Emerging Technology for Brands

Emerging Technology for Brands



Brands: meet the startups transforming marketing, sales, and the consumer experience

Startups: meet today's market leading brands who can benefit from your technology

The only curated B2B platform for the technology partnerships driving digital transformation


  • Technology innovation in digital marketing, e-commerce and beyond

About the Company

Every day, technology reshapes the consumer experience, and every day, enterprises have to work harder to keep up with new ways to market, sell to and service their customers. In this landscape, emerging technology can’t stay locked in innovation initiatives, but needs to be understandable and accessible to teams across the organization.

Partnered is the only end-to-end digital platform for enabling partnerships connecting brands and tech. We make it easier for companies with aligned interests to discover one another, connect, and do business. We help brands keep track of key technology innovations and meet the startups most relevant for them. We help startups better understand how to work with large enterprises and connect to the companies that can help take them to the next level.

There has never been a more dynamic time in business, and the relationships that will most shape its future are those where today’s market leaders come together with the disrupters defining tomorrow.

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