Survey tools

BoodsKapper Retail bot


This is our service for the retail industry and is primarily delivered through Facebook Messenger.  Consumers are able to send a picture of an item and ask if the retailer carries the item. The software is able to look up a retailer's catalog and answer the question.  Two-minute simulation here best explains the solution:!retail/jjvu4 In this simulation, retailer has no prior record of the customer. Customer starts an organic conversation from Messenger, just as people do in life. BoodsKapper assists the customer to locate an article at the store. The customer picks up the conversation thread several months after the purchase and enquires about a variant of the item purchased. An organic conversation ensues and a purchase is Deep reporting:   We would argue that information gold for the retailer are the conversations that your customers had with you through various channels. Our AI algorithms automatically find the meaning of the written text and use that to make the conversational response. As the meaning of conversations is analyzed and documented in real time, it is possible for us to enhance traditional reporting with this information. +MORE


Smart Gammified Customer Feedback Surveys and Analytics


Wyzerr builds artificial intelligence software for data collection and analytics that look and feel like games. The basis of Wyzerr’s platform is making it as fun, fast, and easy as possible for consumers to provide actionable feedback data, and business stakeholders to understand and use that data to make decisions in real-time. Wyzerr’s ‘Smartforms’ can capture 25 questions in under 60 seconds. Our secret sauce is the machine learning algorithms infused within the platform. Wyzerr smartforms processes feedback in real-time like a human being would, rapidly digesting the information and asking new questions as a human would in a real dialogue. It allows brands to truly understand who their customers really are. What they like, don’t like, what makes them sad, mad, and happy…all in real-time. This machine learning capability makes it possible for every customer to receive a unique feedback questionnaire. There’s no such thing as one-survey-fits-all at Wyzerr.  The data is analyzed in real-time to produce actionable insight around the clock. Instead of complex graphs and pie charts, our insight-based dashboard outputs data on a GPA scale, assigning grades (A, B, C, D, and F) for different key performance indicators. Similar to how progress reports in school advise students on what they should do to improve their grades, Wyzerr's AI component advises business stakeholders what they can do to improve their customer experience. Overtime, and with more feedback data, Wyzerr can also recommend new products and services to be developed, suggest improvements to existing products, identify new trends and upsell opportunities, and advise on the types of market messages to run. It’s essentially a technology to use customers’ feedback to support operational decisions. We offer data science in a box. +MORE


My Cloud Grocer Solution Guide


My Cloud Grocer provides a retailer-branded online shopping solution to supermarket retailers. The online shopping site is responsive (will display properly on desktop, smartphone, and tablet screens) and features fast load times and payment functionality using token technology surpassing PCI compliance. My Cloud Grocer provides the retailer with support for picking, managing, and delivering orders. The company’s retail clients have experienced increased overall sales, due to reduced scatter... +MORE


Darius™ for Retail

Darius Technologies

Darius for Retail is a fully integrated, cloud based shopper engagement platform. Darius delivers proven and measurable return on investment, by allowing retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything and making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. Darius allows retailers to design, manage, develop and, measure interactions with their customers throughout the entire shopper journey.  The ‘tech’ bit: Darius™ is a modular ‘ecosystem’ retail technology platform that is designed to integrate and allow interaction with any existing retail systems and solutions such as Beacons, WiFi, dynamic shelf illumination, or e-coupons, and so on, to make continuous engagement with shoppers possible, wherever they are on the path to purchase. The customer experience bit: Darius™ allows retailers to put their shoppers at the center of everything by making it easy to engage and influence them pre-store, in-store, and post-store. The business bit: Darius™ delivers proven and measurable return on investment. That means more shoppers in-store, more often. It means attracting new and hard to engage shopper types. And it means bigger baskets and the increased spends that comes with that. It makes marketing budgets and, where they may already exist, retail tech investments work so much harder. +MORE


Managed Online Grocery Solution

My Cloud Grocer


We launch and manage e-commerce websites for supermarkets. Our clients win the fiercely competitive omni-channel battle for customers.   You enjoy all the benefits of a fully managed, branded, fully integrated proprietary website. And you retain ownership of your customers. We leverage a state-of-the-art enterprise platform for efficiency, and then as developers we customize to meet the unique needs of our individual clients.  We don't stop at launch. We optimize on an ongoing basis to provide your shoppers with the ultimate online experience. That's why our clients get online sales at a rate far higher than current market trends, and without retail cannibalization. It's fast, highly secure and surprisingly affordable. If you're ready to launch an advanced e-commerce website or optimize your current e-commerce website, then let's talk.  +MORE


