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Transport Solutions

Hub Group

At Hub Group, we’re more than transportation managers—we’re solution providers. We offer comprehensive transportation services, tailor-fitted to your needs. We’re a reliable and reputable $3.5 billion publicly traded company with over 45 years of financial stability, setting our foundation for success. Follow the links to our service lines below. We are looking forward to working with you. +MORE


Intelligent Heating

Automation Environments

You can’t avoid the costs of heating your buildings to a comfortable level or providing hot water, but you can minimise them — whatever type of heating system you have. In fact, it’s possible to shave a third off your heating costs, provided you take the correct approach. Our system can intelligently manage your heating costs and because it is fully automated, you never have to worry about something being left on or running too high again. The average small business heating spend is £1,349, by cutting a third off this you can save over £400/year, giving a fantastic return on investment. +MORE


All-in-One HR Software


MODERN HR: An employee database built for employees. PAYROLL: Tax withholdings, W-2s, and timesheets. BENEFITS: World-class plans, simple software, and expert service. TALENT MANAGEMENT: Paperless onboarding, goals, and reviews.   +MORE


Market Intelligence

gap intelligence

Our category-specific analysts, the rock stars of the intelligence world, are the first to turn over every stone in the marketplace to help you answer your most important questions. We don't drop data off at your door and wave goodbye. Our expert analyst team provides context and answers the questions that are unique to your business. +MORE


Augmented Reality Platform

Inglobel Technologies

Creating and monitoring Augmented marketing campaigns has never been so easy. Bring your printed materials to life with Augmented Reality and make them accessible with a click. +MORE


Augmented Reality Platform

Aurasma by Hewlett-Packard

Start Creating Augmented Reality Today. Aurasma is available to anyone with an email address. We help people use augmented reality (AR) to turn everyday objects, images, and places into new, interactive opportunities to engage with their fans and customers through striking graphics, animation, video, audio, and 3D content.   +MORE


Proximity Marketing is a complete end-to-end Physical Web platform. It handles security, fleet management, deployment support, content management, metrics, API control, and context management. With, you have the greatest possible control over the content people see when they browse the Physical Web. When we first heard of the Physical Web, we thought it would be so much better to remotely control some basic administrative functions. Since then, our goal has been to enable the management of all beacon functionality and services from the cloud. Even with all of the tools listed here, we’re just getting started. Check back often to see more powerful and ground-breaking functionality we have coming in the pipeline. +MORE




Qadium creates and organizes knowledge about the world's devices. We continually index all devices connected to the public Internet. Our global platform enables organizations to: Understand their networks and how they relate to the broader world Discover relevant changes across the global Internet Make informed decisions with quantified network measurements +MORE


Advanced Threat Protection Built On Artificial Intelligence


Predict. Prevent. PROTECT. Stop merely detecting attacks. Prevent them using CylancePROTECT®, the only enterprise endpoint solution that blocks threats in real time BEFORE they ever cause harm +MORE


CrowdFlower AI

CrowdFlower Inc.

We believe that what holds machine learning back in the real world today isn’t actually the algorithms. Rather, it’s the lack of quality training data and the means to make imperfect algorithms useful. CrowdFlower makes machine learning work by combining the best of human and machine intelligence in a single platform. We call this human-in-the-loop. CrowdFlower has always made it easy to collect and label training data. Now we make it easy to connect that training data directly to state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. There are always places where algorithms struggle and 80% accurate algorithms are tough to use in the real world. CrowdFlower has filled in these gaps for years. Now, we’ve made it easy to automatically identify where machine learning is struggling and send them back to CrowdFlower jobs for humans to label. Most importantly, our AI product makes it easy to take the new labels and continuously retrain algorithms in a process known as active learning. Active learning has been regarded for years as an incredibly powerful approach and one that’s essential for making machine learning deployments work in the real world. +MORE


Virtual Reality powered by your Smartphone

Merge Labs, Inc.

