The Innovation Imperative: Register for the CART Retail Innovation Pitch Event

The Innovation Imperative: Register for the CART Retail Innovation Pitch Event

Center for Advancing Retail and Technology, CART


The supermarket industry is increasingly driven by innovation - one has to look no further than Amazon’s impact as a catalyst to the industry moving online, new services, and capabilities. Self-shopping, in-home and in-car delivery, voice-based commerce, and more are all areas of innovation that are transforming the industry.

One of the major challenges traditional retailers of any size have is simply trying to be aware of what new innovation is coming into the industry. To put this in perspective: Walmart recently created a new subsidiary called Store No. 8 to focus on discovering and investing in new key technologies like AI and automation. The Store No. 8 team reviews around 750 new solutions each year. The CART team is currently reviewing an estimated 1,200 new solutions each year - about 100 per month. That’s the pace tech-fueled innovation is moving at and every day that goes on the innovation gap is growing larger.

One way CART is helping traditional retailers learn about powerful new capabilities is through the twice a year Pitch Event. This year we’re doing something new, opening up the pitch event as a live webcast to members of the industry to participate. Held this year in partnership with Winsight Grocery Business and sponsored by dunnhumby, the CART Retail Innovation Pitch Event will be held Tuesday, May 15, at 2pm Eastern. 

CART has sorted through the hundreds of applicants to the pitch event to focus in on a handful of compelling and powerful new capabilities for retailers. This is a great way for all members of the industry - retailers, wholesalers, and brand manufacturers - to learn about new capabilities coming into the industry and have an opportunity to hear directly from these innovators as they pitch their solutions.

Supermarket retailers now find themselves on a new playing field, competing with some of the world’s leading technology companies and having to respond to fast consumer adoption of new technologies. The CART Retail Innovation Pitch Webcast is the way to efficiently gain insight to what’s coming.
We look forward to having you join us for this special industry event!

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CART is Advancing Retail by connecting the industry to innovation. Retailers, wholesalers and brands utilize CART to find, research and connect with solutions appropriate for their businesses. Solution providers use CART as a go-to-market tool that connects them directly to their target retail audience, all the way into the brick and mortar store itself. CART has unparalleled insight into what’s next in retail and shares this information regularly through multiple channels.