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Category Management and Shopper Insights Tool

Shopper Intelligence Research

Retailer Applications Corporate Plan: Understand the competitive dynamic across the store and how different categories impact the customer experience. Category Plans: See the characteristics of this category, its comparator categories, and its specific competitive strengths and weaknesses. Marketing Plans: Understand how marketing plans can be delivered across the store for best impact. Joint Applications Corporate Plan: Build and track the shared category “joint business plan”. Supplier Applications Account Plans: What specifically do we need to focus on for any one customer? Category Plans: Data to inform vision and strategy, as well as tactical plans. Top to Top: See your business in the context of the total store for each customer. Brand Plans: Understand the customer and category context for your brand, and the dynamics of the “path to purchase” +MORE


Mobile-First Employee Engagement Solution


Align Employees With Your Mission, Values, and Goals: Company leadership spends countless hours building a meaningful company mission and crafting strategic goals. Yet, getting employees to internalize them is difficult when you have no way to keep them top of mind. Communicating this crucial information through an app benefits your organization by: Giving employees purpose and mission in their work, driving increased engagement Retaining employees who hunger to contribute to a larger vision Celebrating and promoting employees who exemplify core values Educating employees on current company strategies through regular push reminders Promoting appropriate project prioritization and time allotment based on company goals Communicate Key Company Information and Resources: When employees can’t access basic information like HR forms and company calendars, they face frustration and sacrifice precious work hours searching. At the same time, responding to the same questions over and over prohibits department leaders from other higher value objectives. Centralizing your most important company resources in a mobile app helps you: Give employees increased accessibility through an easy-to-use mobile interface. Increase productivity by saving time spent searching for necessary resources. Cater to your remote and on-the-go workforce with a tool they always have on them. Connect Team Members to Foster Deeper Relationships: Tools like intranets, Outlook email, and spreadsheets are difficult to quickly/easily access and don’t typically include photos or details for deeper relationship building. A mobile app employee directory allows you to: Facilitate peer connections by helping employees put faces with names. Connect and familiarize peers before project collaboration. Provide a quick and easy way to access up-to-date employee contact information. Seamlessly integrate with an existing employee database. Discover What Drives Your Employees’ Engagement: Know the best employee questions to solicit the most actionable feedback that will help you consistently improve your employee engagement score. Get an app engagement score to identify and understand your employees’ level of engagement within your company. Gather regular feedback throughout the year through surveys and quick polls so challenges are addressed as soon as possible. +MORE


Robotic Task Automation

Universal Robots

Bring new levels of productivity to your business with UR robots: UR’s collaborative industrial robot arms are right at home in your food production chain. Along the food supply chain – from production, processing and distribution – robot arms can be a great advantage for several application areas. Robot arms from Universal Robots update food and agriculture industries to the latest level of technology and fulfil the criteria that agriculture and food industry demand while improving the quality of food production: The robot arm is providing a hermetically sealed unit that can be used in hygienic environments. Ideal design of the robot: The outer casing of the robots is specifically designed to reduce the risk of accumulation of dust and debris. Robot arms can free up your work force from repetitive or dangerous tasks while working in harsh environments that arise along the food production like heat, cold or unpleasant work. Robot arms from Universal Robots can take over dirty, dangerous and dull jobs to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries, while freeing up human operators for qualitatively higher tasks. Robot arms are consistent workers and improve consistency while reducing waste. Non-stop productivity in the food production chain: During busy seasons, robots from Universal Robots can operate around the clock, delivering non-stop productivity to your business. They can be deployed and re-programmed as needed across tasks and applications as often as needed. A robot arm from Universal Robots in your production also helps reducing the risk of employee injury due to repetitive tasks. Heavy packaging tasks are no longer a challenge to employees or staffers, as the robots are always powered up and ready to work – with no need to rest. View our cases below or contact your local distributor for more information and to find out which robot is right for automating your tasks. +MORE


Robotic Grippers, Sensors and Wrist Camera


What can you do with our Robotiq products? Free your co-workers from repetitive tasks, improve their motivation and health, all while growing your business. Here are some examples: Load and unload parts in a CNC machine, Pick and place parts to bridge two automated processes, Unpack material at the beginning of a line, pack or palletize it at the end, Load and unload testing machines, Test the quality of your products in a repeatable and measurable way. Need to discuss your particular situation? Request a consultation with one of our application engineers and see if Robotiq is a good fit for your processes. +MORE


