Unified Grocers


Pricing and Shelf Management Tools for Retailers: ULINK is a suite of applications used to download, edit and print tags from price files. Also included are online catalogs containing all items available in Unified’s distribution centers, and electronic invoices for downloading and viewing. ULINK saves time, increases accuracy, and adds flexibility to one of the retailer’s most important jobs — ensuring healthy profits.

Applications and Features:

File Control

  • Download prices, costs, new items, and deleted item information
  • View and print reports
  • Print tags and signs

Price Editor

  • Edit prices and gross margins
  • View competitive pricing data (additional fee)
  • Perform custom pricing
  • View 13 weeks of warehouse movement

PC Connector

  • Transfer data to the POS system Price Verifier
  • Compare prices in the POS system with wholesaler host prices and create exception reports

Data Transfer Wizard

  • Create files in your POS system and transfer them to ULINK

Catalog Explorer

  • Electronic Unified item catalog
  • Add item information to batches for printing tags and signs
  • Evaluate item movement
  • Create Palm file of all items in the catalog or just one type of business
  • Create custom reports as desired to evaluate item mix and blended margins

Invoice Manager

  • Receive electronic invoices
  • Track purchases in a historydatabase
  • Automatically update the POS PLU item master file with invoice item and cost data

Uprint Designer

  • Design custom tags and signs
  • Add graphics to custom designs • Choose from a large selection of existing formats

POS Interfaces

  • BRdata
  • ACS IR
  • MEI
  • RBO
  • RBX
  • ScanMaster1.1,1.2
  • ScanMaster2.0
  • ISS45V7
  • Casio S4
  • Generic ASCII, SIL, XML


  • Reduces POS coordinator time in managing price changes and new items
  • Provides a system where the point-of-sale price and tags use the same data — reducing pricing errors
  • Creates professional looking tags and signs
  • Reduces keying errors by using centralized data from Unified’s mainframe
  • Increases pricing integrity by using the “Verify” function
  • Increases cost accuracy in point- of-sale system
  • Eliminates cost and waste of paper catalogs

About the Company

Unified Grocers (“Unified”) is the largest retailer-owned wholesale grocery cooperative in the western United States. Unified offers independent retailers all the resources you need to compete in today’s supermarket industry.

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