Timing is everything and ‘your newest team member’ is right on time!

Lan Nguyen, Marketing Manager, Bossa Nova Robotics

With AI and data from your newest team member, retail work has never been easier. Bossa Nova, a leader in creating autonomous service robots for the global retail industry, tracks inventory plus store and shelf conditions in real-time. Its solution delivers data with speed and accuracy. By reducing inventory time, Bossa Nova is able to provide real-time data for stock levels with improved accuracy. So how does this translate to a financial gain for retailers? First, by automating mundane tasks, employees are happy and happy employees make a happier retail environment. You might wonder how many hours are spent on mundane tasks such as inventory audits.  There are 30,098 items in the average grocery store. A typical Target store has around 80,000 SKUs and a Walmart supercenter sells up to 120,000 items. It takes about 20 human hours to audit 10,000 products. Following this logic, an average grocery store would require over 60 hours per store,  160 hours per store for Target, and a whopping 240 hours auditing shelves at a Walmart Supercenter. It’s easy to see how grocery stores following the recommended minimum quarterly inventory schedule forfeit a high proportion of human working hours to this task. For those that audit monthly, the labor costs are even more tremendous.   Bossa Nova helps retailers automate these inventory audits and monitor shelf-conditions in parallel, scanning an 80 linear foot aisle in 90 seconds with 98% accuracy. Through automation, employee focus can be shifted to more action oriented, customer-centric tasks, while the Bossa Nova robot detects anomalies in shelf conditions, covering everything from addressing out of stock and misplaced items, to pricing, and more. This shift in employee focus to the customer directly translates to higher shopper satisfaction and increased loyalty. It is estimated that out of stocks cost retailers over $129 billion in lost sales in North America - a loss of -4% of revenue annually. (the cumulative worldwide cost of out-of-stocks for retailers has now reached over $984b) A study conducted by MIT Supply Chain Management Research determined that 78% of products that are not on the shelves (i.e out of stocks) are actually on-hand. Given this, a majority of out of stock issues can likely be resolved in-store. Inventory replenishment is critical to success, and those tasks need to occur at store level. Having the right products in the right place when consumers are looking for them (both online and in-store) allows sales to escalate and deliver a sales velocity that makes the most effective use of each square foot of space. Bossa Nova is committed to maximizing this efficiency by gathing  reliable, real-time data that delivers task oriented, actionable items. Efficient inventory control improves speed to shelf by alerting store-level associates of inventory on hand, as well as buying desks / suppliers of true OOS situations. Through computer vision implementation, retailers can accurately assess, and more importantly, address in-store conditions in real-time, across all locations. Real-time accuracy is not only important to retailers, but it is also important to your shoppers. By having accurate inventory, confidence thresholds for item availability can be increased for both in-store and online shopper inventory inquiries. In fact, 81% of shoppers do research online before visiting a physical store for what they want to buy, yet only 27% of retail sites provide store level inventory. When the robot “wheels” into your stores, you will be saving intensive labor hours and improving your store conditions with unmatched accuracy. Bossa Nova has the credibility and experience to help retail operations realize the return on investment and successfully integrate with existing platforms and systems. There are two popular sayings that really affect your bottom line: “Timing is everything”, and “Time is money”, and in business, money really is everything. While many technology companies are still working to surmount the bell learning curve of applied technology, Bossa Nova is equipped with extensive retail experience and has been trusted by operations and IT professions to successfully integrate and lead this huge step in retail automation. With accurate inventory management, you can increase your revenue potential and more accurately can forecast the future. +MORE

Robots for Retailers

Bossa Nova Robotics

It is estimated that out-of-stocks account for -4% loss in revenue, not to mention the possible long-term effects of losing loyal shoppers. Great shelving conditions can lead to great shopping experiences. Bossa Nova is the leading developer of robots designed to provide real-time inventory data for the global retail industry. Our retail service robot autonomously tracks inventory and the true state of in-store conditions to seamlessly deliver actionable tasks benefiting retailers through efficiencies and accuracy.   Ensure implementation and maximize operational efficiencies by relying on the retail experience and expertise of Bossa Nova. Our trusted team makes it work for all retailers - helping them turn real-time data into actionable tasks and insights.  Real-Time, Accurate Inventory Data Product Availablity with Efficient/Actionable/Timely Replenishment Real-time Corrective Actions to Remedy Merchandising, Pricing and Promotion Compliance  +MORE


BEFORE! Predictive Analytics

ACT Operations Research

1) Predict demand down to store and SKU level 2) Predict promotional campaign affect in the store, transportation and warehouse operations 3) Buy optimal quantities 4) Manage the risk associated with stock outs vs promotional campaigns and waste 5) considers assortment constraints and category efficiency 6) simulate store queuing for capacity analysis purposes and cost reduction purposes.  REVENUE, SALES & PROMOTION Revenue management and price optimization is a core-activity in any market oriented company operating in different industries (Retails, Fast Fashion, Chain Store, Car Rentals, Web Business, etc.). The goal of our suite is to provide, to the revenue managers, advanced analytics, using a unique combination and integration of predictive, optimization and simulation models. While the analytics tools are complex the results are always presented in an intuitive way. The core products included in the Revenue, Sale, Price & Promotion (RSP&P) suite are: Dynamic Price Optimizer (DPO), the multi-paradigm predictive paltform - Before! Predictive Analytics with Before! Sales Campaign -, the customers and market profiling analytics (CMP), the promotion optimization and what-if analysis platform - Before! Promo.  Before! Sales Campaign Before! Sales Campaign software addresses the needs of industries where the products and the merchandise assortments, have a fast renewal  dynamics, even during the same season, like the case of fashion and  fast-fashion channels, electronics or several web-business  Before! Promo Before!Promo, is a complete multi-paradigm analytical tool by ACTOR, developed for scaling enterprise companies. In the current competitive scenario the consumers pay high attention to the promotions, on the other hand promotions exposed retailers and vendors to higher risks in terms of image, in case of stock-out or costs in case of over-stock. When products are fresh-food or fast fashion for example, the risks become even higher.  Before! Predictive Analytics  Before! Predictive Analytics or simply Before!, is a complete multi-paradigm demand forecasting platform by ACTOR, developed for scaling enterprise companies. Before! provides you the capability to forecast the demand while gaining control of the related organization processes such as; planning, procurement, inventory optimization, store replenishments, etc..  Dynamic Price Optimization  Dynamic Price Optimization (DPO) is a capacity and revenue management software based on sophisticated analytical algorithms. It permits users to optimize the prices of products, assets and commodities over the time based on the expected demand, the competitor’s prices and other key-information like, for example, price elasticity.   +MORE


