Preprinted – Ready to Hang Signgage

Preprinted – Ready to Hang Signgage

Unified Grocers


You print your own labels to save money, right? But what if you could lose the hassle of printing labels and gain real savings in the process? Thousands of retailers have done it, and so can you – with Digital Outsourcing from Vestcom.

When you choose Digital Outsourcing, Vestcom generates your labels for you, using your pricing, promotions and planogram data. Here’s how easy it is to use Vestcom’s Digital Outsourcing:

1. Place your order and send us your pricing, promotions and planogram data. (We have tech professionals who’ll make it easy.)
2. We’ll digitally print your labels in our efficient 14-up format
in full color and any mix of tag types you wish.
3. Your labels arrive at your door in full color, any mix of tag
styles, all organized in aisle-sequence order, so your staff can walk quickly through the store, posting labels as they go.


  • Time-saving:. Digital Outsourcing frees up staff from
  • Weekly Printing Sessions: Plus, store personnel post labels far faster (not to mention more accurately) because signage is organized according to store location.
  • Flexibility: Labels can contain any combination of SKU- specific shopper messaging. And you’ll get promotions on the shelf faster because you can mix different types of tags on one sheet.
  • Efficiency: Making the switch from 8-up label sheets to Vestcom’s 14-up format means you’ll save money by using fewer label sheets.
  • Increased selling power. Digital Outsourcing is a sophisticated platform, which paves the way for any additional shelf-edge solutions from Vestcom. All are designed to enhance the brand, reduce costs, grow sales, and fit any layout of any store.

About the Company

Unified Grocers (“Unified”) is the largest retailer-owned wholesale grocery cooperative in the western United States. Unified offers independent retailers all the resources you need to compete in today’s supermarket industry.

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