A/B Testing For Brick & Mortar Businesses

A/B Testing For Brick & Mortar Businesses

Prayas Analytics


Prayas Analytics helps brick and mortar businesses test their stores, the way e-commerce businesses can test a website. No hardware setup required.

The solution uses existing in-store security cameras to help generate insights around customer movement inside of the store. This helps brick-and-mortar businesses reduce waiting times, increase sales, build better labor models, and improve the customer experience, among other key ROI triggers.


  • Prayas plugs into existing security cameras.
  • Our technology analyzes the video feed.
  • We return actionable data and insights.

About the Company

Prayas Anaytics helps retailers A/B test their stores, the way eCommerce companies A/B test their websites. We do this by continuously collecting data on customer movement using existing security cameras already in a retailer's stores. 

We are a Y Combinator backed company (S15) and are currently working with several retailers including Barneys, Payomatic, and multiple Fortune 200 retailers. We have been featured in VentureBeat, The National Retail Federation, and Techcrunch. 

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