Concept Quick Predict


To innovate with confidence, you need solid research backing your ideas. And you need it fast. A lot of innovation testing tools promise fast results — but the data they deliver isn’t always reliable. In fact, a whopping 69% of marketers say they don't trust the results they get from their fast innovation tools. Concept Quick Predict is out to change all that. Nielsen's new solution gives you fast, in-depth answers based on methodology you can trust.   +MORE


Material Handling Robotics Solution


AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOTS: Robots are cool. That’s why we design, build and test them at our headquarters. And no, we aren’t training them to take over the world. We are simply working hard to make sure that they are the most efficient solution on the market. Unlike competitors, our Bots can randomly access any-case at any-time in any-sequence at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. FLEXIBLE, SCALABLE AND MODULAR STRUCTURES: Why be constrained to one layout? Every warehouse has a different blue-print and operational demands. That’s why we provide flexible solutions based on your products, operational flow, and end-customer needs. We also install our system modularly so that your conventional warehouse can continue to operate during the transition. OPTIONS FOR PALLETIZING AND DEPALLETIZING: Whether you want a fully-automated or semi-automated solution, we’ve got you covered. We have a few options in order to make your warehouse the most efficient. If you chose manual options, then we will guide operators with our custom UIs that display proper order information necessary to fulfill your orders. While our fully-automated solution only requires an operator using a barcode scanner. SEAMLESS AND BUSINESS-ORIENTED SOFTWARE PACKAGES: Our software is built to integrate with the warehouse management system you use. We have several different reporting dashboards to make your life easier. Whatever you choose you will be offered real-time data and analytics to see just how efficient your warehouse is. +MORE


AI for eCommerce Search & Discovery


We are taking Search to the next level. Combining the best techniques across data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we are building the future technologies of e-commerce Search and Discovery. Disrupting E-Commerce: With so much to choose from, finding the right product is time consuming and difficult. We believe shoppers deserve better. We are making product Search and Discovery easier, more powerful, and more flexible than ever before. +MORE


Psychology Based Product Recommendations Engine for eCommerce


Product recommendations is a multi-billion dollar industry and is mission critical to eCommerce success. Yet, consumers are still frustrated by “spammy” or “similar, yet unwanted” suggestions and millions of upsell $ are left on the virtual eCommerce table. Traditional recommendation engines rely on generalizations (statistical collaborative filtering), assuming people who buy the same items will like the same things. The key to accurately predict customer demand is to understand the motivation behind WHY a specific customer is browsing right now and then suggest other offers that satisfy the same intrinsic need. Cognilyze is the only psychology-based, Motivation Driven Recommendations Engine™, aiming for precisely relevant, hand-picked recommendations for each individual shopper.   +MORE



Radius8 Inc.

OVER 90% OF RETAIL TRANSACTIONS STILL HAPPEN IN-STORE The fact is that consumers still want to shop in brick and mortar stores where they can try things on, physically interact with products, and build relationships with brands. The problem is that brick and mortar stores are disconnected from the digital world where today’s consumers spend most of their time.  Enter Radius8, the cloud-based platform that is the digital bridge between your online consumers and physical stores. +MORE


Dishable Brand Insights

Dishable, LLC

Traditional data sources for market segmentation have gaps…demographic, consumption, and panel data don’t reflect the currency, breadth, or interest details needed to create a complete view of the customer. Dishable’s social media data offers a basis for consumer research that delivers interest based segmentation.  Currency – Faster than any other data in reflecting current consumer preferences. Breadth – Captures interests beyond consumable items. Interest Detail ­– Captures a greater level of detail than survey data. Natural – Consumers are not forced into buckets – like age and income – regardless of whether the buckets contribute to crafting a go-to-market strategy. Aligned – Co-branding opportunities, best marketing platforms and logical opinion leaders are all naturally revealed. +MORE


Human Resources Outsourcing Services


Full-Service HR: Get access to stress-free payroll and human resources relief while your employees get access to better benefits.  5 to 149 employees Employee Benefits Payroll and HR Administration Affordable Health Insurance Government Compliance Employee Training & Development Workers' Compensation 150 to 5,000 employees Customizable HR service bundles – from full-service HR to sophisticated HR software and everything in between. HR Strategy Development Benefits Analysis Liability Management HCM Software Suite +MORE


