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Gary Hawkins, CEO , Center for Advancing Retail and Technology

CART’s Innovation Program, done in partnership with Retail Tomorrow, is a unique offering that works for retailers and solution providers alike. Designed for national and larger regional retailers, the CART team works with the retailer’s executive team to identify 2-3 specific areas of interest like automation, in-store experience, etc. With interests established, the team then goes to work identifying the leading solution providers in each area, filtering through and curating the most appropriate capabilities. That process often entails talking with each solution to ensure applicability and set expectations. Amongst the many factors we evaluate is making sure the size and scale of the retailer is aligned with the solution provider’s resources. Connecting a young solution to a massive retailer might sound exciting, but if the solution provider lacks the resources to pilot and then scale deployments it leads to frustration on all sides. Once the appropriate solution providers have been identified we all go on-site to the retailer’s HQ to spend a day with their executive team focused around education as each solution is given an opportunity to present to the group and talk about what they do. The format allows for Q&A along with opportunity to start building relationships as everyone networks over coffee breaks and lunch. From the solution provider’s perspective, the opportunity to get time with the senior exec team from prominent retailers is invaluable. Once a solution provider is selected to participate, the CART team will work with you to review your presentation materials to make sure you’re providing the most powerful and relevant message possible about your company and what you do. The CART team will provide some coaching for the presenters to make sure you deliver your message in the time allotted (these events are pretty tightly scripted to accomplish everything).  Expectations are clearly identified on all sides early in the process. From the retailer, CART is looking for executive level commitment and engagement with the process, the executive team’s commitment to spend the day with in the on-site meeting with all the solutions, and a commitment to seriously consider piloting appropriate solutions. From solution providers, CART is looking for new innovative capabilities to help the retailer address challenges they have or provide new capabilities that are beneficial to the retailer. This involves having a good understanding of retail and how retail works and helping educate everyone in the meeting as to the technologies involved. Retailers interested in learning more about the CART Innovation Program can get more information here Solutions interested in participating can learn more here +MORE

Five Predictions for Retail Transformation in 2019

Gary Hawkins, CEO , Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART)

As we begin 2019, tomorrow is no longer going to resemble today. The pace of tech-fueled innovation continues to grow, bringing with it increasing change across the supply chain and greater impact on traditional retail operations and models. 2019 is going to be a year of even greater change. Here are five key areas to watch this year: Frictionless shopping: The Amazon Go store with its cashier-less shopping experience has gotten the industry’s attention and this year we will see a great deal of activity in this space. There are several tech companies working to bring similar capabilities to the retail industry along with cost-effectively scaling the technology to work in traditional supermarkets. I believe the proliferation of retailers’ mobile apps having some kind of self-shopping capability - the shopper scanning their products as they shop using their smartphone and then an expedited payment process - is an interim step to a completely frictionless shopping environment. The whole idea of the Amazon Go store is to make buying products as easy as possible; the shopper having to use their app to scan and pay makes it easier to buy but not as easy as just walking in, picking up what you want, and walking out. Automated fulfillment: Kroger’s partnership with Ocado to build and operate twenty automated grocery eComm fulfillment centers is on track. We are seeing several other retailers enter into agreements with Takeoff Technologies to build mini automated fulfillment centers that can sit in the backroom, automatically fulfilling high-velocity packaged goods ordered online. Walmart is working with a partner to build an automated fulfillment center that is designed to sit alongside their stores, fulfilling high-volume products. In 2019 we are going to see even more activity in this space as other retailers will be forced to follow these leaders as automation brings efficiency and lower fulfillment costs, opening up a productivity gap. We will be seeing other technology providers step into this space as the market expands. Automated delivery: Kroger’s partnership with Nuro to use automated, driverless delivery vehicles to deliver online orders to the shopper’s home is already in pilot. Udelv and other solutions will be gaining more interest as retailers begin to focus more attention on the final mile delivery. While many retailers have signed deals with Instacart or Shipt to handle actual delivery, we’re going to see growing interest in Uber and other services to handle deliveries and fast growing interest in automated solutions like Nuro and Udelv in search of cost efficiencies. Health & Wellness gets personal: The wearables market is growing fast as Apple’s Watch and similar devices provide even more functionality to monitor key health indicators in realtime. The explosion in health data coming from these wearables will become increasingly tied to food guidance, helping the individual understand what specific food products to purchase and consume based upon the individual’s health condition and realtime data. As an example, Dexcom recently released a device that provides realtime glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. The ability to use knowledge of an individual’s glucose levels at that specific time - for example, while they are standing in front of the shelf - will inform guidance to beneficial foods. This movement is already underway as the massive food and healthcare industries converge, driven by Amazon’s ownership of Whole Foods, PillPack, and other activity in healthcare. Kroger’s Opt-UP app enables the shopper to easily understand the quality of the foods they are buying and easily filter the store’s product selection based upon the shopper’s interests, needs, and preferences. Look for a lot more activity around this space in the coming year. Melding of digital and physical retail: While most industry activity has been focused around eCommerce and automation of fulfillment and delivery of orders, I believe we are going to see growing attention to the melding of digital and physical shopping. This encompasses bringing augmented reality into the store and shopping experience; we’ll also see growing activity in virtual reality shopping as VR tech gets better and cheaper. Digital signage will spread across the store and get smarter, not only using demographic info to present messaging relevant to the person standing in front of the screen, but engagement will be far more personalized. Kroger’s new shelf Edge system is moving in this direction, lighting up as a shopper moves down the aisle to call out relevant products. Obviously there are many more areas where technology is going to transform retail but these are five key areas to watch. Each of these fundamentally changes the game: Frictionless shopping and automating fulfillment and delivery remove significant costs and will put growing pressure on competing retailers as companies using these technologies scale deployments.  Personalization will move quickly, not just in marketing but in linking an Individual shopper’s health to her favorite store’s product assortment, guiding the shopper to products to improve her wellbeing.  Lastly, shopping is about to become far more interesting and truly immersive as technology really begins to impact the shopping experience, whether you are in the brick & mortar store or sitting at home. +MORE

