Global Tracking Device

Global Tracking Device



Just a thought of not knowing where your children, parents, pets or loved ones affected by either Autism or Dementia are, will give you chills. Wouldn't it ease your mind if you can immediately identify their location?

Well, Our Global Tracking Device-WeTraq is the solution you are looking for which allows you to stay connected with your families at all times. Wetraq is a portable credit card sized tracker devised for parents, caregivers and pet owners to track what is most precious to them. This device controlled by Wetraq Mobile App allows you to monitor the location of your loved ones & valuable possessions anywhere & anytime across the globe.

WeTraq is the smallest Global Tracking Device that ensures the connection between you and your loved ones will never be lost!


  • Global Coverage: WeTraq makes sure the connection between you & your loved ones will never be lost.
  • Geo-fencing: Get notified whenever your WeTraq device enters or exits your custom safe zone.
  • SOS Button: Get SMS alerts on your WeTraq Mobile App when your loved ones need help and press SOS button on the device.
  • Charging: WeTraq can be recharged using an inbuilt micro USB port so you never lose track of what is precious to you.
  • Report Scheduling: Get the location reports whenever you want on your mobile app by setting a schedule.

About the Company

WeTraq, a startup based in Toronto has developed a Global Tracking Device that connects wireless with your smartphone via the Wetraq Mobile App. Our global tracking device is engineered around the concept of Internet of Things (IOT) which allows remote monitoring of devices by providing seamless interaction between devices via connectivity mediums such Cellular to accumulate & process data.

For tracking, the location of the device is locked with the help of our proprietary software which works globally. This data is wirelessly sent in encrypted format to our servers, from where the exact location information is displayed on your Wetraq Mobile App.

Wetraq Mobile App comes with an extensive set of features such as 

  • Report Scheduling
  • Global Coverage
  • Splash Proof
  • Geo-Fencing
  • SOS alert
  • Battery saver mode & others 

These features allow you to utilize the device to its maximum efficiency.

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