White label apps

Revieve - Digital Beauty Advisor via Selfies

Revieve Inc.

Personalized selfie-powered beauty-product discovery and recommendation for beauty brands & retailers.  In-store, online, on mobile, on social media and through Amazon Alexa  FOR SKINCARE Analyse skin concerns like wrinkles, eye bags, redness, pigmentation from a shopper selfie and combine the findings with selections & environmental factors such as UV, pollution, humidity to provide your shoppers with personalised skincare routines. Directly from your inventory and in all channels.  FOR MAKEUP Help the consumer to discover perfect products by analyzing skin undertone, eye color, facial shape and skin concerns. Educate the customer and provide curated set of matching product recommendations from your makeup selection. Complete the customer experience by helping your shoppers see what they would look like if they used the recommended products through augmented reality (AR) both online and in-store. +MORE


Merchant Suite

Powered by Premier Technologies

MerchantSuite provides a suite of quick and simple ways of bringing your business online securely. The ability to send mobile friendly invoices by email, accept card payments on a website, or manage your subscription clients are just a start. +MORE


Know When Customers ARRIVE


Mobile order ahead is growing exponentially. Customers expect local businesses to meet the needs of their on the go lifestyle with quick and convenient mobile ordering and store pickup. We help retail and restaurant chains drive repeat sales and higher ratings from their mobile order-ahead programs with our premium location technology, ARRIVE.   ARRIVE provides highly accurate and reliable arrival alerts when your customers are approaching your place of business. Until today, retailers have been armed only with unreliable technologies like cameras, geofences and beacons. ARRIVE opens up new possibilities for taking friction out of real-world customer experiences, allowing retailers to re-imagine what’s possible at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Eliminate scheduled times, manual check-ins, and unnecessary calls. Instead, greet customers by name with their order ready and all the details taken care of in advance of their arrival.   Don’t have mobile order ahead yet? We offer a full suite of tools to help you quickly build your order ahead program, including online storefront, inventory management, and pick and pack fulfillment tools, all of which work seamlessly with ARRIVE. +MORE




The fast and easy way to pay at online. You earn rewards. Merchants save money. Accept payments for 80% less than interchange retail, ecommerce and for business.  Kash clears transactions without interchange or card fees and is guaranteed against chargeback. Direct Debit - Use direct debit to accept payments without interchange fees or risk of chargeback. Retail Payment Gateway Instant Clearance Each transaction is cleared and deposited into your account by the next business day. Secure Authorization Kash uses bank grade security and encrypts data at every single step. Learn more. Fraud Prevention Each transaction is audited against more than 100 socio-economic signals to detect fraudulent activity, and is guaranteed against chargeback if authorized. Full Bank Support All personal and commercial banks are supported, both for you and your customers Advanced POS Support Integrate with your Micros, NCR Aloha or Square POS. Manage Loyalty Define your custom loyalty program Cashier Management Associate each transaction to your cashiers for full accountability. Kash Dashboard View customer analytics and account activity Digital Tipping Prompt your customers for a tip on the service provided by your staff. eCommerce Payment Gateway Instant Clearance Each transaction is cleared and deposited into your account by the next business day. Kash Dashboard View customer analytics and account activity. Major Bank Support All major banks are supported for your customers. Advanced Platform Integrate with all platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento. Secure Authorization Kash uses bank grade security and encrypts data at every single step. Learn more. Fraud Prevention Each transaction is audited against more than 100 socio-economic signals to detect fraudulent activity, and is guaranteed against chargeback if authorized. Credit Card Alternative Use existing credit card solutions including popular options such as Stripe. Or we can offer you a full out of a box package including credit card processing. Invoice management - Send invoices for free while giving customers the option to pay with Direct Debit or Credit. Kash Invoice Management allows you to send electronic invoices and collect payment without interchange fees.  Instant Clearance Each transaction is cleared and deposited into your account by the next business day Secure Authorization Every processed using standards higher than PCI and encryption levels higher than all major banks. Full Bank Support All personal and commercial banks are supported, both for you and your customers Fraud Prevention Each transaction is audited against more than 100 socio-economic signals to detect fraudulent activity, and is guaranteed against chargeback if authorized. Direct Invoice Linking Consolidate invoices back to your accounting software Kash Dashboard View customer analytics and account activity API & White Labeling  Instant Clearance Each transaction is cleared and deposited into your account by the next business day Secure Authorization Kash uses bank grade security and encrypts data at every single step. Learn more. Fraud Prevention Each transaction is audited against more than 100 socio-economic signals to detect fraudulent activity, and is guaranteed against chargeback if authorized. Full Bank Support All personal and commercial banks are supported, both for you and your customers +MORE


AddStructure - A.I. Powered Conversational Commerce

AddStructure Inc.

