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The Hortonworks connected data suite family of solutions delivers end to end capabilities for data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) collects, curates, analyzes and delivers real-time data from the Internet of Anything (IoAT) – devices, sensors clickstreams, log files and more. Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) enables the creation of a secure enterprise data lake and delivers the analytics you need to innovate fast and power real-time business insights. Together, Hortonworks DataFlow and Hortonworks Data Platform empower the deployment of modern data applications. +MORE


ARKA Softwares

ARKA Softwares

ARKA Softwares is one of the most recognized mobile app & web development companies in the USA due to its creativeness and state-of-the-art quality services. ARKA Softwares has achieved a great many numbers of satisfied clients by providing dynamic and outstanding software solutions across the country and all over the globe. +MORE


Minerva Shield Suite

Minerva Labs

Minerva Labs provides a unique anti-malware solution that prevents targeted attacks without the need for prior detection (passive solution) or other knowledge - before any damage can be done. Minerva's Environment Simulation Technology (EST) creates an environment in which the malware refrains from execution. +MORE


S3 Cloud Storage Solution


Storage as a Service: 100% software-defined storage enables service providers to manage and deliver StaaS via commodity servers. Backup and Archive: Leverages commodity hardware to store the backup data, significantly reducing the cost of acquiring and managing backup solutions Hybrid Cloud with AWS: Designed to tolerate disk, node, rack and datacenter failure and detect bit-rot and network errors Analytics: In-place data analytics at PB scale directly on a fully S3 compatible hybrid storage platform Media and Entertainment: All data, metadata, configurations and operations are distributed across the cluster for scale-out Private Cloud Storage: A pre-packaged drop-in object storage solution for Red Hat OpenStack +MORE


Brand Agency and Media Buying Group


"Good Innovation.", the Dentsu Group's corporate philosophy, embodies a strong Groupwide determination to create new value and to guide the process of reform both within the Group and within society at large. Aspiring to serve its clients by providing solutions that meet the challenges presented by changes in society, the environment and consumer lifestyles, Dentsu provides a diverse range of services befitting a solution-building partner with the ability to address various client issues, including management, business activities and marketing plans, at both the corporate and organizational levels. Dentsu extends its activities to serve societal needs, and strives to support innovation within society as a whole. +MORE


Catalyst Tags, EAS Security & Retail RFID Solutions


Traditionally a global supplier of retail security products, our business is evolving and our range is diversifying. In addition to a comprehensive range of EAS security solutions, we offer a highly innovative end to end retail RFID solution encompassing inventory, security and customer experience. We have expertise and experience in source tagging and recycling with either EAS or RFID security tags, working with factories across the world every day. As a part of Li & Fung, our footprint is truly global. +MORE


C2C Giftcard Marketplace


Buy Discount Gift Cards: Before you shop online or in stores, check out the Raise marketplace to find discounted gift cards to brands such as Target, The Home Depot, and Macy’s. Search by brand, category, or value, and simply add to your shopping cart. With free shipping on all gift cards, it’s easy to boost your purchase power and give yourself a raise. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards: On the Raise marketplace, you can sell gift cards for cash at the price you choose. We accept gift cards and merchandise credit from any brand or restaurant, and you get paid when the gift card sells. Simply choose the selling price, and your gift card will be featured on our marketplace in front of thousands of savvy shoppers. +MORE


Self-Driving Vehicles for Material Transport

OTTO MOTORS by Clearpath Robotics, Inc.

BUILT FOR INDUSTRY: OTTO has been designed and engineered to ensure your production line runs smoothly, 365 days per year. Industry rated components and all metal construction enable OTTO to withstand the rigors of even the harshest working environments. A SENSE FOR SAFETY: OTTO ensures safe operation by never taking its eyes off the road and staying focused on the task at hand. OTTO is designed to meet industrial standards, including ANSI B56.5, and has been 3rd party reviewed. SIMPLE: Even though OTTO is a self-driving vehicle, it still uses the same lighting patterns as the vehicles you see every day. If you know how cars work, you know how OTTO works. READY TO ORDER: OTTO comes in two payload capacities, 100 kg or 1500 kg, which can be configured to accomplish whatever job you have in mind. +MORE


