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Grabango’s mission is to eliminate lines, and save people time.  How We Got Here Lines annoy us. They always have, so we decided to do something about it.  We’re a group of technology and retail experts that have come together to improve shopping for everyone.  What We Do We use advanced technology to give you back your time. Continue to shop the way you are used to and, when done, feel free to simply walk out of the store.  Where We Are Going Checkout-Free shopping has moved from science fiction into our modern present. As it becomes commonplace across retail brands, we will support all shoppers and retailers who want to use it. +MORE


Skip Frictionless Checkout


The wait is over. Don’t ever hesitate to get what you need again. Now you can Skip the Line. Skip, Frictionless Checkout. +MORE


Knowband Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon


Bring your customers back with Knowband's Prestashop Abandoned cart addon. Send appealing discount offers to your customers and compel them to complete the order for their abandoned cart items. Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder encourages your store users to purchase their abandoned items which subsequently improves the conversion rates by 50%. So, It's not late, quickly turn your abandoned carts into converted carts with Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up addon. Prestashop abandoned cart reminder sends automatic or manual reminder emails to the customers that will propose lubricative discounts based on their cart value. Key Features Tracks abandoned carts on the site Turn abandoned carts into converted carts Sends follow-ups and reminder email GDPR Compatibility Sends automatic reminder/discount emails Test Mode Functionality Configurable Reminder Email templates View to Reminder lists, abandoned carts, converted carts Analytics Report for Abandoned vs Converted carts Detailed User Manual +MORE



CashKey Inc.

ShopScanGo is an automated order, reorder and checkout app. Its integrated into the Clover POS (point of sale) systems for merchants. Checkout, waiting in line by customers at grocery, convenience and retail stores is eliminated. For quick service restaurants and coffee shops the customer order process is reduced to seconds in-store or away. Unlike traditional order, reorder and checkout POS systems that require the expense of clerks, our solution reduces and eliminates clerking saving merchants’ money and making the experience enjoyable for customers.  ShopScanGo is sold to merchants who in turn offer the app to consumers.  Requires a merchant account and a Clover point of sale system. When a consumer enters a merchant's establishment the Clover POS presents their selfie (example above). As they shop using their smartphone with the ShopScanGo app they self-scan items. In real time, from any Clover Stations a merchant can see what consumers are adding to their basket. Once finished shopping the consumer selects the checkout button on their iOS or Android device where the discounts are automatically applied. Based on rules a merchant configures and security algorithms the customer is notified how to pay either with the app or at the checkout counter. +MORE


