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Optimizing Cash Management

Glory Global Solutions

Managing banknotes and coins is central to operations within the Retail and Gaming sectors and is an intrinsic part of both customer transactions and interaction. Developing a comprehensive cash management strategy is essential to optimizing staff efficiency, delivering customer service excellence and ultimately enhancing profitability. With a long heritage in creating and delivering unique cash management technologies and processes, our knowledge, skills and technology can transform cash management in Retail and Gaming from a laborious, manually focused and expensive process into a dynamic, customer supporting activity that ultimately adds to bottom line contribution.  +MORE


BRdata Host

BRdata Software Solutions

BRdata Host™ is a powerful, flexible, feature-rich host support system. Retailers need to retrieve sales movement while controlling price and cost information from one central database daily or weekly to achieve a competitive advantage.  BRdata Host makes this all possible at an affordable price.  It is a multi-user graphical system built on Microsoft Windows technology, which provides retailers and wholesalers with the tools they need for effective item and category management.  Gain the advantage of easy integration to existing systems as well as tight integration to all of BRdata’s software product lines. Host Support Includes interfaces to most POS systems including the Standard Interchange Language (SIL).  One consolidated database for all item information.  Item prices can be broken down into multiple zones by store department or vendor.  Sales and promos are date-driven with unlimited future prices.  Host to store compare utility checks for price and item discrepancies between BRdata Host and store POS file, with an option to modify and automatically import the discrepancy batch. +MORE


Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

BRdata Software Solutions

Maintaining control over product received at the store backdoor is crucial.  Using the BRdata DSD (Direct Store Delivery) system, users can instantly and easily verify that the costs, allowances, quantities, and products received are what is expected from the vendor. Smooth flow of DSD will increase the speed of receiving for both the store and vendor, ensure accurate inventories and correct cost/retail maintenance.  Allowing you to know exactly what is being received and at what cost at the time of delivery is an essential tool that will contribute significantly to the profitability of your retail grocery operations. +MORE


Store Data Exchange (DEX)

BRdata Software Solutions

Store Data Exchange (DEX) is a hardware and software solution that allows retailers to electronically receive vendor invoices at the time of delivery. +MORE



BRdata Software Solutions

BRdata Store is a powerful and flexible, full-function in-store retail solution.  Retailers can track sales movement while controlling price and cost information from one central database.  BRdata store is a multi-user,graphical application.  Databases can be stored or accessed locally in the store or remotely via a thin-client connection to a BRdata Host system in a chain environment. +MORE