Shopper Service Encounters: Discovering Best Practices for Grocers



RULE NUMBER ONE, “The Customer is Always Right,” is famously engraved into a granite boulder located at the entrance to Stew Leonard’s iconic grocery store in Norwalk, CT. It’s a simple axiom. If only it were true. Grocery operators are well aware that in many instances their customers are not right. On some occasions they can be egregiously – even comically – wrong. Customer service experts, including most independent grocers, understand this to be a normal reality. Right or wrong, the customer is still the customer. Retailers go to extraordinary lengths to keep them feeling successful, satisfied and to ensure their repeat patronage. A degree of loyalty and an expanding share of their limited wallets would be nice too. +MORE


Connection Customer Feedback Program

Retail Feedback Group

Retail Feedback Group provides independent food retailers with an affordable, world-class automated customer feedback program. This program allows customers to provide trip-specific feedback, helping stores validate strengths, improve upon opportunities, and build stronger customer relationships. Customers participate in a web or phone based survey through an invitation printed on the POS receipt. Reporting of survey findings takes place via a web-based interface, accessible through a computer, smartphone or tablet. Store management is able to respond directly to customer concerns while office personnel are able to review broader company trends. +MORE


Mobile Checkout

FutureProof Retail

The Mobile Checkout retail platform digitizes brick and mortar stores, bringing the convenience and personalization of eCommerce to physical retailers and their customers. Mobile Checkout Eliminates the Lines Mobile Checkout is a brandable iOS and Android app, a better system than self-checkout for the complete shopping experience from scan to payment. Private White-label Retailers deepen the customer relationship and own the install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps. Scan Products Customers scan and bag while shopping. Mobile Payment Pay securely with credit card or mobile wallet directly through the app. Skip the Line Customers never wait in line to check out. Customize to your needs Expand the system with functionality like loyalty programs or counter service mobile ordering.     +MORE


Tegla Tracker

Tegla Retail

The Tegla Tracker software leverages Augmented Reality to map brick-and-mortar retail environments and precisely track the position of shoppers. To track shoppers, we either harness shoppers or shopping carts with AR enabled phones. With limited invasiveness, automated data collection, and zero infrastructure overhead brands and retailers can gather powerful analytics with speed and precision. Leveraging the insights driven by the Tegla Tracker, clients have found opportunities to increase target shopper traffic in key areas of the store by 3X and increasing dwell time by 2X. +MORE


StoreMAX Problem Store Studies

SIRS (Strategic Intel Research Serv)

SIRS provides problem store identification, evaluation, and action planning using consumer research.  We identify how your stores are performing versus their potential in total, by department, and among different demographic and lifestyle target groups.  We measure customer satisfaction and identify improvements consumers want in your stores.  We identify which types of shoppers you are attracting, which types you are missing, and why.  We determine what sales your stores can reasonably expect to attain.  We evaluate what areas of concentration will yield the greatest sales payoff.  We generate customer spotting maps which identify where you are underperfoming.  Through our Opportunity Store Group Analysis process, we are able to identify "low hanging fruit" by targeting stores groups by lifestyle, greatest opportunity for increased sales, prototype stores, least successful stores, etc. +MORE



The TONE Knows, Inc. ("TONE")

TONE, in it’s most simple form, is “audio-beacon” technology. An instantaneous direct-to-device marketing & analytics technology platform, TONE uses imperceptible, embedded audio “tones” to deliver contextual content directly to mobile devices WITHOUT THE EXPENSIVE HARDWARE. We integrate the customer’s entire brand journey. +MORE


