Customized mobile applications

Customized mobile applications


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Redmadrobot creates custom-made native mobile apps, which serve as the ideal platform to reach and engage customers. The impact of mobile on grocery, both for traditional and online retailers, cannot be overstated- in this day and age, having a mobile app isn't a luxury, but a necessity.

While there are several ready-made solutions available, we understand that every retailer has their own unique set of goals. Our experience has shown that using a one-size-fits-all mobile solution is a poor way for a retailer to stand out. Additionally, custom app development saves retailers money by letting them pick and choose exactly which functions they need.

Redmadrobot doesn't just solve problems for its clients, it cultivates relationships with them. Using a custom-developed app, a retailer has full control over its digital presence and can evolve it in ways that an SaaS platform does not allow. Since we offer a full range of support and updates, your app can grow alongside your business.


  • Full-stack in house mobile app development keeps a tight control of quality- no outsourcing
  • Tailor-made apps are suited to the particular needs of your business
  • Individualized attention greatly reduces the rate of error in development

About the Company

Redmadrobot is a company which creates native mobile applications. The company has in-house capabilities for every aspect of mobile app development, from design to development to QA. Redmadrobot's applications are exclusively business oriented, with the goals of maximizing market share, streamlining service, boosting sales and loyalty, and cut costs.

Redmadrobot has been in operation since 2008 and has 140 employees in 4 offices. It focuses on enterprise-level applications, with clients including banks, telecom companies, and several of Russia's largest retailers. In 2016 Redmadrobot was named to the Google Certified Developer Agencies program.

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