Interactive Ordering System (IOS)

Interactive Ordering System (IOS)

Unified Grocers


Interactive Scanning: A single scan of either the UPC or corporate item code will display the following information:

• Unified’s inventory status
• Order history for the past 30 days
• Full item description
• Corporate and UPC item numbers
• Retail price
• Case cost
• Case allowance and end date
• Purchase movement average
• Cube and weight totals
• Running cost and quantity totals
• Audio alerts for special functions

IOS Features

• All PC and wireless hardware provided and maintained by Unified Grocers
• Software for regular orders, ad reserve, specialty orders, spoils and retail changes
• Reports for current transactions and order history
• Electronic confirmation for all orders
• Notification of pending ad reserve/specialty orders
• Make price changes from the PC and hand-held
• Search, review and correct orders before transmitting
• Receive electronic “What’s New” messages for important updates
• System-Ready for optional Shelf Tag Printer accessory
• Optional Shelf Price Audit Program for ISS45 and MEI Back Office Systems 

IOS Accessory Shelf Tag Printer

• Present a professional image by eliminating handwritten tags
• Prevent lost sales or fines caused by missing retail shelf labels
• Take care of wrong prices instantly — just change the price on the hand-held before printing


  • Offers a full replenishment process Prevents out-of-stocks with inventory stock status updates every 2 hours
  • Provides order cube totals to better manage delivery charges
  • Eliminates invalid item codes and key errors by using an authorized file
  • Offers technical support and maintenance
  • Saves time by scanning item codes or product UPCs and reduces the need to look up items in a book
  • Enhances order management by backing up orders electronically for future reference or to reorder Enables order review on the PC to make last-minute additions and/or corrections

About the Company

Unified Grocers (“Unified”) is the largest retailer-owned wholesale grocery cooperative in the western United States. Unified offers independent retailers all the resources you need to compete in today’s supermarket industry.

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