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Are you Leaving Profits in the Basket? 10 Secrets to Increase Basket Size Week After Week

Dan Dashevsky, My Cloud Grocer

Independent supermarkets that offer products both in-store and online have an online basket size averaging between $120 and $184, based on the recent Brick Meets Click study. This compares favorably to Amazon Fresh at $84; Instacart, $98; Fresh Direct, $105; and Peapod, $147, as reported by 1010data. Out of 19 independent banners participated in the BMC study, Breadberry supermarket in Brooklyn, New York, had an online basket size of $184, the largest reported. Many of MCG’s clients have similar or even larger basket sizes than Breadberry’s. These 10 secrets have enabled our clients to achieve such outstanding results.   1.     Speed matters. Website visitors tend to care more about speed than about the bells and whistles we might be tempted to add to our websites. Google did an interesting experiment with regard to load times, asking web surfers if they would rather see 10 or 30 search results at a time. The users agreed that 30 results per page sounded like a good idea. Google then implemented this on some of their results pages. The shock came when traffic to pages that displayed 30 results dropped an astounding 20%. Google then tested the loading time difference between the 10- and 30-result pages. They found that this was just half of a second. So page loading time has been shown to be a crucial factor in user retention. It is also becoming a more important factor in search engine rankings. 2.     Product photography. The images on a site are another important factor. High-definition, mouthwatering pictures make a big difference when it comes to food shopping. Many website owners opt for the easy solution, and only display product images they can easily obtain from publicly available databases such as Kweeki and Item Master. These databases do not include all products, however, and image quality is often poor and inconsistent. The time and effort invested in high quality product photography to ensure that every product carried in the store is online and has a beautiful image pays good long-term dividends. 3.     Less is more. Instead of cluttering pages with as much product info as possible, keep it simple. Make the product image and a brief description the center of attention. Then you can add to the page some relevant and popular products to help customers remember to buy products that they may otherwise forget. 4.     “Shop by recipe.” Customers are looking for creative ideas to keep their meals fun. With a Shop by Recipes feature, they can find a recipe, click, and send ingredients to their shopping cart. The more interesting it is to browse your online store, the more your customers will buy from you. 5.     “My favorites.” Customers complete their shopping list much faster when they start with a pre-populated list of the products they normally buy. Once they are done with the basics, they have time to browse for more products, adding to the total basket size. 6.     Digital circulars. Everyone loves savings, and the more the better. Having plenty of items on weekly specials not only increases your in-store traffic but also increases your online basket size. Your printed flyer can only fit a limited number of items before it begins to look like a flea market and becomes impossible to read. Online, there is no limit to how many items you can display on special. Customers simply flip to the next page and keep on adding savings to their shopping cart. 7.     Quick re-order. By giving customers the ability to quickly send all the items from their previous order directly to their shopping cart, you’re simplifying their life and minimizing the possibility that they may forget an item or two. 8.     Keep it fresh. Let’s face it, shopping for groceries is not a recreational activity, but if you keep on introducing new products, it becomes more interesting, and this too will be reflected in your basket size. 9.     Accurate order fulfillment. Customers who are using your online order service are doing so for convenience, They want to save time for other priorities. If you fulfill their order quickly, and most important, accurately, you will see many more orders and higher order amounts now that they have trust in your service. Many MCG clients see increase in online basket size with customers who are placing their third and fourth orders. Once they develop the trust in your service, they will reward you with loyalty and larger basket sizes. 10. Good customer service. As in brick and mortar stores, good customer service is the key to success. This is what differentiates you from your competitors. Be ready to replace the not-so-fresh strawberries that a personal shopper put into a customer’s bag by mistake. Customers will buy more online from you if they are confident that if something is not satisfactory you will take good care of them. +MORE

My Cloud Grocer Solution Guide


My Cloud Grocer provides a retailer-branded online shopping solution to supermarket retailers. The online shopping site is responsive (will display properly on desktop, smartphone, and tablet screens) and features fast load times and payment functionality using token technology surpassing PCI compliance. My Cloud Grocer provides the retailer with support for picking, managing, and delivering orders. The company’s retail clients have experienced increased overall sales, due to reduced scatter... +MORE


Managed Online Grocery Solution

My Cloud Grocer


We launch and manage e-commerce websites for supermarkets. Our clients win the fiercely competitive omni-channel battle for customers.   You enjoy all the benefits of a fully managed, branded, fully integrated proprietary website. And you retain ownership of your customers. We leverage a state-of-the-art enterprise platform for efficiency, and then as developers we customize to meet the unique needs of our individual clients.  We don't stop at launch. We optimize on an ongoing basis to provide your shoppers with the ultimate online experience. That's why our clients get online sales at a rate far higher than current market trends, and without retail cannibalization. It's fast, highly secure and surprisingly affordable. If you're ready to launch an advanced e-commerce website or optimize your current e-commerce website, then let's talk.  +MORE


