, provide modern marketing solutions for tenants. Our unique mobile solution is to seamlessly enhance shopping experience. We took what’s best in brick-and-mortar approach blended it with features that attract people to the web and added that Matsuu + to actually change the rules of today’s retail. Seamless connection of on and offline experience, real time advertising, content in context are just view main challenges we addressed. Contact us and get free consultation on implementation. +MORE