Pseudo Customer Centricity: Fool’s Gold

Gary Hawkins on Winsight Grocery Business, CART

Retailers must employ a customer-first philosophy into organizational culture Many regional retailers are (at last!) intent on becoming customer-centric, more than a decade after The Kroger Co. led the way and more than two decades after early loyalty pioneers proved the value of a true customer focus. But too many retailers believe that customer centricity can simply be bolted on to their organizations without realizing that true customer centricity is far more involved. Like the intrepid gold miners of the 1840s, these retailers awaken to the realization that what they’ve taken for retail gold is in actuality a false promise, seduced by the fools gold of pseudo customer centricity. I can recount meetings with senior executives from well-known retailers who espouse their customer centricity efforts; spending massive sums on consultants and solutions powered by a decade’s old approach based on customer segments integrated to the retailer’s category planning processes, and even personalized offers to shoppers. Countless of these retailers remain anchored in a product-focused world, even those who tout using technology to discover what products should be put on offer to their customers rather than starting with a vendor-funded offer pool.  True disciples of customer centricity deeply embed a customer-first philosophy into their organizational culture, extending it to every part of the enterprise. These companies realize that providing savings on products relevant to the shopper is only the beginning. Leading companies such as Amazon and Kroger are investing heavily in taking customer centricity to the next level: comprehensive, seamless user experiences across channels and devices, integrating personalized product recommendations with an understanding of the individual shopper’s specific health conditions, and laying the technology foundation for immersive shopping experiences melding the physical and digital worlds. Customer first disciples understand the dynamic flow of customers and their shopping behavior over time, putting in place capabilities and processes attuned to providing contextual relevancy inside and outside the store. And personalization—driven by past purchases and recommendation algorithms—is fast evolving to what I think of as strategic hyper-personalization, leveraging vast intelligence about each individual shopper to power a mix of recommendations to win the shopping trip, grow baskets, maximize retention, and foster customer advocacy—one customer at a time, in real time. Many regional retailers are based in more rural areas where company executives believe their shoppers are less tech savvy, relieving pressure on digital imperatives. According to Pew Research, 95% of Americans own a cellphone in 2018, with 77% of Americans owning a smartphone. Pew also calls out that in 2018, 89% of Americans use the internet. Location is no longer a proxy for customer technology illiteracy.  This year, Amazon is projected to realize over $258 billion in U.S. retail sales, an estimated 49% of all online retail spending in the United States. With this kind of penetration, and the ability to ship products anywhere overnight, traditional supermarket retailers would do well to remember that their shoppers are increasingly expecting (demanding!) the seamless and comprehensive user experience provided by Amazon, and increasingly by Kroger and Walmart. Yet, too many retailers remain mired in digital purgatory, constrained by capability silos and the inability to bring piecemeal capabilities together in a seamless fashion for shoppers.  Lastly, many seasoned grocery executives have spent their careers being rewarded for following, letting someone else bring innovation to market and only following when it has been proven successful. Years ago IT executives would buy IBM, even if it wasn’t the best choice, but because it was the "safe" choice. This practice continues today as retailers sign deals with "established" providers because they believe it is the safe choice, failing to understand that today’s environment rewards fresh, forward-looking thinking. Retail executives need to look beyond yesterday’s approach to customer centricity to capabilities and platforms that actually position the retailer for future success. The cost of failing to provide a seamless shopping experience, for failing to provide true individual shopper personalization, and failing to provide real time contextual relevancy, can rapidly obliterate any savings or security from yesterday’s "proven" approach. Tom Furphy, a former Amazon executive and the originator of Amazon Fresh, in a recent interviewspeaking to the challenges retailers face today, especially a reliance on past practices, says it all: “What seems safe is actually destructive. That’s a recipe for longer term disaster.” This article originally appeared on Winsight Grocery Business and can be viewed here +MORE

The Top Five Ways Retailers Benefit from Industry Trade Shows

Courtney Muller, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, Clarion UX

When was the last time you attended a retail or food and beverage trade show? If you have to pause to think of the answer – or know immediately that the answer is, “Never” – then it might be time to find a show or expo near you. Trade shows are the best places for those within the industry to get out of their stores and network; find new products and stay abreast of the cutting edge technology offerings; and gain invaluable education in the areas you need it most. In short, even if you spend time every day trying to stay current, you could never see it all – or know what to search for. There is no better place than a trade show … from seeing new products, meeting new people, becoming educated on a new way to engage your customers, or finding out about technology … this is the place to find what you don’t know!   Here are some of the top reasons you should attend a trade show this year: Network with Decision Makers When you think of networking, perhaps the typical “mixer” scenario comes to mind with people you don’t know awkwardly milling about a bar or restaurant, trying to strike up conversations with random people in the hopes that you might be able to benefit one another in some way. Networking at a trade show couldn’t be any more different. As an attendee, you can specifically find exhibitors with the products you seek; attend educational sessions that pertain to topics you are interested in, therefore attracting other audience members who share the same challenges; and be assured that your peers in the same industry as you are seeking similar solutions as you.  And you might even run into a colleague you haven’t seen in years! Find New Products and Foods You subscribe to industry periodicals and get Google Alerts in your inbox every day, but have you seen that new robot that identifies out of stock items and potential slip and fall hazards? Have you read about leveraging data to establish loyalty and trust with food delivery customers? A trade show is the perfect venue to scope out all that is new in the retail world from tech products to new foods and services – all in one place – to help you use technology to create a seamless customer experience. As you look for new technology innovation to keep you competitive, you may find the perfect partner for online ordering, rapid delivery, or rapid checkout through customer’s smartphones.  No matter what you want to go to a trade show to find, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by discovering even more than you thought along the aisles. See New Trends in Action Are vegan offerings a must-have? Should you offer chef demonstrations to showcase meal ideas? Are international flavors high on consumer’s minds? What chef dishes are they trying replicate at home? Be on the front line of this year’s and next year’s trends so you can bank on what your customers will be looking for in the near future. You’ll walk away with new products and great ideas you can implement immediately in your store operations. You may even realize that you are on the verge of creating an entirely different trend yourself that has yet to appear on the market – good information that you can capitalize on in the year to come. Receive Best in Class Education If school is a distant memory – or perhaps you learned hands-on in a family business and worked your way up the ranks – one of the best perks of most trade shows is the educational content provided to attendees and exhibitors alike. Whether you’re interested in operational excellence, developing your workforce, building bigger baskets, or sessions dedicated to those hot new tech trends we previously mentioned, trade shows like The NGA Show (presented by the National Grocers Association) in San Diego this coming February will have you covered on all fronts. What’s more, you can connect with presenting industry specialists to gain even more valuable insight into the topics that interest you most. Gain Immediate, Actionable Ideas The bottom line … your time is valuable and you want to spend any time out of your store obtaining the cream of the crop ideas - from new products, growth strategies and tech trends. Hear what the experts have to share, sample emerging products, uncover new technology, and refresh your enthusiasm for the business. You’ll walk away with a plan to bring all of these new ideas and initiatives into your store operation to drive profits, growth and innovation.   No matter where you are in your retail career, a trade show will no doubt provide you with opportunities, education and inspiration as you progress in the business. Interested in learning more? Check out the upcoming NGA show: National Grocers Association Show, San Diego, CA, February 24-27, 2019,  Each year, The NGA Show brings together independent retailers and wholesalers, food retail industry executives, food/CPG manufacturers and service providers for unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage, share, network, and innovate.  Given today’s ever-changing marketplace and evolving advancements in innovation occurring in the food retail industry, The NGA Show is a must-attend event, providing over 40 educational workshops, an expo floor featuring innovative and game-changing products and solutions and countless networking opportunities.  Registration is open at – early bird registration rates in effect through December 10, 2018.  +MORE

NGA Show 2019: The Epicenter of Grocery Industry Innovation

CART, Advancing Retail

In a special event leading up to the opening of the new NGA Show 2019, CART will bring together unique education, an impressive line up of speakers, and cutting edge innovation to make San Diego the epicenter of grocery industry innovation during Feb. 24-27, 2019. With a focus on regional retailers and dynamic independent operators, the CART team will present an innovation tour de force designed to help attendees not only stay in the game but help them win. CART is coming together with leading retailers through-out the industry to provide attendees a new worldview for the future of retail where transformation and disruption are the new normal: iRetail. Focused on five ‘i’s, iRetail will give attending executives a framework for evaluating their existing capabilities and provide a roadmap to closing the innovation gap. In a time of declining and disappearing industry events, the NGA Show has become a beacon of light for the industry as it has grown each year, even outgrowing its longtime home in Las Vegas, spurring the move to San Diego this coming February. CART has had a long time partnership with NGA and is taking the relationship to a new level this year, building on the success of CART’s Innovation Event at last year’s show.  Make sure to put Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019, on your calendar and plan to attend the CART special event at the new NGA Show! +MORE

