Accounting services

Cloud Based Financial Software Solutions


We automate the entire Record-to-Report Process, providing software solutions for: Transaction Matching: Data Matching solution automates bank reconciliation, credit card reconciliation and more General Ledger Account Reconciliation and Balance Sheet Certification: Automates GL Reconciliations with real-time visibility into the month-end close Journal Entry Management: Integrated Journal Entry solution standardizes and controls the JE process Financial Close, Month-end Close: Integrated Financial Close solution manages entire close process end-to-end Compliance Management: Unified Compliance solution manages COSO 2013, SOX, HIPAA, FERC/NERC  +MORE




TaxCloud handles every aspect of sales tax management, from collection to filing. +MORE



FDS, Inc.

FDS’eConcile® reconciliation service enables pharmacies to simplify and automate the critical task of reconciling third party payments. eConcile® can process pharmacy and DME claims as well as secondary payments for easy electronic reconciliation and management of your claims. +MORE


Accounting Solution

ECR Software Corporation

In addition to its built-in accounting features, CATAPULT® facilitates the integration of accounting-specific functionality to streamline third-party accounting programs with point of sale and back office functionality. This means that employees do not have to perform duplicate entry work and that data is more accurate across all systems. It also provides customers and store employees with added conveniences through features such House Charge and Payroll Deduct. +MORE


Statements Solution


Invoicing errors and duplicate payments are another source of lost profit. Connolly’s specialized team steps in to review and cross-check supplier and vendor statements, with the ability to reliably detect variances that can produce corrections in your favor. +MORE



Magnum Software Systems

Run your store with one Point of Sale, Inventory Control and Accounting solution. +MORE



Universal Accounting Software

Seamless flow of data from operations to accounting; for distribution, retail, and equipment rental companies. +MORE




CompuTant is a leading provider of point of sale and accounting software solutions for cross-channel retailers, restaurants and wholesale companies. CompuTant solutions enable businesses to interact, transact with and service their customers ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. +MORE



Emak Softwares

EzePawn is a complete automation solution for pawn Brokers. It has been specially designed to cater to the technological needs of the pawn shop, pawn broker, pawn broking, gold loan finance, jewel finance services industry. All integrated with accounts, that helps the pawn broker to maintain their accounts management with ease. Pawn Broking Finance require more features and functionality from a software package than ever before. The newest Windows™ based version, the EzePawn Series of software for Pawn Broking, Pawn Broker, Pawn Shop, Jewel Loan Finance and Gold Finance Companies, has been developed using the latest in technologies and greatly expands on the functionality of previous versions.  Emak has recognized the need for a comprehensive series of systems in the pawn broking market that are reliable, easy to use and relevant to the industry. The EzePawn Series is comprised of a base system and key functional areas that offer a wide number of different Loan and Interest scheme types. EzePawn Series is a comprehensive yet user friendly pawn shop program available in both single user and multi-user versions. EzePawn will save your time and money by handling all of these features. Emak's Pawn Shop Software functionality is user-friendly, quick and powerful in both its functionality and reporting. +MORE



CV Retail

CounterBooks is an online retail accounting management suite that offers a full general ledger designed for multi site retailers. From conception, CounterBooks has been innovatively designed to help manage many of the challenges faced by retailers on a daily basis, which other accounting systems do not. Retail businesses such as forecourt and service stations, convenience stores, hospitality and general retailers would benefit from the benefits listed opposite. +MORE


Controller Series Software

Mainframe Associates

The Controller Series software was developed in-house by Mainframe Associates. This fully integrated multi-user software has continued to develop over a eighteen year period into a stable, consistent, highly functional, and extremely user-friendly product. The product is "customer driven" and special request enhancements are delivered quickly and efficiently at minimal cost. That is why we believe we have the best software engineering service available. +MORE



Creative Computing

CONTROL is a fully integrated & scalable retail business solution. CONTROL offers complete Point-of-Service, Inventory control, Purchasing & Replenishment, Web shopping and Accounting for multi-store retailers & wholesalers. CONTROL can be configured to completely meet the specific requirements of virtually any retail business. +MORE