Webgility Inc

Automate Your Ecommerce Operations Integrate Everything and Put Your Business on Autopilot  MULTICHANNEL SELLING Unify Your Multichannel Business - Simply put, we make ecommerce easier.   Multichannel Selling Bye-Bye Chaos, Hello Profits Easily sell on multiple stores and marketplaces from one dashboard. Integrate with leaders in shipping, inventory, point of sale, and QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Xero. With no data entry, post all sales data, fees, expenses, and sales tax to accounting. See financial reports, track orders, and sync inventory for your entire business.  Accounting Sync - No More Data Entry Automatically post all sales directly into accounting and know it is timely, accurate, organized, and tax compliant. Post all revenue, expenses, and fees to keep track of finances from one dashboard. Record and validate sales tax, too.  Inventory Management - Never Oversell Sync and track quantity and price of products and know what’s selling across all sales channels—Webgility will even tell you when to order more. Easily add sales channels and product listings from your master inventory list. Automate operations and improve workflows.  Order Tracking Sync & Track To Your Heart’s Content Manage all orders, inventory, and shipping from one dashboard. Eliminate manual data entry and increase efficiencies. Manage order statuses across all sales channels—filter, search, import, export, sync, track, and schedule automatic posting into accounting, create phone orders, and instantly process returns.  Financial Reports - Finally, Insights You Can Use See all channels, expenses, inventory, and financial data to optimize margins and increase revenue. Strategize sales forecasting and drill down on specific areas like customer behavior and shipping fees. See your whole business in one dashboard.  Tax Compliance - Eliminate Your Tax Worries Record sales tax in your accounting so you know how much has been collected and what’s owed. Validate and track sales tax across all sales channels to the local level.  Shipping and Fulfillment - Get It Out The Door Automatically connect orders from any sales channel to shipping carriers to compare rates. Just click to print a label or pick list, sync inventory and accounting, validate addresses, track shipments, and notify customers. Eliminate data entry altogether.  Streamlined Workflows - Come Together, Right Now Streamline operations with no effort and save money with multi-user access. Increase efficiencies by connecting stakeholders and minimizing errors with one set of data from orders, inventory, shipping, and accounting. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Error-Free, Multi-Channel Inventory Management Minimize inventory mistakes and control products, prices, and profits from one central dashboard   Multichannel Inventory Sync to Run Your Business Use QuickBooks, NetSuite, or your online store as the master inventory for your entire business. Instantly track and sync orders, inventory quantities, and prices across all stores and marketplaces. Easily list new products from QuickBooks or NetSuite to stores and marketplaces. Easily add and subtract stores and marketplaces to increase profits and control costs.  Control Your Products from One Program Track inventory levels by sales channel. Automatically match existing products and catalogs or do bulk mapping of products. Instantly update inventory in QuickBooks or NetSuite for cancelled or refunded orders. Never oversell and have confidence that your inventory is always up-to-date and accurate.  List Products across All Channels Easily list products from QuickBooks or NetSuite to Amazon and your stores, including price, description, and condition. List products on Amazon by searchable ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Transfer product details—name, description, images—from accounting to your store. Bulk list new products with preset values. ORDER MANAGEMENT  Multichannel Inventory Sync to Run Your Business Use QuickBooks, NetSuite, or your online store as the master inventory for your entire business. Instantly track and sync orders, inventory quantities, and prices across all stores and marketplaces. Easily list new products from QuickBooks or NetSuite to stores and marketplaces. Easily add and subtract stores and marketplaces to increase profits and control costs.  Control Your Products from One Program Track inventory levels by sales channel. Automatically match existing products and catalogs or do bulk mapping of products. Instantly update inventory in QuickBooks or NetSuite for cancelled or refunded orders. Never oversell and have confidence that your inventory is always up-to-date and accurate.  List Products across All Channels Easily list products from QuickBooks or NetSuite to Amazon and your stores, including price, description, and condition. List products on Amazon by searchable ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Transfer product details—name, description, images—from accounting to your store. Bulk list new products with preset values. SHIPPING  Automate and Centralize Ecommerce Shipping Webgility Makes Shipping Faster, Easier and Cheaper  Speed Up and Automate Shipping Pick, Pack, Print, Track Print shipping labels for all stores/marketplaces with one click. Automatically email tracking updates to customers. Optimize drop shipping, process returns faster, print picks lists, and create automated custom rules.  Compare Rates and Save  We Integrate with All Major Shipping Carriers Save up to 40% with USPS and compare rates with FedEx,, UPS, and Endicia. Pass your savings on to customers or reap higher profits.  Compare Rates to Ensure Greatest Savings NEW: Save up to 40% with USPS. Best rates guaranteed. Compare and choose rates from different carriers to optimize profit margins. Confirm rates and validate customer addresses before printing labels. Strategize pricing options for “free shipping” to maximize promotions and protect your profits margins. Post, track, and sync shipping costs with QuickBooks or NetSuite and easily generate shipping reports for better insights.  Batch-Print Packing Slips and Pick Lists Add multiple users to increase efficiency and speed up processing. Generate customizable packing slips with your logo and preferred fields. Print pick lists for selected orders so you can pull items and ship faster. Get bulk rates and batch print pick lists and labels for high-volume orders. Eliminate mis-shipments with barcode verification.  Enable Fast, Easy Dropshipping Instantly create purchase orders, notify vendors directly, and sync data directly into QuickBooks or NetSuite to streamline data entry and increase accuracy. Expand your catalog and operate your entire business from one location by automating your dropship operations. Eliminate dropship data entry and improve your vendor relationships. Reduce fulfillment delays and errors with streamlined workflows.  Quickly Process Returns to Keep Customers Happy Generate return shipping labels with one click. Automatically restock returns and sync inventory to your master list. Instantly record refunds into your accounting.  Set Up Custom Rules for Greater Speed, Ease, and Efficiency Set up shipping rules based on multiple criteria—including Shipping Method Requested, Order Weight, and other order details—to automatically configure shipping labels. Add packaging dimensions to your Webgility library for easy selection when printing labels and packing. Customize rules for each of your sales channels. Easily duplicate and apply rules you’ve already created across shipping processes. Reduce fulfillment delays and errors with streamlined workflows. ACCOUNTING  Automated Accounting Sync Simplify your accounting & bookkeeping with automated accounting solutions  Accounting Automation Hands-Free Data Entry Automatically post, track, and sync all orders, expenses, fees, and shipping costs directly into QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Xero. Post orders to accounting individually—or group several into a summary.  Summary Posting - Don’t Get Lost in the Details Post orders as a single transaction or group them together on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Easily select, by store, groups of orders and post as a batch. See revenue and expenses in your accounting for financial accuracy without excessive detail. Record transactions against a standard customer in accounting or track individual customers.  Fees and Expenses - This Is Where Profits Hide Sync and track fees from Amazon Settlement Reports and eBay Invoice Reports into QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Xero. Track payment processor fees—from PayPal, Shopify Payments, Stripe, and Square—with your accounting. Track shipping costs from third-party shipping applications.  Refund Management- Got Returns? No Problem Easily manage refunds and cancelled orders. Cancel an entire transaction or just part of it. Generate a refund check automatically in accounting.  Automatically and instantly update inventory for refunded orders.  Tax Compliance - Eliminate Your Tax Worries Automatically track and validate sales tax—right down to the state and jurisdiction level—for each online order. Post orders to your accounting with the sales tax. Have full confidence in your tax compliance and financial reporting across all sales channels. Save money on outsourced bookkeeping and accounting. ANALYTICS  Financial Reports Make selling easier with better insight into your entire business.  Financial Reports - See It All On One Dashboard Get insights on—and deeper understanding of—revenue and expenses across all stores and marketplaces. See key metrics to learn which platforms and marketplaces are working for you (or not). Monitor business-wide marketplace fees, expenses, revenue, order trends, and profit and loss. Learn total revenue after shipping costs and the all-in profit of your entire business to improve profit margins.  Customer Reports - Learn More About Your Biggest Fans Bridges the gap between your stores and customers with strategic insights. Keep order-level notes about customer interactions, discounts, promotions, and more. Customize customer marketing to move inventory faster based on who they are, where they live, and what they spend and buy. Build brand value and loyalty by bolstering your customer service, strategic marketing, and sales.  Inventory Reports. - Take Stock In An Instant. Easily learn gross profit, post-shipping profit, and total profit, and know for sure which SKUs are your true money makers. See what is selling on what stores and quickly adjust vendor orders and fulfillment strategies. Get insights on what inventory and/or warehouse locations cost you the most in shipping and adjust accordingly. Fine-tune supply-chain orders and sales strategies according to trends and patterns. EDI  Automate and Integrate EDI into Your Ecommerce Operations  Streamline your supply chain with trading partners  Automate tedious data entry for purchase orders and eliminate mistakes in inventory and accounting  Centralize shipping and EDI processing for all your ecommerce, wholesale, and retail channels  Integrate Flawlessly with SPS We've partnered with SPS Commerce so you can have access to thousands of trading partners. Whether you're new to SPS or are already a customer, we can help you streamline your operations.   +MORE