Technology's Profound Impact on the Supermarket Industry

Peter Larkin, President & CEO, National Grocers Association

Often cited as the one of the greatest catalyst of change within the retail grocery industry, technology is an area that independent supermarket operators must understand, and embrace.  Technology continues to have a profound impact, where virtually every detail of the supermarket industry is being touched by new solutions and platforms. I see three technology threads, each entwined with the other. One is the explosion of mobile applications and programs that are turning grocery shoppers into high information consumers. According to Pew research, smart phone adoption among Americans has more than doubled since 2011. Not only are shoppers becoming more sophisticated, but they are using technology as a way to gain more information, transparency, and convenience. At the touch of a mobile screen, consumers can instantly access to updated information on locally sourced perishables, competitive promotions, price checks and recipe ingredient lists. In turn, this migration to the digital space is shaping customer relationships with retailers. Today’s shopper does not want to be talked to but instead wants to be a part of the conversation. Consumer product manufacturers and marketers make up a second technology thread. By analyzing large chunks of customer data and retail sales, manufacturers, retailers and service suppliers are exploring innovative ways to touch their target audiences. Big data though can be vast and hard to harness. Whether it’s social media, a mobile payment system, or loyalty programs, technology can effectively create many new opportunities for savvy retailers to learn about and to connect with their shoppers to better serve their needs. A good place to see and learn about a number of these innovative solutions is right here at The third thread is in the store itself, where technology is increasingly employed to improve overall store productivity to program more effective lighting, to boost checkout efficiency, to track shopper traffic flows to improve layout and sales per square foot, or to offer customers immediate cost savings via real time wifi connections as they shop. A great, and very recent, example of this is Sedano's Supermarkets launch of a “robotic supermarket,” which entails an automated fulfillment center where AI-enabled robots will assemble full supermarket orders of up to 60 items. While the landscape is quickly evolving, many independent grocers are taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies to engage with their shoppers, find efficiencies, and reach new and existing customers where, how, and when they want. Independents have been making their move into digital. They are hiring dedicated staff, dedicating marketing budgets to digital initiatives, more effectively leveraging social media platforms, and integrating the latest technologies into their business strategies.  With the dramatic pace in which new apps and tech solutions are coming on to the market, it can all seem a bit overwhelming, but technology will play a defining role in the supermarket industry.  Those retailers that are on the forefront of implementing new technology and embrace the hyper-connected, tech-savvy consumer are positioning themselves for success. I’m one who is convinced that these threads will weave into a pattern of rising sales and profits. And that’s why the 2019 NGA Show will kick-off with a new educational event, spearheaded by our partners at CART, entitled “iRetail: Technology Innovation Reshaping the Grocery Industry.” The event is designed to give supermarket operators a framework for navigating fast-paced innovation while maintaining a focus on the importance of people and physical stores as we move into the future. Despite increased competition from all angles, it is an exciting time for the supermarket industry – and we at NGA are bullish about what the future holds for the independent grocers! Known as the true entrepreneurs of the industry, independents are nimble enough to quickly overcome obstacles, and are finding innovative ways to respond to changing consumer preferences, which is something they’ve always been good at given their close ties to their communities and the consumers they serve. +MORE

Locai Solutions

Locai Solutions Inc

locai is the first company to offer a full suite of software that integrates an e-commerce platform with a fulfillment management system. locai provides a flexible set of solutions including a turn-key eCommerce website, as well as access to great UX features - such as product recommendations, meal planning, and endless aisles - via APIs for easy integration into your existing eCommerce platform. These features have been proven to drive higher basket sizes, and create greater customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention. The locai platform is also the first eCommerce solution for grocers to be built on a cloud based architecture that enables order execution via the full spectrum of fulfillment formats. The locai Fulfillment Management System is versatile and capable of supporting numerous operating footprints, from warerooms to dark stores and/or dedicated distribution centers, and while fully integrated with locai's eCommerce Platform, the FMS can easily integrate with other eCommerce platforms and order management systems to create a unique solution for your brand. Embedded with real-time operating metrics, intelligent pick cart building logic and order verification, the locai Fulfillment Management System is proven to reduce operating cost per order while improving order accuracy. +MORE


Pace of Innovation -- Shattering the Status Quo

Gary Hawkins, CART

Retailers are shellshocked by the increasing pace of technology fueled innovation that is transforming and disrupting the industry. It seems not a week goes by that we don’t read about yet another new competitor entering the grocery space or some new innovation being rolled out by an existing competitor. Case in point: Kroger’s recent announcement that it is deploying its Shop, Scan, and Bag self-shopping solution at 400+ stores. This in response to Amazon’s cashier-less Go store pilot and Walmart’s similar self-shopping solution. Supermarket retailers are challenged on several fronts relative to innovation. It is nearly impossible for a retailer to be aware of all the new innovation entering the market. As an example, CART reviews an estimated 100 new solutions each month. Beyond awareness though is the challenge of deciding what areas to focus on (supply chain, distribution, marketing, store operations, etc.) and deciding what specific solution to pilot. And then having to decide what new capabilities to deploy across operating stores. Having efficient operations, quality foods, and great pricing and service is simply the cost of entry to supermarket retail. The new battleground is innovation. This is a new world for retailers to navigate. As an example, we see too many retailers implementing different digital capabilities in a piecemeal fashion rather than working towards a cohesive and comprehensive platform. The self-shopping capability mentioned earlier is a great example. Some retailers are trying to implement this kind of capability through a third-party app or a separate app rather than bundling it into one mobile app for their customers. Shoppers are after an omni-channel, seamless experience, not being forced to interact with different apps or systems to do business with a retailer. CART is here to help. We’re able to leverage our strong retail experience, industry knowledge, and unique insight to new capabilities and innovation flowing into the market to help retailers understand where they are today relative to their competitors and best-in-class retailers. Developing an innovation roadmap is important to help in prioritizing what new innovation to focus on and to create a foundation capable of adapting to new capabilities and technologies as they come into the market. +MORE

Retail Strategy Experts U. S. & Canada

Better Sales & Brand Management Group

PLANNING Planning for a market in the U.S. or Canada—regional or national—requires a methodical approach. Multiple elements come into play, from product to packaging, pricing and promotion. The right partners are crucial and a roll-out plan that is fiscally responsible is essential STRATEGY The key to success is a sound go-to-market strategy. We work with you to define your goals, priorities and expectations. We then recommend the best course of action based on resources and opportunities. All retail placements are backed with consumer marketing strategies to deliver sales results. BRAND MANAGEMENT Understanding the distribution and retail landscape while implementing proven brand management techniques only comes with years of hands-on experience and the right partners. We eliminate the learning curve and costly mistakes by providing a comprehensive service. Positioning – brand strategy and pricing Analysis – to decide on best distribution model Territory Management – Regional / National US and Canada Distribution Channels – set up and manage Broker Networks – set up and manage Corporate Accounts – set up and manage Sales Support – set up and manage sales teams/demos Reporting – setting goals and monthly reporting PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Brand Concepts  We Help brands clarify & Define: A unique brand vision Positioning in the current marketplace Key Messages through ingredient stories Demographic of target audiences Formulation Development Custom formulations are developed specifically to fit the brands marketing concepts and target the desired demographic. We always keep a critical eye on budgeting and timelines throughout the process, providing frequent tracking reports of the project for your review. Specialized Formulation Development Services Include: Natural & Organic Formulations  Sophisticated, efficacious, and original formulas for the personal care industry Full Stability and compatibility testing services Wide range of ingredient claim information USDA Organic and Eco-cert Certified Cosmetic Ingredients Proprietary natural fragrances for unique, custom formulations Internationally compliant formulations Packaging Development We bring innovation and experience to cosmetic product packaging and design, key components  to the success of your brand. Our knowledgeable, experienced professional team can assist in coordinating all aspects of the development and sourcing process, creating a seamless collaboration between packaging design, formulation and functionality.  We have a strong global network of packaging suppliers, which enables us to help brands source the packaging of their choice. If we are unable to find the exact packaging to meet the needs of the brand, we develop customized packaging solutions. Strategic Planning for Timelines and Product Launches When taking the brand/product rom development to market, we develop a strategic plan, budget and timeline to achieve your goal launch date.   REGULATORY SERVICES Whether you are looking for assistance in becoming compliant in the United States and or Canada, Better Sales & Brand Managment Group can help. United States OTC Regulatory Compliance FDA Compliance Ingredient List Quantitative qualitative Prop 65 compliance Claims Review Dossiers Cosmetic Product Safety Assessments (EC) 1223/2009 Annex I, Part A and Part B EU Regulatory Compliance 1223/2009 EU Regulation Packaging Labeling: Claims & Compliance - Domestic & International INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients) Ingredient Labeling Claims Substantiation - Review packaging verbiage for compliance Canada Cosmetic Registration Natural Health Product  Drug Identification Number LOGISTICS We are specialists in logistics, calculating every detail to provide customized service to our clients with a reliable consistent relationship. Skilled in U.S. and Canadian Order Fulfillment Services, working with our partners servicing all classes of trade we are able to deliver seamless operational expertise. Fulfillment Pick and Pack Light Assembly Mailing services Cross Docking Same Day Shipping Inventory Management  Web tracking EDI set up and Management Order Processing Accounts Receivable/Payable Returned goods processing    Warehousing  We can organize central warehousing, establishing a base of business in the US and or Canada and provide state of the art facilities for all of our clients warehousing needs  +MORE