Solving Network Security and Connectivity for Retailers


Network security and connectivity have become significant issues for retailers and represent a particularly challenging set of issues for independent retailers who typically lack the resources, skill sets, and expertise that larger companies are able to maintain. Big name retailers that have been hacked over the past year have further raised the importance of the issue. The increasingly rapid growth of mobile payment and in-store Wi-Fi availability for shoppers adds yet additional complexity. +MORE


Pseudo Customer Centricity: Fool’s Gold

Gary Hawkins on Winsight Grocery Business, CART

Retailers must employ a customer-first philosophy into organizational culture Many regional retailers are (at last!) intent on becoming customer-centric, more than a decade after The Kroger Co. led the way and more than two decades after early loyalty pioneers proved the value of a true customer focus. But too many retailers believe that customer centricity can simply be bolted on to their organizations without realizing that true customer centricity is far more involved. Like the intrepid gold miners of the 1840s, these retailers awaken to the realization that what they’ve taken for retail gold is in actuality a false promise, seduced by the fools gold of pseudo customer centricity. I can recount meetings with senior executives from well-known retailers who espouse their customer centricity efforts; spending massive sums on consultants and solutions powered by a decade’s old approach based on customer segments integrated to the retailer’s category planning processes, and even personalized offers to shoppers. Countless of these retailers remain anchored in a product-focused world, even those who tout using technology to discover what products should be put on offer to their customers rather than starting with a vendor-funded offer pool.  True disciples of customer centricity deeply embed a customer-first philosophy into their organizational culture, extending it to every part of the enterprise. These companies realize that providing savings on products relevant to the shopper is only the beginning. Leading companies such as Amazon and Kroger are investing heavily in taking customer centricity to the next level: comprehensive, seamless user experiences across channels and devices, integrating personalized product recommendations with an understanding of the individual shopper’s specific health conditions, and laying the technology foundation for immersive shopping experiences melding the physical and digital worlds. Customer first disciples understand the dynamic flow of customers and their shopping behavior over time, putting in place capabilities and processes attuned to providing contextual relevancy inside and outside the store. And personalization—driven by past purchases and recommendation algorithms—is fast evolving to what I think of as strategic hyper-personalization, leveraging vast intelligence about each individual shopper to power a mix of recommendations to win the shopping trip, grow baskets, maximize retention, and foster customer advocacy—one customer at a time, in real time. Many regional retailers are based in more rural areas where company executives believe their shoppers are less tech savvy, relieving pressure on digital imperatives. According to Pew Research, 95% of Americans own a cellphone in 2018, with 77% of Americans owning a smartphone. Pew also calls out that in 2018, 89% of Americans use the internet. Location is no longer a proxy for customer technology illiteracy.  This year, Amazon is projected to realize over $258 billion in U.S. retail sales, an estimated 49% of all online retail spending in the United States. With this kind of penetration, and the ability to ship products anywhere overnight, traditional supermarket retailers would do well to remember that their shoppers are increasingly expecting (demanding!) the seamless and comprehensive user experience provided by Amazon, and increasingly by Kroger and Walmart. Yet, too many retailers remain mired in digital purgatory, constrained by capability silos and the inability to bring piecemeal capabilities together in a seamless fashion for shoppers.  Lastly, many seasoned grocery executives have spent their careers being rewarded for following, letting someone else bring innovation to market and only following when it has been proven successful. Years ago IT executives would buy IBM, even if it wasn’t the best choice, but because it was the "safe" choice. This practice continues today as retailers sign deals with "established" providers because they believe it is the safe choice, failing to understand that today’s environment rewards fresh, forward-looking thinking. Retail executives need to look beyond yesterday’s approach to customer centricity to capabilities and platforms that actually position the retailer for future success. The cost of failing to provide a seamless shopping experience, for failing to provide true individual shopper personalization, and failing to provide real time contextual relevancy, can rapidly obliterate any savings or security from yesterday’s "proven" approach. Tom Furphy, a former Amazon executive and the originator of Amazon Fresh, in a recent interviewspeaking to the challenges retailers face today, especially a reliance on past practices, says it all: “What seems safe is actually destructive. That’s a recipe for longer term disaster.” This article originally appeared on Winsight Grocery Business and can be viewed here +MORE

The Top Five Ways Retailers Benefit from Industry Trade Shows

Courtney Muller, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, Clarion UX