Be transported into another world. The Merge VR Goggles are the most comfortable and durable virtual reality headset available. Sculpted of marshmallow soft foam and made to fit naturally to the contours of any face, the Merge VR Goggles are lightweight yet durable, and hygienic since they’re easy to wipe clean. Compatible with Android and iOS devices from the past two years, Merge VR Goggles provide an immersive virtual reality experience powered by your smartphone. Join a growing community of VR explorers through the Merge website and VR Start portal. With hundreds of apps already available, we’ve made it easy to find the best new mobile Virtual Reality experiences. Visit VR Start to discover games, concerts, explore distant universes and learn in engaging new ways. Go Anywhere. +MORE


Distributed Security System for Multi-Cloud Environments


vArmour is the industry’s first distributed security system that provides insight and control for multi-cloud environments. With its patented software, vArmour micro-segments each application by wrapping protection around every workload - increasing visibility, security, and operational efficiency. +MORE


Tokinomo - The Ultimate Shopper Engagement


The Tokinomo patented device has unique technology including micro sensors, motion detectors and bespoke robotics that bring brands to life and literally propel products out from the shelf in the most eye-catching way. Remote programming and voice file upload supports individual campaigns that when combined with our enhanced light functionality products are illuminated making them even more visible and truly bespoke. Apart form this, you get real time data on the number of people that are passing in front of the shelf and the number of interactions between your product and the shoppers. The Tokinomo technology was recognised with the “Innovation Trail Award” at Europe’s leading event for the retail industry, RBTE at Olympia, London in May 2018. Tokinomo enhances brand awareness and ultimately turn shoppers into customers. +MORE


Augmented Reality SDKs and Computer Vision Technology


We are one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Augmented Reality and computer vision. After years of research and development, ARLab has become a global reference in the industry and supports clients from two locations: Madrid (Spain) and Haifa (Israel). ARLab offers an extended portfolio of technological solutions for AR. Our differentiated value is to support the creation of not only useful, easy and fast applications developed by software experts, but also precise, elegant and effective technologies that enable an efficient development in an extremely short time to market. We build technologies according to developers’ needs and provide them with functional solutions to materialize their ideas in the shortest time possible. Ultimately, our desire is to develop technologies that have a deep impact on the market leading to a sustainable long-term success for both ARLab and its partner developers. +MORE


Augmented Reality and Mobile Application Design


  Augmented Reality Solutions: ViewAR offers custom AR/VR solutions for businesses across several industries. The company is a service and technology provider. The usual workflow comprises of preparing the first version of a system which may be further maintained and reused by the development team of the client. The team includes experienced technology driven individuals from fields like computer graphics, gaming, image processing, AI, BIM, UI/UX and 3D creation & animation.   Custom Mobile Apps with a Purpose: ViewAR apps are not “one size fits all”. Features are split into modules which may be mixed and matched to best meet your business objectives.   Product Visualisation: Visualisation and customisation of 3D products in AR improves customers’ experience and enhances the sales process. Live price update, direct purchase from the app and user behaviour analysis will move your business forward. Art & Advertising: Custom developed apps enriched with a mixture of object tracking triggered animations and interactions. Architecture & Real Estate: Visualising CAD data with a possibility of interaction. Give your clients access to customizable apartments with a wide variety of material and product options, live price calculation and automatically generated report. Indoor Navigation: Unique user experience with an interactive 3D animated character. Markerless indoor solution offering AI powered chat. Remote assistance: Establish a live remote assistance session triggered by object recognition powered by VisionLib. Features like displaying step by step instructions, transferring touches in both directions and streaming of the camera image, voice-over-ip and synchronised scenes open a wide range of scenarios ranging from customer support to field engineers support. +MORE


Augmented Reality

Current Studios Inc.

With a unique combination of producers and digital developers, Current creates broadcast productions, digital gaming and emergent technology solutions that breathe life into the creative vision of our partners. +MORE


Virtual Reality for Consumer and Retail

EON Reality Inc.

