First, we solve your data problem. 

  • By connecting all of your sources–disparate and complex, online and offline, email, CRM, and clickstream–we do the heavy lifting to democratize your data.

Second, we provide an interface that is highly flexible, incredibly fast, and entirely self-service for your Marketing and Analytics teams.

  • With unprecedented power and a beautifully simple interface, ActionIQ gives you the freedom to design, deploy, and measure truly individualized customer experiences–in minutes, across all your channels and without writing a single line of code.

Solutions for Ecommerce Retail 

  • Bring together data from every corner of your business–web, mobile, call center, deliveries–and start defining and testing campaigns 100x faster without all the manual, error-prone work that is required today.

Solutions for Multi-Channel Retail 

  • Your customers don’t interact with your brand in a silo, so why should you market to them that way? An email could influence an in-store purchase, or browsing in store might mean a later checkout via mobile. ActionIQ’s flexible platform can connect all customer purchases with every single digital interaction in weeks, resulting in a single, comprehensive view of your customer.


For Ecommerce Retailers:

Grow Your Active Customer Base

  • Engagement breeds loyalty, and now you can turn every touchpoint into a chance to delight. Drive

Engagement Across Categories

  • Combine the right product with the right offer so customers discover more of your assortment.

Increase Your Margins 

  • Protect your brand while optimizing your discounts and promotions budget.

For Multi-Channel Retail: 

Identify At-Risk Customers 

  • Target churn-prone customers across all channels and optimize offers to boost engagement.

Transform the Way you do Digital 

  • Connect your digital, offline, and product data to power a new level of personalization.​

Boost Your Margins 

  • Save money and increase margins by optimizing and individualizing promotions and discounts.

About the Company

ActionIQ is an innovative Enterprise Customer Data Platform for marketers, analysts, and technologists. We move marketing forward through the power of data, insightful analytics, and seamless marketing integration - filling in the white space left by all the Marketing Clouds. We are dedicated to providing marketers with freedom and speed, scaling to any quantity of customer data. Capture, analyze, and utilize of all your data to build and launch marketing campaigns - without ever calling IT. AIQ is personalized marketing campaigns across all your channels in minutes, not months. Based in New York City, we are backed by leading investors including Sequoia Capital and FirstMark Capital. We are the marketing jet engine.

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