3D Food Printer Systems

3D Food Printer Systems

BeeHex, LLC


BeeHex originated from a NASA-funded project and has created on-demand fresh food automation machines, including the 3D Dessert Decorator.  Our vision is to enhance customer experience and satisfaction by focusing on customer interaction while our 3D dessert decorator produces cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cookie cake designs on demand. 


Easy-to-use software and clean-in-place functionality.  Transform your in-store bakery and avoid the mess caused by hand-piping frostings and icings.  Our 3D Dessert Decorator system allows your employees to drop in pre-filled bags of frosting, choose a design, and print.  The high quality decoration is consistent and reliable, allowing your employees to focus on customers over food production.

About the Company

BeeHex is a fresh food automation company, with roots in NASA and the U.S. Army.  We focus on 3D dessert decoration, pizza automation, and personalized nutrition.  We are located in Columbus, Ohio.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  Less than 10 employees
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