EBER.co - Smart Member System

EBER.co - Smart Member System



A smart member system for physical retail stores, restaurants, omni-channel retailers and on-line stores!

Easily acquire members, retain more customers and grow your business.

We Are Future Ready. Are You? Take control on every aspect of your member program with our latest technology.

For physical stores: Kick-start your in-store member program easily. Start knowing your customers more then just their name.

For omni-channel stores: Run a single member program for your online and offline stores. Attract, reward and track your customers on both channels.

For on-line stores: Integrates with your e-commerce software in minutes, put your member and rewards program on auto-pilot instantly.


Your Unique Member Program - We empower you to customised a member program and make your customers and members feel special. 

  • Rewards - Build a loyalty scheme to reward your returning customers and members. 
  • Birthday Treats - Suprise every member on their birthday. 
  • Multi-Tiered Membership - One size does not fit all! Add multi-tiered membership to fit your needs. 

Your Branding, Your Data.

With Eber, it’s always your member program, your branding and your data. Never tell customers to download another brand of App or share your data with someone else. 

Build for Online, Offline & Omni-channel Retailers

Eber simplifies the entire process for business owners to build a membership program. It can be customized and deployed in a day. Eber team is dedicated to making your membership program a success. 

Acquire Members Automatically

Points are automatically awarded to customers once purchases are done. There is no need to manually create member account or issue points.

Engage Your Customer With Ease

Welcoming new members or sending birthday wishes with a surprise reward. We have got it covered!

Rewards Automation

Members can claim and enjoy rewards without your interaction. For example receiving a discount code of your store or get upgraded to VIP tier. 

Know More About Your Customers

Get overview reports on all of your customers or drill down to a specific customer activity.

About the Company

Eber kick-starts smart member system for online & offline retailers, and help grow their businesses. Eber comes with comprehensive loyalty & rewards system, marketing, gift card and analytic tool. Physical retailers easily manage member operations using Eber StoreApp at counters. Online retailers install our Eber Widget in their e-commerce site to kick-start a member program. Eber is the member solution for any online, offline, or omnichannel retailers. Members access information on any mobile phone or built-in website widget. No card to carry. No app to install. No password to remember.

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