Real-Time Delivery by Flying Robots


Instant drone delivery isn’t the future - it's happening now. We have pioneered the technology and the logistics, and now we’re future-proofing delivery systems around the globe. Soon, Flirtey drones in the sky will look as normal as delivery trucks on the road - and retail, quick service restaurants and humanitarian efforts will be changed forever. +MORE


eCommerce Agency


We are driven by understanding your business needs, passionate about data, and inspired by user insights. Echidna is an eCommerce agency that delivers end-to-end eCommerce solutions, from Design to Technology to Marketing. +MORE


Vertical Content for Snapchat


From organic to Snap Ads, optimizing for a vertical world. +MORE


Video-Centric Services and Solutions


For 30 years, Yorktel has gone the distance taking the complexities out of video and unified communications & collaboration (UC&C). As a video managed services and cloud provider, we bring your enterprise video communications to a new level, for today and tomorrow’s technology. Solutions: We understand the challenges of video – so we design solutions that work, eliminating the complexity of video– making the technology transparent to both users and administrators. By designing in video as an IT application, we make video useable, manageable and operational just as any other application on the network. Video is a core component of the overall unified communications environment. Ensuring seamless and cohesive integration of video as part of the overall UC environment enables a cohesive, plug-and-play system, which can, almost immediately, return the benefits you expect. Services: The Yorktel team brings over 25 years of experience with some of the most demanding applications to every client environment. Engage Yorktel for your complete video llifecycle, or for any stage within the lifecycle. +MORE


Digital Signage SaaS


MEDIA: Manage your media with ease. Upload your images and video, add web and intranet pages, include RSS feeds and IPTV streams; all tagged with metadata and ready for scheduling and publishing to your digital signage displays. LAYOUT: Divide your screen to display multiple content zones. Create a landscape or portrait layout with multiple zones, add your own background image or choose from the library. Include clock and weather widgets, a zone to display live TV and add a ticker to show the latest news or your own messages. SCHEDULE: Drag and drop your media into a playlist. Drag, drop and reorder your media to create a playlist ready for publishing to your displays. Start simple with a default playlist of media or add intelligence by setting playback based on dates, times, recurrence and tags to ensure media plays where and when you require. PUBLISH: Decide where and when your media will play. Select a playlist or layout, choose the players and displays you want to update, and publish for immediate playback or at a future date and time. REPORT: Display and download reports on all aspects of your media, devices and users. All aspects of your Signagelive network are recorded, from user audits to media playback and can be reported on and downloaded as CSV files for further analysis in third party software and tools. MANAGE: Setup and control your users, exactly as you require. Manage unlimited users with varying levels of access, from updating one or more templates to scheduling content groups or managing your entire network. Add and renew your Signagelive licences with ease. MONITOR: A single dashboard to provide you peace of mind. Our intelligent device management dashboard provides you with a real-time view of the status of every device connected to your Signagelive network, e.g.: Are the screens ON? Are they playing content? Has the latest content been pushed to the screens? What are the conditions of the screens (temperature, memory, etc.). WIDGETS: Add dynamic weather and clock widgets to your digital signage layouts and playlists. Our library of 20 clocks and location aware weather widgets allows for easy customisation of your displays, regardless of what media player technology your choose. INTERACT: Add touch, sensors and mobile interaction to your digital signage displays. Make your digital signage displays respond to local interaction. Switch from scheduled media to on-demand experiences using touchscreens, motion and light sensors, NFC/Beacon mobile interaction and many more. ANALYTICS: Analyse your data to unlock actionable statistics. Our optional Proof of Play platform collects data from every device connected to your Signagelive network. Every time a piece of content is played it is date and time stamped and recorded along with any associated metadata and player data. DEVELOP: Build, deliver and manage your own applications. Extend the capabilities of Signagelive using Webhooks and APIs. Build and publish custom applications and dynamic media using our enhanced widget support. +MORE


Background Checks for Addresses


The "background check" report for any address Enter any address and AddressReport will analyze millions of records to reveal the unbiased truth about that condo, co-op, or apartment building and its neighborhood. +MORE


Digital Advertising as a Service


Empowering ecommerce businesses to offer digital advertising as a service. +MORE


Advertising Made Easy

Discover Dandelion

Sending traffic to your product used to be hard. Ridiculously, unnecessarily hard. Now, Dandelion's marketing platform makes advertising as easy as the push of a button. Get in touch with us to see how we can help! +MORE


Digital Channels and Technical Solutions

Metric Digital

You shouldn’t pay for things you don’t need, especially when you don’t need them. Resources are variable and finite, so we complement a business based on the context of their wants and needs, knowing the difference between the two and their relation to short and long term success. +MORE


Digital Agency for eCommerce

Brand Labs, Inc.

