3D Customization for Brands and Retailers

3D Customization for Brands and Retailers



Twikit offers core customization technology and a broad range of category specific modules that deliver the optimal customization experience. In our first contact, we can give you insights in what modules would fit your profile.

  • Discover customization possibilities for your brand. Twikit design team can assist you in setting up the right product portfolio.
  • Next, the product content is inputted in the customization engine, creating 3D configurators which can be integrated in online and offline touchpoints.
  • The Twikit engine connects with 3D printing factories.
  • The unique products are then delivered to the end-customer. Every move can be tracked in the system.


  • Deliver a unique retail experience: Twikit 3D customization solutions fit perfectly in omni-channel retail environments. This completely new category that that enables retailers to offer customizable products reimagines the possibilities of retail.
  • Generic and multi category engine: Twikbot is the core customization engine that serves as the host and processor for many different product categories such as jewellery, phone cases, trophies, accessories, home deco products, eyewear and more. This generic engine can be extended with category specific modules to deliver an outstanding set of features for each specfic product characteristic.
  • New way of experiencing products: 3D customization offers retailers and consumers a completely new way of experiencing products. Twikit blends digital and physical experiences to give customers a personalized connection with brands and their favourite retailers.
  • End-to-end integrated solution for commerce: We help you provide innovative, extraordinary product customization experiences to your customers across every touchpoint. Our customization apps can be integrated with e-commerce platforms, market places, shopping carts and payment modules. Our interactive instore kiosks can also bring a 3D customization experience to brick and mortar stores. On the fulfillment side our api-connections hook up to any digital production facility to produce the customized products directly. All of this is managed in a central backend system that can be integrated in existing workflows.
  • Collaborative process: To realize a 3D customization experience we work in a highly collaborative way together with the digital and product teams of our clients. The setup consists of both software integration and defining a product portfolio. Besides the software offering Twikit also offers a products design consultancy that makes it easy for retailers to choose or develop the right

About the Company

Hi, we’re Twikit. We are an Antwerp based scale up that is rapidly carving its place in the 3D world. What we do is fairly straightforward: we have built our own 3D engine, and are quickly developing a range of easy-to-use apps for that engine. That way, everyday people and brands can create unique 3D objects, without actually having to master the complex skills or software that is usually needed. We then link up with our great 3D printing partners to create those objects in real life.

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