Discovering Shopper Behavior Through New In-Store Metrics

Discovering Shopper Behavior Through New In-Store Metrics



In April 2013, Birdzi, Inc. (“birds-eye”), in collaboration with CART, deployed a highly innovative, anonymous in-store shopper detection technology in two U.S. grocery retailers. This technology detects and follows the movement of Wi-Fi enabled personal mobile devices throughout a store environment to accumulate actionable data.

Learning to understand real shopper behavior represents the latest front in the retail industry. Technologies such as the one presented here, helps independent retailers to remain competitive.

Birdzi can be implemented to gather shopper data over a period of time as well as engage shoppers in real time during their visit, should they chose to participate.

The solution is easy to deploy and scalable through a cloud-based centrally managed system that is capable of collecting data in real time.

The research study has been divided into two phases. This paper (Phase I) focuses on the mobile analytics aspect, which can be used to adjust store operations through more effective scheduling or improve in-store merchandising leading to an increased basket size.

A subsequent paper will focus on Phase II, demonstrating Birdzi’s potential as a shopper engagement tool.

The aim of this case study is to showcase the benefits and relevance of mobile analytics technology in a retail setting.

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CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.

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