Custom Displays

Custom Displays

InStore Design Display


IDD InStore Design Display has over 100 years of experience in the retail displays and store fixtures industry.

We can create custom items ranging from custom shopping bags up to entire custom fixture rollout programs for thousands of stores.

We will use our long industry experience to partner with you to find the perfect solution for your needs. We can use our vast network of overseas or domestic partners to meet your needs - whether that be a quick turnaround, lowest price point, or using hand crafted, high end materials.

In some cases, displays you might think require 100% custom work can utilize our 'stock' items mixed with custom in order to create a custom look at a lower price. Put our experience to work for you!


  • Custom Acrylic, Wood and Slatwall Displays. 

About the Company

InStore Design Display (formerly National Equipment Company - NEC) has been a national and international provider of store fixtures and retail displays for over 100 years. Our industry experience is a direct result of our basic approach to business. We believe in and strive to build long-term customer relationships through the execution of excellent customer service and a broad, ever-expanding product line.

in 2012, we changed our name to IDD Instore Design Display. Why? We took an opportunity to take our name a step further. "InStore" is even more descriptive of what we do and it works very well to link us to our newest divison (and future divisions to come!), a custom displays division called IIG InStore Innovation Group. We also wanted to incorporate "IDD" into our name. Our customers almost immediately started calling us by our initials, so we wanted to make sure we used that as part of our identity  - and it gave us a cool logo! There have been no changes in management or staff. This name is a DBA change only, our tax ID remains the same.

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