How to Build and Scale a Successful Pickup Program

Jaron Waldman, Curbside

The double digit sales growth opportunity for retailers is Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) and  curbside pickup. 66% of shoppers have used BOPIS in the last 6 months and 90% of retailers are expected to offer BOPIS by 2021. Retailers like Lowes are now seeing 60% of their online orders being picked up in stores and Target saw a 10% increase in orders while testing of its curbside pick-up service. It’s probably clear by now that you need a pickup program, but how do you get started and what factors determine whether a program will be successful? Technology Any successful mobile order ahead program starts with the right technology. Companies need the right tools to consistently deliver exceptional pickup experiences that provide convenience and expected time savings for the mobile customers. Your mobile order ahead technology should integrate easily into your existing mobile app, provide an interface that simplifies fulfillment and handoff for store personnel serving order ahead customers, and provide accurate and reliable arrival alerts so you can deliver 5-star customer experiences, every time. In the past, businesses have only had available low-accuracy technologies like cameras, geofences and beacons. Unreliable technology meant that processes required that customers checkin, designate a specific pickup time, and/or reach out to the crew by phone if anything changed. At low volumes, those approaches were adequate, even though many customers don’t follow directions. Regardless when order volumes exceed 100 per week, standards and reliability become important and exceptions need to be minimized. Curbside’s arrival prediction technology, ARRIVE, opens up new possibilities for taking the friction out of real-world customer experiences by reducing customer wait time, increasing overall throughput, improving employee productivity, and enabling simple communications from customers to crew. In fact, it is now possible to greet customers by name with their order ready just as they arrive, making a one-minute pickup an attainable goal. It allows the crew to know where a customer is and can provide a work queue of “next served” like an old butcher shop, without the customer needing to check in or pull a number. Training Your order ahead technology can only be as effective as the store associates using it. Unfortunately, many retailers fail to invest in training employees in new tech. According to a Training Industry Report by Training Magazine, 68% of retailers are not increasing their training budgets. By failing to invest in training, companies are unable to utilize the full potential of their tech investment. They will often see negative results from their pickup program, but may not associate the failure of their program to the insufficient training of their staff. It is critical to the success of your program that staff are not only equipped with the right technology but also fully trained and empowered to maximize the ROI on your technology investments. Technology is a tool that is meant to simplify processes for both the customer and store associates. By investing in the right technology and training associates on how to use it effectively, you can remove friction from the entire pickup experience, from fulfillment through handoff. Even though pickup programs can often introduce expanded responsibilities for associates, the proper tech and training will allow associates to take on this added responsibility through more streamlined order fulfillment. Our ARRIVE web console makes it easy to get staff up to speed quickly on your pickup program as it was designed specifically for less experienced associates serving order ahead customers. It can be accessed from any existing store device for instant visibility into pickup order status, arrival ETAs, and customer wait time.   Data After investing in an order ahead technology and training store personnel to execute flawless pickups consistently, businesses need to ensure they have the right data to optimize and scale their pickup program. Partnering with a solution provider that offers advanced data and analytics will help you to understand key performance metrics like customer wait time, dwell time, and customer satisfaction.  These metrics help refine a program that has just launched and spot training needs as crews change and the program matures. One of the most important metrics to keep an eye on is customer wait time. The amount of time a customer waits is directly correlated to their likelihood to make a repeat purchase. The benchmark that retailers should strive for is 2 minutes or less. Customer that wait less than 2 minutes are 2x more likely to make a repeat purchase. Wait time can sometimes be difficult for retailers to capture, since it requires staff to close out pickup orders immediately after handoff. In these cases, dwell time can be a good surrogate for wait time. Dwell time is the time period that your customer is at your location from wheels/feet on premises to wheels/feet off premises. This metric can be especially useful as it can be measured solely with location technology, like Curbside’s ARRIVE technology, and does not require changes in processes and systems. If you’ve just started building your mobile order ahead program, or if you’re not seeing the results you’d like from your current program, contact us to discuss how Curbside can help you build and scale your order ahead program. Poor technology, lack of training and inattention to key metrics might be sabotaging your offering holding back repeat sales and referrals +MORE

Now-Commerce by Shipsi


We partner with brands and retailers to give online shoppers an additional option at check-out to receive merchandise in 1 hour or less.  Seamless Check-out Integration: Quick API integration to any e-commerce platform provides online shoppers with an immediate shipping option (Now-Commerce) and real-time tracking. Extensive Geographic Coverage & Aggregation: Our algorithm automatically selects a compatible transportation provider nearby based on time, price or both. Drive Revenue: Increase e-commerce sales by decreasing shopping cart abandonment.  Decrease Freight Cost: Any brand or retailer with our Now-Commerce solution no longer pays for freight. Seriously. Customer Service: Allow us to handle any questions or concerns that may arise with our dedicated support team working on your behalf. Analytics: Our user friendly dashboard enables you to proactively forecast demand by providing action based insights available in real-time. +MORE


AiFi - AI for Retail Stores

AiFi Inc.

Your Store + AI = ♥ A checkout free system tailored to your store  Fast Shopping + Happy Customers = $$$ Never let your customers stand in line again  Enter Use our apps to tag customers as they enter or seamlessly integrate into your own systems  Grab Your customers shop like always. Filling their carts and maybe even putting items back where they don't belong  Go Watch your delighted customers walk out, accounts seamlessly debited. Minutes spent in line = zero +MORE