When was the last time you attended a retail or food and beverage trade show? If you have to pause to think of the answer – or know immediately that the answer is, “Never” – then it might be time to find a show or expo near you. Trade shows are the best places for those within the industry to get out of their stores and network; find new products and stay abreast of the cutting edge technology offerings; and gain invaluable education in the areas you need it most. In short, even if you spend time every day trying to stay current, you could never see it all – or know what to search for. There is no better place than a trade show … from seeing new products, meeting new people, becoming educated on a new way to engage your customers, or finding out about technology … this is the place to find what you don’t know!   Here are some of the top reasons you should attend a trade show this year: Network with Decision Makers When you think of networking, perhaps the typical “mixer” scenario comes to mind with people you don’t know awkwardly milling about a bar or restaurant, trying to strike up conversations with random people in the hopes that you might be able to benefit one another in some way. Networking at a trade show couldn’t be any more different. As an attendee, you can specifically find exhibitors with the products you seek; attend educational sessions that pertain to topics you are interested in, therefore attracting other audience members who share the same challenges; and be assured that your peers in the same industry as you are seeking similar solutions as you.  And you might even run into a colleague you haven’t seen in years! Find New Products and Foods You subscribe to industry periodicals and get Google Alerts in your inbox every day, but have you seen that new robot that identifies out of stock items and potential slip and fall hazards? Have you read about leveraging data to establish loyalty and trust with food delivery customers? A trade show is the perfect venue to scope out all that is new in the retail world from tech products to new foods and services – all in one place – to help you use technology to create a seamless customer experience. As you look for new technology innovation to keep you competitive, you may find the perfect partner for online ordering, rapid delivery, or rapid checkout through customer’s smartphones.  No matter what you want to go to a trade show to find, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by discovering even more than you thought along the aisles. See New Trends in Action Are vegan offerings a must-have? Should you offer chef demonstrations to showcase meal ideas? Are international flavors high on consumer’s minds? What chef dishes are they trying replicate at home? Be on the front line of this year’s and next year’s trends so you can bank on what your customers will be looking for in the near future. You’ll walk away with new products and great ideas you can implement immediately in your store operations. You may even realize that you are on the verge of creating an entirely different trend yourself that has yet to appear on the market – good information that you can capitalize on in the year to come. Receive Best in Class Education If school is a distant memory – or perhaps you learned hands-on in a family business and worked your way up the ranks – one of the best perks of most trade shows is the educational content provided to attendees and exhibitors alike. Whether you’re interested in operational excellence, developing your workforce, building bigger baskets, or sessions dedicated to those hot new tech trends we previously mentioned, trade shows like The NGA Show (presented by the National Grocers Association) in San Diego this coming February will have you covered on all fronts. What’s more, you can connect with presenting industry specialists to gain even more valuable insight into the topics that interest you most. Gain Immediate, Actionable Ideas The bottom line … your time is valuable and you want to spend any time out of your store obtaining the cream of the crop ideas - from new products, growth strategies and tech trends. Hear what the experts have to share, sample emerging products, uncover new technology, and refresh your enthusiasm for the business. You’ll walk away with a plan to bring all of these new ideas and initiatives into your store operation to drive profits, growth and innovation.   No matter where you are in your retail career, a trade show will no doubt provide you with opportunities, education and inspiration as you progress in the business. Interested in learning more? Check out the upcoming NGA show: National Grocers Association Show, San Diego, CA, February 24-27, 2019, www.thengashow.com  Each year, The NGA Show brings together independent retailers and wholesalers, food retail industry executives, food/CPG manufacturers and service providers for unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage, share, network, and innovate.  Given today’s ever-changing marketplace and evolving advancements in innovation occurring in the food retail industry, The NGA Show is a must-attend event, providing over 40 educational workshops, an expo floor featuring innovative and game-changing products and solutions and countless networking opportunities.  Registration is open at www.thengashow.com – early bird registration rates in effect through December 10, 2018.  +MORE

NGA Show 2019: The Epicenter of Grocery Industry Innovation

CART, Advancing Retail

In a special event leading up to the opening of the new NGA Show 2019, CART will bring together unique education, an impressive line up of speakers, and cutting edge innovation to make San Diego the epicenter of grocery industry innovation during Feb. 24-27, 2019. With a focus on regional retailers and dynamic independent operators, the CART team will present an innovation tour de force designed to help attendees not only stay in the game but help them win. CART is coming together with leading retailers through-out the industry to provide attendees a new worldview for the future of retail where transformation and disruption are the new normal: iRetail. Focused on five ‘i’s, iRetail will give attending executives a framework for evaluating their existing capabilities and provide a roadmap to closing the innovation gap. In a time of declining and disappearing industry events, the NGA Show has become a beacon of light for the industry as it has grown each year, even outgrowing its longtime home in Las Vegas, spurring the move to San Diego this coming February. CART has had a long time partnership with NGA and is taking the relationship to a new level this year, building on the success of CART’s Innovation Event at last year’s show.  Make sure to put Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019, on your calendar and plan to attend the CART special event at the new NGA Show! +MORE