S4® Vision and S4® Back Office Suite

Software for Retail Solutions

S4® Vision S4® Multistore S4® TransAn S4® Titania S4® Accounts Receivable  S4®Vision is a Software-as-a-Service data extraction, transformation and presentation tool that gives you access to real-time reporting and analytics right in the browser on your desktop, tablet or phone! S4®Vision connects you directly to your data giving high-level summaries of trends and performance, with detailed drill-down whenever and wherever you need it.  S4® Back Office Suite  S4® Data Analysis S4® Receiving S4® DSD Receiving S4® Shelf Image S4® Accounts Receivable We believe that the new S4® Back Office is the most intuitive version to date and the most efficient to operate in the industry.  With more actionable information being required  for today’s retailers to make profitable decisions to be competitive, S4® has substantially increased its depth of functionality while building onto the ease of use that customers love. +MORE


Premier Technologies

Premier Technologies Pty Ltd

VOICE, EMAIL, SMS, CHATWHATEVER IT TAKES TO SERVE CUSTOMERS Premier Contact Point delivers a full featured cloud contact centre suite - including Outbound, Inbound and Blended traffic - that lets your customers choose how they want to deal with you.  BECOME A PAYMENTSINDUSTRY LEADER TODAY Premier’s White Label payment gateway will quickly position you as the preferred provider of omni-channel payment services.  GREAT TECHNOLOGYACCESSIBLE TO YOUR BUSINESS Premier offers industry-leading cloud contact centre, secure payments, transactions or receivables solutions that let you focus on your core activities. +MORE



Paid Labs

Scalable Billing for Growing Companies Paid is a modern billing automation platform for small and large businesses alike. Explore Paid's advanced billing features and learn how you can optimize your billing. +MORE


Primaseller Inventory Management & POS Software


Primaseller Inventory Management, POS and B2B order software synchronizes inventory and fulfills all online and offline orders on a single platform. +MORE