Clarabridge CX Suite & Clarabridge CX Contact Center


CX Analtyics: Built from the ground up to power Customer Experience Management programs, CX Analytics enables companies to easily interpret and act on all customer feedback with the industry’s most accurate natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and flexible data categorization. CX Social:  Deliver outstanding customer service through social channels with CX Social. Listen, analyze, and gain insight into conversations happening online and in social media. Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, forums, or online communities, develop real human relationships by identifying and engaging with your customers in real time, where they are.  CX Survey Enables you to capture and understand your customer’s thoughts and emotions at crucial touchpoints throughout their customer journey. CX Survey uses the industry’s best-in-class text and sentiment analytics to quickly make sense of their feelings. It looks at the quantitative, structured data and qualitative, open-ended results together. Pair this with the rest of your omni-source social and interaction data to create a complete picture of the customer experience. Clarabridge CX Contact Center Your customers interact with your contact center daily—calling, emailing, and chatting. When analyzed properly, each of these sources can uncover ways to improve the customer experience with your brand’s products and services. Tap into this rich source of customer intelligence with Clarabridge CX Contact Center, a completely hosted solution.  Fast and Accurate Voice Transcription Clarabridge helps you transcribe audio recordings into text and then immediately into structured, reportable data. Clarabridge’s Voice Transcription Service uses a patented chip-based algorithm to transcribe voice of the customer data 10 times faster than software-based transcription engines, and with higher accuracy.  Impact Customer Experience Across the Business Break your contact center out of its silo! Combine call data with agent notes, chat logs, surveys, social media posts, and CRM data. CX Contact Center uses industry-optimized Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to tell you what customers and agents are discussing and how they feel. Identify opportunities to improve self-service or contact metrics like First Contact Resolution. Evaluate how and why sentiment and emotion change and fix the root cause of customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) issues.​ +MORE




Bringing the truth back to ratings.  Most businesses want to hear from lots of their paying customers, but don’t have the right tools. Most consumers want to feed back, but aren't given a convenient way, at the right time.  We believe that for feedback to be simple and honest for both customers and businesses, it should fit seamlessly into the overall customer experience. And so we've utilized a tool nearly every business already owns and that every paying customer will come into contact with at the point of purchase - the payment terminal.  Feedback like never before...  TruRating is the first service to collect accurate customer feedback from the majority of your consumers when they pay. By using the existing payment terminals in your business to ask each customer a single question, TruRating enables you to gather representative consumer ratings affordably and simply. Customers can anonymously rate an aspect of their experience from 0-9 (where 0 is the worst, and 9 is the best), with a single keystroke. All of your ratings are automatically gathered and collated daily in an easy-to-use analytics suite, so that you can use this insight to make business decisions quickly with confidence. +MORE



Vernost Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Go beyond simple "points & badges" gamification & basic contests! VernostGamify is a complete, customizable, turnkey loyalty activity and contesting system that playfully engages your community while providing them with recognition, rewards and prestige. Unleash the power of VernostGamify to motivate and involve your community to become more committed, and loyal +MORE



Narvar Inc.

From tracking to delivery and beyond, Narvar is everything you need to create a premium post-purchase experience.  Track - Our core product. Way more than the when, where and how of delivery. Enable personalized SMS, automated FAQs and live chat support—all while seamlessly extending your brand throughout the delivery lifecycle. Plus, our persistent surveys give you insights into previously invisible touch-points, allowing you to know and serve your customers like never before. Return - An incredibly simple and intelligent returns solution. From dynamic shipping labels to refund transparency, we’ve designed each step in the returns process to inspire customer trust—and reduce support burden. You can even transform returns into a sales channel by serving up product recommendations based on feedback. On top of all that, you’ll know exactly what’s coming back to your stockroom, and when.  Monitor - Turn post-purchase insight into a powerful competitive advantage. Unlock the black box of user engagement and supply chain performance with a beautifully designed dashboard for every product. User ratings, click-through analysis, proactive alerts—it all works together to equip decision-makers with the tools and information they need to make the right choices for their business.  Ship - Up your delivery game. Your customers get full control over delivery timing. You get an intelligently managed supply chain that delivers from optimized locations, whether it’s a warehouse or a nearby retail store. And thanks to Narvar’s carrier selection engine, your deliveries are paired automatically with the best possible carrier. It’s time to ship like a pro. +MORE


Market, Customer and Employee Insights


CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Build greater brand loyalty by asking about your customers’ experiences and acting on their feedback. MARKET RESEARCH: Thoroughly understand your market and deliver ahead of customer expectations. EMPLOYEE INSIGHTS: Happy employees create happy customers. Identify the drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction to drive positive customer interactions. +MORE


Customer Satisfaction Surveys, NPS & CES


Provide an outstanding customer experience. With all the metrics at your service, you can ask your customers the right questions at the right time to receive quality feedback. Customer Satisfaction Score: Track the quality of your support. Make your customer care personal. Let customers express their satisfaction with your support representatives.  Customer Effort Score: Make it easy to be your customer. Let customers tell you where your customer service falls short. Then tune up your service to make it easy to use.  Net Promoter Score: Build loyal customers. Get to know what customers think about your brand and take the right steps to build their loyalty.  +MORE


Customer Communication Platform


Intercom is a customer platform with a suite of products for live chat, marketing, feedback, and support. For web, iOS and Android apps Track and filter live customer data Email, in-app and push messaging +MORE


Customer Feedback Collection

Wyzerr, Inc.