Pseudo Customer Centricity: Fool’s Gold

Gary Hawkins on Winsight Grocery Business, CART

Retailers must employ a customer-first philosophy into organizational culture Many regional retailers are (at last!) intent on becoming customer-centric, more than a decade after The Kroger Co. led the way and more than two decades after early loyalty pioneers proved the value of a true customer focus. But too many retailers believe that customer centricity can simply be bolted on to their organizations without realizing that true customer centricity is far more involved. Like the intrepid gold miners of the 1840s, these retailers awaken to the realization that what they’ve taken for retail gold is in actuality a false promise, seduced by the fools gold of pseudo customer centricity. I can recount meetings with senior executives from well-known retailers who espouse their customer centricity efforts; spending massive sums on consultants and solutions powered by a decade’s old approach based on customer segments integrated to the retailer’s category planning processes, and even personalized offers to shoppers. Countless of these retailers remain anchored in a product-focused world, even those who tout using technology to discover what products should be put on offer to their customers rather than starting with a vendor-funded offer pool.  True disciples of customer centricity deeply embed a customer-first philosophy into their organizational culture, extending it to every part of the enterprise. These companies realize that providing savings on products relevant to the shopper is only the beginning. Leading companies such as Amazon and Kroger are investing heavily in taking customer centricity to the next level: comprehensive, seamless user experiences across channels and devices, integrating personalized product recommendations with an understanding of the individual shopper’s specific health conditions, and laying the technology foundation for immersive shopping experiences melding the physical and digital worlds. Customer first disciples understand the dynamic flow of customers and their shopping behavior over time, putting in place capabilities and processes attuned to providing contextual relevancy inside and outside the store. And personalization—driven by past purchases and recommendation algorithms—is fast evolving to what I think of as strategic hyper-personalization, leveraging vast intelligence about each individual shopper to power a mix of recommendations to win the shopping trip, grow baskets, maximize retention, and foster customer advocacy—one customer at a time, in real time. Many regional retailers are based in more rural areas where company executives believe their shoppers are less tech savvy, relieving pressure on digital imperatives. According to Pew Research, 95% of Americans own a cellphone in 2018, with 77% of Americans owning a smartphone. Pew also calls out that in 2018, 89% of Americans use the internet. Location is no longer a proxy for customer technology illiteracy.  This year, Amazon is projected to realize over $258 billion in U.S. retail sales, an estimated 49% of all online retail spending in the United States. With this kind of penetration, and the ability to ship products anywhere overnight, traditional supermarket retailers would do well to remember that their shoppers are increasingly expecting (demanding!) the seamless and comprehensive user experience provided by Amazon, and increasingly by Kroger and Walmart. Yet, too many retailers remain mired in digital purgatory, constrained by capability silos and the inability to bring piecemeal capabilities together in a seamless fashion for shoppers.  Lastly, many seasoned grocery executives have spent their careers being rewarded for following, letting someone else bring innovation to market and only following when it has been proven successful. Years ago IT executives would buy IBM, even if it wasn’t the best choice, but because it was the "safe" choice. This practice continues today as retailers sign deals with "established" providers because they believe it is the safe choice, failing to understand that today’s environment rewards fresh, forward-looking thinking. Retail executives need to look beyond yesterday’s approach to customer centricity to capabilities and platforms that actually position the retailer for future success. The cost of failing to provide a seamless shopping experience, for failing to provide true individual shopper personalization, and failing to provide real time contextual relevancy, can rapidly obliterate any savings or security from yesterday’s "proven" approach. Tom Furphy, a former Amazon executive and the originator of Amazon Fresh, in a recent interviewspeaking to the challenges retailers face today, especially a reliance on past practices, says it all: “What seems safe is actually destructive. That’s a recipe for longer term disaster.” This article originally appeared on Winsight Grocery Business and can be viewed here +MORE