Retail Point Of Sale Systems and Software

North Country Business Products

North Country Business Products prides itself in being a 'total POS software & system solution provider' for the grocery, drug and convenience retail store industries. NCBP offers innovative and automated high quality Retail point of sale (POS) software system scanning solutions by partnering with industry leaders to sell, install and service superior products. For over 60 years, our Company has been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in Retail point of sale software industry. This commitment has allowed us to support a diversified customer base; from a one terminal stand alone register, to networking a fully integrated Grocery POS system for hundreds of retail stores in multiple states. GROCERY POS SYSTEM AND SOLUTIONS  LOC Store Management Suite: LOC Software delivers solutions designed to fully integrate retail operations. LOC Store Management Suite (SMS) is designed to satisfy all of a retailer's needs, including powerful merchandising and inventory controls, fully integrated loyalty programs, multi-store management, and much more. LaneHawk by Datalogic: LaneHawk BOB by Datalogic is a loss prevention solution that turns bottom-of-basket (BOB) losses into profits in real time. Store Electronic Systems (SES): SES Electronic Shelf Edge Solutions (SES) are designed for the grocery POS system retail environment, enabling dynamic price and product information at the shelf edge and overcoming retailer challenges including price compliance, automatic price changes, the elimination of paper labels & associated costs, resource and much more. Loyalty Lane: Loyalty Lane is a rewards program that integrates directly into your Grocery POS system, designed to increase your profits and improve your margin. POS Hardware Solutions: We have partnered with the industry's leading providers to deliver the best possible hardware solutions to meet your business needs. At North Country Business Products, our consultative approach helps our team to understand your needs, goals and budget which allows us to help you select the best comprehensive solution, including a cutting-edge hardware platform. +MORE


Small Business Banking Solutions

Fifth Third Bank

Why Fifth Third? When your business runs more efficiently, you have more time to concentrate on what really matters—your customers. Better ideas come from listening to you. We're committed to being a meaningful part of your business and believe these ideas are just the beginning. With our comprehensive set of solutions that include cash flow management, payroll, financing, and technology tools, as well as personal banking benefits for you and your employees, we'll enable you take advantage of new opportunities, help improve financial security, and simplify your banking. +MORE


Accounting & Advisory Services

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

In an increasingly competitive retail environment, we provide businesses with industry-focused accounting and advisory services, helping to prepare you for success. Our dedicated professionals bring diverse skills and a vast array of industry insights to their work. Together, they provide more than 1,200 retail clients nationwide with accounting, audit, and consulting services. Teams of Baker Tilly specialists consolidate their specialization across a variety of retail sectors, including grocery and convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, auto dealerships, hospitality businesses, restaurants, franchisors, franchisees, personal services, apparel and specialty stores, and big-box stores. Working together to tackle challenges such as tougher competition, tighter profit margins, and staffing and scheduling difficulties, we help our retail clients plan and act decisively. Whatever your challenges, we can help you address them and set a path for success. +MORE


Business Process Outsourcing

Advantage Solutions

Advantage's Business Process Outsourcing group has provided high-quality turn-key services to a wide range of clients since 2005. All of our services are provided from teams at our US locations, providing our clients with geographical proximity and expedited high-quality services. With offices across the country, our flexible approach positions us to meet all specific service requirements efficiently and cost effectively. We are dedicated to the Order to Cash process, and having these services based entirely in the US helps us deliver the industry knowledge and expertise required to positively impact critical processes related to customer interface and cash flow. EDI Management Order Processing Customer Service Invoice Management Accounts Receivable Reporting Deduction Management Collections Forms Administration Services Data Synchronization Customized Administrative Services Vendor Managed Inventory ​​ +MORE


Cloud Based Financial Software Solutions


We automate the entire Record-to-Report Process, providing software solutions for: Transaction Matching: Data Matching solution automates bank reconciliation, credit card reconciliation and more General Ledger Account Reconciliation and Balance Sheet Certification: Automates GL Reconciliations with real-time visibility into the month-end close Journal Entry Management: Integrated Journal Entry solution standardizes and controls the JE process Financial Close, Month-end Close: Integrated Financial Close solution manages entire close process end-to-end Compliance Management: Unified Compliance solution manages COSO 2013, SOX, HIPAA, FERC/NERC  +MORE




TaxCloud handles every aspect of sales tax management, from collection to filing. +MORE



FDS, Inc.