NO MORE BORING SURVEYS Wyzerr businesses use Smartforms, the modern way to capture customer feedback. Smartforms harness the power of artificial intelligence to take all of your customer feedback - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and recycle them into powerful insight to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. DO YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS? Your customers determine how successful your business will be so you should know as much about them as possible. What they like, don’t like, what they dream about, what makes them happy, sad, angry, and so forth. Wyzerr captures this type of data very well. It’s real, raw data that you can use to create targeted marketing messages, unlock hidden insights, develop better products,  increase sales, and most importantly, reduce employee turnover. There’s no such thing as a perfect business but you can get closer to perfection by being a wiser business. +MORE


Beeem - Your business on peoples' phones instantly without apps.

Beeem Technologies Inc.

Beeem enables any retailer to engage any customer in-store on their phone instantly with just 2 taps. You can now broadcast your mobile content in-store accessible with just 2 taps to almost all devices without any app needed to be installed on iOS or Android. With Beeem, you can create and deploy in-store mobile content to any isle or any product shelf in any of your stores to offer targeted promotions, flash-sales or gather feedback from customers. +MORE


Live Chat for Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Purple Cloud, Inc.

Purple Cloud® puts your sales team in direct, meaningful contact with your customers — before they even visit your store! Your customers now have direct access to your store with highly-personalized service like never before. Smooth Sales: Grow your brick-and-mortar store’s ability to reach shoppers at home and on the go. Purple Cloud’s real-time conversations create informed, motivated customers that are ready to buy the second they reach your doorstep. The VIP Experience: Before they even step inside, customers get the VIP service they love. You get valuable details about what they want to buy — with zero awkwardness. Send Photos & Videos: From text messaging to video, from chat to voice: Purple Cloud helps you interact with your customers in a way that’s most comfortable to them. Photos, videos, and a consolidated timeline keep customer interactions organized and searchable. 100% Safe & Secure: Customers are in complete control of the conversation: they can begin and end it at any time. Conversations are encrypted end-to-end, and destroyed when complete. Customers share only what they want to.   +MORE


Streetlike - In-store Digital Interactive Reward Platform for Retail


 In-store Digital Interactive Reward Platform for Retail Streetlike provide retail chains with an In-store Digital Reward platform built for Touchscreen Kiosks. Our SaaS-based platform allows for creation of reward programmes that drive in-store purchase, capture customer data and deliver experiences that engage the widest possible audience without needing a mobile app or a reward card. Our Plug and Play solution provides retailers with the means to action a storewide programme that can be managed centrally across a retail estate without the need for third party support. We solve the problem: How to deliver an in-store digital reward experience that: • engages the widest possible audience • doesn’t require a mobile app or reward card • drives store purchase • captures customer data • triggers customers to explore new products   +MORE


Customer Feedback Solution

Gizlo Inc.

Step 1: When your customers have the urge to give feedback, you need to provide a channel. When your customers have the urge to give feedback to you, they feel appreciated, when you provide a feedback channel for them. Rather than building it on your own or paying for one, you can start preferring Gizlo. Step 2: With Gizlo your customers can give feedback when and where they want – on their own device. Your customers are your biggest asset, and you need to hear what they think. Gizlo gives your customers a private and unintrusive way to give feedback. Your customers say how they feel and what they would want – now it is your time to start listening. Step 3: Feedback arrives to you to explore and act upon – via e-mail or our dashboard. Your customers feel valued when you reply to their feedbacks – no matter what they wanted to share with you. No-one is perfect – and your customers understand it as well. That is why each interaction increases both loyalty and satisfaction. Step 4: React to given feedback and improve your business. Your customers needs changes over time – and so should you. Use the feedback wisely and show your customers that you care about them. Nothing increases your customers happiness more than realising that you have made what they have asked. +MORE


