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Ex-Walmart exec says ‘fairy-tale’-like Amazon Go won’t win the future of retail | Business Insider

Gary’s Take: In a world of exponential growth in computer processing power and innovation I believe we must be careful of pronouncing that technologies like Amazon Go won’t win the future. While today the technology is challenged to scale to larger stores with tens of thousands of products, to state that it will never get there is shortsighted. The Amazon Go store was opened to the public only a little more than a year ago and already there are many young startup companies focused on bringing similar tech to the retail industry. It wasn’t that long ago that robots roaming store aisles was science fiction. Yet today Walmart, Ahold, and others are deploying the technology across hundreds of stores. Technology is moving increasingly fast, bringing with it new capabilities never before envisioned. Visit Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART)to keep pace.

Retailers Push To Convert Data Into Ad Dollars | Morning News Beat

Gary’s Take: A growing number of retailers are seeking to leverage their data and shopper traffic to sell digital ads, creating an incremental revenue stream. As Kevin rightly calls out, retailers need to be careful going down this path. As I call out in my upcoming book, Retail in the Age of 'I’, every interaction with a customer is a make or break moment and digital ads need to be contextually relevant to the individual customer. Retailers have long looked to brand marketing funds to support their profitability but that becomes more challenging when the focus is growing the lifetime value of each individual customer.

Beyond the Core: Supermarket Service Needs Attention - Retail Feedback Group’s Brian Numainville reflects on lessons from the Supermarket Experience Study | Winsight Grocery Business

Gary’s Take: Great article from Brian at Retail Feedback Group calling out the importance of customer service in retail. As we’ll discuss in the CART  Event at the upcoming NGA Show on Sun. Feb. 24, the future of retail lies in leveraging technology to build relationships with each individual customer. And as automation continues to move into the store, smart retailers will redirect some of those labor savings to investing in their people and delivering superior service. Look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego!

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