--Path-- Path automatically creates search engine optimized landing pages to capture organic search traffic. It does this by analyzing and then restructuring your product and site content to perfectly match queries consumers use to find your products on external search engines. --Signal-- A great search experience is central to providing consumers with an excellent site experience. Signal is a search plugin that integrates with platforms like SOLR to automatically improve relevance for subjective, thematic, and semantic search queries. Signal goes light years beyond keyword matching by understanding the intent of a search query and providing optimal results. --Scaffold-- Scaffold provides organizations with the building blocks for any Search and Discovery project. Scaffold transforms unstructured content (such as phone calls, reviews, and emails) into structured data that is readable and actionable by both machines and humans. Our customers have used Scaffold to extract product facets from free text, to create fine-grained taxonomies, and to summarize customer correspondence. +MORE


Punch Cards for the 21st Century


Branded Tablet & Stand: We will design a branded 10' Samsung Tablet and ship with a high quality Heckler Stand. Branded Web App: The average person checks their phone over 1500 times a day. Your logo is now on their home screen! Plastic Cards: Hand out high quality, branded loyalty cards and key tags to your customers. Website Plugin: We seemlessly integrate with any website so your customers can sign up from anywhere. SMS & Email Marketing: Build a database of all of your customers' contact information for effective marketing and promotions. Deals & Newsletters: Take advantage of unlimited deal campaigns and newsletters to stay connected with your customers. Loyalty: Increase brand awareness and customer retention with a loyalty program consistent with your brand. Referrals: Our unique referral program turns all of your customers into brand advocates. +MORE


Mobile Commerce Platform


CARDFREE is the leading mobile commerce platform for large merchants. In a landscape full of mobile payment and wallet providers, we are the only end-to-end enterprise mobile commerce platform that engages consumers and helps merchants increase frequency, loyalty and ticket size.  The consumer of today wants the ability to shop, order and pay from the convenience of their mobile device. They expect brands to offer smart personalized offers, real-time engagement and meaningful rewards. Mobile payments are meaningless to consumers without the services that add real value to their overall experience. Engage today's consumer with CARDFREE. +MORE



OmnyPay, Inc.

OmnyPay allows retailers to know their customers while they are browsing, shopping and during check out, understand their behavior and profile, serve them at a personalized level and deliver services and savings that would further enhance customer loyalty.  OmnyPay creates a dynamic digital channel between the retailer and the shopper at the time of checkout, allowing shoppers easy redemption of loyalty, rewards and coupons through a simplified dashboard for maximum savings and steer them towards optimized payment options.  Deliver a consistent experience across all channels - in store, online, in-app, virtual aisle and dynamic media, using any smart mobile device. The OmnyPay solution is designed to enhance the 100's of millions of Retailer Apps already dowloaded by loyal customers.  The Retailer Branded experience ensures consistency of messaging and engagement.  By combining Retailer Incentives with Low Cost payments within a branded environment, OmnyPay is able to create single touch point for all interactions and transactions. +MORE


Enterprise Mobile Proximity Platform


Sixgill can help your business embrace mobility and gain control of your evolving connected and mobile world. Your workforce and critical assets are in motion more than ever before, creating opportunities and challenges throughout your business. The ability to track, determine, and act in this mobile world is becoming a critical enterprise need. Sixgill automates the proximity data services necessary to support the complete spectrum of problem-solving packaged and custom mobility applications proliferating across the enterprise. +MORE