The Top Five Ways Retailers Benefit from Industry Trade Shows

Courtney Muller, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, Clarion UX

When was the last time you attended a retail or food and beverage trade show? If you have to pause to think of the answer – or know immediately that the answer is, “Never” – then it might be time to find a show or expo near you. Trade shows are the best places for those within the industry to get out of their stores and network; find new products and stay abreast of the cutting edge technology offerings; and gain invaluable education in the areas you need it most. In short, even if you spend time every day trying to stay current, you could never see it all – or know what to search for. There is no better place than a trade show … from seeing new products, meeting new people, becoming educated on a new way to engage your customers, or finding out about technology … this is the place to find what you don’t know!   Here are some of the top reasons you should attend a trade show this year: Network with Decision Makers When you think of networking, perhaps the typical “mixer” scenario comes to mind with people you don’t know awkwardly milling about a bar or restaurant, trying to strike up conversations with random people in the hopes that you might be able to benefit one another in some way. Networking at a trade show couldn’t be any more different. As an attendee, you can specifically find exhibitors with the products you seek; attend educational sessions that pertain to topics you are interested in, therefore attracting other audience members who share the same challenges; and be assured that your peers in the same industry as you are seeking similar solutions as you.  And you might even run into a colleague you haven’t seen in years! Find New Products and Foods You subscribe to industry periodicals and get Google Alerts in your inbox every day, but have you seen that new robot that identifies out of stock items and potential slip and fall hazards? Have you read about leveraging data to establish loyalty and trust with food delivery customers? A trade show is the perfect venue to scope out all that is new in the retail world from tech products to new foods and services – all in one place – to help you use technology to create a seamless customer experience. As you look for new technology innovation to keep you competitive, you may find the perfect partner for online ordering, rapid delivery, or rapid checkout through customer’s smartphones.  No matter what you want to go to a trade show to find, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by discovering even more than you thought along the aisles. See New Trends in Action Are vegan offerings a must-have? Should you offer chef demonstrations to showcase meal ideas? Are international flavors high on consumer’s minds? What chef dishes are they trying replicate at home? Be on the front line of this year’s and next year’s trends so you can bank on what your customers will be looking for in the near future. You’ll walk away with new products and great ideas you can implement immediately in your store operations. You may even realize that you are on the verge of creating an entirely different trend yourself that has yet to appear on the market – good information that you can capitalize on in the year to come. Receive Best in Class Education If school is a distant memory – or perhaps you learned hands-on in a family business and worked your way up the ranks – one of the best perks of most trade shows is the educational content provided to attendees and exhibitors alike. Whether you’re interested in operational excellence, developing your workforce, building bigger baskets, or sessions dedicated to those hot new tech trends we previously mentioned, trade shows like The NGA Show (presented by the National Grocers Association) in San Diego this coming February will have you covered on all fronts. What’s more, you can connect with presenting industry specialists to gain even more valuable insight into the topics that interest you most. Gain Immediate, Actionable Ideas The bottom line … your time is valuable and you want to spend any time out of your store obtaining the cream of the crop ideas - from new products, growth strategies and tech trends. Hear what the experts have to share, sample emerging products, uncover new technology, and refresh your enthusiasm for the business. You’ll walk away with a plan to bring all of these new ideas and initiatives into your store operation to drive profits, growth and innovation.   No matter where you are in your retail career, a trade show will no doubt provide you with opportunities, education and inspiration as you progress in the business. Interested in learning more? Check out the upcoming NGA show: National Grocers Association Show, San Diego, CA, February 24-27, 2019,  Each year, The NGA Show brings together independent retailers and wholesalers, food retail industry executives, food/CPG manufacturers and service providers for unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage, share, network, and innovate.  Given today’s ever-changing marketplace and evolving advancements in innovation occurring in the food retail industry, The NGA Show is a must-attend event, providing over 40 educational workshops, an expo floor featuring innovative and game-changing products and solutions and countless networking opportunities.  Registration is open at – early bird registration rates in effect through December 10, 2018.  +MORE