CATAPULT is a single software platform that facilitates front-to-back enterprise efficiency. This powerful software automates the completion of critical tasks from supply chain to customer checkout. It has an easy-to-use interface, customizable POS menus, flexible web office reporting, and unique features such as ScaleAware™ for produce and bulk item management. +MORE


Retail Analytics & Merchandise Planning

Professional Advantage

When it comes to merchandise planning many retailers are restricted by a lack of timely and accurate information on their sales, stock turn and customer demand. The RAMP system is designed to give retailers insight into their performance and resolve their biggest dilemma - minimizing inventory stock while maximizing inventory availability. +MORE


Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

BRdata Software Solutions

Maintaining control over product received at the store backdoor is crucial.  Using the BRdata DSD (Direct Store Delivery) system, users can instantly and easily verify that the costs, allowances, quantities, and products received are what is expected from the vendor. Smooth flow of DSD will increase the speed of receiving for both the store and vendor, ensure accurate inventories and correct cost/retail maintenance.  Allowing you to know exactly what is being received and at what cost at the time of delivery is an essential tool that will contribute significantly to the profitability of your retail grocery operations. +MORE


Rakuten Intelligence

Rakuten Slice

Acumen It’s time to propel customer insights into the modern age with Acumen, our flagship e-commerce analytics suite. Only Acumen provides the essential, actionable intelligence needed to accurately understand your business, customers, and competition.  The Largest e-commerce Panel More than 5 million online shoppers under measurement. Actual Shopping Behavior Completely accurate, directly captured from e-receipts. Across all Retailers, over Time A complete view of e-commerce, at the consumer level. Marketplace As more online sales are attributed to marketplace sellers, brands are losing control of how they're being sold and marketed online. Acumen Marketplace illuminates this blind spot, and helps brands understand the true demand for their products across all channels.  Measure Third-Party Sales Direct sales are shrinking. Your data doesn’t have to. Real Time Data Accurate, complete, and at your fingertips. Across all Marketplaces A complete view from e-commerces largest marketplaces. Signals If disruption isn’t at your door, it’s on the way. We scan billions of transactional emails to offer an early warning system about companies and brands that are gaining momentum--so you can take action before they become competitors, or before it’s too late.  Disruption Detector  Spot companies on an upward trend and which users are driving sales performance. Competitive Concierge Gain visibility into the entire e-commerce landscape with unrivaled coverage, whether you’re evaluating categories or specific competitor brands. Innovation Investment Take action on emerging industries and small players on the cusp of explosive growth. Alpha Detect early market signals with purchase data parsed directly from billions of e-receipts. With an immediate, accurate read on the performance of public and private companies, you'll see market movements faster and more clearly than ever before.  Rich Transactional Data Feeds Weekly, product-level data, plugged into your platform.  Industry and Ticker Reports Tailor-made reports, delivered in an intuitive online interface. Custom Reporting and Modules Custom reporting on industry specific metrics and competitors.  Direct Data Get Rakuten Intelligence's High-Definition data delivered directly into your reporting platform on a weekly basis to power smarter marketing decisions and product strategies. It’s our data, the way you want it.  Big Data, Bigger Panel Comprehensive transcation data from 5 million online shoppers. Extensive Industry Coverage Coverage from 2013 onward, spanning 30+ industry categories. Specialized Verticals Emerging businesses in travel, transportation, and more. +MORE




Sense360 delivers groundbreaking insights to the food service industry and beyond—so you see tomorrow’s opportunities today.  What you’ll get with Sense360:  The full picture Get real-time visibility into how the world interacts with your business—and your competitors’ businesses—by gaining access to data on 100 million+ observed visits and 300,000 surveys a year.   Insights that drive growth and win share. Get instant visibility—both what happened and why it happened—and understand your critical growth drivers so you can optimize every ounce of effort and dollar spent.  Sense360 Optimize Continually improve your tactics so you get the most out of every dollar.  Sense360 Measure See trends and opportunities as they happen.  Sense360 Diagnose Easily understand why something is happening and what you can do about it.  The Bottom Line We have a panel of millions of US devices that allow us to collect data on over 100 million restaurant visits a month. We also process hundreds of thousands of attitudinal and satisfaction responses from our panelists by triggering surveys based on where consumers went. This combination of behavioral and attitudinal data creates a real-time 360 degree view and allows us to build groundbreaking solutions.  Our technology Our team of engineers and scientists (including 3 PhD’s) spent years building sensor-fusion technology, which uses the mobile sensors built into smartphones to understand a user’s location and activity. We have trained our algorithms with millions of real-world consumer examples from GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, wifi, ambient light, and many other sensors. This provides us with an anonymous, but highly accurate understanding of where, how, and when people interact with physical locations and businesses.  Large and representative panel Our sensor-technology is on nearly one hundred apps and millions of mobile devices in the US. Our panel generates more than a terabyte of sensor data every single day and provides a detailed view of more than 100 million anonymous visits a month. We carefully curate our panel to ensure that it is highly reflective of the general population across geography, gender, ethnicity, age, and household income.  Not just what but also why We also collect hundreds of thousands of surveys based on the underlying sensor data, allowing us to ask consumers directly why they did something. This allows us to capture attitudinal data such as awareness, reason for visit, and satisfaction. We then combine our survey responses with our behaviorally observed data to understand the full picture.  Accuracy and Validations We are constantly checking our methodology and our tech for accuracy. We validate accuracy by collecting tens of thousands of responses every week from our users letting us know where they went and comparing to our algorithms. We also validate our data with client transaction data and with reported earnings. +MORE



Rubikloud Technologies

Changing Retail WITH INTELLIGENT DECISION AUTOMATION Rubikloud uses AI to help retailers transform their organization from the mass market into customer‑centric leaders.  Promotion Manager Reduces the complexities of promotion forecasting and planning through machine learning for more accurate forecasts and automated decision-making.  Customer LifeCycle Manager Predicts customer intention and behavior through using machine learning for customer engagement decisions that deliver growth and maximize customer lifetime value. +MORE


Advanced Pricing Logic

Advanced Pricing Logic, Inc.

