Portable Gluten Sensor

Portable Gluten Sensor



Nima: Nima Lets you see what's happening in your food at a molecular level.

One-time-use capsules: Put what you want to test in one of these and into the Nima.

App community: Nima's companion app connects you with other users.


  • Test Liquids and Solids: Nima can test foods ranging from soups and sauces to fried items and baked goods.
  • Simple: Just take a tiny sample of food, put it in a capsule, and put the capsule in Nima. Nima works hard so you don't have to.
  • Fast: Nima is the fastest gluten tester on the market, letting you know if there is 20ppm or more of gluten in food in just over 2 minutes.
  • Easy: One-time-use capsules are pre-loaded with our proprietary chemistry and ready to go as soon as you are. No cleaning, no re-setting, no refilling. Just grab a new capsule for every test.
  • Portable: Nima fits in a pocket or purse. Bring Nima to dates, vacations, business meals, or wherever you're eating.
  • Connected: It's a food data lovefest - share what you have tested and see what others are testing to stay one step ahead of gluten!

About the Company

  • SENSITIVE: Nima is designed to detect 20ppm of gluten. 3rd party validation data is underway.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Designed in San Francisco by a team from MIT, Stanford, Google, and Nike. Nima brings together the best in chemistry, engineering, and design.
  • PROVEN: Nima beta units are in the field testing food every day, and Nima's chemistry has tested over 3000 samples.

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