NGA Show 2019: The Epicenter of Grocery Industry Innovation

CART, Advancing Retail

In a special event leading up to the opening of the new NGA Show 2019, CART will bring together unique education, an impressive line up of speakers, and cutting edge innovation to make San Diego the epicenter of grocery industry innovation during Feb. 24-27, 2019. With a focus on regional retailers and dynamic independent operators, the CART team will present an innovation tour de force designed to help attendees not only stay in the game but help them win. CART is coming together with leading retailers through-out the industry to provide attendees a new worldview for the future of retail where transformation and disruption are the new normal: iRetail. Focused on five ‘i’s, iRetail will give attending executives a framework for evaluating their existing capabilities and provide a roadmap to closing the innovation gap. In a time of declining and disappearing industry events, the NGA Show has become a beacon of light for the industry as it has grown each year, even outgrowing its longtime home in Las Vegas, spurring the move to San Diego this coming February. CART has had a long time partnership with NGA and is taking the relationship to a new level this year, building on the success of CART’s Innovation Event at last year’s show.  Make sure to put Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019, on your calendar and plan to attend the CART special event at the new NGA Show! +MORE

Technology's Profound Impact on the Supermarket Industry

Peter Larkin, President & CEO, National Grocers Association

Often cited as the one of the greatest catalyst of change within the retail grocery industry, technology is an area that independent supermarket operators must understand, and embrace.  Technology continues to have a profound impact, where virtually every detail of the supermarket industry is being touched by new solutions and platforms. I see three technology threads, each entwined with the other. One is the explosion of mobile applications and programs that are turning grocery shoppers into high information consumers. According to Pew research, smart phone adoption among Americans has more than doubled since 2011. Not only are shoppers becoming more sophisticated, but they are using technology as a way to gain more information, transparency, and convenience. At the touch of a mobile screen, consumers can instantly access to updated information on locally sourced perishables, competitive promotions, price checks and recipe ingredient lists. In turn, this migration to the digital space is shaping customer relationships with retailers. Today’s shopper does not want to be talked to but instead wants to be a part of the conversation. Consumer product manufacturers and marketers make up a second technology thread. By analyzing large chunks of customer data and retail sales, manufacturers, retailers and service suppliers are exploring innovative ways to touch their target audiences. Big data though can be vast and hard to harness. Whether it’s social media, a mobile payment system, or loyalty programs, technology can effectively create many new opportunities for savvy retailers to learn about and to connect with their shoppers to better serve their needs. A good place to see and learn about a number of these innovative solutions is right here at The third thread is in the store itself, where technology is increasingly employed to improve overall store productivity to program more effective lighting, to boost checkout efficiency, to track shopper traffic flows to improve layout and sales per square foot, or to offer customers immediate cost savings via real time wifi connections as they shop. A great, and very recent, example of this is Sedano's Supermarkets launch of a “robotic supermarket,” which entails an automated fulfillment center where AI-enabled robots will assemble full supermarket orders of up to 60 items. While the landscape is quickly evolving, many independent grocers are taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies to engage with their shoppers, find efficiencies, and reach new and existing customers where, how, and when they want. Independents have been making their move into digital. They are hiring dedicated staff, dedicating marketing budgets to digital initiatives, more effectively leveraging social media platforms, and integrating the latest technologies into their business strategies.  With the dramatic pace in which new apps and tech solutions are coming on to the market, it can all seem a bit overwhelming, but technology will play a defining role in the supermarket industry.  Those retailers that are on the forefront of implementing new technology and embrace the hyper-connected, tech-savvy consumer are positioning themselves for success. I’m one who is convinced that these threads will weave into a pattern of rising sales and profits. And that’s why the 2019 NGA Show will kick-off with a new educational event, spearheaded by our partners at CART, entitled “iRetail: Technology Innovation Reshaping the Grocery Industry.” The event is designed to give supermarket operators a framework for navigating fast-paced innovation while maintaining a focus on the importance of people and physical stores as we move into the future. Despite increased competition from all angles, it is an exciting time for the supermarket industry – and we at NGA are bullish about what the future holds for the independent grocers! Known as the true entrepreneurs of the industry, independents are nimble enough to quickly overcome obstacles, and are finding innovative ways to respond to changing consumer preferences, which is something they’ve always been good at given their close ties to their communities and the consumers they serve. +MORE