Revolutionize the way you market your products and events.  Our Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions allow your customers to interact, explore, and customize your products in ways that are not only personalized to their specific needs, but are also interactive and fun!  Gain a competitive advantage by enabling interactive product selection and enhanced visual communication that simplifies the sales cycle and goes beyond initial buyer expectations. Our solutions allow you to enjoy increased product sales, lower inventory cost, and decreased product returns. +MORE


Augmented Reality Experiences


EASILY DRAG & DROP ENGAGING CONTENT With the Layar Creator, you can enhance flyers, postcards, packaging or any other item with interactive content, including video messages, Web and social links, photo slideshows, music clips and much more! TRANSFORM EVERYDAY OBJECTS INTO… A MULTIMEDIA PLAYER: Bring print to life with rich media, including video messages, photo slideshows and music clips. A SOCIAL MEDIA HUB: Encourage interaction with links to share, follow and like your content on various social media networks. A CONVERSATION: Find new ways to connect quickly via email or phone and with instant interactive polls and surveys. WHATEVER YOU IMAGINE: Use your creativity by embedding HTML, allowing other apps to open and other advanced features. TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Looking to add Augmented Reality to your own mobile app? Let us help with our bespoke development service or create your own integration with our embeddable SDK. +MORE


Full Service Augmented Reality Mobile Marketing agency

SevenMedia Inc.

Look around and you’ll find that many AR providers limit and force brands and agencies to tailor their concept to fit within the highly-limited uses they have available in a rigid Software Developer Kit (SDK). That’s not the case at SevenMedia. We encourage clients to dream big with unique features including: Infinite Real Time Visual Search – the ability to use an infinite number of objects as markers Use your EXISTING App – drop our API into your existing app to give it AR functionality Segmented Analytics – Reporting users by location, gender and age Age, Gender and Geo specific multiple content delivery from the same trigger Full custom development and the ability to build multiple experiences into 1 scene, such as video, 3D and gaming Turn any of your current materials into an AR trigger. Existing print collateral, logos, images etc +MORE


Augmented Reality Development


AppReal specializes in most innovative technologies, putting them to real work, because we know how. Our company’s key people have years of experience in effective development methodology and adjunctive services. DEVELOPMENT: We propose services in various fields: mobile applications, gaming, financial processing, virtual and augmented reality. Your demand will be satisfied, whether you are looking for a product on demand or an outsourcing development team. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: We are the one stand to comfort all your needs in IT sector. Our team can handle different supportive activities of business consulting and marketing performance for your product. +MORE


Content Augmentation Platform


InfinityAR’s technology can turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform, using basic and affordable hardware. Our novel augmented reality (AR) engine is based on powerful computer vision algorithms, enabling developers to easily and quickly launch and take AR apps to market. +MORE


DASH Retail Robotic Shopping Cart

Five Elements Robotics

Plans Shopping Trips: DASH maps out the most effective route through the store and leads the customer to their items. Transfer or Create Shopping Lists: Customer scan transfer shopping lists from their phone or use the display's search and find interface to create their shopping lists. Automatic Scanning of Items at the Cart: Items are scanned as they are placed in the cart. Point of Purchase Checkout at the Cart: Using credit card, Apple pay or Google Wallet Targeted Advertisements on Cart's Display: DASH gathers data about each customer's historical buying habits then displays targeted advertisements to each customer.  +MORE


eCommerce Order Fulfillment Robot

Next Shift Robotics

Using our creative design and bold vision, Next Shift Robotics specializes in creating material handling systems using collaborative mobile autonomous robots. Our company is focused on meeting the demands of the exploding e-commerce order fulfillment market.  Our experienced designers and engineers bring  enthusiasm to every project.   +MORE


