Retail Innovation Report: Q3 2016 Trends, Insights & Analysis

Retail Innovation Report: Q3 2016 Trends, Insights & Analysis



The future is coming into focus as the economics and operational benefits of emerging technology become more clear. What is also clear is just how fast technology-fueled innovation is moving and the grand visions that Amazon, Google, and others have for marketplace transformation. As the digital and physical worlds of retail meld, industry executives in even staid sectors like supermarket retailing increasingly realize that they ignore innovation at their own peril.

The Q3 2016 emerging technologies, drones and 3D printing, offer no better example of the industry transformation we are on the cusp of. Retail industry executives must keep in mind that we have entered a time of exponential technology growth and innovation may appear to move slowly but then quickly hit a tipping point and explode across the market. Consider that Amazon has been in business twenty years but has tripled in size in just the past five years. Or Uber quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar company in less than five years. 

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