Inventory Module

Inventory Module

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The BRdata inventory module gives users the resources needed to easily track perpetual inventory by updating item quantities with automated retrieval of POS sales movement and in-store received items. Take control over inventory replenishment and prevent under/over ordering. Monitor and report on stock levels, costs and averages to gain a clear view into your true inventory costing and profitability.

Gain control over your inventory with the BRdata Inventory module which gives users the resources needed to easily manage stock levels.  Eliminate uncertainty by better managing inventory and costs while ensuring you have sufficient on-hand stock to fill anticipated store sales and avoiding overstock.



  • Inventory counts for all regular and random weight items can easily be posted into the system by scanning barcodes with a wireless RF handheld or importing a CSV file format.  Verify counts are accurate by comparing them to the system’s perpetual values.
  • View the full history of items in one convenient location.  See how much of an item was sold, received, and manually adjusted.
  • Manage the transferring of stock between store locations within your chain.
  • Prevent lost sales with the help of out-of-stock reports.  Automatically generate purchase orders for products that are low in stock based on inventory min/max levels.
  • Run various inventory reports including an Actual Gross Profit report which take shrink values into consideration allowing you to view true cost values.
  • Users have the option to track product costs by FIFO (first in, first out), last received purchase cost, or current cost on file.
  • To keep inventory accurate, users can make manual adjustments to current on-hand values to account for items which are damaged, expired, broken, etc.
  • Track reclamation items which are sent back to vendors for credit.
  • Properly track inventory for items sold by both case and unit.
  • Maintain expiration dates.
  • Sales can be quantity-driven with the threshold pricing feature.  Items can be placed on sale (or off) when the item reaches a specified inventory level.

About the Company

BRdata is a software development company and systems integrator of open architecture software applications, providing totally integrated business solutions to retailers, wholesalers, and grocery store chains.

BRdata offers software solutions for retailers. Software applications including hosting, in-store systems, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, and BRdata Cloud and Connect. Reach your customers before, during, and after they shop with the BRdata Connect branded consumer app. Access reporting from anywhere, anytime, on any device with BRdata Cloud.

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Company Size:  11-50 employees
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