Automated, POS Integrated Accounting


Managing your company’s financials is easier, faster and more precise with direct integration to your entire STORIS retail solution. STORIS Accounting Software delivers an accurate capture of your company’s finances in real-time across all transactional functions. Our three-way match system connects purchasing, inventory and payables to eliminate error through verification and approval processes. +MORE



Soft World India

CROSS is specially designed for Chemist Retail Shops, it covers A to Z requirements of a Chemist Retail Shop. Empowered with unique features specially required for medicine retail business, CROSS stands apart from other general Accounting & Inventory Software available in the market. +MORE


Power+ OMB


NCR’s Power+ OMB processes the incoming orders to your distribution center to increase order fulfillment rates. The solution supports all the nuances of complex distribution systems, including item allocations, substitutions, promotions, non-stock items, parent/child items, and many others. And, after processing the orders, the system generates corresponding invoices and manages collections. -Improve customer satisfaction with more accurate orders -Reduce administrative overhead in processing customer orders -Collect money faster with integrated invoicing and billing system -Eliminate risk of data errors caused by using different systems for orders and billing +MORE


Power Track


A key component to driving inventory costs down is effectively managing all vendor rebates and allowances. But, it is challenging to keep up with the different available programs, prove compliance and collect the vendor funding. NCR’s Power Track manages all of these steps in a single solution, ensuring that every nickel is collected. Benefits: -Reduce average inventory costs by capturing all vendor funding -Collect payments easier with vendor rebate proof-of-performance -Bill and collect vendor rebates with a single system +MORE


Power Portal


Purchase orders, ship notices, invoices, and the associated payment and collections traditionally require a great deal of paperwork exchanged between business partners. This means time and money spent faxing or mailing information back and forth, and the risk of errors or missing information along the way. NCR Power Portal solves this challenge with a secure online site for buyers and vendors to exchange this data electronically. Users have access to the same information – eliminating the chance of missing paperwork and speeding up the exchange of this data. When changes are made to any document, all parties are automatically alerted, to avoid any miscommunications. -Saves money by automating many non-value add buyer tasks -Improves visibility to the complete PO lifecycle, including payment status -Facilitate business partnerships with vendors with integrated messaging +MORE



Tri-Technical Systems

AIMsi is a complete point of sale (POS), inventory management, accounting and business software application. Much more than a typical “off-the-shelf” package, AIMsi offers the retailer not only a way to control inventory, manage customers and track sales but also offers fully integrated custom add-on modules such as Repair & Service tracking, Lesson Scheduling, Short Term Rentals, Rent and Sales Contracts, Contact Management, Emailing capabilities and a Time Scheduler. You can build your own custom retail software solution by adding on what you need. AIMsi can be found in a variety of retail stores across the United States and Canada, including music instrument, appliance stores,  sports bars, bicycle and fitness, vacuum and sewing, fabric, liquor, hobby, salons, golf, gun, archery, apparel, resale, consignment and more. For those retailers wanting a web presence, AIMsi partners with Active-e, Tri-Tech’s e-commerce software solution. Active-e features a shopping cart, business to business and consumer to business components. +MORE


Power HQ Billback Manager


As a grocery or convenience retailer, you are leaving a lot of money on the table if you aren’t fully utilizing available vendor funds and rebate programs. However, keeping track of these programs and proving compliance manually or through multiple systems can be tedious. NCR’s Power HQ Billback Manager is a module that that tracks your vendor programs, captures store sales and deliveries to prove compliance, and generates invoices for collection. -Reduce average inventory costs -Simplify tracking of program compliance to ensure full reimbursement -Collect money faster – you can bill vendors mid-program for long rebate cycles -Capture and monitor the use of vendor lump sums +MORE


Power IR


Invoice errors can not only cost your business money, but they can also be hard to find. Manually comparing purchase orders, deliveries and invoices to look for mistakes can often cost more than the money saved. NCR’s Power IR automatically reconciles invoices, receipts and purchase orders and eliminates the need for cumbersome paper-based matching processes. Users are alerted to discrepancies, so they can find errors more easily and process invoices more efficiently. -Save money by eliminating over-payments due to errors -Speed up the Eliminate paper-based invoice matching -Reduce administrative costs associated with invoice processing -Monitor vendor performance in accurate billing and delivery +MORE



Passport Software, Inc.

