We transform shopping baskets to fit diets
We transform recipes to fit diets and lifestyles
Consumers find us (more often than others)


Kitchology is the first company to create an integrated social cooking platform for the 160 million people dealing with special diets and the suppliers who sell to them $500B in groceries every year. It is available on the web and as free app. Consumer find a recipe of interest? Using machine learning, we substitute ingredients creating a set of better new recipes taking predicted pantry stockings into account. A recipe can be modified typically  to up 15,000 variations to accommodate diets. Consumers plan to shop? We prepopulate shopping lists, suggest additional ingredients to buy, and make product recommendations. We stay with the cook during the cooking process and use a social graph to connect them with others. Suppliers use Kitchology for access to unique analytics used for marketing and product design. They also publish content and present offers on the platform while the consumer is doing meal planning and shopping. Kitchology is big data for special diets. 


  • Effective use of marketing and promotional spend
  • Informing more personalized experiences/interactions with consumers
  • Supporting new food product and services innovation

About the Company

A startup headquarters in Maryland, Kitchology is the first company to create an integrated cooking platform for the 160 million people dealing with food allergies and special diets. 

We federated 250 food allergy bloggers to help us power the platform. We have 350,000 monthly users, growing at 40% quarter to quarter.  Kitchology is  the 2016 Maryland Incubator Company of the Year in the Consumer Products Category, the 2016 USA Creative Business Cup Winner, finalist in CART pitch contest. We are in active discussions with brands and retailers, some already using our platform. Contact us at You can find us at  https://www.kitchology.com,

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  11-50 employees