Social Intelligence: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Social Intelligence: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence



Social Media Marketing Made Simple: Aicial is 'social intelligence' - a system that uses machine learning to monitor your social media accounts, optimizing the way you engage with your followers. Aicial is like having your own personal social media team growing your followership, and protecting your brand, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Monitoring In A Way You've Never Seen Before: Aicial brings the power of a sizable, never weary, social team to your social networking. For publishers, we can monitor general activity through to specific accounts - alerting you to net content, trends, or sentiment. Brands can be alerted to the use of their logo or other imagery in real time - a great way to really engage with your users. Consumers get the best of the best content in real time rather than missing something because a suggestion took days to pop up.


  • Big Data & Machine Learning: Aicial uses cutting edge machine learning technologies ensuring that we are able to monitor an extensive network in real time.
  • Image Analysis & Brand Identification: With advanced image analysis we can detect objects, environment and more in images. By understanding better what is being seen - we can make better ongoing suggestions.
  • Emotion Identification of Faces: By identifying different emotions of those posted in images, we can alert you to when people engaging with your brand are happy or annoyed.
  • Natural Language Processing: Communicate more effectively with suggestions by our powerful language systems.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Love it or hate it - sentiment analysis is an important part of social metrics (sorry for the pun). Aicial can monitor both inbound and outbound sentiment on posts and comments.
  • Social Management in the Cloud: By providing our amazing service to you in the cloud, you are able to manage your social presence from almost anywhere at any time.
  • Real Time Reporting & Alerts: Our systems never sleep, we are your social media team on too many energy drinks. We monitor your inbound and outbound content all day, every day.
  • Stay Relevant & Engage: Aicial tracks things like the weather, the traffic, events around you, your brand and your competition to help you stay on top with sharp relevant content.

About the Company

Artificial Social Intelligence - Aicial is a hyperintelligent machine learning system that revolutionises the digital footprint of companies and individuals.

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