Grow Revenues Using These Digital Strategies

Grow Revenues Using These Digital Strategies

Yehudis Milchtein, Senior Account Manager, Harvesting Media


Digitally savvy businesses are becoming the norm in the retail world. More and more companies are taking advantage of the untold benefits of digital marketing- there’s no way to argue with the results. Nowadays, taking control of your online presence is key to staying ahead and keeping up with your competition. There are a plethora of platforms to choose from, each optimal for running different types of campaigns or being used for a variety of purposes.

Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and other platforms are all opportunities for developing relationships with shoppers in your area. The potential for launching campaigns that make a real impact on your business has grown tremendously over the past few years. Any and every message you want your customers to see - whether it's coupons, discounts, events, or new products - becomes manageable. Customers want to hear from you and stay up to date with the latest store happenings.

What can you do to make that a reality?

Google My Business:

Your Business can't afford to ignore Google. From the immediate benefits like ranking higher in search results to increasing trust with potential customers, claiming and updating your Google My Business profile is integral to establishing a digital presence. Show customers and potential shoppers that you’re serious about their satisfaction and that you value their feedback by monitoring and responding to reviews. For nearly 9 in 10 consumers, an online review is as important as a personal recommendation. 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business.

Not sure how to get started? Speak to the team at Harvesting Media about how to claim your Google My Business page, respond to reviews, receive weekly reports and more.


As the #1 social media platform used by businesses, Facebook is an exceptional place to engage and interact with current and potential customers. Instantly share updates with thousands of people and encourage new shoppers to visit by implementing targeted coupon campaigns. Opening a Facebook page takes 5 minutes, and posting on update a week is an excellent start. Having a Facebook page also gives your customers a platform to leave reviews, recommendations, and reach out via Messenger with questions about your products.

Ready to enhance your Facebook page and increase revenues with tracked results? Give us a call or send us an email , we’d love to talk.


Developing a personal relationship with customers and making your business more relatable has never been simpler. Set up your Instagram account and share gorgeous photos with the click of a button. Grow your Instagram account by partnering with influencers or running contests that encourage fans to follow and share your content. Excite potential shoppers by utilizing the visual aspect of Instagram- share stories with hacks, tips, and more on your page. Looking for content that captures the most popular and beloved aspects of your business? Want to lean on a capable team that does this for you? Reach out to our graphics team today.

Weekly Newsletter:

Getting into your customers’ inbox on a weekly basis is an extremely effective way to stay relevant and encourage customers to shop at your store again. Emails have the highest coupon conversion rates and you could use that to your advantage as you collect info from customers in-store and on social media. Use forms in-store or online to gather email addresses quickly and efficiently.

Want to discuss coupon campaigns that increase basket sizes? That’s our bread and butter.

Properly marketing your store can feel a tad bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Begin with the basics by creating and consistently updating your digital channels. Once you start establishing your digital presence, partner with us to discover new channels and methods that can be implemented. Supermarkets are regularly leaning on outside help to facilitate their marketing, while the retailer does what it does best: running a supermarket. Partnering with a team of people whose job it is to manage the digital marketing component for a retailer is what more and more independents are doing.

And it makes sense.

Don’t guess your way through campaigns; rely on our proven methods to increase your revenues.

Ready to talk? Reach out today and learn what you could be doing to multiply your sales.

Let’s grow.

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Yehudis Milchtein, Senior Account Manager, Harvesting Media


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