PRICEXPERT: Price optimization software for mid to large retailers Improve profit margins with PRICEXPERT, a performance-based pricing automation solution. It analyzes sales, inventory, customer data, product data, and your competition to determine optimal prices. Created by retailers for retailers, PRICEXPERT integrates quickly with any business with minimal training.  Integrate Curated Competitor Prices Our customer-focused solution allows you to price quickly and consistently across all markets and channels. Improve profit margins with PRICEXPERT, our product performance-based pricing automation solution. Analyze sales, inventory, customer data, product data, and your competition to determine optimal prices. Created by retailers for retailers, PRICEXPERT integrates quickly with any business system, and requires minimal training. +MORE


Inovretail - The Retail Intelligence Company


Seeplus® - Retail Performance Platform Creating, delivering and inspiring High-Performance Retail through Data Science. Seeplus is a Retail Performance Platform, designed to explore the curated data produced from Smart Measure and our array of In-Store Apps, providing a unique platform to connect with your business like never before. Truly your store Operating System  PREDICTIVE RETAIL STOCK OPTIMIZATION - Use Data Science to help you improve your ordering skills Use future demand to improve your levels Stock optimization is a method of balancing capital investment and service-level goals over a large assortment of stock-keeping units (SKUs) while taking demand and supply volatility into account. Key Features - Demand-driven replenishment models - Auto ROQ calculation - Forecast driven allocation - Transshipment  CHURN ANALYTICS - Don't be too late. Engage proactively! Increase your customer retention through churn analytics Churn occurs when customers or subscribers stop doing business with a company or service. Churn is a critical metric because it is much less expensive to retain existing customers than it is to acquire new customers. Key Features - List of churners - Churn risk assessment - Identify churn patterns - Quantify churn patterns impacts INSTORE ANALYTICS   PRICE & PROMOTIONAL PLANNING - Design your price & promotional strategies Create your price and promo strategies based on real numbers Sales promotions are the set of marketing activities undertaken to boost sales/awareness of the product/service or brand. The schemes, discounts, freebies, and incentives given to the customers, push more the impulsive buying and hence sell more of a product under trade promotion and ultimately cross-sell increases. Key Features - Quantify total promo lifts on sales - Promotional components contribution quantification - What if simulation - Price elasticity - Pre & post event impacts - Halo & cannibalism - External feeds bias removal  CROSS-SELLING - Some products, just go well together!  Improve your cross-selling opportunities by identifying which products go well together Products are a response to customers needs and wishes. Products alone can satisfy the needs completely or partially. Often customers purchase multiple products to satisfy one need. By knowing which products are usually purchased together, marketers/store managers can improve their promotional campaigns and store display, respectively. Key Features - Association rules learning algorithm  - Multiple data aggregation level - Dynamic rules monitoring - Support & probability calculation Efficiently planning a promotional event can increase net margins up to 13%  DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION  ADVANCED FORECASTING - Can you tell your true demand? Know your true business demand with more than 90% accuracy! Sales forecasting is the process of estimating future sales. Accurate sales forecasts enable companies to make informed business decisions and predict short-term and long-term performance. Key Features - Promo impacts - Calendar uplifts - Sports events - Measure weather impacts - External feeds ready - True baseline calculation  CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION - Your customers are all different! Create targeted engagement strategies by accurately identifying your customer segments Process of subdividing your customer-base into defined groups that have common demographics, buying power and needs. Segmentation enables marketers to implement personalized strategies that are highly targeted to each group, increasing overall campaign effectiveness. Key Features - Multiple KPI segmentation - Auto-generated clusters - Dynamic segment monitoring - Auto identification of new customer segments - Customer listing by segment +MORE



Afresh Technologies

Reduce waste, increase in-stock rate, and maximize profits - intelligent forecasts and inventory planning for grocery Afresh Technologies solves challenges in brick & mortar grocery and Fresh by leveraging the cutting-edge of A.I. and machine learning. We have developed novel demand forecasting technology that is tailor-made for the nuances and challenges of perishable food and grocery. This demand forecasting technology powers our solutions: store/item-level replenishment, pricing optimization, omnichannel inventory / fulfillment, and more. +MORE