Technology's Profound Impact on the Supermarket Industry

Peter Larkin, President & CEO, National Grocers Association

Often cited as the one of the greatest catalyst of change within the retail grocery industry, technology is an area that independent supermarket operators must understand, and embrace.  Technology continues to have a profound impact, where virtually every detail of the supermarket industry is being touched by new solutions and platforms. I see three technology threads, each entwined with the other. One is the explosion of mobile applications and programs that are turning grocery shoppers into high information consumers. According to Pew research, smart phone adoption among Americans has more than doubled since 2011. Not only are shoppers becoming more sophisticated, but they are using technology as a way to gain more information, transparency, and convenience. At the touch of a mobile screen, consumers can instantly access to updated information on locally sourced perishables, competitive promotions, price checks and recipe ingredient lists. In turn, this migration to the digital space is shaping customer relationships with retailers. Today’s shopper does not want to be talked to but instead wants to be a part of the conversation. Consumer product manufacturers and marketers make up a second technology thread. By analyzing large chunks of customer data and retail sales, manufacturers, retailers and service suppliers are exploring innovative ways to touch their target audiences. Big data though can be vast and hard to harness. Whether it’s social media, a mobile payment system, or loyalty programs, technology can effectively create many new opportunities for savvy retailers to learn about and to connect with their shoppers to better serve their needs. A good place to see and learn about a number of these innovative solutions is right here at www.advancingretail.org. The third thread is in the store itself, where technology is increasingly employed to improve overall store productivity to program more effective lighting, to boost checkout efficiency, to track shopper traffic flows to improve layout and sales per square foot, or to offer customers immediate cost savings via real time wifi connections as they shop. A great, and very recent, example of this is Sedano's Supermarkets launch of a “robotic supermarket,” which entails an automated fulfillment center where AI-enabled robots will assemble full supermarket orders of up to 60 items. While the landscape is quickly evolving, many independent grocers are taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies to engage with their shoppers, find efficiencies, and reach new and existing customers where, how, and when they want. Independents have been making their move into digital. They are hiring dedicated staff, dedicating marketing budgets to digital initiatives, more effectively leveraging social media platforms, and integrating the latest technologies into their business strategies.  With the dramatic pace in which new apps and tech solutions are coming on to the market, it can all seem a bit overwhelming, but technology will play a defining role in the supermarket industry.  Those retailers that are on the forefront of implementing new technology and embrace the hyper-connected, tech-savvy consumer are positioning themselves for success. I’m one who is convinced that these threads will weave into a pattern of rising sales and profits. And that’s why the 2019 NGA Show will kick-off with a new educational event, spearheaded by our partners at CART, entitled “iRetail: Technology Innovation Reshaping the Grocery Industry.” The event is designed to give supermarket operators a framework for navigating fast-paced innovation while maintaining a focus on the importance of people and physical stores as we move into the future. Despite increased competition from all angles, it is an exciting time for the supermarket industry – and we at NGA are bullish about what the future holds for the independent grocers! Known as the true entrepreneurs of the industry, independents are nimble enough to quickly overcome obstacles, and are finding innovative ways to respond to changing consumer preferences, which is something they’ve always been good at given their close ties to their communities and the consumers they serve. +MORE

Pace of Innovation -- Shattering the Status Quo

Gary Hawkins, CART

Retailers are shellshocked by the increasing pace of technology fueled innovation that is transforming and disrupting the industry. It seems not a week goes by that we don’t read about yet another new competitor entering the grocery space or some new innovation being rolled out by an existing competitor. Case in point: Kroger’s recent announcement that it is deploying its Shop, Scan, and Bag self-shopping solution at 400+ stores. This in response to Amazon’s cashier-less Go store pilot and Walmart’s similar self-shopping solution. Supermarket retailers are challenged on several fronts relative to innovation. It is nearly impossible for a retailer to be aware of all the new innovation entering the market. As an example, CART reviews an estimated 100 new solutions each month. Beyond awareness though is the challenge of deciding what areas to focus on (supply chain, distribution, marketing, store operations, etc.) and deciding what specific solution to pilot. And then having to decide what new capabilities to deploy across operating stores. Having efficient operations, quality foods, and great pricing and service is simply the cost of entry to supermarket retail. The new battleground is innovation. This is a new world for retailers to navigate. As an example, we see too many retailers implementing different digital capabilities in a piecemeal fashion rather than working towards a cohesive and comprehensive platform. The self-shopping capability mentioned earlier is a great example. Some retailers are trying to implement this kind of capability through a third-party app or a separate app rather than bundling it into one mobile app for their customers. Shoppers are after an omni-channel, seamless experience, not being forced to interact with different apps or systems to do business with a retailer. CART is here to help. We’re able to leverage our strong retail experience, industry knowledge, and unique insight to new capabilities and innovation flowing into the market to help retailers understand where they are today relative to their competitors and best-in-class retailers. Developing an innovation roadmap is important to help in prioritizing what new innovation to focus on and to create a foundation capable of adapting to new capabilities and technologies as they come into the market. +MORE

