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Photorealistic Handbag Configurator


The 3D Source Platform allows you to tap into a worldwide network of 3D artists to create one or thousands of photorealistic 3D models.  Our experts ensure quality, consistency and speed.  It's also an online 3D enabled database of 3D models to store, manage and even shoot high resolution photoraphy on demand using our virutal photography platofrm.  Our 3D Product Configurators-can be created using photorealistic content and is best in clasee.  Allow your customers and sales reps to customize your products visually via websites, tablets and interactive displays. Configure one product or a whole scene so your customers can visualize your product within a fully configurable image using a simple 1 touch interface.


3D has already arrived.  Don't build low quality 3D content!  It will be useless in a few short years or even months.  Photorealistic content built 10 years ago still has value today.  Let us help you get onboard with 3D to replace slow and expensive traditional photography and open the doors to AR/VR and even future technologies that will require your products to exist in 3D.

About the Company

We're a 3D services company specifically geared towards the unique requirements of manufacturers and retailers.  Our founders have decades of experience in 3D content creation for small business and enterprise. Brands like Elkay, Stokke, and many others trust us with their products.