Marble’s robots are built to perform

Our robots use a hybrid-autonomy system with people at the core of their operations. They use advanced sensors and high-resolution 3D city maps to efficiently and politely navigate busy urban environments. Our robots have swappable cargo bays to transport various types of goods - the best way to transport warm meals isn't necessarily the best way to transport medicine.  



We believe in a world where everyone can have reliable and timely access to the things they need and want. 


Constructed from the ground up with security in mind, our robots safely transport your order in its secure-access cargo bays. 


We’re building a system that people can truly depend on to move past the days of battered packages, cold meals, and unpredictable ETAs.

About the Company

Marble is re-imagining urban logistics

Marble develops and operates robots for autonomous last-mile logistics. Marble was founded in 2015, is funded by Lemnos Labs, and is located in San Francisco, CA.

We are creating a fleet of intelligent courier robots to reliably and securely transport the goods that people need and want in a way that is accessible to everyone. Marble’s robot is perfectly suited to transport the essentials including groceries, meals, and medicine.

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