Robotic Fulfillment Solution for Warehouses

Robotic Fulfillment Solution for Warehouses

Locus Robotics


This is how you’re going to get customer orders out the door from now on.

It’s arrived. Ship orders faster, more efficiently and more accurately with technology built on warehouse insight and first-hand experience. Locus is excited to unveil the world’s first robotic fulfillment solution built by warehouse people for warehouse people.

For retailers and manufacturers of premium-branded products, Locus Robotics offers an outbound picking solution that improves warehouse labor productivity 5-8 times over traditional cart based methods. Save time. Save money. And simply pick faster.


Our solution isn’t about robots or software; it’s about how those two things work together to increase the warehouse’s capacity to get orders out the door. In our world, that’s all that matters: Units Per Hour (UPH), Cost Per Unit (CPU), Service Level Agreements (SLA), and every other metric that keeps you up at night. We’ve built one hell of a robot and a software solution that makes it sing.

  • The entire solution works right out of the box. It is not a technology looking for a problem to solve. It was built to maximize the efficiency of a warehouse by people that know what that means.
  • Our software works with your existing warehouse management system to receive work and decide how to execute that work in the most efficient manner. The Locus system is 5-8 times faster than traditional RF picking.
  • The Locus server manages a fleet of robots within your current infrastructure. They move through your existing shelving, racking, and workstations to increase productivity, drive throughput and eliminate opportunities for error.
  • Warehouse associates and robots work together to reduce travel time and increase time on task. Workers work more, walk less. It makes for a better, happier work environment.
  • Training is simple. Implementation even simpler. We can have robots running in any facility (greenfield, brownfield) in weeks.

About the Company

Leveraging years of direct warehouse operations experience and deep firsthand knowledge of warehouse robotics, Locus has engineered a new approach to mission critical fulfillment operations. The Locus platform delivers greater throughput, reduced costs and unparalleled flexibility in moving inventory and orders through a fulfillment center. This efficiency and flexibility in turn allow operators to keep up with the increasingly complex demands of channel partners and consumers.

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