Mobile Marketing Automation Platform


Enabling brands to make evidence based decisions through actionable analytics.  Analytics, Segmentation and Targeting: Knowledge is Power, so an app built without analytics isn’t fully powered. Our Enterprise Analytics will provide you with a personal understanding of who your customers are. We analyse people not devices. In App Messaging: Push notifications are a highly effective way to instantly reach your customers, but they’re limited to just opt-ins. Now you can reach more of your customers with new In-App Messages to welcome them to your app, introduce new features, nudge users along their journey to purchase or provide customer service messages. When your message has to be seen, In-app messaging is the answer. Push Notifications: Push notifications are a powerful and engaging means of reaching your app users. With xtremepush, you have the tools you need to create rich interactive push notification campaigns, complete with personalisation, optimisation and intelligent delivery. Proximity Marketing (iBeacon & Geo Fencing): With iBeacon & Geo Fencing you can engage your customers at the right time in the right location to deliver highly contextualized app engagement. We do the hard work for you Web Push Notifications: The engagement potential of an in-app experience via the web browser. Our innovative Web Push Notification solution will enable you to reach and re-engage your web users even after they have left the website. Mobile App Attribution: Our flexible attribution solution will track your marketing efforts over thousands of Ad networks enabling real time campaign analysis and optimisation to drive the best app installs and post-install events maximizing your advertising ROI User Segmentation: The best customer experiences are created by sending the right message to the right person. With XtremePush’s user segmentation we give you an intelligent understanding of your users allowing you to segment and engage in real time. CRM Integration: We don’t always have all the information, so when you’re using third party systems or have developed something yourself our extensive external API allows you to merge and sync data to build a holistic customer profile for a single view of your user. White Label Solutions: If you’re a multinational organisation with a large client base and you need a customised solution to sell internally you’ve come to the right place. We can set up your organisation with a fully re-branded experience in a matter of days. +MORE


Branded Apps & Marketing Analytics


A beautiful branded app is just the beginning. Thanx Branded Apps harness the power of our world-class marketing analytics platform. Apple Pay: Thanx is the only rewards platform that works seamlessly with Apple Pay. Beacons: Geo-target customers according to precise location with beacon-triggered mobile notifications.  Branded App  NOW AVAILABLE! Launch a 5-star branded app that measurably increases sales — in less than 30 days. Customer Feedback: Engage customers in 1-to-1 dialogues to increase frequency, spending, and satisfaction. Email Compatibility: Infuse your email customer relationship management strategy with personalized mobile marketing. Franchise Tools: Easily manage all your franchise locations with customizable roles, permissions, and training. Net Promoter Score: Measure real-time customer satisfaction across locations using “the ultimate question.” Promotions: Gain visibility into the success of customer offers — including a precise measurement for ROI. Rewards: Deliver any desired reward — including automatic cash back, branded items, and unique experiences. Thanxgiving: Drive referrals from your best customers — with guaranteed positive ROI. Timeshift: Change behavior by providing existing customers an incentive to also visit at different times. VIP: Create a unique, personal experience for your VIP customers so they always come back. Winback: Re-engage previously loyal customers with an incentive to come back — automatically. +MORE


The Shopping Mall Reviver


As a shopping mall manager you now face the most challenging environment that has been experienced by retail in decades. The battle for customers attention is intense and new online ventures threaten current business scenarios. It is now more important than ever to: concentrate effort on visitors satisfaction and convenience, blur the lines between on and offline shopping, gather and analyze quality visitor data, provide modern marketing solutions for tenants. Our unique mobile solution is to seamlessly enhance shopping experience. We took what’s best in brick-and-mortar approach blended it with features that attract people to the web and added that Matsuu + to actually change the rules of today’s retail. Seamless connection of on and offline experience, real time advertising, content in context are just view main challenges we addressed. Contact us and get free consultation on implementation. +MORE


IoT Platform for Businesses


We offer the most user-friendly IoT platform for businesses. It includes a mobile app builder, cloud and embedded software solutions for prototyping, scaling and managing your connected products. The world is moving into the era of billions of connected devices. The way people interact with familiar "things" is being transformed. The same will happen to companies and their processes. If you think about enabling Internet of Things for your business, let's do it together. +MORE


Mobile Development (iOS and Android Platforms)