Pace of Innovation -- Shattering the Status Quo

Gary Hawkins, CART

Retailers are shellshocked by the increasing pace of technology fueled innovation that is transforming and disrupting the industry. It seems not a week goes by that we don’t read about yet another new competitor entering the grocery space or some new innovation being rolled out by an existing competitor. Case in point: Kroger’s recent announcement that it is deploying its Shop, Scan, and Bag self-shopping solution at 400+ stores. This in response to Amazon’s cashier-less Go store pilot and Walmart’s similar self-shopping solution. Supermarket retailers are challenged on several fronts relative to innovation. It is nearly impossible for a retailer to be aware of all the new innovation entering the market. As an example, CART reviews an estimated 100 new solutions each month. Beyond awareness though is the challenge of deciding what areas to focus on (supply chain, distribution, marketing, store operations, etc.) and deciding what specific solution to pilot. And then having to decide what new capabilities to deploy across operating stores. Having efficient operations, quality foods, and great pricing and service is simply the cost of entry to supermarket retail. The new battleground is innovation. This is a new world for retailers to navigate. As an example, we see too many retailers implementing different digital capabilities in a piecemeal fashion rather than working towards a cohesive and comprehensive platform. The self-shopping capability mentioned earlier is a great example. Some retailers are trying to implement this kind of capability through a third-party app or a separate app rather than bundling it into one mobile app for their customers. Shoppers are after an omni-channel, seamless experience, not being forced to interact with different apps or systems to do business with a retailer. CART is here to help. We’re able to leverage our strong retail experience, industry knowledge, and unique insight to new capabilities and innovation flowing into the market to help retailers understand where they are today relative to their competitors and best-in-class retailers. Developing an innovation roadmap is important to help in prioritizing what new innovation to focus on and to create a foundation capable of adapting to new capabilities and technologies as they come into the market. +MORE

Wonder Rewards

Wonder Rewards

Wonder Rewards is a global provider of end-to-end digital customer loyalty and engagement solutions that drive incremental sales, serve up a better understanding of customer shopping behavior and actionable insights, and personalize the shopping experience. We offer an Alliance Loyalty Marketing Platform with millions of shoppers engaged in the "spend", "earn", "redeem" transactional cycle, with greater redemption value and spending power, than any other rewards program. Add value, not lower price, to transaction: NO Startup Costs, NO Recurring Fees 100% digital, proven technology.  No cards. No keytags Integrate online and offline sales Best CRM Analytics that drive and increase sales Strengthen the relationships with customers  POS Integration – Plug-in application, compatible with any POS                              (Eliminate Integration Costs) Intelligence-Based Marketing Wonder Rewards analytics is based on Marketing Cloud, providing data-driven insights that guide business decisions and optimize marketing campaigns.  Supercharge your customer acquisition, retention, upsell and cross-sell strategies.  Gain a deep understanding of your customers and build stronger relationships with analytics that are automated, smart and predictive. +MORE


Purchasing Bulk Gift Cards

Evergreen Partners

Evergreen-Partners will purchase a large bulk of your gift cards at their full face value. No discounts, fees or commissions. Our extensive network for gift card distribution includes online partners, a large friends and family network, and the national community of broadcast, print, outdoor and digital media vendors with whom we regularly trade. Your cards will go into the hands of new customers within your market who would not have otherwise purchased cards through your normal channels. And like any other purchase we make, you pre-approve our proposed distribution strategy. In return, you will place a portion of your normal, budgeted advertising through us. You’re not advertising your gift cards through us, but rather allowing us to place a bit of your normal scheduled promotional or branding advertising. +MORE


Gift and Prepaid Services


Vantiv Merchant Gift and Vantiv Prepaid helps your business grow through our simple, yet comprehensive stored-value solutions. +MORE


Midax Payments & Midax SafeTrak

Midax, Inc.