With CashPoint offering the most comprehensive and seamless integration to NCR Counterpoint, CashPoint is the BEST cash management and accounting solution for NCR Counterpoint users. +MORE



Innovations In Software, Inc.

-Accounts Payable. -Accounts Receivables. -General Ledger. -Sales Tax Reporting. +MORE


QuickBooks® Accounting Software Integration


Exchange information between GiftLogic and QuickBooks® Pro eliminating costly double entry and improving accuracy. Keep a better watch on your bottom line with the value of data exchange.  Select date(s) to send to QuickBooks® Pro. Review sales transactions, journal entries, and customer/vendor data prior to export.  +MORE


Financial Solution


In the face of new economic challenges and regulatory demands, healthcare providers are continually challenged to achieve their financial goals. RelayHealth Financial has the experience and expertise to provide solutions that help hospitals make confident decisions, streamline daily operations, and deepen patient engagement. RelayHealth® financial solutions facilitate patient financial clearance before service, offer online patient account management and bill pay, and speed the claims and remittance management process. Advanced analytics help to identify and quantify opportunities for strategic action to improve financial performance. +MORE


Payment & Data Solution


Fintech offers a secure, electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment system that ensures invoice payments are made on-time and in compliance with the liquor laws outlined by each state.  By revolutionizing the alcohol payment process with automatic payments, Fintech provides businesses the comfort of knowing their invoice payments are automatically scheduled and can be conveniently viewed at any time. +MORE


Sales Tax Compliance

Taxware, A Sovos Compliance Company

Market-leading solution for retailers to manage tax compliance, limit audit exposure, and reduce costs. The retail industry is a major revenue source for taxing authorities, and the taxability issues faced by businesses in this space are particularly tricky.  +MORE


Business Financing

MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Small Business Loans: Small Business is big business at Union Bank. We’ve increased business lending by more than 400% since 2010. We understand businesses face a range of financial challenges. You may need financing to grow or to expand operations, or even to purchase assets such as new equipment or your own building. Whatever the scenario, Union Bank offers loans with a range of flexible terms and features for your business needs. Lines of Credit: From time to time, most small businesses need cash for short-term working capital, seasonal purchases, inventory, trade discounts, or to carry accounts receivable. With a Union Bank business line of credit, you simply write a check or transfer funds online through Online Banking for Small Business to cover your needs, without depleting cash on hand. It's the ideal way to provide a short-term cash infusion so your business retains its competitive edge. Commercial Real Estate Investing: An owner-occupied commercial real estate loan from Union Bank can help your small business expand. Whether you want to purchase a larger facility or buy or refinance the building you're in now, our financing options provide excellent opportunities to enhance your working capital while building equity.  SBA Loans: Whether you're just starting a small business or expanding to take advantage of new opportunities, a loan through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) may be right for you.1 The SBA has created financing programs in conjunction with banks to help small businesses grow and succeed. SBA loan-qualifying criteria are generally more flexible than conventional loans.  Cash Reserve Overdraft Protection: Business Cash Reserve helps protect you from having checks returned on your checking account due to insufficient funds and provides you with a line of credit for unexpected expenses. +MORE


Tax & Accounting

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting is one of the world’s largest providers of tax, accounting, and audit information, solutions, and services. The division delivers solutions that integrate deep local knowledge with leading workflow technology solutions, helping professionals worldwide navigate complex regulations and requirements to ensure compliance with accuracy and efficiency. +MORE



Acosta Sales & Marketing

We understand that successful order-to-cash outsourcing often comes down to three variables: people, processes and technology. People: Acosta’s order-to-cash (O2C) professionals apply their extensive experience in the CPG industry and deep O2C domain knowledge to drive success when outsourcing customer-centric functions — with a focus on generating process improvement and innovation. Processes: Acosta employs a flexible “best-shore” delivery process that allows us to customize where certain functions are accomplished based on client requirements. It’s a more strategic approach that achieves greater cost savings and quality levels. +MORE



Sourcery Technologies, Inc.

Simple accounts payable for restaurants and accountants 1. Send your invoices to Sourcery: Send your invoices over via mail, email, fax, or whatever is most convenient. 2. Sourcery processes your invoices: Once we’ve received your invoices, we’ll scan and upload them to the cloud. 3. Pay your bills online: Approve your payments online.  We’ll take care of your transactions with vendors +MORE