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Delivery Hero: Delivery Hero is an online food-ordering service operating in 33 countries. We promote delivery service in the digital age, helping our customers find their favourite foods easily and conveniently from home, work, or on the road. Through our website or via our app, we provide an overview of all the restaurants and delivery services available. We have 3,000 employees globally, with 1,000 staff members working in our Berlin headquarters – all with the mission to provide a fast and easy way to get to your favourite foods.

Delivery Hero - much more than just a platform: Delivery Hero is the parent company of many popular brands in the food delivery space all around the world. Within our global network we cooperate with more than 300,000 restaurants worldwide. We consider ourselves a technology company AND  a true food authority. Only the expertise in both areas, food and tech, is enabling us to offer an exceptional service to both, our customers and our restaurant partners. Our food data allows restaurants to improve their service significantly. Our subsidiary 9Cookies provides restaurants with top-notch PoS technology and the good folks at Foodora are industry leading specialists in the field of food delivery and last mile-logistics. Globally we have more than 30 brands, B2C and B2B. Together we are Delivero Hero, united in our goal to transform the food delivery industry.


  • An entire food court in your pocket.

About the Company

Founded in Berlin in 2011, Delivery Hero today is the world's largest network of online food ordering sites, operating in 33 countries with over 200,000 restaurant partners. The company has more than 2,500 employees globally, with 1,000 staff members working from its Berlin Headquarters.

In 2015 foodora joined Delivery Hero. foodora is an on-demand food boutique that offers meals from the most beloved restaurants that traditionally do not deliver. To-date foodora is operating in 30 cities across 12 countries, 

In addition Delivery Hero runs a B2B entity. 9Cookies technology enables restaurants to manage their orders in an efficient way on an iPad. Their goal is to deliver an awesome order experience.

Delivery Hero to-date has received more than $1bn in investment and has a valuation of mor than $3bn.  Together with Spotify, Delivery Hero is one of the most reputable and valued start-ups in Europe.

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