EXO Collaborative Robots

EXO Collaborative Robots

EXOTEC Solutions SAS


Exotec Solutions offers an innovative order preparation system, based on a fleet of collaborative mobile robots. 

Our Technology

The Exo collaborative robots moves the bins among the warehouse, thanks to their no-infrastructure navigation. 
The Fleet Control supervisor coordinates motions of robots and bins. It interfaces with the WMS and assign movement missions to the Exos. 

Order preparation

The orders-to-man system, bring the orders next to the article to be picked. The coordination of robots, bins and operators, brings maximal efficiency. 
It handles preparation, and also replenishment and returns. 

Flexible conveying

The Exo system, interfaced with intra-logistic systems, offers an innovative logistic function: a virtual conveyor, with infinite paths possibilities , able to pick and drop on motorized or passive interfaces.


Capacity and productivity

  • Picking rate is doubled : the orders are dropped next to the article to be picked. 


  • Stations can be reconfigured, the storage can be extended following new needs: the system keeps its agility. 


  • The system starts with a minimal fleet. New Exos are added when the flow increases. 

High availability

  • By its massive parralelism, the Exo System has no single point of failure. 

Logistics benefits:
- Capacity and productivity: doubling of the cadence of the operators: the orders are deposited at the closest point of taking.
- Extensibility: the warehouse starts with a fleet (and a minimum investment). New Exos are simply added when the flow increases.
- Flexibility: the stations can be reconfigured, the stock enlarged according to new needs: the installation remains agile thanks to the absence of infrastructure
- Total availability: due to its principle of massive parallelism, the Exotec installation does not present a single point of failure.

About the Company

Exotec Solutions builds an order picking system based on a fleet of collaborative mobile robots.

Are you looking for an efficient order picking system to support your growth, but your logistics must remain flexible to keep its market suitability? You do not want to choose between productivity and agility?  Exotec builds a logistics solution that can adapt to your future needs, based on industry principles 4.0.

Exo collaborative robots move the "media" within the warehouse by navigating it without infrastructure.
The Fleet Control server is the leader of robot movements and supports. He interacts with the client's WMS and creates travel missions that he assigns to Exo.

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