Profectus USA

Profectus Group US

Profectus is an international technology and services company that provides leading technologies for rebate and deal management, contract compliance and accounts payable audits. The niche technology is designed to create transaction certainty and help businesses make better decisions. The Profectus USA team supports many industry verticals including grocery and foodservice wholesalers, grocery and clothing retailers, financial institutions, mining and many more. Our technology provides a road map for your success! RDM (Rebate & Deal management)  The Rebate Management system is designed for retailers, wholesalers and large organisations and delivers best practice rebate and deal management, resulting in better returns for business.​ The Rebate Management system is a secure web-based system that stores unlimited rebate and deal agreements.​ The Rebate Management system guarantees accurate rebate calculation, journal creation and claiming.​ Clients and their suppliers value the transparency of a shared web system where there is clarity on all of the details related to rebates.​ In addition, the Rebate Management system creates insights and opportunities to generate increased revenue.​  CCS (Contract Compliance Software)  The Contract Compliance (CC) system enables a full compliance framework to identify overcharges or over payments prior or post payment. It ensures contract terms originally negotiated for indirect/ GNFR (Goods Not For Resale) expenses or key contracts actually occur.​ The CC system is a secure web-based and centralized contract management system providing secure visibility of all critical contract terms.​ The CC system automates the detailed cost checking of invoices; supplier queries workflow and transaction approval process with the click of a button.​ In addition, CC creates insights and opportunities to reduce spend and improve contract terms.  Merchandise / Terms Audits  Every merchandise, sales, AP transaction and trading term agreement is audited for accuracy. The Merchandise Audits provide a detailed review of your rebate and deal agreements against claims and transaction data to identify under-claimed rebate and deal income.  Accounts Payable Audits  Every AP transaction is audited for accuracy by Profectus technologies and the audit team. The Accounts Payable audit will identify and recover duplicate and over payments, GST processing errors and aged vendor statement credits.  Contract Compliance Audits  Contract Compliance audits identify all rate errors and service type errors within invoices. Contract Compliance Audits enable clients to have full compliance framework to check invoices at line item level against agreed contract terms to identify overcharges or over payments prior or post payment. +MORE




UNET is a fully PCI Compliant and Secure broadband network solution available to SuperValu Retailers.  SuperValu’s Retail Technology group has partnered with GTT in order to offer this best-in-class, fully-managed network service.  This service allows retailers to securely connect to SuperValu, the Internet, and sites within their own organization using the best network access technology available on a site-by-site basis. WHAT THIS MEANS: Retailers can operate a mix of DSL, Cable, T1, and Cellular access methods as a single network. SuperValu and GTT take care of the installation, monitoring and support of this network so the retailer can devote human resources to other tasks. GTT is a worldwide network with Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) at its core. Sites, like retail stores or retail offices, are added to the core using the best network technology available to the individual location. The MPLS core keeps the network more secure than standard broadband services and allows the easy integration of other services to the network in the future. +MORE




GoGrab is an innovative shopping platform that connects local retailers, independent sellers, drivers, and shoppers. With GoGrab, anyone can easily create an on-demand or subscription based online store in minutes. GoGrab is becoming a preferred one-stop marketplace for users looking to shop everything online from a single place while also becoming an ideal solution for anyone looking to build a successful online business in minutes. GoGrab offers the most flexible pricing in the market. Our end to end platform for independent sellers and retailers offers features like POS integration (products and prices in real time), real-time excel inventory integration, loyalty programs, fulfillment backend apps, customer analytics, real-time order and driver tracker, promotions and much more.  Our goal is to simplify, innovate and disrupt the local shopping behavior of retailers, independent sellers, and shoppers. +MORE




TRUNO provides technology solutions designed to protect your valued customers. “Data breach” is a phrase we are all too familiar within the retail industry. With methods continually changing and developing, being prepared to go to battle against security threats is an ever growing concern. At TRUNO, we refuse to under-invest in the technology solutions that provide your best weapons for securing your systems. +MORE


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Vantiv keeps up with legislative changes and payment industry regulations to help you remain compliant. No matter your business, you can depend on Vantiv. +MORE


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Vantiv is a leader in card data security and fraud protection - let us help protect your business with solutions for merchants and financial institutions. +MORE


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General payment switching and switch management. Credit, Debit, EBT/FSA movement of transactions from the POS to your processor of choice. Complete Check Authorization, ACH, In-House Gift Cards and Blackhawk, Scrip and Fleet programs available. +MORE



First Data

The TransArmor Solution provides multilayered protection for your business. It helps defend your system from hackers, protect your customers’ sensitive information and reduce liability in the event of a breach. And now, it’s a standard feature of any First Data merchant account. +MORE


Security & Fraud Solutions

First Data

We take a holistic approach to security, compliance and risk management and offer integrated technologies, like end-to-end encryption, that help effectively manage security and risk. Our comprehensive solutions let merchants easily meet compliance requirements, reduce risk for data security and privacy and securely process both in-store and online transactions. +MORE



Vernost Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

VernostPAY PAYMENT PLATFORM Vernost Platform provides a wide variety of payment solutions built on a robust payment platform. This platform allows the flexibility to enhance, add, and customize payment solutions for various industries and vertical markets. We have made major investments in this platform to ensure its flexibility, security, and functionality meet the needs of our merchants and partners.  FUTURE PROOF & SCALABLE The VernostPay platform is future proof, including the ability to scale and be flexible for new or customized payment solutions. From small to medium businesses, to large businesses, multi-merchant locations, chains and more, it provides the tools and functionality to accept payments easily. PRODUCT & FEATURE RICH Built on top of our VernostPay platform is the comprehensive suite of payment solutions available for in-person, online, mobile, and virtual payments as well as our integrated payment solutions for software companies and developers. BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF SECURITY In addition to the functionality of the platform, it is built with security at the forefront. Our security tools in our package are included in each service. +MORE



