eCommerce Order Fulfillment Robot

eCommerce Order Fulfillment Robot

Next Shift Robotics


Using our creative design and bold vision, Next Shift Robotics specializes in creating material handling systems using collaborative mobile autonomous robots. Our company is focused on meeting the demands of the exploding e-commerce order fulfillment market.  Our experienced designers and engineers bring  enthusiasm to every project.  


  • Fits into you existing  physical  infrastructure
  • Short integration time
  • Eliminates post-sortation 
  • Reduces picker travel
  • Increases throughput
  • ​Easy to modify workflow
  • ​Eliminates robot fenced areas​

About the Company

Next Shift Robotics is a Massachusetts based startup. We expect you to spill items (solid and liquid) on the floor, bump the tote on the shelf, or park a pallet in the aisle --- the TM-100 is designed to handle normal warehouse and manufacturing floor conditions. It travels around items in the aisle, grips the tote even at a  15 degree skew  or chooses another path if the aisle is blocked.

You have stated that you want flexibility, scalability, and a quick return on investment. With our easy navigation system, integrated gripper, layered software services, adjustable robot height, variable tote length,  and flexible tote retrieval from flat to angled shelf,  Next Shift is providing all three.

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