Self-Alarming Tags

Self-Alarming Tags

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Items such as sporting goods, high-end clothing, women's handbags, etc. are often targeted by shoplifters because of their high resale value. Our selection of Self-Alarming Tags provides multiple layers of protection in one compact package to protect these items. Each tag has multiple settings for added protection; the level of security is up to you.

Self-alarming tags have been in the marketplace for years, but WG took it to the next level with the development of Wave: the world's first 4-alarm infrared series of smart tags and detachers. Wave is the pinnacle of security for all products.


  • Standard Self-Alarming Tags, Self-Alarming Tags for Sporting Goods, Media Tag, Ninja Tag.

About the Company

WG has been turning heads in the EAS industry with its ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking since its inception in 1998. While our concentration remains on loss-prevention and asset protection, our products know no bounds; applications range from warehouse and storage locations to hospitals and correctional institutions. WG is guaranteed to have a technologically advanced answer to your security questions.   Our international staff of engineers works hard every day to provide forward-thinking answers to today's security issues. WG is continually and creatively advancing the field of loss-prevention technology.

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