We offer full cycle application development for iOS and Android devices including business analysis, programming and design. The range of our services extend to wearable devices such as Apple Watch. Whether you are looking for implementation of your ideas or getting an innovative fit-for-purpose solution for your business, we can provide the necessary support.   +MORE


Apps for iPhone, Android, and the Web

Steamclock Software

Product Consulting & UX Design: Great products start with the user. Whether you need two weeks of product consulting or just some extra insight spread throughout the project, we’re always working to help you ship something simple, effective, and usable. Everybody on our team cares about user experience. Whether we’re performing interviews and producing formal plans, sketching quick wireframes, or evolving an existing app to improve the UX, we’re always considering how we can improve the experience. iPhone & iPad Development: iOS users expect their apps to be built right. We pride ourselves on building apps that are smooth, polished, and easy to use. Said Anne Forkutza of our client iQmetrix: “I have never met a group of developers who cared so much about the user experience.” We’ve built everything from photo apps to ticketing systems, 3D visualizations to form engines, retail apps to music apps. The problem is always different, but the approach is always thoughtful design and iteration. Visual & User Interface Design: We craft every pixel of our products. Sometimes that just means matching the iOS or Android look and feel so users feel at home. Other times, that means a beautiful custom UI to knock people’s socks off. At the minium, apps need a fetching icon and and App Store screenshots that represent them well. Often, they also need various icons, buttons, controls, a landing site for the app – even an entire brand. Whatever gaps there are in your product’s visual language, we’re here to fill them. Android Development: Android apps don’t need to be awkward. We take the same care and attention to detail we spend on iOS to Android as well. Our Map of the Internet app, for example, shines on Android, and has been featured by CNN, Popular Science, and Fast Company. Most businesses working on mobile apps will have questions about what platforms to support and, especially when it comes to Android, what devices to support of the thousands out there. We understand the market and the tradeoffs, and provide consulting on what approach makes sense for their business. Photo, Audio, & Video: We build media apps the right way. We’re constantly buildings apps that share, play, and capture media. In particular, we are know all the the APIs and tricks necessary to make for polished audio and video products, including real-time chat. Most recently, we built the app and site for Emily Carr University’s The Show photo and video exhibition. Using Node.js, HTML5, and Objective-C, we created a great experience across various devices. Web Apps & APIs: All apps need a web presence. Whether it’s a simple landing page, a mobile web version of your app, or an admin panel for desktop users, your app will need to be accessible via web browsers. Almost every app needs an API as well. Some of our clients have talented server teams that can stand up a robust RESTful API, but need help on the mobile development side. For other clients, we build the API ourselves, using simple tools like Parse or modern Node.js or Rails frameworks. 3D & High Performance: We like hard problems. Our experience with 3D, OpenGL, C++, and performance-intensive apps make us unusually suited to solving hard problems in mobile. We love building apps that have a 3D component, like our Map of the Internet project. We’re adept and blending OpenGL graphics and native UI into beautiful cross-platform mobile apps. High performance doesn’t just mean 3D of course. A great mobile user experience means smooth scrolling at 60 frames per second, which sometimes means serious performance analysis and tuning. Shipping, Iterating, & Handoff: We live to ship. A product doesn’t end when the last line of code is written for version 1.0. We help clients get their apps on the app stores and the web, then iterate based on user feedback. In the long term, most clients want to take the reins and continue development of their apps in house. We’re available for training on both the specifics of your app and the broader world of mobile development. +MORE


NetWise Captivate

Smith Micro Software, Inc.

The NetWise Captivate™ mobile insights & engagement platform is the only mobile marketing solution that uses carrier-grade embedded software to deliver personalized mobile engagement. Powered by an on-device expert system that enables sophisticate mobile interactions and an extensible management platform that provides the flexibility each business requires, NetWise Captivate empowers retailers to deliver more with mobile. More so than ever before, brand differentiation comes down to customer experience. Using the power and intimacy enabled by mobile engagement, retailers can deliver memorable customer experiences the strive for IF... the engagement is relevant and valuable. Unfortunately, this has frequently not been the case with mobile engagement. More often than not, customers view mobile engagement as intrusive and/or irrelevant, which damages their experience and overall affinity for your brand. Adding context-rich engagement logic to your mobile app enables retailers to overcome these common challenges by delivering valuable mobile interactions at the right place and the right time. +MORE