ACCEO Tender Retail

ACCEO Tender Retail Manager is a unique transaction-management solution which, when combined with the Tender Retail solution, offers the advantages of both a centralized and a decentralized payment system. +MORE



ACCEO Tender Retail

ACCEO Tender Retail is a recognized industry-leading solution and is integrated in cash registers throughout North America, including Fortune 500 companies. Tender Retail secure and flexible solutions are integrated with US and Canadian Processors to support EMV and Point-to-Point Encryption. +MORE


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Total Processing

Small to Medium Business: Do you need to enable your website in an automated way to accept debit or credit cards online. If you’re a small to medium size company looking to start taking payments from customers by web or over the telephone. Fast solution with no set-up fees is what you’ll require. Large to Enterprise Company: Already established business accepting over a thousand transactions on a monthly basis that requires a bespoke payment solution. Is your website custom designed or if the payment flow is not in a shopping cart environment. You’ll need a more tailored approach to managing your online payments. High risk industries: If the nature of your business falls within that which is classified as ‘high-risk’, subscription payments, nutra/pharma, long delivery periods or finance industry related card payments. The afore mentioned categories of business is what we have scope for when it comes to high risk credit/debit card merchant accounts. +MORE


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PayMet is a new shopping experience that lets users buy and pay with their mobile. Our service drives in-store traffic, repeats customers and creates loyal customers through a very powerful and segmented promotional and loyalty platform. Simple sign up and no need of extra hardware implementation, enabling anyone to accept credit cards anywhere today. HOW? Customers download the free PayMet app and pay with their iPhone and Android instead of cash or cards. Its fun, quick, simple and completely secure. Also, customers love it because it rewards them for going back to their favorite places.  Follow us for regular updates about mobile payments, blog articles and more. We pride ourselves for being friendly and helpful. +MORE


Payments Solution


Attended: For point-of-sale implementations POS: The introduction of EMV chip cards will have a dramatic and costly effect on the US retail industry over the next two years. mPOS: The market demand for EMV enabled mobile Point of Sale capability - or mPOS - continues to grow with an insatiable appetite. Transport Ticketing: The primary requirements for transportation ticketing are speed, reliability and security. Unattended: Take payments where customers self-service Pay and Display: In 2000, we delivered a world-first with the ability to provide secure online authorizations of card payments on Pay and Display (P&D) meters, where the customer pays for parking once parked. Pay-on-Foot: Creditcall’s card payment processing solution for Pay-on-Foot installations, where the customer pays after their parking is complete, has been widely adopted as the trusted industry standard. Single Space: Single space or ‘lollypop’ style parking meters were once the predominant method of on-street parking revenue collection, and remain popular with motorists, especially in the US. Vending & Kiosks: Vending machines with the option of card payment acceptance are increasingly popular, allowing operators to vend higher value items such as premium coffee brands and DVDs. Transport Ticketing: The primary requirements for transportation ticketing are speed, reliability and security. Online & Mobile: Take payments over the web and mobile mPOS: The market demand for EMV enabled mobile Point of Sale capability - or mPOS - continues to grow with an insatiable appetite. In-App Payment: Multi-channel retailers have witnessed a huge growth in mobile apps in recent years. In particular, we have seen a specific rise in the demand for in-app purchasing. e-Commerce & Mail Order: Whether you're an established e-commerce business or looking to incorporate online payments for the first time, Creditcall’s range of payment gateway services provide a comprehensive offer. Online Parking: Parking operators are increasingly realizing the benefits of offering pre-booked parking with online payments. Phone Parking: Mobile phone parking payment has revolutionized the parking industry over the last five years, with many city authorities now offering the service in addition to traditional payment methods.   +MORE


Secure Customer Data

Duo Security, Inc.

With Duo’s advanced security solutions, retail organizations can protect their customer cardholder data and meet PCI DSS compliance. PCI DSS Compliance: Securing customer data requires strong access and endpoint security. Duo can help you meet PCI DSS 8.3 and several other requirements for retail organizations that must secure data.   +MORE


Mojo Aware - Intelligent and Secure Cloud Managed WiFi

Mojo Networks, Inc.