General payment switching and switch management. Credit, Debit, EBT/FSA movement of transactions from the POS to your processor of choice. Complete Check Authorization, ACH, In-House Gift Cards and Blackhawk, Scrip and Fleet programs available. +MORE


Essentia ChargeIt +

Essentia Financial Services

The Essentia ChargeIt + charge card is a powerful tool that extends credit to customers where they want it, when they want it, and offers a solution that improves options for ongoing cash flow needs. Now customers can purchase the items they want, when they want them and pay when they have the funds, thanks to this innovative alternative. +MORE


Omni-channel E-Commerce Platform


VIC's E-Commerce and Shopping Trip Planning platform brings everything together under one integrated web site so you can offer your shoppers real time access to shop your stores, manage loyalty accounts, clip digital coupons, view circulars and create shopping lists. It creates a shopping destination that is tailored to your brand, your systems and partners so you can differentiate. You can upsell, cross-sell and personalize your website with intelligent targeting and content. Your employees can fulfill online orders with live in-store fulfillment tailored to their jobs. The platform extends to stores with seamlessly integrated kiosks and digital signage for true omni-channel capabilities to drive in-store purchasing decisions. Additionally with email, text, voice and location based technologies, it delivers marketing tools to reach shoppers or let shoppers reach you no matter where they are. You can drive your own digital strategy no matter what the current and future competition is, with complete enterprise customization around your market, strengths, and marketing message. +MORE


Prepaid Solutions

First Data

First Data offers your business a prepaid program designed to maximize value, savings and growth. We have over 17 years of experience in prepaid solutions starting with the industry’s first third party gift card. Our prepaid solutions have been highly recognized in the industry for innovation and excellence. +MORE




HYPERVSN™- USA Premier Reseller The reaction to seeing HYPERVSN is unanimous – Wow, insane, it’s unbelievable! The marketing sensation that is HYPERVSN is now available to attract customers in a truly captivating way – a “floating illusion” of dimensional, motion imagery.  The applications are as vast as the imagination to utilize  this innovation.  +MORE



Nift Networks

Nift is the first invitation-only network that helps neighborhood businesses get the right local customers to walk through the door. It's the only network that guarantees businesses are discovered every time they thank their best customers with Nift gifts. Give your best customers Nift gift cards They'll use them to try other local businesses Other businesses gift Nift gift cards, too.   Bring their best customers in to try your business +MORE


Visa Checkout


Innovations for a Cashless World -  Online payments as easy as 1-2-3 Just three simple steps stand between you and easier online payments. Visa Checkout  Visa Checkout helps speed up the checkout process, transforming shoppers into buyers. Visa Checkout provides your customers a way to confidently pay on your e-commerce site and in your app. With Visa Checkout, enrolled users don't have to fill out their credit card number or billing address, meaning they can check out in as few as two fields. +MORE




Finally Category & Item Specific Gift Cards Are Possible. We’re giving gift cards a brain.  1. Free Card Builder Portal Our gift card builder portal is free to use. Issue codes in a matter of minutes. 2. Programmable Gift Card Experiences Unprecedented in the gift card industry. Get creative. 3. Collaborate With Sponsors & Fullfillment Built-in approvals means building sponsor coalitions is easy.  +MORE




Scoin is a revolutionary product being developed to digitize and maximize loose “change”. Change is costly to handle, lost and neglected, and even discarded. +MORE



Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

Payment Processing Whether your retail business is small or large, success can hinge on finding simple and effective payment processing software. While you’re busy managing inventory, supervising employees and taking care of your customers, let Heartland be your payment processing partner so you can focus on what matters most.  Mobile Payments Give your customers the convenience to pay the way they want. With Heartland’s mobile payment processing solutions, you can keep the line moving while keeping up with the latest payment trends. We offer reliable security, easy-to-install hardware and downloadable apps.  Payroll It’s hard to focus on growth if you’re busy processing payroll, all while managing customer expectations. At Heartland, we provide complete payroll management services for your store—so you can get back to doing what you love. Our full-service retail payroll software will offer secure, reliable solutions you can trust. e-Commerce Use your Internet-connected PC or device to process credit, debit and prepaid commercial cards quickly and securely. Portico provides an inexpensive way for you to accept payments and replaces stand-alone payment terminals that require dedicated phone lines. Portico can be used to process card-present and card-not-present transactions.  Gift Card Gift cards get customers in the door and encourage them to come back. We can help you increase your profits and gain more loyal customers with our merchant gift card program for store owners. From customization to reloading capabilities and more, Heartland has the solutions you need. Plus, you can always count on our reliable security.  Loyalty Program Loyalty marketing programs keep your store’s brand at the forefront. You’ll be able to turn good customers into loyal customers by incenting them through rewards-based marketing. Loyalty programs build relationships and increase customer frequency.  POS Efficiency and simplicity in point-of-sale systems is vital for your success. That’s why we offer a full suite of retail POS software and hardware that allows you to more efficiently manage your store.  Lending When growing your store, there’s always something that needs to be done. Something to buy. Someone to hire. That’s why Heartland offers loan assistance for retail owners. We’ve partnered with multiple sources as part of our retail loan program so you can get the funding you need at the terms you want, all while working with a company you know and trust.  Analytics Heartland’s InfoCentral—your one-stop shop for all your reporting needs—provides you with great features to help you manage your retail operation. View your store’s performance, review sales and transactions, monitor batches and deposits, receive real-time notifications and much more—at no additional fee when processing with Heartland. +MORE



