3D Food Printer

3D Food Printer



BeeHex, Inc., is led by tech celebrity and CEO, Anjan Contractor, who introduced a state-of-the-art 3D printer that prints pizza fit for NASA’s deep-space missions.

In 2013, BeeHex's technology fascinated the entire world by demonstrating 3D-printed pizza. Now everyone can taste the product of BeeHex's state-of-the-art technology that was first designed for aerospace missions through its Kickstarter.

In 2015, Contractor assembled a world-class team to launch BeeHex. BeeHex’s goal is a 3D printer in every home. It started with the oven range. Then came the microwave. The next product you'll take for granted in your kitchen is the 3D printer.

BeeHex Hex Series 3D printers’ patent-pending pneumatic technology extrudes viscous material from a replaceable cartridge in a clean and efficient process. Hex Series 3D printers have solved problematic dripping and leakage that plague other 3D printers. The result of its technology is visually appealing and representative food.


  • BeeHex Series Printers (Beta): Hex series 3D Printers utilize a Patent Pending technology to extrude viscous material from the cartridge in a clean and efficient process without any of the normally problematic dripping and leakage associated with other 3D Printers.
  • 3D Food Printer: Our printer can print NASA space pizza, chocolate, confectioneries, and much more.

About the Company

Originating from NASA’s 3D Printer project for deep space missions, the founder decided to spin-off this technology by introducing a truly unique 3D Printer which can print chocolate, cinnamon rolls, sushi, biomedical materials, and more. 

BeeHex’s vision is a 3D printer in every kitchen. First came the oven range. Then the microwave. The next appliance in your kitchen that you’ll take for granted is the BeeHex 3D printer. 

BeeHex has completed its beta prototypes. BeeHex Hex Series 3D printers are available only through the BeeHex Kickstarter campaign. Do take a look and make a contribution or get one of the first-edition printers now!

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