Robotic Fulfillment Solution for Warehouses

Locus Robotics

This is how you’re going to get customer orders out the door from now on. It’s arrived. Ship orders faster, more efficiently and more accurately with technology built on warehouse insight and first-hand experience. Locus is excited to unveil the world’s first robotic fulfillment solution built by warehouse people for warehouse people. For retailers and manufacturers of premium-branded products, Locus Robotics offers an outbound picking solution that improves warehouse labor productivity 5-8 times over traditional cart based methods. Save time. Save money. And simply pick faster.  LOCUSBOTS™ Collaborative, autonomous robots that just work LocusBots™ work collaboratively with your workers, helping them deliver higher throughput and improved accuracy. They move autonomously to where the workers are, minimizing worker walking and removing drudge work. LocusBots automatically learn the most efficient travel routes through your warehouse, to dramatically improve worker efficiency and productivity 2x to 5x over traditional cart picking. Our zone-based system allows for hands-free picking, while virtually eliminating errors. LocusBot’s flexible design allows it to be configured to meet a wide range of tote and multi-bin picking needs, matching virtually any fulfillment requirement. Its lightweight design allows them to safely operate closely alongside workers and even in mezzanine configurations. Worker training is as simple as pick, touch, and go using LocusBot’s user-friendly, easy to read, touch pad-based user interface. It automatically detects a wide range of workers’ languages to speed workflow and minimize errors, changing instantly as it interacts with each worker. The on-board, integrated scanner confirms the correct item and ensures near 100% accuracy for both pick and put operations.  LOCUSSERVER™ Easy WMS integration with infinite scalability LocusServer™ makes it easy to integrate with your warehouse management or warehouse control system.  Using available APIs and simple, custom integrations, LocusServer seamlessly connects to all WMS systems such as Manhattan, JDA, High Jump, and UPP. LocusServer links directly to each LocusBot via a secure wi-fi link, instantly transmitting complete warehouse inventory status and item locations, and coordinating efficient travel paths for each LocusBot to dramatically speed and maximize productivity and throughput. The entire system is infinitely scalable, letting you easily respond to peak periods and volume increases by simply adding more LocusBots.  LocusServer receives orders directly from your WMS and, once completed, instantly transmitting confirmations and performance data back to the system in real-time. LocusServer compiles up-to-date performance and optimization information of what’s happening in the warehouse, instantly sharing it with all newly-deployed robots, ensuring consistency, improving pick rates, and order accuracy.  LOCUSVIEW™ Insightful, real-time reporting of your warehouse operations and worker productivity. LocusView helps you stay on top of the key metrics that make your operation flow.  Fully integrated with your WMS system, LocusView lets you easily monitor a wide range of metrics such as Units per Hour, Picks per Hour, LocusBot productivity, worker productivity, and more. You’ll get near real-time insight into what’s happening in your warehouse.  LocusView lets you see daily, weekly, monthly, and annual views of your performance. Reports can be downloaded and shared with management, helping maximize the overall efficiency.  LOCUSMANAGER™ The versatile mobile app that connects you to your operations LocusManager™ is the powerful and intuitive mobile app that gives you control of your operation’s automated fulfillment productivity, from the warehouse floor or across the country. Easily manage your operations and workflow, instantly assigning LocusBots to maximize your volume and staffing needs. You get real-time, up-to-date performance insight and activity reporting from wherever you need to work, and at any time of the day.  You’ll be able to see where your LocusBots are operating, monitor throughput performance, charging status, and more, helping you to quickly anticipate and respond to changes in order volume and demand. LocusManager gives you the flexibility and control you need to get the most out of your fulfillment programs. LocusManager is designed to work with with all popular mobile platforms.  LocusEmpower™  The complete fulfillment solution LocusEmpower™ is the powerful e-commerce fulfillment solution that dramatically improves all of your fulfillment metrics. It’s the complete solution that includes autonomous LocusBots, the LocusServer, wi-fi, and mobile apps. Everything is fully supported with first-class reporting, support, and services.  Seamless Integration The LocusEmpower system is engineered to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and workflow for minimal disruption. There’s no complex configuration or code to install. Your system will be up and running almost immediately to dramatically improve your productivity.​ ​​Flexible and scalable LocusEmpower lets you easily meet peak periods without major capital expenditures or operational downtime. LocusEmpower is flexible and scalable as your needs grow and change. Adding more LocusBots is easy – each bot automatically links to the system and shares all the same information including item locations, travel routes, and performance reporting. +MORE