Digital Agency

Rose Digital

  At Rose Digital we adhere to agile project management methodology. Before any engagement begins, we work with our clients to develop an accurate scope of work and a project plan that gets us to a minimum viable product we can learn from in a reasonable time frame. See below to learn what an engagement looks like from start to finish. DISCOVERY: The first step is to learn more about your vision and business objectives. We'll have 1-3 initial meetings to gather all of your requirements and have our functional analysis team draw up a build proposal that will achieve your goals. FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION: Once we have a strong understanding of your vision, we'll put together a scope of work and functional specification to define exactly what the end product will look like and how it will work. This will help us to begin doing design reviews, customer interviews and completely agree to a project plan based on two week sprints. PROTOTYPE: Using the functional specification, our team will build out a clickable front end prototype. This allows your team to see how the use flows work and share it with customers for further pre-build validation that will save a lot of time over the course of the project. MVP: During this phase, development is proceeding at full speed. Our back end developers will build out the API while the front end developers build out the user interface. We'll focus on full test coverage and maximum code reusability. The output of this stage is a fully working product that is ready to be rigorously tested and put in market. INTEGRATION TESTING: In addition to automated Unit and E2E testing, we will have quality assurance engineers thoroughly test each use flow to ensure the product works exactly as expected. Your team will be able to conduct any testing you see fit as a requirement for 'go-live'. DELIVERY AND SUPPORT: GO LIVE! We will port the code to your production environment, set up analytics and a development environment for future upgrades. This is the beginning of the maintenance phase of our engagement and we will actively work with your team to address any bugs as well as set up a plan to build out new features and upgrades. +MORE


Solutions for Shoppers, Store Operations, and HQ

Point Inside

Point Inside's Solutions for Shoppers, Store Operations, and HQ enable retailers to enhance the in-store shopping trip for connected mobile shoppers . Our solutions incorporate the convenience, personalization, and insights provided by e-commerce. STOREMODE FOR SHOPPERS: Meet your shoppers’ growing expectations. Answer the two most popular questions that shoppers have, “Do you have it?” and “Where can I find it?” with interactive store maps, search and discovery solutions that make the in-store shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. STORE OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS: Level the playing field for your store associates. Point Inside provides digitized store and product information all in one place - empowering store associates and improving efficiency and store performance HQ SOLUTIONS: Digitize your physical store as you’ve done for the web. Point Inside provides an in-store clickstream and robust analytics enabling retailers to understand store similarity, optimize merchandise assortment, and improve store execution for each store. +MORE


Retail Mobility Solutions

Diaspark Inc.

Mobiles have reached every corner of the globe and consumers have made them a part of their entire purchase cycle. Retailers are making the most of it by enabling customers to search, review, or purchase the products and services on the move. Our retail mobility solutions help you achieve ubiquity and a consistent multi-channel presence through cutting-edge mobile technology. With a strong mobility strategy, elevated customer experience, brand building techniques, and power of mobility in the hands of your sales staff – you can reach every customer with the right ammunition and delight them with a seamless shopping experience. +MORE



Neon Roots

Rootstrap is a full-service idea & product development workshop. Weaving together branding, visual design, lean user interface experience, and information architecture, Rootstrap takes you through every phase of validating your idea and building an MVP. You’ll finish with a data-driven product roadmap that outlines your path to successful launch all before a single line of code is written. +MORE