FDS’eConcile® reconciliation service enables pharmacies to simplify and automate the critical task of reconciling third party payments. eConcile® can process pharmacy and DME claims as well as secondary payments for easy electronic reconciliation and management of your claims. +MORE


Accounting Solution

ECR Software Corporation

In addition to its built-in accounting features, CATAPULT® facilitates the integration of accounting-specific functionality to streamline third-party accounting programs with point of sale and back office functionality. This means that employees do not have to perform duplicate entry work and that data is more accurate across all systems. It also provides customers and store employees with added conveniences through features such House Charge and Payroll Deduct. +MORE


Statements Solution


Invoicing errors and duplicate payments are another source of lost profit. Connolly’s specialized team steps in to review and cross-check supplier and vendor statements, with the ability to reliably detect variances that can produce corrections in your favor. +MORE



Magnum Software Systems

Run your store with one Point of Sale, Inventory Control and Accounting solution. +MORE



Universal Accounting Software

Seamless flow of data from operations to accounting; for distribution, retail, and equipment rental companies. +MORE




CompuTant is a leading provider of point of sale and accounting software solutions for cross-channel retailers, restaurants and wholesale companies. CompuTant solutions enable businesses to interact, transact with and service their customers ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. +MORE



Emak Softwares

EzePawn is a complete automation solution for pawn Brokers. It has been specially designed to cater to the technological needs of the pawn shop, pawn broker, pawn broking, gold loan finance, jewel finance services industry. All integrated with accounts, that helps the pawn broker to maintain their accounts management with ease. Pawn Broking Finance require more features and functionality from a software package than ever before. The newest Windows™ based version, the EzePawn Series of software for Pawn Broking, Pawn Broker, Pawn Shop, Jewel Loan Finance and Gold Finance Companies, has been developed using the latest in technologies and greatly expands on the functionality of previous versions.  Emak has recognized the need for a comprehensive series of systems in the pawn broking market that are reliable, easy to use and relevant to the industry. The EzePawn Series is comprised of a base system and key functional areas that offer a wide number of different Loan and Interest scheme types. EzePawn Series is a comprehensive yet user friendly pawn shop program available in both single user and multi-user versions. EzePawn will save your time and money by handling all of these features. Emak's Pawn Shop Software functionality is user-friendly, quick and powerful in both its functionality and reporting. +MORE



CV Retail

CounterBooks is an online retail accounting management suite that offers a full general ledger designed for multi site retailers. From conception, CounterBooks has been innovatively designed to help manage many of the challenges faced by retailers on a daily basis, which other accounting systems do not. Retail businesses such as forecourt and service stations, convenience stores, hospitality and general retailers would benefit from the benefits listed opposite. +MORE


Controller Series Software

Mainframe Associates

The Controller Series software was developed in-house by Mainframe Associates. This fully integrated multi-user software has continued to develop over a eighteen year period into a stable, consistent, highly functional, and extremely user-friendly product. The product is "customer driven" and special request enhancements are delivered quickly and efficiently at minimal cost. That is why we believe we have the best software engineering service available. +MORE



Creative Computing

CONTROL is a fully integrated & scalable retail business solution. CONTROL offers complete Point-of-Service, Inventory control, Purchasing & Replenishment, Web shopping and Accounting for multi-store retailers & wholesalers. CONTROL can be configured to completely meet the specific requirements of virtually any retail business. +MORE


Automated, POS Integrated Accounting


Managing your company’s financials is easier, faster and more precise with direct integration to your entire STORIS retail solution. STORIS Accounting Software delivers an accurate capture of your company’s finances in real-time across all transactional functions. Our three-way match system connects purchasing, inventory and payables to eliminate error through verification and approval processes. +MORE



Soft World India

CROSS is specially designed for Chemist Retail Shops, it covers A to Z requirements of a Chemist Retail Shop. Empowered with unique features specially required for medicine retail business, CROSS stands apart from other general Accounting & Inventory Software available in the market. +MORE


Power+ OMB


NCR’s Power+ OMB processes the incoming orders to your distribution center to increase order fulfillment rates. The solution supports all the nuances of complex distribution systems, including item allocations, substitutions, promotions, non-stock items, parent/child items, and many others. And, after processing the orders, the system generates corresponding invoices and manages collections. -Improve customer satisfaction with more accurate orders -Reduce administrative overhead in processing customer orders -Collect money faster with integrated invoicing and billing system -Eliminate risk of data errors caused by using different systems for orders and billing +MORE


Power Track


A key component to driving inventory costs down is effectively managing all vendor rebates and allowances. But, it is challenging to keep up with the different available programs, prove compliance and collect the vendor funding. NCR’s Power Track manages all of these steps in a single solution, ensuring that every nickel is collected. Benefits: -Reduce average inventory costs by capturing all vendor funding -Collect payments easier with vendor rebate proof-of-performance -Bill and collect vendor rebates with a single system +MORE