Design: We think about three things where design is concerned: branding, user experience & conversions. We work to differentiate our client’s site from the competition while also creating experiences that build trust and connect to audiences. Effective branding coupled with a killer customer experience will drive a positive lift in conversions. Our clients love working hand in hand with our creative team. Marketing: Brand Labs partners with our clients to run fully integrated digital campaigns that drive conversions and deliver great experiences. We work closely with our clients to define their digital marketing objectives & goals which in turn allows Brand Labs to develop the winning strategy & tactics to meet and exceed expectations. From paid search to SEO, Social Media to Email our team of highly-skilled marketers move the needle. Development: Our development teams love a good challenge and thrive on bringing our customers ideas to life with innovative solutions. We not only engineer front end sites built for performance, but also pride ourselves in the ability to integrate with internal business systems & 3rd party applications. Our best in class development teams are all in-house and stay heavily involved in every stage of a project. Strategy: Business strategy is a completely redundant term. Running a business is basically nothing but strategy. After all, your business is open 24/7 so you’d be better strategizing at least 23/6. At Brand Labs, we never stop. We’re conversion-hungry and have all the tools to satisfy that need. We’ve got consultants, designers, search experts, marketing experts, and analytics experts all helping to drive our clients success. +MORE


Mobile Content Marketing Solutions


MOBILE AUDIENCE ACQUISITION: With years of experience integrating immersive content and advertising into top mobile apps and websites, we are uniquely positioned to help brands connect and re-engage with their consumers. We offer custom curated, premium audiences that meet exact targeting specifications. Whether brands need standard advertising, pre-roll video or interactive branded content experiences, we will increase user acquisition and exceed engagement metrics. Through our in-house campaign optimization, we consistently surpass performance expectations, often times seeing average CTR’s quadruple. Our optimizations are performed by a team who closely monitor every line item with the goal of exceeding expectations to secure campaign extensions and renewals. AUDIENCE TARGETING: We have certified partnerships with the leading targeting and data companies to reach your ideal audience. MOBILE CONTENT EXPERIENCES: Zumobi creates dynamic mobile experiences for brands by leveraging their existing content to engage and activate consumers. Whether you want a Microzine or custom mobile experience, we make it easy to provide innovative mobile moments for your audience. CONTENT ASSESSMENT AND CURATION: We will perform a personalized assessment of your content channels and develop a recommendation for how you can optimize your content on mobile to drive higher user engagement. Need more content? Zumobi can source expert, original content for you. +MORE


Find Popular Franchise Options


FranchiseHelp is not a franchise company. We are a technology company. Our goal is to use the web to connect potential entrepreneurs with franchises looking for new owners. Above and beyond that, we can regale you with how we focus on quality and not quantity, how our matching quiz weeds out uninterested people, and why no lead verification system is better than ours. However, if you’ve been in franchise development for any significant amount of time, you’ll tell us that "You've heard it all before". We only succeed if you succeed. Our job first and foremost is to make you a happy customer. When you speak with our sales team, tell us what it is that makes your sales process work and we’ll do what we can to play our part. Somewhere along the way, franchises started hating lead generators. We don’t know why that happened, but we’re here to stop it once and for all! +MORE


Holographic Greeter

Holographic Greeter

The Holographic Greeter is an exciting information, branding and promotional messaging medium that displays a holographic image projected onto a life-sized cut-out that is so unique and lifelike, Passersby can't help but stop and stare. Once they stop, the Holographic Greeter captivates them through an array of features… +MORE