Kantar Consulting

Kantar Retail

Each Kantar Retail solution is a powerful specialism in its own right. When connected, we can help you create powerful opportunities and growth for your business. We have three specialist capability areas – Retail and Shopper Insights, Consulting Solutions and Technology Solutions.  INSIGHTS Shopper Insights - We help you turn shoppers into buyers  Understand shopper needs, motivations, behaviors, barriers and triggers across the increasingly complex omni-channel path-to-purchase. eCommerce is changing the retail landscape, but the challenges for brands in the retail environment are often similar in-store and online.  It is difficult to cut through the clutter and influence shoppers to buy. No matter the retail channel, we know that making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the products they want increases their spending.  Our innovative range of qualitative and quantitative solutions applies this principle across all elements of the shopper journey. Our techniques include panel surveys, in-store observation, click-stream analysis, neuro/bio-measurement, eye tracking, digital shop-alongs, virtual reality stores, mobile shopper diaries/surveys, eCommerce audits and more. / Insights to Activation A key advantage to working with Kantar Retail for shopper insights research is our ability to integrate multiple data sources (analytics, syndicated and custom research) to uncover deep insights and then our consultants help take the insights through to activation. The core Shopper Insights practice area helps our clients answer 3 core questions: How to lead the category? Who do we target to grow the category and brand, where do we target and how? How to win the digital and physical shelf? How to deliver best-in-class merchandising and shelving solutions? How to convert the shopper? How do we maximize ROI on shopper marketing spend, growing the category and brand? Most path-to-purchase research tools describe the journey, but Kantar Retail tools focus on understanding conversion gaps and then test solutions to close these gaps… ultimately driving growth. Retail and Channel Insight - We help you stay ahead of retail and channel evolution  We help you assess channel opportunities, strengthen customer relationships and frame a Go to Market strategy by understanding how the retail landscape is evolving and how retailer models and strategies are changing. Our ethos is to be the world’s best-connected and indispensable retail insights partner – our clients use our expertise and accurate market information to fuel decisions which accelerate profitable growth. We hold data on over 1,200 of the world’s leading retailers – and with 98% accuracy we can forecast where those brands will be in the next five years, allowing our clients to confidently focus their efforts and investments in the areas that will provide a strong return. Our face-to-face events, subject matter analysts, workshops and conferences provide you with a platform to build effective plans and evaluate strategies for their execution. Our specialist forums centre around a specific retailer, channel or market to allow you to identify opportunities for working partnerships and targeted retail initiatives. The core Retail & Channel Insights practice area covers: / Retail insights Understand the retail trends of today and prepare for the realities of tomorrow with our cross-channel strategic analysis. Our experts produce articles, research reports, slide presentations, executive-level summaries and profiles, photos, and news on over 1,200 key retailers across 135 global markets. Discover more. / Shopper insights Dig deeper into purchasing decisions by examining monthly data from 4,000 primary household shoppers gathered by Kantar Retail’s ShopperScape® survey. Our shopper insights offer helps you to weave the shopper journey throughout your business strategy to better understand behavior and pinpoint retailer choice.  / Webinars Connect online with our experts from anywhere in the world and find out what the critical issues are affecting developments in retail. You’ll hear our view on the shifts in business strategy before giving your point of view and getting the answers to your questions.  / Events Attending one of our events [BV(S4] opens the door for discussions on where the risks and rewards will be for your business in tomorrow’s retail environment. Strategic mid-year and year-end forums are supplemented by training workshops and forums across a variety of markets and retail channels, allowing you to engage with the world’s major retailers. / Sharegroups Our ShareGroups initiative brings together non-competing companies to openly share their experience, challenges and opportunities. Hearing real-life examples of issues affecting business and working through potential solutions promotes new thinking and practical advice on how to overcome common retail conundrums. CONSULTING AND ANAYLTICS Ecommerce, Omnichannel & Digital - We help you and your team build ecommerce capabilities that will enable your business to accelerate into this new retailing ecosystem Our 4e’s Offer: We offer global insight, strategic advisory services, shopper research and market-leading consultancy for businesses that want to succeed in this ‘Everywhere Commerce’ revolution taking place. Our services are targeted at the commercial functions of global brands and suppliers and our aim is to ensure that your teams can drive the business forward in the digital space with a focus on building omnichannel capabilities. Through experience, future forecasting and the use of live data we can help you make key decisions about your eCommerce strategy – from aggressively pursuing emerging markets to embedding new philosophies into your staff as well as providing a point of view on technology enablers and trends that will impact every supplier and retailer. Find out how to aggressively pursue eCommerce channel opportunities, learn what headcount and emphasis to place on emerging markets and let us show you how to embed eCommerce understanding to all account managers and supporting functions. FMCG and CPG manufacturers have sought our expert insight, as have global suppliers to the consumer electronic, apparel and retail industries.  / A toast to our success For a global leader in beverages, we helped to forecast the growth of eCcommerce in Eurasia and Africa, boiling down 90 potential markets into just four clusters, identifying the retailers to grow with and creating training guidelines for teams in those markets. / Great looking performance For a major international beauty and personal care client, we held an eCommerce Leadership Training Camp and a Winning with Amazon workshop for 25 eCommerce account leads. / Closer to home We worked out the potential size of the eCommerce opportunity for a global supplier of household products, allowing the client to justify headcounts for their top six European markets. / Whitespace opportunities We were asked to calculate the size of price for eCommerce across Asia for a major dairy brand, broken down into four key eCommerce formats. / Out in front A global spirits company asked us to build the roadmap for a multi-channel journey to 2020 across all business functions. We identified key consumption occasions and mapped the eCommerce category growth drivers, resulting in a re-think of the digital marketing mix. / Educate our organization We are frequently asked to present to our clients on a variety of topics within the eCommerce, digital and omnichannel space. Topics range from macro overviews, shopper landscape, digital trends, Amazon deep dives, organizational design, best in class omnichannel examples and much more. We can customize these conversations based on your unique needs.  Go To Market - We Power Up your Sales Strategy  We help you to improve your performance with retailers through better business planning and alignment of brand with retailer and shopper objectives. We help clients make the right strategic and practical choices that will grow their business. By developing and deploying practical solutions that help your commercial teams achieve top and bottom line results we can ensure your business is travelling in the right direction. We help you to ensure that you have the right organisation, capability and processes to deliver what the business needs. We work with you to design and deliver pragmatic improvements for the short, medium and long term, but our focus is also on ensuring that easily achievable improvements are identified, prioritised and executed. The core Go to Market practice area covers: / Revenue Management We help clients instill a revenue, profit and volume culture through tools, processes, metrics and analytics. We help you to identify and execute against opportunities for growth whilst ensuring efficiency by addressing the core commercial levers Business Growth Opportunity Mapping Brand, Pack, Price Architecture aligned to consumer / shopper needs Assortment and distribution optimisation Customer Trade Terms and Pricing Promotional strategy, planning and analytics / Integrated Customer Business Planning Developing your customer business plan, bringing together brand, category and sales objectives with a strong customer value proposition is increasingly complex. We help you establish the processes, tools and capabilities that enable the development of build a winning plan that your customers will support.  / Market entry We know the retail and wholesale trade industry, so if you’re looking to launch or distribute your product through one of these physical or digital channels you need to know what is expected of you and how best to deliver a winning market entry strategy. / Benchmarking Do you know where you are making strides with your customers and where you’re not, exploring all the opportunities available to you? We can deliver an impartial assessment with detailed recommendations by talking to your customers and understanding where your two interests can be best aligned.  / Route to market Clients need to segment customers and create value propositions for each to maximise sales and profit. Our people can show you how to optimise selling, service and supply relationships with direct and indirect customers throughout the complete value chain. Retail & Purchase Data Analytics  We help you to apply best in class analytical tools and consulting services to create winning strategies in-store and on-line across assortment, merchandising, promotions Retail channels have multiplied and are fragmented, competition is fierce and the rise of data management has set new standards. Furthermore, retailers have improved their capabilities in customer insights and reduced dependence on suppliers’ expertise. Manufacturers now have an obligation to propose a clear, differentiated and compelling offer to shoppers & retailers. They are the thought leader required to bring expertise and knowledge to the market. Kantar Retail provides industry-leading tools, superior analytics and consulting services. Our teams are constantly working hand in hand with our client to develop winning strategies at retail. Kantar Retail Analytics solutions help manufacturers make the most informed decisions at retail, capitalizing on all data available and ultimately driving revenue, margin and profit growth.  Our solutions cover these core areas: / Assortment Leadership: National Portfolio & Customer Optimization Quantify the true incremental value to both your portfolio as well as the category at your customer of each SKU. Our SKURat Portfolio and RichMix Customer Assortment Optimization tools are powered by our proprietary, industry-leading transferable demand methodology and enable you to unlock sustainable growth across the category.  / Shelf Leadership: Shelving Strategy & Planogram Management Holistic shelf leadership requires a combination of best in class shelving strategy based on what is successful in the market as well as planogram excellence via demand driven space optimization & mass planogram generation. Our Isolated Shelving Impact shelving strategy analysis distills the true impact of individual shelving practices such as flow, adjacencies & location in actionable shelving principles & executional guidelines. Our RichMix Space Optimization & AutoMerch Mass Planogram Generation capabilities combine the power of incrementality, value of a facing and up-to-store-level assortment optimization with an automated planogram creation capability that delivers significant time savings over current rules-based approaches / Net Revenue Management: Price & Promo Leadership Comprehensive net revenue management empowers an organization to not only identify the optimal base price level that would yield maximum profit but also maximize the ROI on promotions by selecting the right vehicles, depth of discount & promo length for each product group Our Price 360 helps you manage everyday retail price to drive revenue, share and profit while managing gaps to competitors and accounting for trade & external market factors Our Trade Opt capabilities enable you to more effectively allocate spend across retail customers by understanding the true ROI of your promotional efforts. This is underpinned by a holistic & structured approach rooted in people, processes and technologies. Catergory and Shopper Solutions - We create strategies that drive your long-term growth  We help you unlock future sources of real growth through the development of fact based category drivers and activation platforms. These are tailor-made for specific channels and retailers and are purpose built to influence purchase behaviour. We believe that traditional brand and consumer-led approaches to category growth are no longer adequate. Our consultants dig deep into your business to identify, understand and overcome the barriers to you achieving your growth goals. Working with you, we find their causes, create practical solutions and deploy them effectively. Access our exclusive market-leading tools, processes and models that will take you on a journey from insight through to execution. These tools will give you a full understanding of what drives conversion to purchase through shopper marketing strategies. We’ll also apply our growth forecasts to your categories to identify immediate opportunities where quick wins can be made. / Decision marketing Work with us to develop shopper marketing strategies built on a complete understanding of relevance, engagement and selection barriers along the entire shopper journey. / Portfolio mapping and prioritisation We can map your portfolio’s future fit against the category context and growth driver strategies, highlighting white spaces, blind spots and immediate areas for growth. / eCommerce We develop successful pure-play and multi-channel strategies and solutions through a better understanding of a shopper’s path to purchase. Read more. / Perfect store Using cutting-edge, market-leading technology, we’re able to bring to life a high impact, customer ready macro space or perfect store concept through our retail virtual reality team. / Shopper centric organisations After working with us our clients have developed world-class shopper centric commercial organisations through areas of benchmarking, competency-based assessment, organisation design and processes, and capability building through accelerated learning and embedding strategies. Organizational Performance - We drive the commercial performance of your organisation  We help you to develop your commercial capabilities and the competency of your people through organisation design, commercial process mapping, competency modelling and the assessment, design and delivery of training academies. Through training, coaching and assessments our experts are able to fine tune or completely realign your business to meet your core objectives. Across the globe we have made measurable differences to some of the world’s most iconic brands; even the most successful businesses can benefit. Using our own internationally-recognised data, insight and experience with global brands, we can benchmark your company against your competitors before working with you to identify skills gaps and commercial opportunities. A blended approach of workshops, coaching and self learning will help your team reach its potential by improving commercial planning, account management, selling and negotiation skills. / Benchmarking performance Know where you stand with our globally-recognised PoweRanking. For more than 15 years our annual ranking tool has been the industry standard, providing a top-level insight which allows you to benchmark your company’s position against that of your competitors. / Customer planning Data from our market insights service allows you to build strategic customer plans with tools and templates to ensure that results deliver against your overall business plan. / Selling skills Our consultants are sales and marketing-focussed and deliver a variety of workshops, coaching sessions, eLearning and blended academies which have been hugely successful for clients across the world. We teach and coach teams on the key principles of selling, including influencing psychology, customer understanding and closing deals. / eLearning Our eLearning courses cover sales, category management, brand marketing and finance. We’ll teach you the skills to be successful whether you want to improve your negotiation skills or strengthen the financial acumen across your organisation. / Negotiation Our negotiation training programs have helped clients secure miles of shelf space and save millions of pounds in promotional spending. By learning our core concepts and how to apply them, your teams will know how to leverage power, maintain negotiation positions and defend against buyer negotiation tactics – all skills that can be deployed in everyday commercial situations. / Financial acumen Using your team’s collective financial acumen effectively can deliver huge benefits to the business. We will focus on your business objectives, help to set and understand key performance indicators before working with you to identify real-life commercial opportunities. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Trade Optimization - Trade Optimization solutions are part of the new Kantar Retail Sales Performance Platform. XTEL is Kantar Retail Trade Optimisation’s end-to-end suite of solutions. Sales Planning TPM & TPO Retail Execution DSD and Van Sales Retail and Virtual Reality - Research and Experience the Future of Retail  VR enables you to choose the best retail solutions and get them accepted by stakeholders and retailers. For leading retailers and suppliers, Virtual Reality (VR) serves as the innovation engine to plan, research, collaborate and execute shopper-led innovation across their global organizations. +MORE