Focal Systems

Focal Systems

Out of Stock Detection Retailers have access to a myriad of data for items sold from their POS systems. However, that’s only one piece to increasing basket size. The other is maintaining stocked shelves, and that’s where Focal comes in.  Why are we tackling this problem? "Out-of-stocks" account for over $129 billion in lost retail sales in North America (~4% of revenue), or $1.1 trillion globally. A retail industry analysis commissioned by OrderDynamics and run by IHL showed that a majority of the issues driving out-of-stocks were bad processes, people problems, and data/systems issues. Timely Alerts of on-shelf availability Between a customer with a Focal device passing by an out-of-stock and a store associate receiving a notification is a matter of seconds with the Focal out-of-stock detection capabilities. Based on the retailer’s needs and specific processes, we can customize the way alerts are delivered; be it in a batch every hour, as soon as they happen, or upon a set of conditions.  Historical Bird’s Eye View Data doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to interpret it. We strive to help you visualize key out-of-stock data from any period in a way that drives future decisions. For example, understanding on an aggregate level which geographical locations in the store are the biggest problem areas, or which low-velocity items are constantly out of stock that could be resulting in profit loss.  Indoor Location. Right Time, Right Place.  Technologies like iBeacon and GPS that are currently widely used have a large margin of error. They can throw you off up to 50 feet. That might be fine when you’re driving, but if you are trying to find a specific brand of Marinara, that won’t do. Focal provides precise indoor location, with only up to 1 foot of error, to provide benefits for both retailer and shopper.  Why are we tackling this problem? Focal’s applications of our indoor location algorithms can help retailers increase basket while also improving the customer experience. By knowing where the customer is in the store, retailers have the ability to provide relevant savings opportunities, related product suggestions, and additional product information. This is a level of reach that typically is not available.  In-Store Location Based Advertising Imagine being able to tell your shoppers about offers just as they are about to pass it in the aisle! That’s what the Focal tablet is able to do. Retailers paid up to $5.84 Billion in 2014 for 1 printed circular run. That’s a lot of funds and a lot of trees. Many retailers have moved toward a digital circular solution in light of these costs in the form of an app or email newsletter. While these solutions may work for the vigilant coupon-er, most people will not take advantage of sales that aren’t on display on the shelves. Through a cart-mounted device, Focal is providing a next level digital circular solution. With precise indoor location, Focal drives sales through location-based “just-in-time” advertising.  Store Navigation We want to help shoppers have the best experience in brick and mortar stores and part of that means not having to chase down store associates for item locations. From department locations to the most obscure items, our technology can point you to the exact shelf in the store. And in case the store doesn’t carry your item, Focal can save you a lap around the store.  Understanding user behavior in the store As a store manager you understand the general demographic and behavior of your stores’ shoppers. However you may not understand the nuances of their decision while in the store. By aggregating or isolating anonymized shopper trip data, we enable retailers are able to glean insight on dwell time, trip path, and trip length.  Additionally, with the ability to integrate with existing store POS systems, Focal can analyze what shoppers may have debated buying, but didn’t in the end. This allows retailers to change their layout and merchandising to maximize basket size and customer experience.  Shelf Analytics. As a vendor, having eyes on your products in all the stores is quite the feat. High level statistics don’t allow you to take action on the spot to fix day-to-day restocking problems. Through our flexible hardware options, Focal can provide a snapshot of a brand’s shelf status at any time.  Why are we tackling this problem? The brick and mortar retail industry has been trying to streamline operations and drive efficiency for decades. Almost all retailers today use "Perpetual Inventory" to track what has been ordered versus sold, to compute the inventory on-hand. However, poor controls and inaccurate tracking results in significant errors associated with Perpetual Inventory. As a result, large retailers (even those with the most sophisticated softwares in place) often resort to having to do periodic manual interventions - physically scanning the shelf gaps, or even physically counting the number of items in the store! Retailers are experimenting with in-store robots or sensors mounted on shelves. These solutions are expensive, may only provide once or twice-a-day updates. Focal “Real-O-Gram”  Planograms are hard to read, but even harder to accurately follow. As carts with Focal devices constantly circle the store, we are able to create a Focal Real-o-gram to cross reference with the retailer’s planogram to ensure compliance at any given time.  We're your eyes and ears For brands that self-stock in retail locations, the labor cost of hiring people to drive to each location and note shelf status is astronomical and an inefficient process. With Focal’s shelf cameras positioned precisely where your products are, we can take schedule snapshots of the shelf status and deliver them all to on a dashboard.  Autocheckout. Just Throw It In The Cart.  Cashiers were created to exchange exact amounts of physical cash between the store and the customer. As credit cards became people’s go-to and self-checkout kiosks became more prominent, the concept of a cashier can conceivably be automated. The hard part is automating theft protection.  Why are we tackling this problem? 15 minutes to wait in a checkout line is far too long - for both customers and retailers. Every dollar saved is one that can be passed down the supply chain. Walmart has said that it spends $12 million [callout] on every second of cashier labor at their checkout stands. Theft, from both customers and employees, causes approximately $60 Billion of shrinkage in the United States alone. Focal aims to drastically minimize this number with our auto checkout solution. A time-saver for customers, and money-saver for retailers.  Accurate, Real Time Theft Detection  Theft comes in all shapes and sizes. Theft results from the habit-formed thieves, the unintentional unscanned item, and the “honest” shopper who occasionally slips in an extra candy bar because self checkout makes it easy to do so. Focal ensures we cover all bases without angering any shopper by maximizing the powers of Deep Learning while avoiding the pitfalls of a purely automated approach.  We leverage the charisma and industry experience of store associates through a human-computer partnered solution. Building upon the commonly used auditor-at-the-door spot checking process, Focal provides our auditors with items flagged for their attention so they know what to watch out for on a per basket basis.  A Solution for Any and All Shoppers In order to have a solution that any shopper has the option of using, we envision creating a suite of products to meet any shopper’s needs. This means a basket solution, a cart solution, and a stationary kiosk solution. Current iPhone/Android checkout app solutions and handheld device solutions have an ergonomic issue.  Shoppers have two hands to juggle the phone/handheld, the basket/cart, and the product they are scanning. Powered by our Deep Learning algorithms, all our checkout products strive to minimize customer involvement, where both the baskets and carts will allow customers to “just-throw-it-in-the-cart”.  Computer Vision Consulting.  Why are we offering consulting? At Focal we take a Deep Learning first approach to all our problems. We see the potential impact to be made in the retail industry, but we are fascinated by all the other problems and industries that Deep Learning can be applied to and are excited to help push the field forward. Let us know what you're working on! +MORE



