Accounting Solution

Accounting Solution

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In addition to its built-in accounting features, CATAPULT® facilitates the integration of accounting-specific functionality to streamline third-party accounting programs with point of sale and back office functionality. This means that employees do not have to perform duplicate entry work and that data is more accurate across all systems. It also provides customers and store employees with added conveniences through features such House Charge and Payroll Deduct.


  • CATAPULT’s General Ledger interface allows you to quickly translate worksheet and transaction data from your store(s) into credits and debits for your double-entry bookkeeping system.
  • Providing your customers with house charge account privileges can be a powerful customer loyalty and sales growth strategy; however, the valuable time and resources spent on administration, bookkeeping and collections can sometimes redeuce the value of this important customer service.
  • Allowing your employees to pay for their purchases in company stores by payroll deduction is a valuable employee privilege; however, administration of this benefit can often be a time-consuming and error-prone process for your staff.

About the Company

Successful retailing is a careful balance of both art and science. ECRS automates the complex science of retail enabling our customers to focus on the art which is what catapults them above competitors and to long-term success. Our comprehensive retail automation solution suite is proven to drive maximum ROI and is backed by award-winning customer training and support. 

With a 20+ year solid foundation of product success, we take our science seriously with one of the largest, most talented computer science teams in the industry. Our computer science team is balanced with retail analysts and project managers with real-world experience. We also listen to our customers and work with industry partners through extensive trade events, free user conferences, online feedback forms, and simple open communication. Every suggestion a customer brings to our attention is taken seriously and has resulted in some of our most powerful features. 

From front-store systems including point-of-sale and self-checkout, to comprehensive back office, warehouse, inventory and extensive supply chain automation, ECRS products solve your most challenging loss points with innovative technology designed to truly automate so you can focus on customers and merchandising; the art of running your business.

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