Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery

Farm Hill


  1. BROWSE OUR MENU: Browse our menu web & mobile. Our Feature and Garden Boxes rotate every week, and we always have great Paleo and Vegetarian options if that’s your style!
  2. SELECT DELIVERY WINDOW: Choose a 30-minute delivery window.
  3. PLACE YOUR ORDER: Place your order by 10am for same-day lunch delivery in SF or the Peninsula (or by 10:30am in Palo Alto, Redwood City, or Menlo Park!)
  4. ENJOY!


  • WHOLE GRAINS & VEGETABLES: We're committed to using 100% whole ingredients in all of our dishes. Fresh veggies, herbs, spices, whole grains (with great Paleo/low-carb options). Never any flour or processed stuff.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR: You won't find any added sugar at Farm Hill -- or honey or agave or other sweeteners.
  • HEALTHY PROTEINS: We use only antibiotic- and hormone-free meats and always offer fantastic vegan/vegetarian protein options.
  • SERVED CHILLED: We serve our food chilled for maximum freshness. Meals are designed to be eaten at ambient temperature like a salad or a bento box.

About the Company

Farm Hill is crafting the future of healthy eating. We curate and deliver awesome healthy food, making healthy eating convenient and delicious. At Farm Hill we use only whole ingredients in our meals – fresh vegetables & fruits, whole grains, sustainably-raised meats, and never added sugars or refined flours. Our food is truly wholesome, healthy, and delicious.

Farm Hill launched in April 2013 and graduated out of the first batch of companies from the Stanford StartX Accelerator Program. We started by delivering lunches to office workers in the suburbs. We identified an unmet need for higher quality, healthier food in underserved suburban environments -- places with few good food options. Since then, Farm Hill has delivered over 300,000 meals to businesses in the SF Bay Area and is growing rapidly.

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