SwiftGo Inc.

The Mobile App Platform for Retailers SwiftGo offers a patented self-contained system with built-in security checks, that enables a personalized and swift in-store shopping experience. No more lines, no more wasted time. Releasing soon.  +MORE


Merchant Suite

Powered by Premier Technologies

MerchantSuite provides a suite of quick and simple ways of bringing your business online securely. The ability to send mobile friendly invoices by email, accept card payments on a website, or manage your subscription clients are just a start. +MORE


Know When Customers ARRIVE


Mobile order ahead is growing exponentially. Customers expect local businesses to meet the needs of their on the go lifestyle with quick and convenient mobile ordering and store pickup. We help retail and restaurant chains drive repeat sales and higher ratings from their mobile order-ahead programs with our premium location technology, ARRIVE.   ARRIVE provides highly accurate and reliable arrival alerts when your customers are approaching your place of business. Until today, retailers have been armed only with unreliable technologies like cameras, geofences and beacons. ARRIVE opens up new possibilities for taking friction out of real-world customer experiences, allowing retailers to re-imagine what’s possible at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Eliminate scheduled times, manual check-ins, and unnecessary calls. Instead, greet customers by name with their order ready and all the details taken care of in advance of their arrival.   Don’t have mobile order ahead yet? We offer a full suite of tools to help you quickly build your order ahead program, including online storefront, inventory management, and pick and pack fulfillment tools, all of which work seamlessly with ARRIVE. +MORE


Swift Shopper

Swift Shopper

The In-Store Mobile Solution for Grocers Cut the belt out of grocery shopping with a mobile app that gives customers the grocery experience they want and retailers the digital advantage they need. CREATE AN EXCEPTIONAL IN-STORE MOBILE EXPERIENCE WITH SWIFT SHOPPER  Swift Shopper does more than speed up the checkout process for your customers; it creates a new grocery shopping experience from start to finish, and gives you the digital advantage you need to stay competitive.    +MORE


Multi-Tender Payment and Omni-Channel AD Network

Red Dog Networks

Traditional payment networks (like Amex or Visa) can provide the location and transactional amount, but can't connect the activity to the consumer's decision-making process or to the advertised channel prompting the items purchased.   With the eCurrenC multi-tender payments and omni-channel advertising network: You can easily combine different forms of payment -- like coupons, loyalty points (airline, banking, etc.), vouchers (like insurance, telephony and monetary),  government assistance (SNAP, WIC, FEMA, etc.), rebates, social and gaming currencies, crypto-currencies, credit, debit, and cash in a single transaction. It can connect all digital marketing activity with all online and offline purchasing channels to attract multiple demographics to calculate ROI on Ad Spend. Automated real-time processing to measure customer engagement, such as display, save, purchase, invoicing and settlement -- "closing the loop" . Payments are directly connected to the transaction AND the item purchased at the Point-Of-Sale to show the true "path to purchase" of that item. Data is fed to the entire supply chain process -- consumer targeting, forecasting, MRP, etc. +MORE


CDI Technology

CDI Technology

CDI Technology creates e-commerce, payment processing, point-of-sale, and supplier collaboration solutions that improve customers’ ability to do business. Tight, built-in integration with SAP or JD Edwards ERP software enables e-commerce that leverages your ERP investment in real-time.  +MORE


Restaurant Operating System

Resy Network, Inc.