Seeonic Actionable Intelligence


Our solutions allow for inventory management and distribution optimization which reduce your costs and help establish best practices. Our precision inventory visibility solution allows you to reduce stockouts and increase profitability by having the right product in the right place at the right time.  As a brand owner, your challenge is relying on sometimes inaccurate POS data to make inventory assumptions. Our solution gives you real-time visibility of critical business assets and reduces the risk associated with placing items as low-risk or vendor-managed inventory. More and more products are being sold in a Store-Within-A-Store Setting.   While you may have visibility to your sales, it is difficult to make inventory assumptions using the POS data.  POS data is not always accurate and that uncertainty causes problems for you and the retailer.  Seeonic offers valuable insights to ensure your company is making data-driven distribution decisions.  Sightware® Technology SightWare® is our ground-breaking family of devices that operate autonomously within fixtures, mobile units or vehicles. Driven by ultra-low power GPS/IoT technologies, SightWare® uses only battery power – no infrastructure is required.  With robust, secure LTE cellular communication capabilities onboard, SightWare® devices operate on a large scale no matter where they are deployed in the world.  Seeniq® Cloud-Based Dashboard Seeniq®, Seeonic’s proprietary analytics dashboard, collects data from SightWare devices and provides users with actionable insights to shape better business decisions. With continuous access to inventory and demand data, your distribution model is optimized to save time and reduce costs.  Seeniq® data can be interfaced to internal IT systems or displayed using Seeniq®customized web pages. +MORE



Fellow Robots

Optimizing your inventory with robotics. Discover consistent accurate & never-before-seen insights of your inventory.  STORE MAP Autonomously creates a store map & product planogram INVENTORY SCANNING Planogram compliance - Real-time insights to improve in-store execution Improve inventory accuracy and consistency Determines out-of-stocks, price discrepancies, and misplaced items by using machine learning and AI EMPLOYEE ACTION Instantly manage data anytime on any device Dashboard to notify discrepancies to employees to make store changes in matter of minutes, instead of weeks. +MORE



Venzee, Inc.

Get rid of spreadsheets forever - Let the power of AI get your products to market faster with vendor to retailer automation.  Vendors Retailers like Amazon and Walmart need your product information customized to meet their needs. Venzee takes your existing product information and prepares it to meet the requirements of all of your retailers, avoiding delays and human error.  Retailers Thanks to spreadsheets, millions of retailers struggle to grow. Let Venzee do the work of turning vendor product information into enriched, error-free updates. It’s as simple as signing up and sharing your Venzee email address with your vendors. +MORE


Edgeverve An Infosys® Company

Infosys Ltd.

Infosys Nia  Infosys Nia is an Artificial Intelligence platform which collects and aggregates organizational data from people, processes and legacy systems into a self-learning knowledge base and then automates repetitive business and IT processes, freeing up human effort to solve higher-value customer problems that require creativity, passion, and imagination. Infosys Nia expands the scope of the first generation AI platform beyond Information Technology simplification and optimization; and allows our clients to leverage AI to drive transformations in their core business. Our clients have used Infosys Nia to leverage their organizational knowledge, generate deep insights and discover opportunities to optimize, simplify, and automate complex business processes. DATA PLATFORM An open source advanced data analytics and machine learning platform that enables businesses to operationalize their data assets and uncover new opportunities for rapid innovation and growth.  KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM A platform to capture, formalize, and process knowledge and its representation in a powerful ontology based structure that allows for the reuse of knowledge as underlying systems change.  AUTOMATION PLATFORM A platform that brings together Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Automation and Cognitive Automation   AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation is now also a part of Infosys Nia​   AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation  AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation is an end-to-end service for building and implementing RPA. It provides integrated software robots to automate any high-touch, repetitive processes. It also provides assisted automation for processes which need manual intervention. When one of the largest European chemical manufacturers, with more than 20,000 employees in 50+ countries, wanted to streamline their Procure-to-Pay and Hire-to-Retire processes, they chose AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation as their sole partner in their automation and service modernization journey. AssistEdge  AssistEdge is an award-winning, scalable automation platform that helps enterprises modernize customer service, improve business processes and enhance operational productivity. When one of the largest retailers in the U.S. wanted to clear a backlog of more than 150,000 invoices and streamline its credit memo process, it took to automation. AssistEdge cleared the backlog in 3 weeks and provided a 75% improvement in cycle time. TradeEdge  One of the primary institutional voids in the emerging markets is the low penetration of organized retail – a key channel for product distribution in the developed markets. However, nearly 90% of sales in the emerging markets is driven by complex distribution networks comprising thousands of distributors and millions of small retailers To win in the emerging markets, global executives need a solution that provides insights – from distributors to consumers – across the distribution chain, and accelerate growth. TradeEdge is the best insights-driven sales platform for global brands to accelerate profitable growth in the emerging markets ProcureEdge  ProcureEdge is a next-generation intelligent procurement platform that enables continuous value discovery and realization across Source-to-Pay through automation. From spend analysis (and classification), procurement processes (PR to PO) to invoice processing, over 90% of non-strategic S2P transactions can be automated giving you more time for strategic work. ProximityPayEdge  ProximityPayEdge is a product which enables digitization of credit/debit cards on mobile devices and allows consumers to pay in stores, by tapping their mobile devices on point-of-sale (POS) terminals. It utilizes Host Card Emulation (HCE), tokenization of cards, and Near Field Communication (NFC) for payment transactions and provides a highly secure, next-gen in-store payment solution to banking clients. CreditFinanceEdge  Competitive pressures, rising operational costs, and stringent regulations are key challenges that lenders have to contend with. In addition, legacy systems might just be constraining the scope and scale of your business further. To succeed in this market, enterprises need a solution that provides flexibility, digital experience, and global capabilities. CreditFinanceEdge is your one-stop loan management platform that equips lenders, servicers and asset managers deliver differentiated value to customers while maintaining high operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. It helps enterprises manage multiple credit types and asset classes through the complete loan lifecycle.   EdgeVerve Blockchain Framework for Financial Services A permissioned ledger that allows banks to rapidly deploy blockchain-based services for various business needs. Blockchain enables secure peer-to-peer transactions that can be verified without any centralized authority using a distributed ledger technology in a permissioned network. This technology fundamentally challenges the operating principles underlying banking transactions and book-keeping, making it arguably the greatest disruptor to the global financial system in a generation.  AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation  AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation is an end-to-end service for building and implementing RPA. It provides integrated software robots to automate any high-touch, repetitive processes. It also provides assisted automation for processes which need manual intervention. When one of the largest European chemical manufacturers, with more than 20,000 employees in 50+ countries, wanted to streamline their Procure-to-Pay and Hire-to-Retire processes, they chose AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation as their sole partner in their automation and service modernization journey. Infosys Information Platform (IIP) The Infosys Information Platform (IIP) is based on open data architecture and gives you elastic and rapid data-processing capabilities, better data visualization and intelligent data analytics so you can make faster and more accurate business decisions. IIP is an industry-leading data and analytics platform that helps enterprises leverage their data assets for innovation and enhance business growth. The solution integrates easily with proprietary software, allowing you to maximize value from existing investments. This collaborative platform enables data engineers, data analysts and data scientists to leverage in-depth expertise across business domains and verticals. IIP can be deployed with ease and without vendor lock-in. With IIP, businesses can scale and innovate with better data and newer applications in open source. +MORE



