Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Integrated eCommerce Solutions



Integrated eCommerce is essential in today’s world. 80% of customers browse online before heading to stores (Internet Retailer) and eCommerce sales are growing at an average rate of 16%+ per year (U.S. Bureau of Labor).

STORIS offers two unique and comprehensive omni-channel software solutions that enable you to launch your store operations onto a website: eBridge and eSTORIS.


  • eBridge.
  • eSTORIS.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

About the Company

For 25 years STORIS has been the leading provider of fully integrated, retail software solutions for Furniture, Bedding, Appliance and Electronics retailers. 

STORIS' newest retail software suite and is available in two options. For small to mid-size retailers, STORIS offers a SaaS subscription model, which is an ideal subscription based service that provides the core business essentials with minimal IT overhead. For large retailers, STORIS' Enterprise Retail Management Software provides the scalability benefits to discover and achieve new business goals.

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