ResyOS is a complete restaurant reservations and waitlist system. We offer cutting edge software, fair pricing and 24/7/365 customer service. ResyOS includes table management, ticketing, web booking, CRM, mobile app, POS integration and more. +MORE


Restaurant POS


SALIDO powers the future of restaurant operations with one interconnected system, empowering your business to control, analyze, and leverage it’s critical data. One Platform. One Login. SALIDO knows your pain when it comes to restaurant software. Too many log-ins. Outdated software. Siloed data. Complicated systems. Created by a team of hospitality and technology experts, SALIDO is building solution to simplify your day-to-day operations by combining all that you need into one cohesive platform. This will allow you to focus on what is truly important: Your customers. +MORE


Secure Mobile Selfcheckout


Sign Up: We are available whenever you are. Register for a merchant account using our online form, call our support line (408) 372-6463, or email us at Add your inventory: Selfycart can import your inventory from a number of sources. Our team can work with you automating the process for single store or multi-store locations. Set your launch date: Selfycart will work with you on getting your store(s) up and running within two-weeks. From customized promotions, signage, staffing, and more we work with you to create a successful deployment. +MORE


All-In-One Point-Of-Sale and Restaurant Management Platform

Toast, Inc.

An easy-to-use restaurant POS system with 24/7 phone and email support, Toast allows you to offer the best guest experience with a platform proven to help your restaurant grow. +MORE


Mobile POS


CardFlight offers the ability for retailers to easily go from a retail environment to eCommerce, by enabling them to accept card payments utilizing their own native mobile application (connecting through our SDK solution) or by using our turnkey mobile POS product, SwipeSimple. This enhances the customer buying experience and provides a high level of safety and security during checkout.  How CardFlight works: We offer a seamless and developer friendly API and SDK payments integration for smartphones and tablets, with several card reader options, while supporting major merchant accounts and payment processors. +MORE


Mobile POS Solution


Built for small and mid-sized businesses, myOmnyTM is a user friendly, complete, mPOS solution. Use a tablet or mobile device to accept cash, credit card, and check payments in a secure environment. myOmny connects the dots between your sales, customers and products to deliver unmatched business insights. This single, secure solution delivers all the tools you need to engage customers on a deeper level. When you download myOmny, all the features you need are easy to access, easy to configure, and all in one place. Mobile POS: Receive Mobile Payments Everytime, Everywhere. myOmny makes accepting secure mobile payments via cash, credit cards, and checks straightforward and effortless. myOmny is easy to install and even easier to use on your existing iOS or Android Tablet. With a mobilePOS, you can move your business away from the monotony of traditional POS systems mounted to a checkout table and give your employees the freedom of mobility.  A mobility they can use to improve efficiency and change the customer experience in your store. +MORE


In-Store Tablet System


Aila helps retailers create exceptional shopping experiences by developing sophisticated tablet technologies that bring your customers closer than ever before to your brand. +MORE


POS Products & Services

One Step Retail Solutions

Retailers can get confused because there are so many pieces and parts of a Retail Solution. Traditionally a lot of emphasis has been put on the point-of-sale products because every retailer needs one. However, with emerging retail trends the focus of the primary point-of-sale products has shifted. Current retail trends like Omni-Channel, Cloud, SAAS etc., have redirected the focus toward concepts consisting of what a retailer really needs to stay competitive in today’s retail market. These solutions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. At One Step Retail Solutions, we offer complete solutions consisting of your traditional point-of-sale products as well as supporting products and services to arm a retailer to not only compete but succeed in todays challenging marketplace. With our over 25 years of retail technology experience, 3 offices on multiple coasts and with our expert staff, we have searched the market for the Best-of-Breed products to offer retailers all of the pieces and parts to make up their total retail solution. We fit our systems into a retailers business and do not try to fit a retailer into our products, offering the best solution to each individual retailer. By providing retail technology consultations, we work with you to evaluate your business and recommend the best, proven, solutions to help improve your business issues. +MORE


Point of Sale

Aptos, Inc.