GIVEX Corporation

Customer Engagement Tools for Data-Driven Decisions    Acquisition Marketing Tools Understanding costs for acquiring new customers is the crucial first step, the second is to ensure you're maximizing each initiative. Our tools provide proven cost efficient methods, while giving you the ability to measure their effectiveness in real time.  Omni-Channel Engagement Retail success now involves your ability to engage with consumers wherever they are, in-store, online and on whatever device they may be using. Our platform seamlessly connects to all your sales channels, and our tools are usable on any device.  Actionable Business Intelligence. Whether it’s a profitability analysis, forecasting, marketing initiative validation or understanding who your most profitable customers are, the Givex platform provides the data you need to better understand your operations, so you can take action. THE TOOLBOX FOR ACTIONABLE CUSTOMER INSIGHTS:  Giftcards Loyalty Programs Vexilor POS Reporting and Anayltics +MORE


Gift Card Platform

Vernost Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

SELL YOUR GIFT CARDS TO Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Today’s shoppers are always busy and want gifts on-the-go. We also know that they love supporting local businesses. Vernost gives business owners a platform to create, sell and market their own eGift cards, as well as track transactions in real-time! +MORE


SmartTrac - Secure Identity & Transactions


A WORLD CLASS PROVIDER OF MICROCONNECTORS TO SMART CARD MANUFACTURERS, CHIP MAKERS AND MODULE MANUFACTURERS  CONTACT MICROCONNECTORS Easy-to-use solutions for SIM, entry-level EMV, and ID.  DUAL INTERFACE MICROCONNECTORS Dual interface is a more advanced smart card solution. VALUE-ADDED FEATURES Tailored solutions on demand for greater differentiation.  CONTACTLESS MODULES Contactless electronic applications with tailor-made configurations  OUR OFFERING OF WIRED AND ETCHED ANTENNAS CAN SOLVE ALMOST ANY OF YOUR CONTACTLESS NEEDS.  WIRED ANTENNAS We design and manufacture a wide range of RFID antennas and inlays, used in dual interface banking cards, ePassports, eID cards, access and transport cards. ETCHED ​ANTENNAS We design and manufacture miniaturized etched RFID antennas with high quality requirements, supporting all RFID standards.  LINXENS PROPOSES CHIP ON FLEX AND CHIP ON BOARD LIGHTING SOLUTIONS FOR MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS COF MODULES The COF module (Chip On Flex) is a flexible LED module with a linear source which fits the mechanical specifications of all general lighting products (geometry, design…) and can be used in tubes, triproofs, panels or rulers… The COF technology enables to develop a simple structure without soldering, easy to integrate and with efficient heat transfer. With an optimal luminous efficacy, the COF module is the innovative solution for all lighting needs. Produced in reel to reel, the COF solution is adaptable to all lengths.  COB MODULES The COB module (Chip On Board) is a LED structure directly built on the tape. LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module and encapsulated directly on the same point. This integrated package allows an efficient heat transfer that means a much higher efficiency rate and lower failure rates. Our COB are produced in reel to reel, in a wide range of sizes and efficiencies and can be integrated in all lighting devices.  RINGLIGHT MODULES The ring light module is a circular LED solution which can be used in several applications as phone and camera  (flash) or microscope (binometric lamp). With a very low thickness (from 1.5mm), Linxens' ringlight enables to reach high quality illumination in the near field and could be placed around every optical systems.    Light uniformity, color temperature,  flux and illuminance can be adjusted  according to customer request. Additionally, an optical systems can be molded directly on the ring device and different LED wavelength can be used (UV, visible, Infra-red…). For specific applications, waterproofing can be added thanks to a special over-molding. +MORE

