#1 Internet of Things Boutique Agency

#1 Internet of Things Boutique Agency



We create outstanding bespoke connected objects & interactive experiences. Our guiding principles are user experience, design and ergonomy. We are obsessed with details and choose quality over quantity.

Connected objects design process: We guide you during every step of the production cycle of a connected object with personalized services. Fail fast: our process is based on iterations eventually unveiling innovative solutions.

Ideation & strategy: We combine our experience and expertise with your business knowledge and vision to create innovative concepts.

Design: How will your concept look, feel and function? We are focused on user experience to bring the best out of an idea.

Prototyping: Prototyping demonstrates that chosen concepts are relevant and feasible.

Industrialization: The achievement of an agile creative process is to see your product in store. It is also our satisfaction.


  • Transdevice & multidevice brand experience: Strengthen your brand presence in consumers daily life.
  • Digital in store: Multichannel consumer.
  • Interactive events: Amplify events reach.

About the Company

Joshfire thinks and designs tomorrow everyday life objects and devices. Some people may have called us the #1 Internet of Things Agency. We liked to think of us that way, until we realized there is no such enduring reputation. Corporations marketing, communication and innovation departments trust us to help them build sustainable projects and tools to transform their image and offer at this moving era where tomorrow comes today.

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