Your stores are showcases for your customers and the foundation of their experience with your brand—even in omni-channel environments. You need that experience to be relevant, efficient and inspiring to every customer, every time. And Aptos makes that happen. With Aptos, point of sale is no longer about processing transactions; it’s about empowering experiences that increase sales. 122,000 Stores Across the Globe…and Counting: As the POS solution used by more softgoods retailers than any other, Aptos Store and Aptos Mobile Store enable more than 300 brands in 40 countries to engage customers through over 120,000 stores with personalized, efficient and empowered interactions, and to integrate and connect their store operations to every channel, location and touchpoint. Well-Established Leadership Credentials: Year after year, in study after study, Aptos Store solutions are consistently ranked among the leaders in the industry, and 2015 has been no exception. Aptos was named the Leader in the 2015 Forrester Wave for Point of Service, the leading provider to softgoods retailers by IHL, and #1 in overall market share by Boston Retail Partners. Rich Functionality that Helps You Engage Differently: Aptos Store and Aptos Mobile Store include centralized, real-time features designed to enhance engagement and drive sales by empowering sales associates with one view of inventory; a 360° view of each customer, including the ability to see what’s in their “closet” with Aptos Clienteling; and access to all transaction details through Aptos Returns Management to ensure accurate refunds of purchases made in any store or channel. Aptos Store also enables store staff to manage their business more efficiently with a full complement of back office functions and applications, including manager’s dashboard, inventory management, employee management, store messaging, electronic journal, and cash management—all supported by Enterprise Store Central, a centralized data transfer and consolidation module. Leveraging omni-channel visibility and deep customer knowledge, Aptos Store and Mobile Store provide every store associate a holistic view of each consumer, each order, and each piece of inventory. Associates have immediate access to insights into which product a loyal customer purchases from your brick-and-mortar store, which product that customer plans to pick-up at another store and which product they are having shipped to their home. Aptos: One customer… one transaction…one solution…one integrated experience. Payment and Security are Priority #1: In addition, payment and security – top of mind issues with every retailer – are also top of mind at Aptos. We employ proven end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure that your cardholders’ data is never directly identified at any point during its journey to and from the bank. With our PA-DSS certified Aptos Secure Data Manager (SDM), or FiPay from our partner AJB, data is fully encrypted on the PIN pad (using VeriFone VeriShield) with bank-owned ‘keys’. It is then securely communicated to the point of sale, transmitted directly to the bank for authorization, and re-encrypted before being returned to your POS. Aptos Store: Serving on the front-lines, your store associates are critical to ensuring an inspired customer experience. Aptos Store POS (point-of-sale) empowers every associate in every location with the tools they require to improve both the customer experience and their productivity. Aptos POS reduces checkout times with flexible workflows and bio-metric capabilities while driving sales with support for advanced transaction types, extensive promotions and deal executions, store CRM, and more. Aptos Store facilitates exceptional customer service by providing easy access to all product information, inventory, pricing intelligence and customer history to help shoppers make confident decisions. Combined with end-to-end encryption and all the resources you need to process transactions efficiently on your customers’ terms, Aptos Store lets you captivate shoppers, grow your business and continually drive sales. Aptos Mobile Store: In today’s world of instant gratification, a mobile solution is not only useful but essential. Aptos Mobile Store uses the same architecture as our standard POS application to facilitate rapid delivery of deep functionality on a variety of mobile devices. Aptos Mobile Store takes Aptos Store to the next level by empowering employees to interact with and assist shoppers through their iOS or Windows mobile devices. Aptos Mobile Store empowers every associate to deliver seamless service, instantly answer questions and complete transactions without delays. Retailers that utilize Aptos Mobile Store report increased conversion rates, a rise in dollars and units per transaction, improved employee productivity and, ultimately, a better performing enterprise. By giving store managers and sales associates instant, on-the-go access to the tools they need to enhance customer service and complete end-to-end POS transactions, look up items, locate stock, and carry out various omni-channel management functions. +MORE


End-To-End eGrocery Solution



Self-Point provides the very best online grocery experience: Order picking is seamlessly integrated with your existing point of sale (POS) solution. It’s as if you scanned the item at the checkout counter! Custom branded online grocery e-commerce site with pictures of each item and updated pricing directly from your current POS solution. Tablet app and mobile app for instant picking and scanning of groceries. Customers can order across all platforms including the website, mobile app and tablet. Custom branded marketing package to promote your new online grocery store. Detailed analytics of storewide sales and individual customer trends. +MORE