Mojo Aware™ is the dawn of a new era of Cognitive WiFi that uniquely harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, machine learning, software-defined networking, and cognitive computing to deliver the best experience possible to WiFi users, to give network IT staff their life back and to reduce network operational costs by at least half. Cognitive WiFi harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, automation, and self-awareness to deliver a pristine experience to your WiFi users – all the time, in every location, regardless of what devices and applications they’re using. Cognitive WiFi visualizes the quality of experience for every one of your users and automates root cause analysis if network problems do occur. It helps you resolve problems rapidly instead of turning them into a wild goose chase. It even proactively fixes WiFi issues before they occur, but if a user does call the helpdesk with a “WiFi problem,” it tells you exactly what's going on – even if it has nothing to do with WiFi. The network becomes the IT assistant and the focus becomes “mean time to resolution” rather than “mean time to innocence.” +MORE


Digital Identity Authentication


AnchorID created a way to balance overlapping SSL Certificates with best-in-class network cryptography, PCI-standards, and a new technology used to secure Visa Checkout and Google Wallet. AnchorID secures access to your accounts by creating a digital key for every application you use. When you use your Universal Username™ on a website or mobile app, AnchorID checks multiple factors that are invisible to you as the user. AnchorID's patent pending 'Multi-Factor' authentication creates a marketplace for the biometric solutions of today, and tomorrow. No matter what comes next AnchorID will be ready to adapt. +MORE


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North Country Business Products

North Country Business Products prides itself in being a 'total POS software & system solution provider' for the grocery, drug and convenience retail store industries. NCBP offers innovative and automated high quality Retail point of sale (POS) software system scanning solutions by partnering with industry leaders to sell, install and service superior products. For over 60 years, our Company has been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in Retail point of sale software industry. This commitment has allowed us to support a diversified customer base; from a one terminal stand alone register, to networking a fully integrated Grocery POS system for hundreds of retail stores in multiple states. GROCERY POS SYSTEM AND SOLUTIONS  LOC Store Management Suite: LOC Software delivers solutions designed to fully integrate retail operations. LOC Store Management Suite (SMS) is designed to satisfy all of a retailer's needs, including powerful merchandising and inventory controls, fully integrated loyalty programs, multi-store management, and much more. LaneHawk by Datalogic: LaneHawk BOB by Datalogic is a loss prevention solution that turns bottom-of-basket (BOB) losses into profits in real time. Store Electronic Systems (SES): SES Electronic Shelf Edge Solutions (SES) are designed for the grocery POS system retail environment, enabling dynamic price and product information at the shelf edge and overcoming retailer challenges including price compliance, automatic price changes, the elimination of paper labels & associated costs, resource and much more. Loyalty Lane: Loyalty Lane is a rewards program that integrates directly into your Grocery POS system, designed to increase your profits and improve your margin. POS Hardware Solutions: We have partnered with the industry's leading providers to deliver the best possible hardware solutions to meet your business needs. At North Country Business Products, our consultative approach helps our team to understand your needs, goals and budget which allows us to help you select the best comprehensive solution, including a cutting-edge hardware platform. +MORE


Ignite Payments

Ignite Payments, a First Data Company

With Ignite Payments back office support tools, your business has a stable launchpad that will allow it to reach new heights. Whether it’s boarding tools on My Agent Office, or our marketing customization tool with MarketPoint, Ignite Payments has you covered. Ignite Payments also provides a dedicated live support and training staff, ensuring that your business will grow the way you want. Merchant Solutions Clover Mini: Designed with your convenience in mind, First Data Solutions featuring Clover Mini bring together cutting edge hardware, state of the art security, beautiful design and more, so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time looking for the right tools to run your business. Business Track: From merchant statements and alerts to our next-generation Business Track® online portal and dashboard, Ignite Payments offers comprehensive reporting solutions for merchants of all sizes enabling efficient management of payment transaction data. Clover Mobile: First Data Solutions featuring Clover Mobile include powerful cutting edge hardware and software, the most advanced payments security technology around and more. And, because every business is unique, we’ve designed them with flexibility in mind, so you can pick the combination that’s right for you. Clover Station: Clover Station arrives pre-loaded with everything you need to accept payments and run your business more efficiently. Its cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports—empowering you to see inside your operations and work smarter. EMV: Most payment industry experts agree a chip-based standard like EMV™ is coming to the United States. Ignite Payments delivers the resources and education to prepare your business with EMV™ Enablement solutions. Credit Debit EBT: Accept virtually every payment option with our wide breadth of fast, secure and competitively-priced solutions—including MasterCard®, Diners Club International®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover® Network, PIN-based and signature debit cards. First Data Solutions: First Data Solutions featuring Clover™ give you everything you need to accept more payment types and make your business more efficient than ever. Insightics: What if you could discover an entirely new side of your business? The Insightics℠ Solution is intuitive software that uses your own sales information to help you uncover exciting new opportunities and grow your business. PCI Compliance: Ignite Payments holds cardholder security as our first priority. We continually invest in tools and technology to protect data and assist you in becoming PCI compliant to minimize fraud and avoid penalties. TransArmor: First Data® TransArmor® Data Protection is powerful payment card security that combines the flexibility of software- or hardware-based encryption with random-number tokenization to protect merchants and their customers from the consequences of a payment card data breach. The Perka™ Solution: The Perka™ solution is one of the easiest ways to market your business. By connecting you to customers through their mobile phones, it helps you draw customers back to your business with special offer and rewards they'll love. Perka makes customers happy, and happy customers keep coming back. The Payeezy℠ eCommerce Solution: Growing your business means continually reaching new customers in new ways. With the Payeezy℠ eCommerce Solution you get the simplest way to grow sales online. It helps you create a seamless customer experience on your website by offering more payment options, impressive security features and easier integration. So, no matter how commerce trends evolve, Payeezy helps you keep pace with changing technology to grow your business to its full potential. Turnkey Backoffice Solutions My Agent Office: A full service, back-office management tool that allows you to submit new deals, track progress and monitor your business. Manage multiple aspects of your business in one location, residuals, sales rep performance, and much more. MarketPoint: When you join Ignite Payments, you get access to a lot of merchant solutions. To help you sell these solutions, we product marketing collateral that is available at no cost. Just find what you like, download and go. Virtual Training: Participating in Ignite Payments virtual training will help you stay current on your business tools, merchant solutions and industry trends. Click-to-Agree Boarding: Treat your business to the fastest possible boarding method, allowing same day approvals for qualified merchants. Additionally, there is instant electronic signature verification, no voided check requirement, paperless application process. +MORE


