The Private Marketplace for Bulk

The Private Marketplace for Bulk



BUYERS: Discover new inventory in a private marketplace.

One order. One Invoice. One delivered cost -  We are the “vendor of record”  Buying with us means simple all-in pricing on multiple sku’s with no hidden surcharges.

Access top tier products - Acquire new customers through the platform with no additional overhead.  Relevant high end items from top International manufacturers and distributors

Instant bulk purchasing - We have radically simplified wholesale purchasing down to seconds.  We give buyers an instant inclusive delivered cost.

Communicate with customers directly - No more emails, faxes, or phone calls. Submit your offer on top-tier current inventory through’s secure online platform.

SELLERS: Access a private network of global retailers and wholesalers.

Move your inventory quickly, easily, and for free - We only ship consumer products into retail and e-commerce channels. This "one source" approach gives sellers a more efficient and cost effective supply chain solution. charges a low flat fee per transaction to the buyer.

Build new relationships directly with buyers - Our focus is on the retail environment, which affords us shared overheads and economies of scale resulting in a more efficient, cost effective supply chain solution for our manufacturer, wholesale and retail partners.

Close deals in seconds, not weeks - Our expertise lets manufacturers focus on what they do best—developing and marketing products—not spending time on wading through logistics paperwork.

Manage your inventory and pricing in real-time - Electronic Data Interchange—complete industry EDI mappings and standards, including Private Label EDI services for clients with 24 hour access


  • We fix product distribution.

About the Company

The Private Marketplace For Bulk.

Product distribution, in bulk has operated for decades with no innovation. Millions of dollars of inventory is still moved over the phone and on email. As a result, there is $500b of stuck inventory in warehouses around the world. provides greater liquidity through a networked marketplace. Our team’s 30+ years of domain experience gives you access to the major players in the industry. We are a venture-backed technology company based in San Francisco, Ca. 

What we do : We connect buyers and sellers to help move product inventory faster, easier, and wider. is a private network where buyers and sellers communicate directly and close meaningful deals in just seconds. Our platform gives access to a top tier industry community that provides serious value. 

How we do it (how it works): is a private, secure platform where you can discover new channels to buy or sell quality product inventory. Sellers list their available inventory on the platform, managing product in real-time. Buyers discover products from new sources, building strong relationships.

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