IoT Platform for Businesses

IoT Platform for Businesses



We offer the most user-friendly IoT platform for businesses. It includes a mobile app builder, cloud and embedded software solutions for prototyping, scaling and managing your connected products.

The world is moving into the era of billions of connected devices. The way people interact with familiar "things" is being transformed. The same will happen to companies and their processes.

If you think about enabling Internet of Things for your business, let's do it together.


We have all the tools 

Blynk  offers full suite of software for the Internet of Your Things

How long will it take you to create an infrastructure that will manage thousands or millions of connected devices? Write an embedded application? Design an app to put your product into people's hands and connect all these dots together?
What if you could just focus on making great products rather than spending time and resources on creating an IoT platform from scratch?

  • MOBILE APP BUILDER: The most user-friendly app constructor, that allows you to create an interface for you connected product in minutes.
  • CLOUD SERVICE: Lightweight, fast and scalable device management and communication engine. We offer Private Clouds that can be deployed in a minute
  • EMBEDDED SOFTWARE: A thin layer of software will be running on top of your hardware application providing control and communication

Every product is unique and while we design the tools to be as versatile as possible, there is always a need for a very specific customization.
Just let us know what are you looking for.

About the Company

Blynk Team has already proved its ability to deliver high-quality products and the best user experience to thousands of users. Their feedback is the best recommendation.

And we never stop. 

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