Digital Retail Apps

SelfPay, by Digital Retail Apps, lets in-store shoppers SKIP the checkout line. Shoppers use SelfPay on their phone to scan items, view product details, and pay - all in app - all without waiting. Shoppers save time, buy more and make more informed purchase decisions. Included in our solution is a patented loss prevention component. In the $2T retail industry, 88% of shoppers want a faster checkout experience (Harris Poll) and over 75% want to use apps to bypass the checkout line (App Dynamics). SelfPay fits shoppers' needs and preferences and helps retailers increase sales with less labor. We offer retailers multiple deployment options in a monthly SaaS or upfront license arrangement. SelfPay extends retailers’ existing POS to the mobile device and offers a large selection of major payment methods -- all within a retailer branded in-app shopping experience. SelfPay is the natural and inevitable evolution of POS.  Built to fit your needs: Choose one or more deployment options, each with our patented purchase verification. Turnkey: List your stores in our multi-retailer SelfPay app. Once a shopper is in your store, your branding, your payments and your experience are the sole focus. Embedded: Embed SelfPay in your own branded app and extend its capabilities to include mobile self-checkout, and make it a part of your existing mobile experience. White Label: Let us build a customized shop and pay app for you. Together we will build an experience sure to impress the modern mobile shopper. Add SelfPay to your existing systems: Your POS and inventory systems are the backbone of your retail operation and SelfPay integrates seamlessly. Off the Shelf: For those with mass-market, cloud-based POS solutions, such as Shopify or Vend, SelfPay offers a turnkey system that can get your stores up and running in-app in just a few weeks. Middleware: Third party multi-vendor POS and inventory solutions often leverage middleware to add features and functionality. We work with leading middleware providers including Apigee and Informatica to bring SelfPay to enterprise-grade systems. Direct: If you prefer to keep all systems in-house, we work directly with your IT team, and any third party systems integrator to connect SelfPay directly to your backend POS and ERP systems. +MORE


Merchandising Management Technology

Connect Oasis

Merchandising Compliance Management Connect Oasis Merchandising Management Technology is focused on helping retail teams in three ways: Capture a wide range retail site attributes with an intuitive mobile data collection app (Site-Specs™) Combine those attributes with planogram details into our SaaS platform where product can be mapped to a plan (CADx™), business rules applied and all relevant data is consolidated in the cloud, providing teams access to intelligence and execution details. Deploy merchandising resets using our cloud-based App for task management and overall validation. Unlocking and Consolidating Data Our technology solutions unlock new levels of value and productivity by consolidating data from existing business tools to the cloud (Site-Intel™). We focus on capturing and configuring planogram details, applying analytics to better understand store-specific requirements in the development of a comprehensive merchandising plan. The objective is to facilitate an enhanced customer experience by rapidly refreshing the merchandise offer. Mobilizing Data Capture, Sharing & Collaboration In order to be responsive to the demands of todays’ competitive marketplace, retailers have to empower their teams with tools that make collaboration easy and information accessible. At Connect Oasis we are all about mobilizing data, images and instructions in order to make things happen at the speed of retail. We work with our clients to convert our mobile apps into capture, collaboration and delivery tools that improve decision-making and accelerate execution. +MORE


End-To-End eGrocery Solution



Self-Point provides the very best online grocery experience: Order picking is seamlessly integrated with your existing point of sale (POS) solution. It’s as if you scanned the item at the checkout counter! Custom branded online grocery e-commerce site with pictures of each item and updated pricing directly from your current POS solution. Tablet app and mobile app for instant picking and scanning of groceries. Customers can order across all platforms including the website, mobile app and tablet. Custom branded marketing package to promote your new online grocery store. Detailed analytics of storewide sales and individual customer trends. +MORE


Simple Mobile App Development


SandBox allows you to build an enterprise-grade app for your brand in less than a day! PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Users will receive push notifications based on customizable business. GEO-NOTIFICATIONS: Users will be notified when they are near a location of interest. AUTO-SYNC: SandBox keeps track of your inventory in Real-Time. CART HISTORY: Users may effortlessly add and review products in their cart. FAVORITES: Users may save products they like to their favorites list to purchase at a later date. PRODUCT RATINGS: Users may provide feedback on products they've purchased and review products prior to purchasing. EASY CHECKOUT: One-touch payments makes it seamless for customers to purchase your products. SOCIAL MEDIA LOGIN: Gain customers fast with easy registration and login with Facebook and Google. +MORE


Foodi Mobile App

Foodi Online Ltd.