Barcode Beaming Technology


Mobeam allows smartphones to communicate reliably and securely with the world's laser scanners enabling a true mobile wallet experience with support for barcode gift card, loyalty card & coupon payments With Mobeam, the millions of Point of Sale (POS) checkout station hand-held and flatbed scanners found at stores around the world can now communicate with smartphones.  Finally, mobile payment apps & wallets work at every checkout scanner, regardless of scanner type. Mobeam technology allows laser scanners to read 1D barcodes from mobile devices, using patented technology that sends pulses of light to the sensor in scanners mimicking the black-and-white sequencing of standard barcodes. The user experience is seamless.  Simply hold the smartphone screen towards the scanner.  Mobeam even works without a barcode showing on the screen, offering non-reproducible mobile-only offerings. +MORE


Energy Conservation and Project Management

World Energy Efficiency Services

Our expert team is well versed in proven technologies as well as emerging state of the art technologies including the very latest in LED lighting and mechanical controls. At World Energy Efficiency Services, our team has years of experience maximizing utility incentives and financing programs to minimize and often eliminate customer out of pocket expense when implementing energy efficiency projects. We adhere to the principle of “digging deeper” during our on-site energy audits as we identify and quantify all electric and natural gas saving opportunities. +MORE


Primaseller Inventory Management & POS Software


Primaseller Inventory Management, POS and B2B order software synchronizes inventory and fulfills all online and offline orders on a single platform. +MORE


Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence


AI: With the power of artificial intelligence we can help you to know the uncertainty. When you have complex problems to solve we will provide the right solution for you. DATA ANALYSIS: Our Machine Learning / Deep Learning Systems can analyse your customer data and make future predictions, it helps you to make the right decisions at the right moment. ALGORITHMS: Our Systems use the latest available algorithms to increase precision and performance. INDUSTRY 4.0: We build your solutions on the leading edge technology. This is what makes your difference to your competitors. +MORE


Full Body Skeletal Tracking and Face Analytics for Mobile, VR, Android, Chrome


NUITRACK middleware is the world's first 3D skeletal tracking, face and gesture recognition middleware for Android. VicoVR Sensor is a game changing Bluetooth accessory that brings wireless full body and positional tracking capability to Mobile VR headsets (Android and iOS). Seemetrix is audience analytics service for digital signage and retail that allows you to identify person's age, gender and average attention time. 3DiVi Face SDK Solution for real-time face detection, tracking and comparison in a video stream. +MORE


Mobile Loyalty, Promotional Marketing & Payments


PayMet is a new shopping experience that lets users buy and pay with their mobile. Our service drives in-store traffic, repeats customers and creates loyal customers through a very powerful and segmented promotional and loyalty platform. Simple sign up and no need of extra hardware implementation, enabling anyone to accept credit cards anywhere today. HOW? Customers download the free PayMet app and pay with their iPhone and Android instead of cash or cards. Its fun, quick, simple and completely secure. Also, customers love it because it rewards them for going back to their favorite places.  Follow us for regular updates about mobile payments, blog articles and more. We pride ourselves for being friendly and helpful. +MORE


IoT Platform for Smart Products


GO SMART WITH ANY PRODUCT TEAM ‘Internet of Things’ without hiring a single new person: Simplify development. Reduce production costs. Streamline manufacturing. Monitor the product lifecycle. Enrich the consumer experience. Powerful Tools and Technology: Seebo provides a powerful cloud based tool that empowers your team, giving them an intuitive smart-product development engine, advanced production tools including runtime software, and an incisive analytics dashboard. +MORE


Commerce Platform


Upgrade incentives, payments, analytics and security. Welcome to retail, re-imagined. With FreedomPay, you can target special offers directly to customer phones–even while they’re in your store. Next, create many checkout points to eliminate counter bottleneck. Integrate in-store and online purchases, too. Results? No matter how and where your customers buy, your payments, incentives and loyalty programs integrate seamlessly into your POS system and a single network. And oh yes. You can do all this without buying new POS hardware. +MORE


Payment Solutions


Virtual Terminal: Take card and check payments over the phone or face-to-face with our user-friendly online platform POS Retail Solutions: Easily accept credit and debit cards in-store with our speedy and dynamic payment terminals Ecommerce: Enable customers to make purchases from anywhere with our powerful and secure online shopping cart Mobile Payments: Harness the power of on the go processing with a portable, wireless mobile card reader +MORE