3D Printing Factory - Right In Store

3D Printing Factory - Right In Store

PieceMaker Technologies Inc.


PieceMaker's Factory brings the future of toys into the store. Now anyone can experience the wonder of 3D printing in person right in store.
With the swipe of a finger, PieceMaker lets you create personalized toys or jewelry and have them come to life in front of your eyes. Right in store, in under 30 minutes. Just 4 easy steps to get an awesome 3D printed piece!


  • 1) Pick.
  • 2) Personalize.
  • 3) Print.

About the Company

PieceMaker's 3D Printing Station brings the future of toys into the retail store. Toys, accessories, key chains and more are customized and 3D printed on demand right in store while kids watch in amazement. 

It's so simple an 8-year old can design and order it, and any employee can run it. No special technical know-how required. 

Retailers love offering only the toys and accessories that kids want. No returns and essentially no inventory! 

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