foodi for food courts: Get rid of queues (and those ugly buzzers). Food courts are busy! Foodi can provide Apps that run on kiosks and give immediate access to all the stores in the area. Customers can browse & buy without wasting precious time queueing, and be notified on their phones when their order is ready for collection. foodi for restaurants: The digital kitchen. The foodi Apps take your operations into the digital age. All your staff can manage orders and payments through dedicated access to the platform.. waiters can even use their own smartphones so you won’t need to purchase new equipment. foodi for takeaways: Convert hungry customers into sales. When your customers use services like JustEat, they are constantly tempted with food from your competitors, which means less orders for you. A foodi App allows your business to provide a personal, direct service to your customers, so you won’t ever lose those leads. foodi for market stalls: Keep your store open and don’t stop selling. Whether you are a small producer or a reseller, a foodi App will help you keep your market stall accessible 24/7. Put your brand above the competition, build a solid base of loyal customers, reward them with discounts and offers and ensure they keep coming back. +MORE


Beeem - Your business on peoples' phones instantly without apps.

Beeem Technologies Inc.

Beeem enables any retailer to engage any customer in-store on their phone instantly with just 2 taps. You can now broadcast your mobile content in-store accessible with just 2 taps to almost all devices without any app needed to be installed on iOS or Android. With Beeem, you can create and deploy in-store mobile content to any isle or any product shelf in any of your stores to offer targeted promotions, flash-sales or gather feedback from customers. +MORE


Mobile Customer Engagement Platform


Create a permanent touchpoint on your customers’ mobiles. We help you engage with your customers through your own permanent store card in their mobile wallets. Our solution: Gowento offers a SaaS solution enabling any retailer to enhance customer engagement by creating a store card placed in the mobile wallet. Centralized: Your store card becomes the unique digital extension of your shop Branded: Your card is fully customized with the look&feel of your brand Readily available: We all have a digital wallet, such as Apple Wallet and Android Pay +MORE


Mobile App Development

Mobinett Interactive

At Mobinett Interactive, we take an holistic approach towards mobile app and responsive website development. Over the years by working on numerous mobile solutions in several domains such as retail & franchises, health & nutrition, automotive, finance and more, we developed proprietary mobile engagement frameworks that can enhance user engagement tremendously. We first understand your objectives in detail to create an user engagement strategy based on our frameworks. Then we bring in appropriate latest mobile technologies to implement the strategy and launch your product. Once your mobile app is out in the market, we can help you analyze usage patterns and tweak the strategy as needed. By refining both the strategy and technology over a period of time, we can ensure that your mobile app or responsive website has the best user experience and stands out among competition. +MORE


Mobile Commerce App Provider


MOBILE APPS: We create and manage award-winning transactional mobile apps that deliver a fully integrated brand experience across all channels, driving revenue, conversion and engagement. CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Our CMS is a strategic hub for all your app activity, giving you all the tools you need to manage your app. These tools include access to user-friendly analytics and a push messaging dashboard as well as technical support and other resources. PUSH MESSAGING: Our platform uses targeted push messaging technology to enable you to connect with your users at the right time and in the right place to drive results. INTELLIGENT ANALYTICS: We provide unique commerce-targeted analytics to help you measure behaviour, understand your user path and optimise conversion, allowing for real-time intelligent commercial trading decisions. IN-STORE EXPERIENCE: We help you bring customers through your doors by delivering an enhanced shopping experience, including in-app payments and personalised targeting. Our kiosk platform uses touch-screen technology to drive in-store interactions and increase sales. A/B TESTING: Our A/B Testing platform takes the guesswork out of app improvement by enabling a simple way to test and edit your content. +MORE


Mobile Commerce and Engagement Platform


YOUR COMPLETE MOBILE COMMERCE & ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM GPShopper’s integrated mobile commerce platform offers over 200 value-added native app features for both Android and iOS, backed by an award-winning mobile CMS and analytics tools that make campaign set-up, management and reporting seamless. COMMERCE: We partner with top commerce providers and run millions through our stable, PCI compliant mobile platform each day. IN-STORE MOBILE: Create a powerful in-store tool via your customer’s mobile device and personalize the physical shopping experience. LOYALTY: Integrate loyalty programs into our mobile platform and provide mobile exclusive, engaging offers to customers. ANALYTICS: Advanced analytics and data driven applications give a complete view of the mobile customer for marketing success. MARKETING: Let your apps become the hub of your mobile marketing program with push notifications, user targeting, and more. CMS: Our content management system aids in publishing, modifying and maintaining content from a central platform. +MORE