Intelligent Robots for Item Specific Logistics


TORU Cube: With TORU Cube it is possible to exactly grasp a single object. TORU Cube is made of a mobile base, a retractable and rotatable column with a gripper system and a removable shelf. The boxgrasper is able to grasp rectangular objects – from small softcovers to shoeboxes up to heavy lexicons. Afterwards the robot is able to store the grasped object in its built-in shelf and deliver it directly to a shippingstation. TORU Box: TORU Box is responsible for sorting in the filled carrier, e.g. small component boxes or cartons, into the shelf bottom. As a further area of operations TORU Box can be used to support production. TORU can be function as a tugger train to provide raw materials for processing. The robot is doing that by transporting the appropriate Box – Container with the parts directly to the workstation – e.g. for a vehicle at automobile industry. TORU Flex: TORU Flex is made of a mobile base, a retractable and rotatable column with a gripper system and a removable shelf. The System distinguishes itself because of its flexibility towards a lot of other products. Depending on the nature of the object, TORU Universal can be used with a vacuum gripper or a robotic hand. TORU Flex enables the “bin – gripping” CARGO: CARGO is a driverless transport system for shelfs of TORU. If the Robot has filled its shelf with grasped objects, it hands the filled shelf over to CARGO and receives a new empty shelf, to continue the commission process as fast as possible. CARGO has space for two removable shelfs and is the perfect addition to TORU. KADO: KADO is a pick & place station for item-specific Handling. Unsorted items can be sorted by KADO in containers and then be stored. The system can distinguish between different articles, since the camera system and the gripper are attached to the same axis. The Pick & Place station KADO can be integrated into good-to-man systems, namely where people remove the goods from the container which was provided automatically, e.g. from an automated small parts warehouse. Customized Solutions: Missing a field of application? Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to work with you on an individual solution which fits your demands.  We develop almost everything by ourselves. Starting with the electronical engineering all the way to Software development. It is also possible to integrate single elements of our technology into your existing warehouse. E.g. the 2D or 3D picture recognition system. +MORE


Market, Customer and Employee Insights


CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Build greater brand loyalty by asking about your customers’ experiences and acting on their feedback. MARKET RESEARCH: Thoroughly understand your market and deliver ahead of customer expectations. EMPLOYEE INSIGHTS: Happy employees create happy customers. Identify the drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction to drive positive customer interactions. +MORE


Digital Signage Software

ScreenScape Networks

Why ScreenScape? It’s an effective digital signage system that tames new technologies so you can use them daily to optimize every customer visit. Say no to complex equipment and costly IT projects. Keep the focus on your customer. Choose a solution that just works. +MORE


eCommerce Fraud Prevention & Chargeback Management


You have problems. We have solutions. Every challenge is different, which is why we designed our platform to be modular and configurable. Maybe you need just one solution to start, maybe one in the future, or maybe you need them all. Your business is about to get stronger, streamlined, and ultimately, more profitable. +MORE


Digital Content Management Solutions


Solve your company’s problems without creating new ones. Sound impossible? It’s not only possible but necessary as far as we are concerned. Our super staff of marketing, branding, technology and service experts has you covered every step of the way. We know the industry. We get the issues. WE SOLVE THE PROBLEMS. +MORE


Real-World Insights for Physical Spaces


We bring buildings online. With a simple network of sensors and cloud-based analytics, Beco plugs into your mobile application to connect physical actions to digital outcomes. locate resources: real-time search for people and status of places. measure activity: uncover insights about interactions in physical space. engage people: digitally engage users based on their hyper-location data. Unlocking value in physical spaces. Beco cloud-services are constantly aggregating, cleaning and processing location data, to generate valuable and actionable insights. This data can reveal the dynamics of human behavior and interactions in physical space, enabling workforce management, location-based customer engagement or real-time building optimization. +MORE