Customer-Business Communication Platform


Customer Features SIMPLE SIGN-UP: Skosay users can utilize their email or Facebook account to quickly create a profile or enter as a guest. SHOPPING: Can't find a manager in store? With Skosay, a manager is always at the ready. Connect with one in-store and get help quickly to resolve any issues quickly. PLANNING: Don't worry about calling ahead. Instead, message ahead with Skosay! LOCATION-BASED: Skosay provides users with a snapshot of businesses in their immediate proximity to connect to or leave feedback on QUICK SEARCH: Simple search navigation allows Skosay users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily so that  leaving feedback is a breeze. Business Features PRIVACY MATTERS: Conversations between businesses and brands are both private and productive. FEEDBACK FOR BRANDS: Skosay has brands covered when they are in need of product related feedback from real customers. LOW EFFORT = REPEAT BUSINESS: 94% of customers say having a low effort customer service experience will lead them to buy from that company again QUICK SURVEY: Are you in need of quick quantitative data? Add a survey element so you can gather impactful insights in no time. REAL TIME ANALYTICS: See where and when feedback is coming in to your brand or business. Easily track how quickly exchanges are being handled by managers. +MORE


Effortless Post-Purchase Customer Experience

Linc Global, Inc.

You work hard to offer a great shopping experience for your customers. Now with Linc, you can delight your shoppers post purchase as well. Link lets you effortlessly anticipate needs, have 1-to-1 conversations, increase exchanges while decreasing returns, see real revenue bumps for your business and keep happy customers returning again and again. +MORE


Automated Audience Measurement


Quividi has developed an extraordinary audience measurement solution to measure the impact of your out-of-home communication: from Digital Signage networks (DOOH) to traditional POP material and posters, the Quividi solution can be deployed in retail stores, malls, agencies, boutiques, transportation hubs, restaurants and even museums. Using a simple video sensor, Quividi uses proprietary image processing technology to count actual viewers and overall opportunities to see (OTS) while accurately measuring attention times and dwell times and estimating the gender and age distributions of your audience. The same technology is used to count passages, so as to know the footfall in key places. This entirely anonymous set of metrics is made available in real time for your applications to adapt dynamically to its current audience. At the same time, it is securely uploaded to an online datamining application allowing you a precise analysis of your communication solution at all levels of detail: at any time, you’ll know exactly how well you’re doing and you will be able to improve your ROI. The Quividi solution is available as a software or as an all-in-one device to measure the strength of your media and the impact of your messages. +MORE


Mobile Surveys to Measure Customer Experience


Deploy short surveys on tablets positioned at your POS locations to perform a quick pulse-check on customer sentiment during checking out or automatically send a random sample of loyalty card holders a more in-depth survey via post-transaction SMS or email. +MORE


Digital Customer Feedback Terminals


Apps: Technology provides tools that perform multitasking and maximize the results of your company. The features are diverse:  - graphic printing cost reduction: With just a tablet, you can modify the catalog several times without thinking of the required amount of impressions. An e-mail field can cause the client to receive the catalog and so access whenever you want.  - BI Information: with the tool, it's easy to collect data and handle to be on a digital platform  - transcripts on time Reduction: With the collection Data in digital platform export is ready, without the need for hand labor to do - of transcripts from paper to computer. Interactive Terminal: Thinking about the convenience and ease of access for end users to applications that will be used, the MKTouch offers totems and tablets for use in their establishments or events. Now understand the difference that the outlets have in the recall of brands and taking into account the visual impact on the consumer, these totems can also be customized according to our customer, always seeking to draw the attention creatively and in harmony with visual brand identity. +MORE


LiveNinja: Human-Powered Chat

meetOOu Inc.

1) Call with one click: Make it quick and easy for your customers to get in touch. At the touch of a button, you can give your customers the face time they deserve. No plug-ins, sign-ins, downloads, (or other annoying steps) required. 2) Say hello: Get everything you need to manage your customer interactions in one place. 3) Start a conversation: Build lasting relationships with all of your online visitors. +MORE




A powerful feedback solution for restaurants, to capture customer feedback on Mobile, inStore and Online. Improve guest experience, engage them in real time and bring them back. Turn customer feedback into revenues and customers as promoters. +MORE