Setstory: Foot-Traffic API

Setmusic LLC

Retailers use beacons to converge existing foot-traffic. Setmusic uses beacons to drive entirely new foot-traffic. By making exclusive music or free bitcoin unlock-able at retail locations, Setmusic creates an enjoyable "ad" experience for app users while delivering foot-traffic to retailers at a predetermined price. +MORE


Autonomous Ground Vehicle for Dynamic Environments

Transcend Robotics

Create the ultimate unmanned autonomous ground vehicle for dynamic environments. ARTI handles obstacle traversal and stair climbing without complex sensors or controls, so you can focus perfecting your application. What will you do with ARTI? SLAM research 3D Mapping Route planning Mobilizing arms +MORE


eCommerce Fulfillment

InVia Robotics

The Future of Fulfillment. Fulfilled. Welcome to simple, intuitive, and affordable robotic automation that will have a big impact on your bottom line. We are inVia Robotics. We’ve developed the world’s first goods-to-box robotics system that improves the productivity of your e-commerce warehouse, without disrupting the ecosystem of your operations. +MORE


3D Customization for Brands and Retailers


Twikit offers core customization technology and a broad range of category specific modules that deliver the optimal customization experience. In our first contact, we can give you insights in what modules would fit your profile. Discover customization possibilities for your brand. Twikit design team can assist you in setting up the right product portfolio. Next, the product content is inputted in the customization engine, creating 3D configurators which can be integrated in online and offline touchpoints. The Twikit engine connects with 3D printing factories. The unique products are then delivered to the end-customer. Every move can be tracked in the system. +MORE


Online Payroll, Health Benefits, Workers' Comp


Payroll and benefits designed for modern businesses. We do the heavy lifting: From filing all local, state, and federal payroll taxes to sending employee paystubs and W-2s, we’ve got you covered. Everything under one roof: Payroll that integrates with benefits and workers’ comp so you can manage everything in one place. World-class customer care: Our US-based care team of payroll and benefits experts are available by phone and email. +MORE


Transportation Behavior Analytics

StreetLight Data

Retail Site Selection: The home is no longer the center of gravity for shoppers. Commute times and distances have increased, family schedules have become more complicated, and hobbies more numerous over the past 50 years. Trade area models that rely only on who lives nearby or within a certain drive-time distance cannot capture the dynamic habits of consumers in the 21st century. Competitive Benchmarking: Many retailers have great data about their own locations, but the rest of the world can be a mystery. +MORE


Secure Card Processing & Merchant Solutions

Total Processing

Small to Medium Business: Do you need to enable your website in an automated way to accept debit or credit cards online. If you’re a small to medium size company looking to start taking payments from customers by web or over the telephone. Fast solution with no set-up fees is what you’ll require. Large to Enterprise Company: Already established business accepting over a thousand transactions on a monthly basis that requires a bespoke payment solution. Is your website custom designed or if the payment flow is not in a shopping cart environment. You’ll need a more tailored approach to managing your online payments. High risk industries: If the nature of your business falls within that which is classified as ‘high-risk’, subscription payments, nutra/pharma, long delivery periods or finance industry related card payments. The afore mentioned categories of business is what we have scope for when it comes to high risk credit/debit card merchant accounts. +MORE


Anything You Want In Minutes


We buy, collect and deliver anything you need. Tell us what you want: We buy and ship any products in your city. From a specific product to food from your favorite restaurant. There's no limit; just ask! We buy it for you and bring it wherever you want: We are here to save you time. Don't worry about anything and wait while your order arrives. You can follow your glover in the app at any time. Pay through the app with total security: No cash! You can pay your order directly through the app with total confidence. Your card details are safely encrypted with Stripe. +MORE


Omnivore eCommerce Platforms

City Beach Software

Omnivore specialises in making integration seamless for all eCommerce platforms and systems. Magento: Omnivore integrates with Magento – in fact we have built a Magento plugin that means Magento customers can integrate with Omnivore in minutes. We use the Magento APIs to connect so the extension won’t interfere with any customisations or other extensions you may already have running. Bigcommerce: The quickest and simplest way to integrate your Bigcommerce store with Omnivore is via the Omnivore App in the Bigcommerce app store. Simply install the application and complete the sign up process. If you get stuck or need talking through it, we are here to help with phone chat and email support. Shopify: The quickest and simplest way to integrate your Shopify store with Omnivore is via the Omnivore App in the Shopify app store. Simply install the application and complete the sign up process. If you get stuck or need talking through it, we are here to help with phone chat and email support. CSV File: Don’t have an eCommerce store? No problem, you can load your products into Omnivore using a CSV file. Once your products are in Omnivore, we can do the rest to get them up onto the different marketplaces to sell online. Google Shopping Feed: Use your google shopping feed to list and sell on marketplaces. Omnivore will import your products from the shopping feed and do everything else. Custom Integrations: Omnivore has integrated with all types of ecommerce and backend systems. Whilst it can take a little longer than your standard eCommerce stores, there hasn’t been anything that we can’t do. In fact, you could say its one of our strong points. +MORE