Optoro Inc.

FUTURE-PROOF CLOUD PLATFORM Our scalable cloud platform deploys within weeks with automatic updates that enable teams to focus on forward supply chain demands.  MAXIMUM INVENTORY VALUE Predictive machine learning actively routes returns and excess to the highest value disposition channel every time.  STREAMLINED REVERSE LOGISTICS Intuitive tools built uniquely for reverse logistics enable efficient end-to-end warehouse processing for every disposition channel.  UNPARALLELED VISIBILITY & CONTROL Portfolio tools provide supply chain teams with real-time visibility and control to continuously optimize your reverse logistics. +MORE



Optoro Inc.

Optoro’s multi-channel remarketing solution enables retailers to achieve higher recovery and velocity with a suite of remarketing channels that simultaneously reach millions of consumers and businesses.  Reach millions of customers through BLINQ, our direct-to-consumer brand. Simultaneous, real-time product listings across BLINQ and our network of marketplaces extend your market reach and drive greater recovery. Our automated pricing engine dynamically generates optimized pricing, utilizing a variety of inputs, including historical sales data, client business goals, product attributes and sku depth.  Sell direct to businesses through BULQ, our business-to-business brand. Drive sell-through and target smaller resellers with our B2B eCommerce site, BULQ. Our mobile app specifically caters to customers on-the-go, supporting a frequent loyal buyer base. Partner with our experienced BULQ Direct sales to sell to enterprise buyers in the U.S. and abroad. Directed sorting algorithms optimize inventory assortment to drive higher recovery and velocity. +MORE




Kinaxis® RapidResponse® offers the analytical depth and speed that can take supply chain planning and supply chain response cycles from days and weeks to mere hours and minutes, while simultaneously improving business outcomes.   RapidResponse adds a highly-configurable planning and supply chain analytics layer to your operations without having to re-architect your systems environment. RAPIDRESPONSE IS FOUNDED ON A SINGLE PRODUCT WITH A SINGLE CODE STREAM. THIS PROVIDES A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE OVER THE ALTERNATIVES OF: An assortment of ERP bolt-on modules or standalone supply chain software applications that solve point agendas and that are loosely tied together A proliferating collection of Excel spreadsheets that offer flexibility, but suffer from serious reliability, scalability, and collaboration limitations  With RapidResponse, you don't have to choose between reliability and flexibility. RapidResponse provides a planning system of record that’s sound, scalable and configurable. The data has integrity and ties back to the foundational transactional systems, but the functionality can be quickly adjusted to support new supply chain processes and priorities. An agile supply chain that can respond to unexpected change and volatile customer demands necessitates a supporting supply chain software solution that’s equally as agile.  +MORE


Logility Voyager Solutions™


Logility Voyager Solutions™ empower you to increase product availability… boost margins and profitability… execute successful promotional events… optimize product delivery… and not only survive, but thrive, in the changing retail economy. By accurately predicting future market needs, you can improve in-stock positions while optimizing inventory investments. As new market intelligence is available, you can make replanning quick and effective.​  Logility Voyager Solutions™ is a suite of collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions that helps small, medium, large and Fortune 500 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time. Logility gives you proven capabilities to streamline your global supply chain operations. From planning and forecasting to sourcing and manufacturing to transportation management—you'll have the tools, flexibility and supply chain visibility you need to achieve a competitive advantage. Our supply chain and retail planning solutions provide the integration and automation needed to proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport and trace supply chain activities. In industries ranging from consumer goods to life sciences, aftermarket parts to apparel, and many more, Logility truly represents planning, optimized. Logility Voyager Solutions help you seize ways to leave your competitors behind. First by integrating data . . .then by integrating business processes . . .and finally by uniting supply chain partners in a single, seamless global supply chain. Logility's supply chain and retail planning solutions give you this kind of power.  Supply Chain Advanced Analytics  Logility Voyager Solutions provides a unified gateway into performance management for any trading partner.  Demand Optimization Provides added supply chain visibility to dramatically increase demand forecast accuracy, streamline introductions, assess promotions and create plans attuned to the market.​ Integration and Master Data Management Logility minimizes the need for custom development when integrating our planning and optimization solutions with your ERP system. ​ Retail Optimization  By optimizing and automating merchandise planning and allocation, Logility retail management solutions put products in front of people more effectively. ​ Integrated Business Planning Logility Voyager Integrated Business Planning streamlines and synchronizes strategic and operational planning.  Inventory Optimization Enables you to set optimal inventory targets at each node of a multi-echelon manufacturing and distribution network to match strategic inventory goals and service levels.  Supply Optimization Logility Voyager Solutions help you achieve the optimal supply plan by leveraging a scenario-based technology platform. ​ Transportation Optimization Using Logility's supply chain management solutions, you can systematically balance logistics strategies with customer service policies.​ +MORE


CB4 Analytics

From the trillions of patterns that exist within your POS sales data sets, CB4’s patented solution uncovers customer purchasing patterns that detect and capture consumer demand. The patterns themselves are the result of myriad external and internal conditions that impact consumer preferences at each store location. These conditions could be related to demographics, climate, a promotion (either your own or a competitor’s) and many others, few of which a retailer has access to. When a store is part of a purchasing pattern that indicates a high local demand for a specific product, but the product’s actual sales at that store does not meet the expected potential -- an opportunity is uncovered. CB4’s solution identifies whether the opportunity could be captured by fixing an operational execution issue within the store, or by making a better-informed merchandising decision. The solution is not focused on understanding which conditions created these purchasing patterns, but rather on extracting the patterns themselves and applying them to detect unmet demand. In other words, the software analyzes the sales data to uncover lost or hidden sales opportunities. +MORE


Forecast Guardian™

Fiddlehead Technology Inc.

Forecast Guardian™ is a Cloud-based, SaaS platform being developed by Fiddlehead Technology. Building on existing budgeting and forecasting tools, Forecast Guardian™ mines thousands of data points per product to provide prescriptive recommendations on how to improve forecast performance and then predicts the financial impact to your business.​ Every forecast has a story. Forecast Guardian™ tells the story you need to hear. +MORE