Online Grocery Shopping; eCommerce Solutions

We provide valuable products and services to retailers, not just the hype of our competitors. We deliver genuine retailer value and true labor savings while increasing sales, not just words on a page. We deliver a smart solution at a fair price point, not just a lot of talk about how smart our solution is. We have everything our competitors have and much, much more. 30% of U.S. consumers are technology-averse or impaired.   We understand you still want to sell them groceries.  We do, too. We provide the tools to sell groceries to 100% or your customers.  Our competitors don’t. Customers can buy groceries from your store using: PC or MAC Tablets or any other web enabled device Their Smartphones Our toll-free staffed call-center (that 30% of your customers we just mentioned) You want your customers to have the same experience online as they have in your store. Again, so do we. That’s why our products will allow your customers to: Pay with food stamp benefits (EBT), credit and debit cards, personal checks and gift cards Build, view and order from their list of frequently purchased items or Last Order Enter manufacturer coupons during current order View and order from your digital circular (one of many circular formats we offer) Multiple methods of easily understood navigation: images, text and brands Build, modify and save their recipes and order the ingredients with a single click. View nutritional information, warnings, product descriptions and manufacturer information. Search for items using keyword, UPC or 24 different product attributes (gluten-free, etc.) View personal savings in your current circular based on purchase history Opt-in to email campaign that shows their personal savings and includes a link to your site Easily access all store specials (TPRs, Manager Specials, etc.) Easily continue shopping across multiple devices without losing order progress Access toll-free technical support 365 days including holidays (for consumers and retailers) Pay the price they see online. We maintain price integrity for the whole shopping experience. These are some among many features and benefits available to your customers through HTG, but we didn’t stop there. Loyalty program We have relationships with several loyalty providers and can integrate to your system seamlessly. Homegrown? No problem. We have our own loyalty program that supports six price-tiers per item per store. Percent off, dollar off, pay-with-points…however you want it to work is how we’ll set it up. Promo Codes Set up on demand. Want to advertise your specials? We’ll set up promo codes for you. Potent Cross-Merchandising With our unique cross-merchandising feature, you can hang all the digital clip-strips you want in your digital aisles. We offer an entry level, minimum-fee solution. Start selling groceries half an hour after you sign up online. We also have a flat-rate robust, mature solution that will provide additional sales channels and growth opportunities for years to come.’s Express Shopper, a digital dashboard, is our order fulfillment feature that was designed for individuals with limited computer knowledge, to process multiple online grocery orders easily and simultaneously.  Express Shoppers features include: Minimizing store labor by allowing store personnel to shop, bag and checkout up to ten orders at one time in the store's aisles.  Reduces the total labor involved in the order fulfillment process to an average of fifteen minutes per order.  Saves the labor cost of baggers and checkers by eliminating the need to check orders out through the store's point of sale equipment.  Automatically updates the store’s inventory and accounting information in the store's point of sale and/or corporate systems.  Design to protect against sweet-hearting Integrates easily with the store's bookkeeping procedures and supports GAAP accounting disciplines.  Eliminates “bait and switch pricing” by assuring full price integrity for consumers.  Protects from governmental agencies that assess fines for price switching. Provides complete order information to customers.  If an item is substituted or is out of stock, notes are printed on the customer's receipt informing the customer what has occurred with the item.  Notes on the customer’s receipt indicate the savings for items on special and any electronic store- or manufacturer-coupons the customer received.  Conveniently identifies ingredient items for the recipes the customer ordered. Eliminates customers' concerns regarding why they did, or did not, receive an item.  Saves labor costs by eliminating customers' telephone calls to store to receive an explanation of their order. Has a "walk before run" concept that allows stores to start inexpensively. As the order volume grows, stores may add devices that increase efficiency and are cost effective.  The Express Shopper process initially starts with a paper-picking document.  As order volume grows, the store may choose to graduate to the ExpressPOS (Tablet) and hands-free scanners. Request a full demo to see why HTG is the clear choice for your ecommerce needs.   +MORE


Beeem - Your business on peoples' phones instantly without apps.

Beeem Technologies Inc.