Online Grocery Shopping; eCommerce Solutions


We provide valuable products and services to retailers, not just the hype of our competitors. We deliver genuine retailer value and true labor savings while increasing sales, not just words on a page. We deliver a smart solution at a fair price point, not just a lot of talk about how smart our solution is. We have everything our competitors have and much, much more. 30% of U.S. consumers are technology-averse or impaired.   We understand you still want to sell them groceries.  We do, too. We provide the tools to sell groceries to 100% or your customers.  Our competitors don’t. Customers can buy groceries from your store using: PC or MAC Tablets or any other web enabled device Their Smartphones Our toll-free staffed call-center (that 30% of your customers we just mentioned) You want your customers to have the same experience online as they have in your store. Again, so do we. That’s why our products will allow your customers to: Pay with food stamp benefits (EBT), credit and debit cards, personal checks and gift cards Build, view and order from their list of frequently purchased items or Last Order Enter manufacturer coupons during current order View and order from your digital circular (one of many circular formats we offer) Multiple methods of easily understood navigation: images, text and brands Build, modify and save their recipes and order the ingredients with a single click. View nutritional information, warnings, product descriptions and manufacturer information. Search for items using keyword, UPC or 24 different product attributes (gluten-free, etc.) View personal savings in your current circular based on purchase history Opt-in to email campaign that shows their personal savings and includes a link to your site Easily access all store specials (TPRs, Manager Specials, etc.) Easily continue shopping across multiple devices without losing order progress Access toll-free technical support 365 days including holidays (for consumers and retailers) Pay the price they see online. We maintain price integrity for the whole shopping experience. These are some among many features and benefits available to your customers through HTG, but we didn’t stop there. Loyalty program We have relationships with several loyalty providers and can integrate to your system seamlessly. Homegrown? No problem. We have our own loyalty program that supports six price-tiers per item per store. Percent off, dollar off, pay-with-points…however you want it to work is how we’ll set it up. Promo Codes Set up on demand. Want to advertise your specials? We’ll set up promo codes for you. Potent Cross-Merchandising With our unique cross-merchandising feature, you can hang all the digital clip-strips you want in your digital aisles. We offer an entry level, minimum-fee solution. Start selling groceries half an hour after you sign up online. We also have a flat-rate robust, mature solution that will provide additional sales channels and growth opportunities for years to come. HometownGrocers.com’s Express Shopper, a digital dashboard, is our order fulfillment feature that was designed for individuals with limited computer knowledge, to process multiple online grocery orders easily and simultaneously.  Express Shoppers features include: Minimizing store labor by allowing store personnel to shop, bag and checkout up to ten orders at one time in the store's aisles.  Reduces the total labor involved in the order fulfillment process to an average of fifteen minutes per order.  Saves the labor cost of baggers and checkers by eliminating the need to check orders out through the store's point of sale equipment.  Automatically updates the store’s inventory and accounting information in the store's point of sale and/or corporate systems.  Design to protect against sweet-hearting Integrates easily with the store's bookkeeping procedures and supports GAAP accounting disciplines.  Eliminates “bait and switch pricing” by assuring full price integrity for consumers.  Protects from governmental agencies that assess fines for price switching. Provides complete order information to customers.  If an item is substituted or is out of stock, notes are printed on the customer's receipt informing the customer what has occurred with the item.  Notes on the customer’s receipt indicate the savings for items on special and any electronic store- or manufacturer-coupons the customer received.  Conveniently identifies ingredient items for the recipes the customer ordered. Eliminates customers' concerns regarding why they did, or did not, receive an item.  Saves labor costs by eliminating customers' telephone calls to store to receive an explanation of their order. Has a "walk before run" concept that allows stores to start inexpensively. As the order volume grows, stores may add devices that increase efficiency and are cost effective.  The Express Shopper process initially starts with a paper-picking document.  As order volume grows, the store may choose to graduate to the ExpressPOS (Tablet) and hands-free scanners. Request a full demo to see why HTG is the clear choice for your ecommerce needs.   +MORE