Connect - Smart Member System

A smart member system for physical retail stores, restaurants, omni-channel retailers and on-line stores! Easily acquire members, retain more customers and grow your business. We Are Future Ready. Are You? Take control on every aspect of your member program with our latest technology. For physical stores: Kick-start your in-store member program easily. Start knowing your customers more then just their name. For omni-channel stores: Run a single member program for your online and offline stores. Attract, reward and track your customers on both channels. For on-line stores: Integrates with your e-commerce software in minutes, put your member and rewards program on auto-pilot instantly. +MORE



edikio by evolis

THREE ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL PRICE TAGS  Evolis offers complete solutions for creating and printing price tags quickly, efficiently, and economically.  Edikio Access The most affordable solution for single-sided price tags   Edikio Flex The flexible solution for labels on standard or long cards  Edikio Duplex The advanced solution for double-sided labels +MORE


C2C Giftcard Marketplace


Buy Discount Gift Cards: Before you shop online or in stores, check out the Raise marketplace to find discounted gift cards to brands such as Target, The Home Depot, and Macy’s. Search by brand, category, or value, and simply add to your shopping cart. With free shipping on all gift cards, it’s easy to boost your purchase power and give yourself a raise. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards: On the Raise marketplace, you can sell gift cards for cash at the price you choose. We accept gift cards and merchandise credit from any brand or restaurant, and you get paid when the gift card sells. Simply choose the selling price, and your gift card will be featured on our marketplace in front of thousands of savvy shoppers. +MORE


Cloud-Connected Promotional Products


Cloud-connected promotional products for live events & experiential marketing. Leverage digital assets into the real word with Tactify's physical-to-digital products. Powered by our feature-rich dashboard, containing live editing and analytics, Tactify has solutions for any brand. +MORE


Retail Point Of Sale Supplies

North Country Business Products

North Country Business Products has a full line of POS Supplies. We specialize in providing our customers with premium point-of-sale supplies, including; Thermal Paper Rolls, 1-Ply, 2-Ply Carbonless, 3-Ply Paper Rolls, ATM Rolls and a full line of Printer Ribbons, Credit Card Supplies, Signs, Labels and Hospitality Furniture. Our trained Supply Professionals will take care of your office and business supply needs and will ensure that your products are received in a timely manner. Receipt Paper North Country Business Products offers a full line of roll paper for most POS systems, cash registers, ATM’s, credit card machines and much more. No matter what printer or application you may have, we carry a variety of sizes to meet your business needs. Printer Ribbons We carry a full line of printer ribbons for a variety of different printer styles. NCBP works closely with our manufacturers to make sure you get quality long-life ribbons that you can count on. If you are looking for that hard to find printer ribbon, give us a call. Chances are we have the ribbons you are looking for. Credit Card Cleaning Cards Credit card cleaning cards are an effective, yet inexpensive way to ensure that your equipment is performing to its optimum. These disposable cards are pre-saturated with cleaning fluid to make them easy to use. A simple swipe of the card removes dirt, magnetic oxides, oils and other contaminants from all types of magnetic card readers. Signs and Labels Quality signs and labels play a big part in your stores image. NCBP has a full line of sign cards, shelf labels, shelf talkers, deli labels, bakery labels and posters for your pricing and display needs. If you are looking to create your own brand, we can even create custom items for you. +MORE


Gift Cards, Events, Loyalty and Marketing

GiftRocker LLC

Gift cards: GiftRocker enables you to sell digital or physical gift cards from your store, website or smartphone. read more Experiences: Sell fixed price items from your website or smartphone. E.g. prix fixe dinners, brunch for two, turkeys, lobsters. read more Events: Presell events from your website or through social media. Ticket taking app makes managing attendees a breeze. read more Promos & campaigns: Create promos and campaigns to incentivize your customers. Trigger rewards based off of visits or purchase. read more Mobile: Customers send gifts as texts or email and use their digital wallet to manage gift cards, event tickets and promotions. Community: Work with local non profits in new creative ways. Incentivize buying while spreading good will. +MORE


Web-based Retail POS Software

Posterita Inc.

Posterita POS, the most robust cloud & iPad POS and inventory management for multi-sites retailers. Powerful, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Web Based POS. Buyer: Purchase orders, replenishments, demand forecating, item management, category management, supply chain analytics. Warehouse Manager: Item classification management, Real-time inventory tracking, Inventory transfer among stores, Trace your inventories. Inventory adjustments. Sales Rep: Intuitive and easy to use, Sell anything you want, Low training time, Perform POS operations faster and with more control. Marketer: Customer creation and management, Loyalty reward program, Know your customer better, Track your customers, Run targeted promotions, Reports. Manager: Manage all stores centrally, Get all data you need to take the right decisions, Measure performance of anything, Achieve your business objectives. +MORE