Beeem enables any retailer to engage any customer in-store on their phone instantly with just 2 taps. You can now broadcast your mobile content in-store accessible with just 2 taps to almost all devices without any app needed to be installed on iOS or Android. With Beeem, you can create and deploy in-store mobile content to any isle or any product shelf in any of your stores to offer targeted promotions, flash-sales or gather feedback from customers. +MORE


Cloud Based Multi Platform POS System


Retail POS System Singapore - Everything you need in Store InspirePos System designed to add value to your Retail POS software experience. With our real time POS Software users can track their inventory in real time. Our automated solutions are able to meet the needs of every industry requirements. It is easy to set up and is user-friendly. Inspire's POS System works with a wide range of POS hardware and can assist you with a range of supporting functions. Save precious time on inventory management by recording important information on pricing and quantities in one platform. Keep a track on the inventory sold with detailed reporting and be alerted when supplies are running low. You can trust the reliability and efficiency of our Online Point-of-Sales solutions. Our fully integrated software is the first step towards helping your business grow and succeed. A must-have for all e-commerce solutions. Streamline the retail checkout process of your business. A powerful reporting tool, you can now manage your sales clearly than before. Our iPad POS System technology combines cloud computing and wireless technology on a sleek touchscreen interface for your business needs. The iPad POS is an affordable and modern alternative. Your staff training will be effortless and customers will be impressed with the attractive design. The software is able to handle huge volumes of transactions per day making it ideal for small and big businesses alike. Store customer information on any sale and build a marketing database. This helps you understand their purchasing behaviour and stay ahead of competition. Make smarter business decisions with our Singapore Web based Point-of-sale (POS System) now. +MORE


iPad POS

Shoptree Inc.

Shoptree is point-of-sale, payments, inventory and customer management software for your business. Smart & Intelligent Software: Smart, intelligent and easy-to-use software with a friendly user interface helps your employees get their work done faster across your store. Real time Reporting: Enjoy the freedom of viewing real-time data of your business on-the-go, and work where and when it suits you. Restaurants: Complete Restaurant & Bar Management System. Take Orders at the table on a tablet and serve more customers in less time. Shoptree Payments: Accept cash and card transactions anywhere, anytime with all the features you need to sell on your iPad. Products & Pricebooks: Create a single product or bundle a set of products into a composite. Manage promotions, location specific prices, taxes & discounts. Simple stock management: Our stock management feature will help you in managing the stocks, ordering the stocks, stock wastages and in stock auditing with ease. Advanced Employee Permissions: Control which employee can do what with the help of 35+ permission sets without compromising their functionality and efficiency. Receipts & receipt templates: Tailor your Receipts to the precise needs of your business and also deliver your tickets to the kitchen printer wirelessly. Integrations: Integrate directly with e-commerce store, accounting software, payroll management, marketing tools and many other apps. Customer Support: You have full access to our community support portal. Email, Remote Assistance & Live in-app support available on working business days. +MORE


iPad Point of Sale for Retail

Lumos POS

Manage your retail business and increase sales with integrated inventory management, marketing, reporting, eCommerce, and much more. Ringing up sales is just the beginning. Streamline your inventory management, keep track of employee hours, organize merchandise and sell online all from one integrated dashboard. Our technical support team will be there to help you set-up your system, answer questions, and keep your POS up to date with our latest software upgrades. With cloud-based confidence, LUMOS POS lets you ring up sales and view your secure data anywhere at any time, across multiple stores. Your data is always backed-up for additional peace of mind – never lose data to hackers or equipment failure again. +MORE



myCircle Inc.

The first-ever socially engaging point of sale software. Powerful & Intuitive: iPad technology to put you in control of your business Meet smartPOS, the intelligent point of sale software that is transforming the way you do business, sell to and connect with customers. Feature rich with a powerful set of myCircle smartTools, smartPOS runs on an iPad making it easy to be in control of your business from wherever you are. Powerful Apps to connect with your customers: Create extraordinary customer relationships with marketing that is very targeted, personal and real time. myCircle’s smartSocial tools enable you to connect with customers on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter without ever leaving your smartPOS. Publicise specials, offer discounts and share news. Breakthrough Analytics: Get more out of your business. Say goodbye to time-consuming, complicated and manual reporting. Now it’s time to simplify and streamline. With smartReport’s detailed views, reports and charts, it’s easy to spot patterns and business opportunities in real time. And it’s accessible anytime, anywhere at the tap of an icon button. Anytime, Anyplace: Stay connected to your business. Your business is stored in the cloud so you can run your business from anywhere, anytime, real-time. Never miss a sale with our true offline capabilities. The smartDashboard is accessible from your personal computer or iPad. Set-up and control all of your business matters from one unified location. +MORE