Site Builders, B2B, B2C, Sales Channels

Good Gree

E-COMMERCE MADE EASY: Selling online with our store builder has never been so easy! Follow our simple step by step guide and get your online store setup in minutes! B2B2C: Connecting B2B and B2C via our platform. One click method. SALES CHANNELS: Sell your products everywhere. Easy to upload 100+ shopping channels. WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS: You will find the real time wholesale products you want to sell online! CLOUD COMMERCE PLATFORM: Engage and inspire consumers across any channel, any device. MANUFACTURING: We connect supply chain to bring our customers the goods they rely on every day +MORE


Visualize Consumer Demand and Instantly "Sell Now"


Discover a new way to shop...Scroll personalized recommendations that get better as you interact with the app. Easily add to your smart wishlist...Gift cards to the designers and places you love, and brand new products that you would buy for the "right" price. Get inspired by the Community...Follow friends, family, and trendsetters, unlocking a feed of recommendations we lovingly call social curation.   +MORE


Loyalty eCommerce and Technology Solutions


We’re a technology company working in the loyalty e-commerce industry. Our solutions enhance the management and monetization of loyalty currencies for more than 50 of the world’s largest loyalty brands, from frequent flyer miles and hotel points to retailer and credit card rewards. Supported by our unparalleled loyalty industry experience and technological expertise, we bring state-of-the-art loyalty commerce platforms and products to individuals and businesses in today’s loyalty marketplace.   +MORE


HR Management Solution


Decisely revolutionizes benefits and HR administration for small businesses. We offer a comprehensive tech platform combined with a team of licensed advisors that specialize in benefits, insurance and HR. Welcome to the small business solution. +MORE


Business Cloud Communications Solutions


Small & medium business: Connect with your customers at the office, at home, or on the go. Nextiva is here to help you succeed, and support you as you grow. Mid-market & enterprise: Access your enterprise communications, wherever you are. Nextiva delivers the service and data needed to run your business. +MORE


Real-Time Data Protection Platform


Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting point of sale (PoS) systems to steal the vast amount of payment card data they contain. The problem is if a PoS system is compromised and taken offline at a retail location, it impacts the revenue of that location. +MORE


Wrist Communicator

Rufus Labs

The Rufus Cuff is an advanced wearable device with a revolutionary new take on wrist real estate. With a beautiful 3-inch wide screen, radical design, and reimagined form factor, the Rufus Cuff ends the era of the watch and ushers in the Wrist Communicator. +MORE


Marketing Platform for Offline Businesses


Drive your  walk‐through rate™ with Zenreach. Customers who sign on to Zenreach WiFi visit 65% more often than customers who don't. +MORE


People Analytics

hiQ Labs

Among the world's leading brands, people analytics has become essential in the fight to retain top talent. hiQ makes it easy for anyone to use advanced people analytics to more effectively engage – and retain – their best people. A fast-to-implement, easy-to-use subscription technology, hiQ pinpoints who is at risk and where to invest across an entire knowledge workforce. +MORE


Circulars, Coupons and Shopping Lists

Flipp Corporation

1:1 Personalized, Dynamic Circular Experience: Transform your circular into an experience – a dynamic, personalized weekly story that captivates consumers. With the Flipp Retail Platform, your circulars come to life as a mobile first, e-com connected tool that helps consumers engage with your brand from anywhere. Targeted Distribution at Scale Beyond Print: The Flipp Distribution Network is the largest platform that targets only active shoppers. You can reach over 100MM consumers monthly. You will gain strategic integrations into the world’s largest digital media sites, ensuring that you can capture the greatest share of weekly consumers. Real Consumer Insights and Closed-Loop Sales Measurement: You need insights, not just data. Flipp Insights gives you detailed, actionable data on your customers to help you plan and execute your category and marketing strategy. With closed-loop reporting and advanced measurement systems, you’ll be able to measure sales, drive lift, and optimize print spend. +MORE